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  1. People should enjoy their lives and roleplay a bit more and stop complaining about others. Unless you rp a futa.
  2. Roleplayed in SFM for months, never knew I asked people to have 15 fire extinguishers in their property, this thread is an eye opener fr fr
  3. And so, the story of Samuel "Temper" Wilkinson comes to an end. I've been looking forward to shelving this character for a while now, and I'm glad I had to opportunity to wrap it up. Wasn't one of my most perfect characters by a long shot, but it was one of the longest standing, his story kept on expanding and growing as he went and it culminated in this very moment. Temper wanted a life beyond the misery he was used to, he wanted to live freely, without having to worry about anything, at least for a couple of years. He had the chance to just flee but he didn't take it, in the end, the man only knew one life, and that life haunted him to the very end. Thank you for those who've followed this character's journey, to this faction and to everyone involved, even in the smallest of way towards developing this character.
  4. Selling my 1975 Declasse Yosemite Rancher, rust got the better of it but I've had the engine, brakes and suspension maintained over the years, only 3 previous owners. Buyout: $SOLD (( OOC STATS ))
  5. Name: TEMPER1918 Comment: ULSA - brainwashing dumbasses since 1988.
  6. Rest in peace man, I hope you find some rest, all the condoleances go to the family

  7. Name: TEMPER1918 Comment: yall need to shut the fuck up im trying to find the dykes that are crying in the comments stop writing your novels you fucking braindead retards
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