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  1. I’m all for democracy but tuner fetishists…just give us a regular car.
  2. I’d love to purchase the €100 package and have something to remember the event by as I play, but it seriously doesn’t suit my character and would be redundant as an asset. Perhaps an existing GTAV car that’s not available in GTAW.
  3. I think the discussion should legit be closed with this being the last valid comment.
  4. Athletes. The culture of athleticism is in a sad state because no matter how much you develop your character to fail and succeed their way to becoming an athlete, whether through passive or player-to-player means, there’s always going to be that barrier between real life and this universe. Participation in larger events might bring reality to clash with GTAW’s lore, such as state/national competitions. For example, you can’t develop a character to participate in the olympics, even if you’ve been roleplaying the sport for 2 years because it’d require everyone to get onboard and acknowledge that the character is in a televised event. So in that way, I guess athletes are underrepresented and would love to see some sort of progress; businesses using excess profits to sponsor fighters, college teams and set up events to publicise their brand.
  5. OP, it’s been a problem even before the rule was removed, you couldn’t rob more than 5k but you could wait till someone comes out a pawnshop with a 20k watch and take that instead, then pawn it off for 7k because the pawnshops supply of jewelry is too high for this reason. I don’t think this rule is needed, if a 20k watch gets snatched, it gets snatched, we have to take some things on the chin as stupid as it feels.
  6. I like that this is the first comment, playing as an American in the city feels alienating with majority being of some foreign origin. It’s more appropriate to roleplay in the county if you want to meet characters your character can relate to.
  7. Like mentioned in some comments before this, acknowledging every bad thing would realistically give your character extreme trauma. I only allow well developed misfortunes to affect my character, crimes against me that have a purpose other than transferring assets into someone else’s pockets within a 3 minute interaction. Not much more to it.
  8. Menyoo x Photoshop Edit (Halloween Playboy Bunny)
  9. We were so close, plug-in was in the original post too, 1 year today btw
  10. In my opinion, it should be the job of a senior admin (along side management and other experienced staff members) to come up with internal guides that outline escalation and severity of bans. In previous years, people who were transferring assets money would get a 60 day to permanent ban. This was because it was a severe offence that would mess with the economy and give the player a financial advantage. As of recently, asset transferring guns and abusing bugs to do so will only land you 3 hours to 3 days. Not to throw the admin under a bus, but this example can likely be tracked back if there’s a discord channel for bans. So yes, as enjoyable as it can be to play GTAW, I too feel like the leniency has slowly degraded the quality of the server.
  11. Username: CMJ Comment: looking for any property whatsoever, any location, anything with a computer script to micro manage and embezzle all business profits into my own account.
  12. I’ve only seen the park rangers once or twice and I’ll probably be seeing them more often, but I thought to myself why it wasn’t just made into a division of LSSD. Is there a reason they’re an independent agency with the player base we’ve got?
  13. Welcome to Law's Dumpster I'll be uploading everything from edited in-game screenshots to photoshop projects related to GTAW. Some is trash, some is treasure. In-game 2020 Vespucci Tattoos: 2018 Coroner: 2018 Jetsam: Random: Menyoo x Photoshop Edits I Menyoo x Photoshop Edits II
  14. I’ve found my own suggestion, it’s been a year nervous, you’ve got this, add it for the family
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