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  1. Offering starting.
  2. Contact me with your information and I will get back to you! ((forum pm if possible))
  3. Will accept if still interested.
  4. Accepted for the contender, not for both. Send me over your number or something [email protected] ((forum pm plz))
  5. Can be delivered to you. Stratum - $30,000.
  6. This, it is near impossible to actually RP (aside from endless calls such as going to grab a take-away coffee) if you are a part of FD. Its either you log on when the server is dead and have little calls but nowhere is open and no one is around or you go online when businesses are open and get dispatched to a call constantly with no stop (Around 85% of them being PD calling because someone got shot) It just isn't fun to RP and usually ends up with me just heading off duty.
  7. The only problem I see with the snow is if you are a mapper in which case it does suck, but its only for a few days max, people normally wait two months or longer to get a place mapped. Interiors aren't bad anyway? Yes its white? But anyone can just see around that and RP as normal, people that say there should not be snow cause its based on LA should also be soooo good at RP that it doesn't matter what interiors look like.
  8. Selling a Ocelot Lynx, low mileage, asking for $175,000 ((OOC INFO))
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