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    I can afford the monthly pays still, but it's just ridiculous how expensive it is.
  2. Fazzy


    Like I said, 32k was totally enough. Talking about real life, let's say actors and rappers who drive those type of cars mostly, they acting in a movie or releasing songs then earning millions of dollars which gives them the opportunity to pay for pretty much everything they wish for. Who will give you millions of dollars for that? People was somehow affording the previous pays with those kind of jobs but like I said it's just a lot now.
  3. Fazzy


    Bought a Paragon and I was aware of the fact that its insurance was 32k and I was 'kinda' okay because of the car's looks itself. Today one of my friend buys a cheetah and finds out the insurance pay was increased from 44k to 82, like what? How are people willing to pay that amount every month? They worked for it, made that 400 or 500ks n bought the specific cars and after this they have to pay that much monthly? Literally checked the paragon's insurance pay today and it was 60. 44k and 32k was totally fine and I cannot see the point of increasing the pays to that amount, it's ridiculous and kinda unrealistic too. Supercar owners basically have to own clubs from now on and I'm pretty sure club owners wouldn't even be happy paying that amount. People will even grind from now on, farm paychecks to make that much per month imo and that's not really right. Also, having the specific amount of cash doesn't mean we have to spend it only on the insurances, I get it owning a luxurious car you should have the opportunity to afford the insurance pay but like I said, it's over the limit really.
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