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  1. Hey, As title says, interested in purchasing either of those models, throw me a private message if you've got one for sale.
  2. Timzii

    [SOLD] Oracle XS

    Yes, DM me your number.
  3. EXTRA PIC: (( OOC STATS )) Asking price: $40,000
  4. When are you available?
  5. I'll be sticking to the asking price. You can keep the lowballs for yourself, thanks.
  6. Speedo still available!
  7. Still hiring! Make sure to show interest in your application along with some effort.
  8. I'll stick with the asking price, thanks.
  9. Schafter V12 Asking Price: $190,000 Speedo Express Asking Price: $55,000
  10. What seems to help me is closing steam and starting it as administrator. RAGEMP surpisingly launches normally afterwards, though there were a few times where the black screen happened but resolved it with starting RAGEMP as administrator as well.
  11. Hey, I've recently switched from a Rockstar Launcher GTA 5 to Steam version and I've started encountering this issue. I've tried validating my files multiple times, re-installed RAGE three times as well and it still occures. When trying to load onto GTAW the games background just stays black and crashes after 5-10 seconds after launching up. This never happened to me before on the rockstar version before. I'm also using Visual V & reshade as my only visual mods, but those shouldn't be an issue. It sometimes manages to launch into the game after multiple computer restarts. Would
  12. Not sure why this isn't a thing already, thought we're on a heavy RP server.
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