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  1. You're saying as if people already aren't doing that, but instead with existing cars.
  2. Getting shot on a traffic stop because someone has been speeding 10mph over the limit or having no valid tags, with their excuse being they are wanted and got warrants on them without a single interaction between the parties beforehand. People utilizing weapons when their robberies go wrong or basically at any chance when shit goes sideways because it's not fun losing. Even as far as insulting somebodies car which looks crappy because dissing is bad and their char is a thug. But as one of the previous posts say, about 90% of them are bullshit and unrealistic, but hey, what can you do 🙂
  3. I'm sure nobody in this community won't take this information out of character upon seeing the app getting accepted..
  4. I mean, people literally apply to be accepted in these positions and essentially accept the consequences which come along with having such position, don't they?
  5. I wasn't aware of admins not wanting to do this. Any time I needed to do get prints off a vehicle or any related information of who was inside the vehicle they were happy to help me out. Maybe a script suggestion of faction leaders having the ability to view who was in their faction vehicles at a certain time is needed to make this easier for you and everyone else. Game suggestions are always welcomed for QoL improvements.
  6. Admins can see the logs of who entered the vehicle at certain time. I'm sure if you probably forward it with accurate time and whatnot, they can figure out who was driving a certain car. ICly it'd obviously be logged as you're assigned a vehicle before the shift, so that's one solution.
  7. If it's an OOC issue to you and IC one's aren't getting you any results, then do so OOCly. I don't know what else to tell you man.
  8. https://lspd.gta.world/viewtopic.php?f=2183&t=26229 https://lspd.gta.world/viewtopic.php?f=2183&t=1265 PD wise.
  9. If you happen to catch the plate and the vehicle, you can always call the faction's non-emergency line and report it with what you saw. Supervisors should take care of it and try to investigate it further. You can always report the said instance to Internal Affairs too. If you didn't catch it ICly, even OOC reporting works if you think the actions they've done are unrealistic. But again, I myself don't see this happening so I'm curious of how the OP manages to find so many of these cops. Majority always brakes before heading through intersection to ensure it's cleared.
  10. Because I've yet to see anyone actually reporting the said members of abusing ALPR and having the wrong mentality. How many times have these issues actually been forwarded to PD's leadership to take a review of? It takes two minutes to write up a report to faction's leadership which always reviews it. Same goes for the alleged cops skipping intersections and breaking the law, report them ICly.
  11. You can't expect serious replies when the op himself makes a bait post to cause provocation. Make a serious thread with actual points outlined which are making LEO's 'subpar' rpers along with their actions and maybe you'll get serious replies. Just my thoughts, respectfully.
  12. This is sadly a daily occurance these days and nothing is being done about it OOCly. This isn't something which we should be taking ICly either as it's well beyond that point. I'm really hoping faction management starts doing something regarding this so people stop carrying guns just because they can and utilizing them in every situation which doesn't go in their favor. At this rate a martial law should be imposed and national guard brought in, but here we are. Please do something and make the server enjoyable again, Vespucci is worse than South Central at this rate.
  13. Finding yourself a group to roleplay with is probably what you need, as that usually keeps the motivation up and whatnot. But unfortunately, I feel the majority of people who have been here for some time are facing burnout currently simply due to the lack of things you can do on the server to not feel repetitive and as abovementioned core issues which are on the server which aren't being fixed. Although I probably shouldn't be the one giving tips like this as I can't keep myself playing on the server for more than 30 minutes without feeling the urge to log off every time.
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