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  1. ** Twitch user "Diana<3 " follows the channel **
  2. Hiring interior designer for an apartment. The budget is $250.000$, including the designer's payment
  3. At this point, as a player that is not against ERP nor PRO it, I would consider a more viable option to make a different platform (AKA straight only fans), connected to the payment system (If possible) so you can straight pay TO THE CHARACTER, not a shady main. But again, if something like this happens, either an admin team (or player team) has to supervise the project, like said, to see if it's ACTUALLY roleplayed.
  4. yes., but nerf the money income @Biscuitmaybe better than ur initial suggestion
  5. Okay so my suggestion got wrong. It's not about the NSFW picture, that are public , but more like the ERP characters, more so about it's number rather than the content. No, I don't want to stop it because, okay it's IC, real life situation, but also NERF the money situation on it.
  6. And tell me how a rule suggestion is an IC situation? I don't talk about the PUBLIC NSFW pics, more like the NUMBER of players that do it.
  7. Okay, first of all I am not here to hate or something, but in my POV, this is way out of control. We got the point where people start making characters only for ''NSFW'' work (aka onlyfans) just to get some money. And I don't mean 100-500$, I MEAN 10K-20K and hell over 100.000$. It got that bad that I can only do it for one month, get tons of cash, pay some money for a NC and new POV. Completly fucks up economy And the only thing you need is menyoo, some mods and that's it. NO RP what so ever. My suggestion is, either Facebrowser MOD team take care of this stuff, by limiting the pages or
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