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  1. Game is officially started, feel free to join our discord.
  2. Hello, if you are gonna follow the UEFA EURO 2020 you're invited to join our discord to comment and share your thoughts in our #italy-turkey-11-06 channel, the main language of this channel will be English.
  3. If you speak italian feel free to join the server
  4. BUMP Link del server: https://discord.gg/duAbThKTUP
  5. bncal


    i love this! dog is nice as well!
  6. How do I switch directX? I am playing with the social club version.
  7. feel free to join if you speak italian
  8. @zGigabyte @deathlife23 @meltcity @roymar @SezzeseParola @Vixen alla fine l'ho fatto io il server di merda bastardi, https://discord.gg/duAbThKTUP già siamo in 4, bestemmie ammesse quindi non venite a rompermi i coglioni
  9. I am running on an SSD and I have the same problem. Sadly it's been 1yr and I didnt find solution
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