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  1. bncal

    i hate admireme

    weak alert + you didnt even get the point
  2. bncal

    i hate admireme

    <trashtalking video removed> i was discussing in a private discord about this website and i decided to make this experiment. yes you can buy 18+ stuff with your minor character. no admireme doesn't check your character's age or your real age. you can buy the contents while being a minor and im pretty sure you can sell it while being a minor ooc, and not only it's illegal in a lot of countries but it is also against the rules of this server. why isn't management caring about this stuff? nobody gives a fuck apparently so i had to record it and make this discussion, hopefully i wont get banned. 0 quality control, 0 checks.. just download and delivery. "you bought it with a minor character tho" it was for this discussion you dumb monkey video explaination: admireme is the OnlyFans bootleg of GTAW where stinky fat nerds (derogatory) can sell pornographic contents (18+) that they have worked on for hours to get their in game dollars. it's no secret that such characters are the favorite ones in the GTAV community and a platform like that would be of course approved and used. In this video I am making an experiment: will the age of my character (17, minor) block the payment process? of course it doesn't. Everything is in the video: from the mail verification (tempmail) to the character info (name and age) and the content bought. There is no check on the player's real age and character's agen (minors can buy without worring of checks). CENSORED is to hide some of my info because the browser suggests to fill it with my payment bills etc. but you can clearly see that i put random letters and name.
  3. nope. i race in a league if you are interested: thread isnt updated because nobody was interested
  4. Join the League of Perpetual Novices as we race GT3's at Okayama Piper this Sunday! Weekly races, 24/7 practice server, monthly hill climb, and great people at https://discord.me/LoPeN
  5. Join the League of Perpetual Novices in Dallara F312s at Orchard Central this Sunday! We are a purely for-fun group with 24/7 practice server - no points, no trash attitudes, just good racing with friends - https://discord.me/LoPeN
  6. Join the League of Perpetual Novices as we slide 1967 F2's around the haybales of 1950's Norisring! New race every Sunday, with a 24/7 practice server and friendly, helpful community - https://discord.me/LoPeN
  7. Say "no" to public servers, and join the League of Perpetual Novices (& Friends) as we take GT3's around Hungaroring, this Sunday! US and EU servers, 24/7 practice server, monthly hill climb challenge, custom liveries, setups, downloads, laughs, and more at https://discord.me/LoPeN
  8. Hello. Whoever plays or thought about playing Assetto Corsa (not competizione) might be interested in joining a noob friendly community, League of Perpetual Novices. They host two races on Sunday. They have two servers: for Europeans (hosted in France or Germany) and one for Americans (hosted in North America). BASICALLY everyone can play with a good ping and have 1 hour of beautiful and funny race (22minutes of race, its 2 races) You ARE NOT forced to play with an expensive steering wheel, some players play with gamepads and keyboard too and make good laps (top5) so no worries. We play a lot of classes. Sometimes GT3, F3, VINTAGE etc. Requirements: 1. Game with all DLCs (its just 10 euro, no worries) 2. CrewChief: it adds a well done chief and spotter radio comunications (voices can be changed), makes the game more realistic and immersive and if well configured you can talk with them but this is facoltative. Most important thing is that the spotter will tell you who is on your right, left, if its clear, etc. EXAMPLE 3. Helicorsa: visual radar, basically shows pilota nearby so you avoid crashing into them. RACEDEPARTMENT has a dark pattern, scroll all down the page to register a free account MUST HAVE FOR A BETTER EXPERIENCE 1. Content Manager: Alternative AC launcher, install mods in 1 second by drag and drop + more stuff i am not gonna explain. I suggest u to pay for it and unlock features. Dont bring the damn drama with you, thanks https://discord.me/LoPeN
  9. bncal


    I have tried efp, looks good but not a fan
  10. bncal


    Been playing anomaly. There is a mod that add an online chat through PDA, check it out. One thing is, the game gets boring after a while so i unistalled it like 4 or 5 times already
  11. I am very happy to see this faction active and still creating quality content. Top rpers imho always
  12. man i can't even move because the streets will disappear and I risk to kill someone and ruin his game. I hope other clients will do somethign about it like making gamemodes from rage compatible with their client and all, because this motherfucking client is nothing but trash and prolly miner
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