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  1. *Username: codypark *Service Used: seashark Phonenumber (( Only viewable to site owners )): *Rating (( There are 5 empty stars, and you can select 1 to 5 as rating )): 5 Comment: hell yea commodore
  2. bncal


    i have deleted the coroner and created this character
  3. bncal

    Project Zomboid

    yeah they said b42 or 43, i dont remember
  4. bncal

    Project Zomboid

    AFAIK Death doors. Active community, rp btw heard they gonna add npcs
  5. I will delete this character to focus on another project
  6. Username: XxX_cOdYpArK_XxX Comment: let my commodore be!!!
  7. hey!!! i'll make sure to ditch your character's corpse into the sewers!!
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