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  1. (( Please lock and archive. Reason for closure given on the discord server of Seo-Hee Min's Maritime. ))
  2. Not stolen, I got a white one and the more LUXURIOUS version 😄 Though yes, make the golf carts buyable! Many people that live in a poor countyside use it as cheap transport.
  3. Just let us mappers charge whatever we want and let cheap competition weed out the expensive mappers so they're forced to lower prices. This is the basics of economy and honestly completely normal. The price caps were the worst implementation of property rules in GTAW so far.
  4. I'd love for the devs and admins to give more support towards maritime roleplay, instead of not giving a single thing about it.
  5. Or get a contract with IMEX for your business.
  6. I've talked about this with a few others that used to own garages. We all agree on one thing; its lazy. There is no reason to have such a QR code thing apart from being too lazy to roleplay customer interaction. My character always asks for a catalog. If a garage doesn't have a catalog it's a bad garage and she seeks business elsewhere,
  7. Username: yourlocalinternettroll Comment: Thats nice and all but where are the leaks
  8. Dont forget you’re probably a lesbian if you’re ignoring that hunk! Everyone says it after rejection so it must be true.
  9. Amazing roleplay and development, always loved seeing the character around at La Puerta to bother the hell out of Min 😛
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