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  1. It has a turbo, engine upgrades, suspesion, tint, 20K Is lowballing it hard
  2. Cheval Fugitive - 55k [Upgraded] https://prnt.sc/jOLlCMWEF00B Tug boat - 70k Western Wintergreen - 50k https://prnt.sc/OwTqkanXu63s Albany Primo - 35k [Upgraded] https://prnt.sc/sppifarIMAlQ
  3. Post your specs, driver version, crash log, launcher/game logs. Crash log: C:\Users\ USER NAME \AppData\Local\CrashDumps Launcher log: C:\RAGEMP\clientdata - The .log files
  4. Dude, a fucking 12 year old kid can't beat up a 20 year old, It's literally impossible In a fair fight, now If the 20 year old gets jumped by multiple kids, then maybe.... just maybe, but naaawwhh
  5. Yes I agree I just asked if he meant that or If he meant it should be implemented w the gender lol... Males are 100% stronger than females
  6. Depends, 13 year old whos boutta turn 14 could take on a kid whos just turn 15, I think the best idea is to "could always do it in groups to avoid the aforementioned issue. 12-15 have the same damage, then 16-18, then 18+."
  7. Nigga there is not a single twelve year old that can drop a grown ass 15-16 year old, you tripping bro
  8. +1 Makes sense to have juvenile pod, there's already a female one and I've also seen this, shit doesn't make any sense that a 12 year old is in county with grown men
  9. Detailed Description Make it so that younger players that have set their age as children (exp 12) have less health or decreased fist damage, I'm tired of seeing 12 year olds beating up 20 year olds. It's just stupid and don't make any sense, If people actually role-played their strength by their age this wouldn't be needed but from what I've seen most people don't they instead just spam R and hope they win they don't care that their character wouldn't have a chance in real life against someone whos much older and bigger. Relevant Commands/Items N/A How will it benefit the server? Explained in Detailed Description
  10. Add a cool-down so people can't just redo the same delivery every time over and over again, add a priority for businesses that are out of components
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