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  1. That might be true if your only experience with current illegal RP is through forum reports and cherry picked examples on the forums, IG outside of the forum's echo chamber however there's a ton of players playing unique and extremely well portrayed criminals. I'm not gonna sit here and say illegal AND/OR legal RP is perfect, it can be pretty shoddy on both sides of the spectrum (which says a lot about how stupid separating players by illegal/legal is) but illegal RP and criminal characters as a whole are not nearly as bad as your biases are telling you. Illegal RP and criminal characters range from petty addicts running palm reading scams to mass murderers who end bloodlines for cash, that's a MASSIVE margin for what can be considered a criminal character and it's narrow minded of you to put everybody who plays criminals in the same bubble off what I'm assuming is nostalgia for the past.
  2. If y'all get my outstanding thread locked I'll be very very upset 😔
  3. Why can't criminal characters be considered unique? Being "criminal" can range from j-walkers and tax evaders to full blown serial killers, there's a lot of room in that bracket for unique. Hell, you played a notorious criminal. Unpopular opinion: Just because something is unique doesn't mean it's not shit.
  4. Admins I can sorta understand but members of support should 100% have their reports treated like any other player's.
  5. Yesterday I intentionally cut off a police officer by overtaking him, trying my best to show that my character was drunk after an early evening of downing shots and he 100% ignored me. You want change, you start with the LEOs.
  6. 👀 https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/smith-wesson-model-15-animated-2k
  7. gonna need to make a facial hair is dying thread so i can finally get these damn mask textures
  8. this thread should be in general discussions like SWTA
  9. Said it a million times before and I'll say it again, I wanna see a nightclub/bar that's 100% illegal RP focused, just the most horrible place on earth where shithead characters go to meet other shithead characters with the intent to shoot up, pickup chicks/dudes or fight people they have a problem with. Almost comically bad. Sick of having and seeing characters that are the majority in a city like LS/LA but no businesses at all to interact with, crackheads, tweakers, ex-cons and gangsters aren't going to hit up Rockford or Vinewood bars, they're only forced there because EVERYTHING business related is intended for middle-class/upper-class characters, very boring.
  10. Gonna assume it's the (cop) vehicles for the most part, driving past Mission Row is normally a 1/5 chance of crashing without a warning for me and a few other people I know.
  11. Black men are only called Deandre Banks, everybody knows that.
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