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  1. I feel like there's been a divide between what people actually want and what's implemented so out of pure curiosity and to gauge what the community thinks as a whole, which features would you prefer the devs work on over others? Would you rather they work on new systems or fix older ones? Should we see more illegal-based additions or more LEO/legal ones? More mods? Etc etc.
  2. Anything that leads to me losing! Nah seriously though I feel like "poor" escalation is 100% fine as long as it leads to nobody dying too early, killing people and/or being killed is one of the biggest doorstops to decent RP when a lot of situations would work out better if people weren't as bloodthirsty. I should be able to suckerpunch someone because they ignored my drunk character and he took it as a hit to his ego, for example.
  3. Very much possible and an actual option for admins at the moment p l e a s e, it's been 2 years and you keep ignoring us 😔
  4. GTAW has a weird portrayal contradiction when it comes to high ranking criminals dusting street-level civilians for snitching. Yes, the dangerous criminal you're portraying IRL would have someone killed for personally snitching on them or calling the cops, the problem comes when these extremely high ranking criminals that WOULD have the power to pull them strings are stomping around on the streets like petty hoodlums and tweakers intentionally causing trouble that someone on their level of hinkery would never do IRL, using their character's status as an excuse to kill. Yeah cool, your character is on parole and slaughtered millions of people in the past while selling trillions of dollars worth of guns for his criminal empire so he can NEVER go back to jail, but why is he picking random fights and randomly provoking civilians in public if he's got so much to lose? Why must other players be forced to abide by some strict "fear rp" trembling in your presence to put down the phone or keep quiet when your portrayal of a high ranking criminal is hotdog water and shouldn't be happening in the first place? Fear RP goes both ways, even if GTAW would have you think otherwise.
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