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  1. (( No trade for businesses. Please edit thread to remove that part, you can discuss it privately with me. ))
  2. (( Locked, you need to get at least a suitable non-custom interior if you're not able to map it. Blank interiors are not allowed to be sold as they're not realistic. Request an interior change with an appropriate interior before listing it again. ))
  3. Will be discussed internally, thanks for the suggestion. Although we have adapted to letting smart-TPs be used for anything within reason (inaccessible properties due to fences that don't break or open for example).
  4. We have many advanced ways to see if someone is actually roleplaying/actively using their property than looking at just hours. It is obviously a dead giveaway if the hours are low. The suggestion itself won't work in practice because people can (knowing this has been implemented) spam Y at their doors and increase their 'entry count'.
  5. That's a compromise I'm willing to support. Per UCP sounds good to me at least for trucking.
  6. Not looking for trades currently, sorry.
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