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  1. Headlight/Indicator Pop bug: So there is nothing really else to it. All I can say is the headlights were acting strange during our little over view of cars whilst standing around doing nothing whilst we waited on a friend to get in. This happens after we had been inside of the car for a few moments and drove around.https://streamable.com/f2gvsx @DrShocking12 Shirts 273-285 Missing: Clothing shirt slots 273-285 are "blank" since those are the slots that WERE 15-29, when clothing above 255+ was just a repeat of 0-255. There's a few shirts inaccessible until then. @LizziePup Vehicle Sounds Inau
  2. Moved to Community Guides.
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  7. On a more serious note, I'll be locking and archiving this. If you do have a question or need support, feel free to remake a thread - maybe with more detail next time! Archived.
  8. Third Congrats new people and everybody who got promoted!
  9. Pointless to suggest when your suggestion doesn't make any sense at all.
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