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  1. We're seeking to clarify this rule at the next staff meeting to turn it from admin discretion to a codified rule hopefully, from my perspective a ram is fine in the circumstances of: 1) It's the best case scenario - e,g. at a traffic stop, a suspect gets out armed, ramming is obviously the best thing to do. 2) It's roleplayed. 3) It's not repeated. That's just my own perspective on it but other admins may disagree hence why LFM will try and get it codified at the next staff meeting after consultations with both PD/SD leadership which we're currently having. I
  2. Username: Gabriela Morales Donated Amount: $10000 Comment: What a great, charitable cause, fully support!
  3. Username: Senator G. Morales Donation Amount: $20,000 Comment: Best of luck from everyone at my office 🙂
  4. I think the best way to make politics more relevant is engaging with it. For instance, there was a Q&A last night in which some people petitioned a state senator to push for a namechange of TTCF due to the connation to the 9/11 attacks, financial support for people roleplaying veterans and pushing folks roleplaying energy companies (Aurum Energy) to move towards green energy which will allow for RP at the wind farm and so on, a candidate was in Little Seoul campaigning tonight, there's an event planned tomorrow from what I know, too. in the past month open-carry was legalised in the county
  5. It was actually @vrbwho's done quite a lot of good work in the county, they even have a Discord full of county roleplayers that that discuss ooc issues facing the county and host events as far as I know. I agree that district-local politics didn't really have the influence, outside of that case, which is why the system reverted to a Party List. This was mostly because, well, nobody really engaged with district-level politics.
  6. I think you're buying your drugs from the wrong people if you keep getting killed and robbed. I don't really think it's a good idea to turn this post into the veto of the marijuana legislation, it was done for good reasons and nobody inside the senate really objects to it. There's so much more we could discuss and moving forward we, in the senate, realise the kind of things we need to get clarified prior to submitting for debate, for me that closes the issue. I'd rather talk about other concerns and issues 🙂
  7. I think it's more likely that it was a one-off case as it just wasn't the right time to legalise it due to the state of the drug economy rather than the staff team enforcing it's will over political RP, I wouldn't expect to see a veto on much other legislation.
  8. Hello everyone! 'Tis the season once again, election season is amongst us - six months ago we ran a city council election, which, while it had it's flaws, brought political roleplay to GTAW with a bang, and now the time has come again for we, the people, to have their say once again in the State Senate Election, which will elect ten State Senators! Could it be you? What's the system? This election is going to work a little differently to the last for multiple reasons, learning on mistakes and things that we realised we could do better after
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