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  1. Username: LaEnergie Comment: oh my god who the fuck cares write some actual news if you can actually be just about bothered
  2. Thanks for your feedback everyone, LFM will review what you guys have said here and what has been discussed with me personally and take action where needed. Thank you!
  3. PM & LFM don't give gambling licenses or gambling establishments out so no idea where these are coming from. We're trying to limit casinos to 2.
  4. I wouldn't mind the idea if done well, the issue is that this usually ends up with thirty players roleplaying luxury lifestyles producing nothing to the economy other than what their namechanged characters had earned a few years ago and buying up every business in the state.
  5. Very much enjoy this, hope to see more people walking around. I think getting some sort of public transport is useful too.
  6. CK appeals are handled by Management/IFM I believe, LFM haven't ever handled them. I do hear what you guys are saying about the length of time it takes to turn these around so I'll bring it up with the HoF 🙂
  7. I met someone from GTAW before. He kept poking my face shouting 'ERP!' and asking me to take a ride with him in his Kawaii (he came on the bus). He kept talking about how hard it is to be a woman in Los Santos due to the inequality (this guy had a beard) and saying that blue haired lives matter. When I asked him where he lived he said he lived in Mirror Park and pulled some tendies from his pockets. He talked at length about how the crime rate was too high and you can't even go outside without getting robbed by some gangbanger from Davis. I started walking away and he kept chasing after me say
  8. Telling people I'm an admin doesn't have the same clout in real life.
  9. Congratulations @honey. @cxnand @Vulcar!!!
  10. We're seeking to clarify this rule at the next staff meeting to turn it from admin discretion to a codified rule hopefully, from my perspective a ram is fine in the circumstances of: 1) It's the best case scenario - e,g. at a traffic stop, a suspect gets out armed, ramming is obviously the best thing to do. 2) It's roleplayed. 3) It's not repeated. That's just my own perspective on it but other admins may disagree hence why LFM will try and get it codified at the next staff meeting after consultations with both PD/SD leadership which we're currently having. I
  11. Username: Gabriela Morales Donated Amount: $10000 Comment: What a great, charitable cause, fully support!
  12. Username: Senator G. Morales Donation Amount: $20,000 Comment: Best of luck from everyone at my office 🙂
  13. I think the best way to make politics more relevant is engaging with it. For instance, there was a Q&A last night in which some people petitioned a state senator to push for a namechange of TTCF due to the connation to the 9/11 attacks, financial support for people roleplaying veterans and pushing folks roleplaying energy companies (Aurum Energy) to move towards green energy which will allow for RP at the wind farm and so on, a candidate was in Little Seoul campaigning tonight, there's an event planned tomorrow from what I know, too. in the past month open-carry was legalised in the county
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