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  1. This pretty much sums up my whole feelings of the whole affair of "Don't shoot the messenger." Really - I didn't create a democratic system or a state government or even politics to keep it strict and tightly controlled - but a bunch of mistakes were created along the way that allowed the senate to be a wholly irrelevant on a macro-sense, such as giving a lieutenant governor position to a complete narcissist, not realising the intervention that'd be had from other stakeholders in the server and not pushing back on things like marijuana etc. LFM wasn't intended to have a strict control over the senate or what it does or what bills it passes - that was a players responsibility, most of the time LFM was the messenger, and when it wasn't, it was the only thing that stood between yourselves and getting the faction closed - believe that or not, I don't really mind, but consider the perspective I have and I can now openly talk about. Do you think if anything meaningful or anything that impacted other legal/illegal factions that had an actual, active effect on the server passed, it would raise alarm bells? Please don't see this as an attack as I'm not really around anymore or even play, but that's the perspective that I got from being involved in the faction from before it started. Funnily enough, the election system used was voted for by the stakeholders before the election, interestingly when people didn't actually care to learn about it or it didn't produce the results they wanted, they had an issue with it. Now we have a situation where elections aren't going to happen for quite a long time, people are just airlifted into positions and we're all running down the clock for the project to end. I'd truly hate to be wrong, but democracy seems like a fickle thing.
  2. The situation that we see now is quite sad - a brief look at the forums suggests that the senate has devolved into a low-quality free-for-all, while elections weren't the perfect method of quality control, they did a pretty good job of weeding out the truly awful attempts of character development. Elections weren't suspended by LFM, but by Management, the whole purgatory that we see now is because for the past year and a half, everyone has had the point of view that the senate needs fixing, unfortunately time has shown again and again that nobody actually knows how to fix it, or even describe what the problems are. A dynamic, democratic system is incompatible with the level of control that certain stakeholders require in the server - the fact that the faction can't handle it's own quality control to the extent that SD leadership can is telling of a unexciting future. Now the project looks semi-abandoned, with poor standards creeping through and no real care. Throwing in some edgy anarchists or Nazis isn't going to fix it, but simply be the thing that simply buries it, ending the story as an unsuccessful attempt at democracy that'll never be attempted again.
  3. Just pending a bit of reform I think that management wanted to see, hopefully there's an outcome soon.
  4. Some strange takes here. 1) OOC intervention is born out faction reports usually that are considered valid - it's used as a last resort but it's difficult to be proactive and read every bill for issues before it goes to a full vote just simply out of time constraints and priorities within LFM, and perhaps the knowledge that there is that final safeguard makes it easier to intervene only when we have to. I think we have only ever veto'd three or four bills. 2) The second election system was designed literally because the script was broken and unfixable in a short period of time leading up to the first election, wasn't anyones intention to maintain people as senators. That's the fault of LFM and wasn't a system we intended to repeat. 3) I liked the district system and wanted to go back to it, perhaps we can. 4) Someone mentioned that FLD and the SHAFT code are misaligned - we don't have a stake in it as LFM and if it goes to a lawsuit, then so be it. Nobody has ever tried and just assumed what we'd do - I've never even been asked about it. 5) A lot of assumptions in this thread are based around server management or myself and my team having a deep stake in politics - we don't, if there was a bill that banned flying spaghetti, it wouldn't affect me, it wouldn't change my life and wouldn't change what my team did, we react and respond in several occasions: a) The bill will negatively impact illegal factions or legal factions to a significant degree without prior consultation with stakeholders (e.g. this was the weed bill and the RICO bill). b) The bill will require script support that we cannot spare. c) As a result of a faction report. d) A change that'll impact a legal faction that wasn't pre-discussed with that factions handler e.g. giving LSNN a billion dollars every month. LFM isn't here to micromanage the senate, nor do we want to, but when you have 5 people who are able to make server-wide decisions that are perhaps either not communicated with LFM or the stakeholders that the bill will affect, that does require action. I'm not saying I or anyone else needs to be briefed on every single bill, but when huge server-wide bills that have far-reaching and dramatic consequences, perhaps even not immediate ones, aren't consulted with LFM or even discussed prior OOCly with stakeholders, it does force a small panic. We're going to be creating guidance for when the senate is back up and running detailing what each party would like to see from each other to make communication a little smoother. All I ever wanted, and the whole reason I created an election system in the first place was to provide that player-elected, player-chosen decision-making force, and I do want them to make key decisions and have huge impacts and do super cool amazing legal stuff, but the reality changed for me when I saw how wide these bills affect people, their roleplay and their factions. I fought for this when I joined LFM and pushed for it and made sure it happened, I organised the whole first election by myself because everybody shrugged it off as something that wouldn't last - well, it has, fortunately! I love how this has developed but there are still critical and institutional issues with this that have grown and adapted over time through different handlers and faction leaders. We have a responsibility, not only as a sub-team, but as a community, to make sure we're looking out for each other, and making sure everyone has the best experience they can. Sometimes we disagree on what that is, but hey... That's politics 馃槈
  5. HaveADream

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    This is honestly a terrible attitude to have. This server isn't here to make lots of money in the right hand corner of the screen and shows very little depth to the hundreds of millionaires in neon green cars that patrol the streets breaking speed limits like they're world records of the youngest person alive. That's not character development or heavy roleplay, that's fantasy.
  6. Join The Journalistic Revolution! Apply Today! Who we are News X is a revolutionary up-and-coming news outlet based in Los Santos, after a successful funding period, we are looking to hire full-time journalists with an immediate start. We鈥檙e looking for: A Full Time Journalist with a keen eye for a story and the ability to follow it up. Key Responsibilities Tracking media coverage, relevant news stories, industry trends, and updating relevant stakeholders. Writing pieces including news stories, blogs, social, and digital content. Editing and updating media materials, including media databases and intelligence, FAQs, and content planning calendars. Preparing, pitching and distributing press materials. Holding and improving a relationship with key stakeholders and liaison units within government divisions to assist in finding stories. Requirements Native-level English speaker. Demonstrated experience in journalism or public relations desired but not essential. Strong writing and editing skills, including experience of penning materials such as news features, op-eds, blogs, and talking points for presentations. Excellent time-management skills. Strong analytical and research skills. Ambitious with a desire to bring new ideas to the table. A University degree would be desirable but not essential. What we Offer: 路 2 Weeks Paid Holiday Leave 路 Access To Company Phone/Laptop 路 $20,000 p/w salary with per-article bonuses of $5000. 路 Extensive learning opportunities through our training program. 路 Remote working. Interested? Then click here to apply: Cover letter outlining relevant experience CV
  7. Username: News X Comment: They left a crime scene littered with blood and bullet casings alone for over half an hour in a highly populated area.
  8. This photo was taken during shooting in South Los Santos, the lack of scene security allowed me free-reign in the area. Inattentive Police Leave Bloodsoaked Streets Harry Lawson Scene security reached it's lowest point tonight, as I was allowed to walk freely around a crime scene while researching a shooting which left both an officer and a suspect injured with gunshots. Despite being in non-identifiable clothing marking myself as a journalist, the Los Santos Police Department allowed me free reign amongst the crime scene, entirely refusing to engage with me or acknowledge my existence whatsoever. A resident, who left his house to witness the scene unfold, was similarly ignored and allowed to walk freely in and out of the crime scene with no questions raised by the attending police officers. The shooting, which is under investigation by News X journalists, took place at around 22:25 tonight in Covenant Avenue, Los Santos, and was followed by an additional shots fired north of the street. The police on scene, which consisted of a plain-clothed detective and several uniformed officers, did not respond to any request from myself to identify themselves or even acknowledge my existence, despite numerous occasions of asking. This begs the bigger question - why ignore civilians? While there is no federal law to require police officers to identify themselves, it has become increasingly common in the wake of civil unrest and the rise of digitalisation of media in recent years, with controversies arising when officers refuse to identify themselves to civilians, and with officers being required, in other states, recent statues to require police to identify themselves at the point of request. In addition to this, why let civilians walk over your crime scene and potentially lead to contamination of evidence? While I was careful in avoiding getting too close to evidence, not a single officer stopped to ask me what I was doing, and not a single one even paid a second look to stop me on my free reign around the scene. The police shortly left the scene altogether afterwards, allowing the scene to remain at the will of the elements and the population - with blood splatters still surrounding the scene and bullet casings lying around, I stayed around for an additional ten minutes, and nobody returned to either secure the scene or collect evidence - just left everything as exactly as it was when they got there. Shocking developments tonight, News X will update with further information when it is available. The Los Santos Police Department ignored initial calls to their non-emergency line for comment.
  9. Graduates line up in front of trainers of the Park Rangers at ULSA. Park Rangers Host Academy at ULSA Harry Lawson Students at ULSA watched on with eager eyes as the first Park Rangers Academy in over six years took place. The law enforcement agency, which was recently merged with the State Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at the start of the senate session, had suspended recruitment following a scandal in 2015 in which multiple command members of the agency had falsified overtime pay, and, as such, lost large percentages of it's budget which lasted until the merger and tightening of state control over the rangers. Despite being known as the 'protector of parks', the Park Rangers are just as much as an LEO as your standard police officer - the recruits, who for the 'next six months to learn how to become fully trained law enforcement officers', followed by 'another about three and a half months of a wildlife enforcement training.' showed great energy at ULSA, with a crowd of students emerging to spectate the events. We spoke with Captain Lawson, the commanding member of the Park Rangers Academy, about the progress of the Park Rangers. Recruits show their skills - practicing press-ups, despite being suited up. "This job will not be easy. You will face issues. You will struggle." As Law Enforcement Officers, what separates yourselves from - let's say, the Sheriff's Department? Well, while we are held to the same standards by Law as any other Law Enforcement Agency, we also have been tasked the responsibility to overlook the Wildlife, the Parks and now the Commercial Fishing Operations of the State of San Andreas. While we are Law Enforcement, we aim to educate as much as we can - and to have our Rangers out to be able to assist with the daily needs of anyone in the parks. Director Wood has been confirmed as the Director of the State Department of Wildlife and Fisheries - are you looking forward to working with the new director? We are an older agency, formed back in the 1920's, but only recently have we really opened ourselves into the expansion. However yes, I believe the new Director is very dedicated to the Department and willing to make improvements needed. As we know, their was problems in the Department, especially back in twenty-fifteen regarding our finances. Director Wood has truly started to grow and overcome our previous Departments history, and making us into a striving agency that once was left -- with nothing per say. With expansion on the horizon, what's next for the Park Rangers? Well. What's next? We have two big things coming up. First things is our introduction to our Marine Unit and our Commercial Fishing Unit, that has been tasked upon us by the State of San Andreas, or will be shortly. Their focus will be to regulate, moderate and enforce the Fishing Laws of the San Andreas Hunting and Animal Protection Act. On the second side, we will be soon looking to outreach and partner to multiple cleaning crews and environmental safety crews, as we look to help clean up the parks. So, the Park Rangers are looking to be a main face in the State of San Andreas, to keeping our Parks, Oceans, Lakes, Mountains - all clean and family friendly. 鈳幆鈳幆鈳幆鈳幆鈳幆鈳幆鈳幆 While the Park Rangers are far from uncontroversial, especially with their increasing presence in the county after the growth in investment from the State Department, they have set their goal of serious expansion and to be considered the 'face' of law enforcement in San Andreas, starting with winning over the hearts and minds of university students within the city. When asked about their partnership with the Park Rangers, ULSA commented; We at ULSA are proud and excited to host such a fine group of individuals. I'm sure the students are also excited to see the work that they do. Could even give them a sense of the career they might want to go into!
  10. We haven't commented because we weren't included on the actual discussion. We can't rule on something other admins have already done so but we have noted the concerns raised in this topic and will raise queries privately.
  11. Looking forward to seeing our relationship and rivalry develop, keep it up.
  12. (( Credit to @YB ))
  13. LSNN: Xtreme Edition
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