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Found 7 results

  1. Fujimoto Jiro From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fujimoto Jiro, also known as "Fuji" or "DJ FUJI" (born July 5, 1995) is a Japanese House and Techno Disc jockey (DJ). He also owns the establishment SeoulTrax Streetwear & Records which is located in Little Seoul, Los Santos, San Andreas - where he now currently is living. Biography Early Life Jiro was born in Osaka, Japan. He has stated in an online interview for a Japanese techno blog that his inspiration came from his Father's passion for Japanese Pop and Disco music. He explains that his Father had an obsession over buying records and discovering new artists. Fujimoto grew up a single child in Japan and studied his Bachelor in Fashion Design in Osaka, before his move to Los Santos. Jiro grew up enjoying hobbies such as skateboarding, video games, and BMX. Career His career as a Disc jockey came about when he decided to save up and purchase his first Pioneer branded DJ controller. He started taking inspiration from the vinyl's at his house and searching on YouTube for new music. Fujimoto's style of song choice and mixing can vary, depending on venue and time. He often plays House, Garage, Techno, Electronic, Progressive, Trance and more. He has previously stated he really enjoys Chicago house and Detroit techno, due to it's impactful black vocals and groovy basslines. He slowly started to make a name for himself as he grew as a teenager in his hometown of Osaka, performing house party shows and small raves. He has said that he attended a couple nightclubs in Tokyo while still under the legal age of 20, but didn't perform under his alias Fuji until his first paid gig at the age of 21 years old. Fujimoto's biggest artist inspirations are Carl Cox, Maceo Plex, Daft Punk, Eric Prydz and more. Since moving to Los Santos he has had performances at various illustrious nightclubs and venues such as Perseus, Nyctophilia, Cloud 9, Phoenix, Casablanca, The Garden and more. Fujimoto can be contacted for private or public bookings through his e-mail or Facebrowser page DJ Fuji. He is often active on the platform and uses it frequently to promote up-coming performances and advertise his store page SeoulTrax Streetwear & Records. SeoulTrax After roughly three year run in the Japanese nightclub scene Fujimoto Jiro set his sights for bigger dreams. With much faith in his own talent and networking skills he made the full move to Los Santos, San Andreas in April of 2021, living Little Seoul. He worked multiple jobs on South Rockford Drive, Little Seoul also known as Little Tokyo. Working at the well known establishments Tanuki Massage & Bathhouse, Ikigai Sports Bar, SHOGUN Sushi & Grill & Hotbox Footwear. He purchased the property to Hotbox Footwear after saving enough money by working day shifts on The Strip and taking weekend jobs as a DJ. Fujimoto renovated and changed the name of the already established business and turned it into SeoulTrax Streetwear & Records. The store sells many different streetwear brands such as BAPE, Supreme, Off-White, Nike and more. It also has a wide variety of vinyl records, from Hip-Hop to Dance music and even a vintage collection. SeoulTrax is often a host to Los Santos' finest models, nightclub owners and Disc jockeys such as Lil Hata, Carl Kendrick, Dano, JO$H, DOUX and more. References 1. ^ Kodama Nori (August 11, 2019). "Tokyo Techno Magazine (Summer Edition)".
  2. Introduction The Pink Sandwich was established in 1997 by Jennifer and Richard Longport and initially formed as a sandwich lounge that catered for citizens of Los Santos during the late nineties to early two thousands. It had a controversial Grand Opening due to various news scandals revolving around the quality of its ingredients and sandwich fillers which lead to both Jennifer and Richard declaring bankruptcy. The project was picked up by Terry Craggs in later years who had seen potential in the industry after a recent decline in fast food joints, specifically those that were able to produce handmade meals for business men and women within the upper-class area of Vinewood Boulevard, however, this was again a short-lived run due to financial difficulties. Today, The Pink Sandwich has been rebranded and reformed as not only a popular sandwich lounge, but also a nightclub by a couple of friends with expertise in both management and interior design. This article serves as an informative page where people are able to follow the success of the company and find out more about what it has to offer, hope you enjoy the journey and we look forward to sharing more! Daytime Menus Contact Us Email: [email protected] (( Forum PM @CrisisGG and @scarlyfox )) Social Page | Station
  3. Various posters and flyers can be found around the city held by staples, tape and adhesive.
  4. DEMONZ Two Swedish DJ's are now in Los Santos! Coming fresh from the clubbing scene in Scandinavia, these maniac siblings are here to cause trouble! Their speciality being Bass House, they grill up some nasty heat! They do gigs small or big, from parties to big clubs and festivals. DJ ONI (Lukas) and DJ DIABLO (Leif) are not here to play around. They seek blood, the devilish blood on the dance floor! Are you interested in these two total nutjobs? For hiring, comment below or use this mail. We're waiting, we're always waiting... (CURRENTLY ON HIATUS DUE TO OOC REASONS)
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