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Found 10 results

  1. As a record label, it would be obvious that we make music right? Magnolia Records mostly provides a mixture of Rap, R&B, and Hip-Hop. We provide quality work to our audience and even for those who are new to our company. We provide a platform for artists who are looking to pursue a career in the music industry. We offer tools, perks, promotions, contacts, bookings, studio times, events, concerts, sponsorship, commercials, and more are guaranteed as you pursue said career with us. Click on the 'Apply Now' button to view our application form!
  2. Your No.1 Hits Music Station 267FM (originally established back in 2016) is a Los Santos Radio that was founded by Phillip Jeichi of whom sadly passed away after 13 years of setting up the station. From the age of 22 and after the passing of his father, Connor Jeichi (Phillips Child) become the new Director and Head of Operations. The station itself has caught up with times, been re-branded and launched as 267FM (known for playing The Hottest Hits in Los Santos). Tune in to 267FM today (available on 267FM, 267 DAB, Smartphones and Online) Support The Station There are many ways you can support 267FM and keep it alive, see below for more information. Artists - Are you an Artist or a Record Label? If so, we'd love to hear directly from yourself. At no cost to you, we will play your music on-air to our listeners. Businesses - If you are a business and want to get more custom at your shop, maybe you want to promote an event, charity, website. Simply get in-touch with us today and from $5,000 a month you can get yourself 30 second advertisement played on-air (adverts are commonly played after 20 minutes or 6 songs). If this sounds like something you'd be interested in for your business, artists or yourself. COMMENTS Comments are enabled for individuals. Name: Your Name Comment: Your Comment
  3. I'm looking to use the XMR in game to play live improv using an MPC through a mixer. I've used Icecast stations in the past and usually it's as simple as having the source password, IP & Port, and you're set - just set the input on a tool like B.U.T.T. or another encoder and the noise gets pushed to the station. I can't seem to figure out what IP is the correct one for the server - or if it's even possible to accomplish what I'm trying to do at all using Azuracast in it's current config. Is there something simple I missed or is this impossible?
  4. The xm radio won't make a sound, i tried: - enabling/disabling CEF - using /radioshow and making sure that the volume was up - booting the game in online, turning the music volume all the way up / down - /setstation (from 1 to 120) - Reinstalling Rage
  5. Tune in on station 108 or 169 History PlaybackFM was the popular radio station you listened to in the 90's. Featuring nostalgic Rap and East-Coast Hip-Hop, PlaybackFM educated its listeners in the the Golden Age of Hip-Hop and introduced up and coming artists from across the states including Los Santos, featuring the likes of Mad Dogg, OG Loc and more. Although originating from the East Coast, PlaybackFM's popularity shot up in the West Coast, specifically Los Santos where it delved further into West Coast Hip Hop, featuring artists such as 2Pac, Dr. Dre and other founding fathers of Hip Hop. PlaybackFM eventually fell in popularity with the rise of popular radio stations such as Radio Los Santos, iFruit Radio and West Coast Classics. (( Actual PlaybackFM GTA San Andreas Wiki that this faction has been based on. We have made adjustments to the backstory to fit our needs )) Overview - Presenters - Shows - Competitions - Media - Advertising - Contact Us Overview After PlaybackFM's collapse in the early 2000's, two avid fans and close friends Isaac Freeman and Pierre Cloud, sought out to re-establish the radio station, and re-grow it's following. Moving from Liberty City to Los Santos, they duo worked tirelessly to fund the equipment for their home studio and acquire the necessary licenses to get the show on the road. With the launch of PlaybackFM, the duo will bring a comedic take to Los Santos' airwaves, rivalling current radio stations who only seem to run playlists on the air. PlaybackFM brings quality entertainment to Los Santos, be it on the radio, live events or competitions and raffles. You'll have no reason to listen to other stations when we're on air. Tune in on station 108 or 169! Presenters Pierre Cloud (( @DoctorJxy )) grew up in the projects of North Holland, Algonquin, Liberty City with his mother and sister in a low income household. During his teenage years he was employed at a local internet café, [email protected], part time whilst attending school in order to support his family. During this time, Pierre found himself constantly tuning into Playback FM hosted by Forth Right MC at the time. Not soon after, Pierre would then grow to form a friendship with Isaac Freeman who also worked part time at the internet café. Trying to escape the life of quick money and short-term goals, Pierre knew he wanted to expand his horizons and within those years his favourite childhood radio station turned defunct. From a few conversations with his friend Isaac he was convinced to move from his hometown in the east coast, where he journeyed west to San Andreas' Los Santos in pursuit of starting something big in the name of continuing Forth Right MC's legacy. Isaac Freeman (( @Leecho )) grew up orphaned in North Holland, Liberty City where he spent most of his time earning quick money and getting into trouble. He met Pierre Cloud at a local internet café where they both worked and vibed out to PlaybackFM, but soon after he left for London, England to escape troubles that were brewing in Liberty City. Five years later, Isaac flew to Los Santos, San Andreas after brewing an idea with Pierre to restart PlaybackFM after its fall and make it the best radio station in America. Owning a few bars in Las Venturas, Isaac has sold all properties and invested all his capital into making PlaybackFM grow. Shows TBA TBA
  7. Short description: Allow aircraft to communicate with each other via an air traffic control radio Detailed description: Add a new chat that allows aircraft to communicate with each other via radio. First the aircraft must be registered and use their registered call sign when using the radio. E.g. /atc Life Flight One to LSIA, requesting permission to land via runway three. There could be both IC and OOC regulations regarding the use of aircraft and the air traffic control radio. Commands to add: /atc Items to add: A chat similar to /dep How would your suggestion improve the server?: It would allow aircraft to communicate across large distances, and increase air traffic role-play. For example Weazel News would be able to use it to contact the LSPD Airships during a pursuit situation, or the LSPD would be able to use it to warn aircraft entering restricted air space (E.g. above an event such as the Mayoral Inauguration or 9/11 memorial). The LSFD asking a civilian aircraft to assist with a Mass Casualty Incident on Mt. Chillaid. Additionally aircraft could simply use it as a place to express their role-play in a chat that other aircraft can see - so for example using /atc to request permission to taxi, to take off, to fly over a certain air space and when landing. Additionnal information: I suggested this before the throw-back, tried to find it in my browser's cache or in a web-page archive, and simply couldn't (Even though I found the URL). It had good support from folks back then.
  8. In this guide I will show you how to host your own radio station with the .MP3 format so the radio can then be added in-game. There are three main steps we have to do to get our own radio. The three steps: Setting up Icecast to get an own server running. Setting up Mixxx and getting music running. Port forwarding (Easier than it sounds). What you need: Icecast [Click Here] Mixxx [Click Here] Songs A PC to run the radio on OR A VPS (Virtual Private Server IF you want to run your radio 24/7 and don't have a PC to do it on) [I recommend Vultr, because you only need the second cheapest VPS for $3.50/mo] Step 1: Setting up Icecast Download and install Icecast Open the folder you installed Icecast into and open icecast.xml with a text editor of your choice. You can keep everything as it is, but go down to the password section and change the passwords. You'll want to change the password so not everybody can access your radio. Now run icecast.bat. Your server should now be open at localhost:8000. The code with the passwords you need to change: <authentication> <!-- Sources log in with username 'source' --> <source-password>hackme</source-password> <!-- Relays log in with username 'relay' --> <relay-password>hackme</relay-password> <!-- Admin logs in with the username given below --> <admin-user>admin</admin-user> <admin-password>hackme</admin-password> </authentication> Step 2: Setting up Mixxx: Mixxx is a music/DJ program, perfect for hosting a radio, since it also has an auto-DJ function. Download and install Mixxx. Choose the song library you want to use or drag and drop them into a playlist inside of Mixxx. Go to Options > Preferences > Live Broadcasting and set up a new connection as shown in the picture: The password is the one you set in your icecast.xml file under the 'source'. Once done, enable it, apply, and ok. Now Turn on Live Broadcasting using this button: It's recommended to turn on Auto-DJ, which allows you to have your music automated and be given a fade crossing. You should now be able to go to http://localhost:8000/live.mp3 and you should hear your music. Turning on Auto DJ on Mixxx: To set up Auto DJ on Mixxx, follow these steps. With Auto DJ you can have your radio running 24/7 and it also adds nice crossfades between songs. Go to Options > Preferences > Auto DJ and turn on "Re-queue tracks after playback". This allows your radio to keep on playing and never stop. Now go to wherever you have your music stored on Mixxx, select all the songs you want and drag them on to the Auto DJ folder. if you click on Auto DJ, you should now see all your songs. Now go into that Auto DJ folder and click "Enable Auto DJ" on the very right. The music should start playing now and Auto DJ is set up. Step 3: Port forwarding This step is a lot simpler than it sounds. Go into your router settings by entering in your browser. Go to the port forwarding settings (might have to turn on expert mode and search around a bit) and create a new rule. You'll have to enter your local IP, and forward the Port 8000. Save and you're done with this step. Local IP: Your local IP is the IP you find by opening cmd and typing ipconfig. The IP at IPv4 Address is the local IP you have to use in step three. Playing the music: Every time you want to start the radio, you need to run icecast.bat first and then start Mixxx and select Live Broadcasting. Now find your public IPv4 by going to http://whatismyip.com. The URL to listen to your radio is made with your public IPv4. It should be in this form: 172.xxx.xxx.xxx:8000/live.ogg. Since you port forwarded it, everybody can listen to this radio around the world. Extra: Getting a special domain Do you want a nice looking link, so you can share the radio with others? Go to dot.tk and create a domain with the name of your choice. Checkout the domain and select the forward option. There just paste your link from the step before. Done, you now have a domain of your choice to listen to your radio.
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