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  1. Goddamn I really love this. Please keep this going.
  2. i'll say it now and i'll say it again. culver is legit
  3. Username: WITCHKRISTEN Comment: he was pushing drugs and harassing girls. stop lying about us, please.
  4. Pettie

    Varrio Rancho 13

    Abuela digs this faction quite a bit. Looking foward to the RP!
  5. Big R should pull up to Dogtown. One of my fav characters.
  6. Mhm, yes, I like this alot.
  7. Yvette Rocha? More like really epic person Really interesting story so far. Consider me a fan!
  8. Cool story, interesting character AND from South VB? Consider me hooked.
  9. sheeesh! some straight good shit right here!
  10. Dangerous! Keep at it, Zae!!
  11. Some proper Vespucci fire right here. Stay dangerous, fellas!
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