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Found 10 results

  1. Erin Takakura Erin is a second-generation Japanese girl, the daughter of a former call girl. She had many fathers, some violent, others simply poor. Life in her mother's small apartment in Tokyo Plaza soon becomes unbearable. With barely a high school diploma in her pocket, she took to the streets without question, and began hanging out in other states thanks to friends she met on the Internet. It was during this headlong rush that she developed a passion for tattooing, stamping her friends' skin for life and getting her own. Naturally cold and rather masculine, it's with a hard-swallowed pride that she returns to help her mother in Los Santos. Cast loose in this concrete jungle, she tries as best she can to pay her way to a future for her little brother. _____________________________________________
  2. NEWS • Politics Written by Yunisa DELGADO-FLORES • July 3rd, 2022 — 8:10PM Sun rises on Little Tokyo, committee passes bill to recognize district The Designation of Little Tokyo Act, an act that would give the community-dubbed “Little Tokyo” district in South Rockford Drive it’s name officially, passes the senate committee. The Hinomaru, the Japanese Flag, flying high in the morning following the passing. — Alan Kim, July 3rd 2022 On July the 2nd, the committee of public safety of the San Andreas Senate held a hearing regarding the Designation of Little Tokyo Act of 2022; the act that would make the name “Little Tokyo” official. South Rockford Drive, from Invention Court to Dutch London Street, is home to the highest proportion of Japanese migrants and Japanese-Americans within the city of Los Santos. Los Santos County, according to the findings listed in the act, is home to more than 60,000 Japanese residents. The bill, introduced by Senator Adrian Rossi (R), aims to help a community that he described as having “historically suffered” during the hearing. On the west coast, around 110,000 to 120,000 Japanese Americans, which 70 percent of which were born within the U.S., were sent to camps by Executive Order 9066 in 1941. Those who were sent to camps faced economic struggle on release. Japanese-Americans were sent across the country to different camps, where different camps neighbored both wealthy and deprived areas of the country. Many of those who were relocated to these deprived areas found themselves receiving less education opportunities, had worse housing, and earned less money, reported the Harvard Gazette. Those who found themselves relocated to camps located within San Andreas often migrated to Los Santos on their release. Many found themselves moving to the section of South Rockford Drive that is commonly known as Little Tokyo While efforts have been made to rectify and to support the Japanese-American population nationwide following the internment camps, Japanese-Americans and other Asian-Americans face harassment day-to-day. NBC reported how, in 2021, hate crimes against Asians and Asian-Americans increased 339 percent with cities such as Los Santos, San Fierro and New York hitting record highs. Daichi Saejima, the founder and head of the Japanese American Association (JAA), a non-profit that serves to assist Japanese-Americans within Los Santos, described how he and his community faced issues with police harassment in the past in an interview with the Daily News. He expressed his gratitude to this bill passing the committee and hopes it’s a sign of thing to come. “It means our pleas have finally been heard by the higher powers.” Saejima shared in a response to asking about his opinions on the bill. “We've wanted change, and finally, after our trials and tribulations, we're making steady progress. Us as the Japanese-Americans, we're being treated as equals. Given the rights and acknowledgement we deserve.” During the hearing, Sen Tsujihara and Ian Ichiro Inoue, the niece and nephew of Saejima and fellow members of the JAA, were present as witnesses during the hearing. Tsujihara testified to the struggles Japanese-Americans face in the present day, noting a “systemic oppression” that their community faces and how Little Tokyo and the JAA serves as a hub for support. “Before the internment in the forties, our Japantown was the most prosperous of its kind anywhere in the country.” Inoue said in regards to Little Tokyo and it’s past. “Despite our struggles that we've faced in the years following executive orders and other such issues, Little Tokyo provides not only a vast spread of amenities in the way of corner stores, apartment housing, and any such need that a new family could possibly hope for.” “Formal recognition of our historic district would pave the way to ending the decades long damage done.”, Tsujihara said in the hearing. Senator Kaoru King-Yagami (D), who originally came from Japan, expressed their support for the bill by stating “I hope my heritage, and that of all Japanese-Americans may be able to be proudly displayed into the future with this act.” The bill passed the committee hearing unanimously with Senators Lu (D), Jones (D), Meier (D) and Benson (R) not being present. It now will face a hearing from the senate as a whole, where they will vote to pass it into law. Comments are enabled: Username: Comment:
  3. Fujimoto Jiro From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fujimoto Jiro, also known as "Fuji" or "DJ FUJI" (born July 5, 1995) is a Japanese House and Techno Disc jockey (DJ). He also owns the establishment SeoulTrax Streetwear & Records which is located in Little Seoul, Los Santos, San Andreas - where he now currently is living. Biography Early Life Jiro was born in Osaka, Japan. He has stated in an online interview for a Japanese techno blog that his inspiration came from his Father's passion for Japanese Pop and Disco music. He explains that his Father had an obsession over buying records and discovering new artists. Fujimoto grew up a single child in Japan and studied his Bachelor in Fashion Design in Osaka, before his move to Los Santos. Jiro grew up enjoying hobbies such as skateboarding, video games, and BMX. Career His career as a Disc jockey came about when he decided to save up and purchase his first Pioneer branded DJ controller. He started taking inspiration from the vinyl's at his house and searching on YouTube for new music. Fujimoto's style of song choice and mixing can vary, depending on venue and time. He often plays House, Garage, Techno, Electronic, Progressive, Trance and more. He has previously stated he really enjoys Chicago house and Detroit techno, due to it's impactful black vocals and groovy basslines. He slowly started to make a name for himself as he grew as a teenager in his hometown of Osaka, performing house party shows and small raves. He has said that he attended a couple nightclubs in Tokyo while still under the legal age of 20, but didn't perform under his alias Fuji until his first paid gig at the age of 21 years old. Fujimoto's biggest artist inspirations are Carl Cox, Maceo Plex, Daft Punk, Eric Prydz and more. Since moving to Los Santos he has had performances at various illustrious nightclubs and venues such as Perseus, Nyctophilia, Cloud 9, Phoenix, Casablanca, The Garden and more. Fujimoto can be contacted for private or public bookings through his e-mail or Facebrowser page DJ Fuji. He is often active on the platform and uses it frequently to promote up-coming performances and advertise his store page SeoulTrax Streetwear & Records. SeoulTrax After roughly three year run in the Japanese nightclub scene Fujimoto Jiro set his sights for bigger dreams. With much faith in his own talent and networking skills he made the full move to Los Santos, San Andreas in April of 2021, living Little Seoul. He worked multiple jobs on South Rockford Drive, Little Seoul also known as Little Tokyo. Working at the well known establishments Tanuki Massage & Bathhouse, Ikigai Sports Bar, SHOGUN Sushi & Grill & Hotbox Footwear. He purchased the property to Hotbox Footwear after saving enough money by working day shifts on The Strip and taking weekend jobs as a DJ. Fujimoto renovated and changed the name of the already established business and turned it into SeoulTrax Streetwear & Records. The store sells many different streetwear brands such as BAPE, Supreme, Off-White, Nike and more. It also has a wide variety of vinyl records, from Hip-Hop to Dance music and even a vintage collection. SeoulTrax is often a host to Los Santos' finest models, nightclub owners and Disc jockeys such as Lil Hata, Carl Kendrick, Dano, JO$H, DOUX and more. References 1. ^ Kodama Nori (August 11, 2019). "Tokyo Techno Magazine (Summer Edition)".
  4. Toreado

    J. Nomura

    I encourage anyone interested in the character and story to go through the screen shots from start to finish. I wasn't planning to take screens at the beginning of the character but what's explained above should cover what happened. Enjoy.
  5. Listen, son. The worlds a shitty place. Its dog eat dog, and if you're weak its going to chew you right up no matter how good a head you have. So you got to learn to be tough, and present yourself as anything but weak if you plan to survive in this world. Even if it means in the end you have to betray who you are a little bit. That's how it is. -Watanabe Oga, one month before leaving his family. Shinsuke Oga 25 years old Brother to One, disowned by one. Lives with his Mother Evicted felon Single Local Handyman Chain Smoker, Short Temper, Ferormed Cynical Asshole, Heart of Gold Shinsuke Oga was left alone to take care of his mother at the age of 14 when his father left her behind to marry his mistress. Having moved to the states to pursue better payment to take care of his physically ill wife, Watanabe's departure from his family meant struggle all around. Having to adapt to being the man of the household and learn to take care of as much as he could to save money, his demeanor quickly shifted to a more impatient and brutal one. Picking fights and starting to distance himself from people socially. A cold wall building up that was soon added to as he began to earn the titles of a delinquent and a menace, where soon the only things of interest to him was earning money and taking care of his mother. Seeing himself behind bars for petty thefts and getting onto fights before he was old enough to drink, and finding himself battling to keep a job as his patience with idiots often lead to confrontations with customers. Recently out of jail, again for involvement in a physical dispute, he's found himself a new chance as the Tokyo Strip has seen to take him in, loosely hiring him as the local handyman and general extra labor for their establishments. After an unexpected prison visit though, he's re-evaluating himself and his life. Now seeing consistent work at the Port as well as with his friends and new faces in Tokyo Strip, he's trying to piece his life back together. Forgotten friendships, his mother's patience with him waned, a new love affair that is trying his insecurities, and old enemies keeping eyes on him from afar. しんじまえ... (Go to hell...) OGA'S PLAYLIST
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