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Found 7 results

  1. The Salty Clam, widely known as Vespucci Beach's hot spot for a good time. A place to go for a quick drink, a good bite and a great laugh with a barrel full of patrons of each end of the bar. In the heart of the beach, we chose to be the center of fun, creativity and with a constant source of entertainment with what our atmosphere has to offer. The ATM is only a step away The bar, the grill, no matter who and when? Our customers are happy and always laughing. Being around the beach can be a burden with competition, but that's where we stand out. To all our patrons: your safety is priority! We'll call you a cab, ensure you're safe and sound and arrive at home in the darkest of hours! Please don't be a stranger, come in and take a seat and make yourself at home! Vespucci Beach | Bay City Avenue E-Mail: [email protected] (( @Rum )) Main businesses page: The Salty Clam Bar And Grill From 1:AM to 1:AM this floor is always open, it's never too early to get your legs moving, especially with the new contests, events and parties being thrown as of late! Bring your mix and poison to the floor, dance with the locals and drunks, don't forget to drink water and grab our weighted basket of ribs and fries! Every other week we plan on releasing a new contest for the customers to get in on, yes this does sometimes include a cash prize or perhaps a free bottle of beer or wine, who knows! We have everything from: Charity Night. Open Mic Night. Bar Olympics. Stand Up Comedy Night. Dance From The Past. Disco Night. Halloween Bash. Trivia Night.
  2. Short description: Allow and plan events such as natural disasters including but not limited to; heavy wind storms, droughts, earthquakes, wildfires, heatwaves, flooding (minor floods), mud slides and rock falls that block off roads. Maybe an event team. Detailed description: Things can be a little too stale in the State and City of San Andreas. Disaster strikes when we least expect, and our fictional LS county shouldn't be an exception. Feasiably I realize it's a little hard to work these disaster's into the server, especially with RageMP's extremely limited engine and script potiential. However that doesn't they're impossible. Also I'd love for a creation of a NOAA page for management to announce potential disasters here and there. Earthquakes - We're fictional LA, LA has a fuckton of earthquakes. Usually they're very minor, this can be done with a simple serverwide emote of "shaking" or whatever of a minor earthquake, maybe a few burst hydrants, a few little emergencies here and there. People could react to it on their own and it'd be a cool little event. Wildfires - Fire script but it blocks out the sun and causes the map to go into the "smog" weather mode. Maybe a small portion of the map could be on fire. Droughts - Super minor since we don't really have a farming community, Sandy Shores is in the desert, so maybe their water supply goes short and the city has to face a minor water crisis. I didn't really have a plan for this, I just felt like it needed to be here. Heatwaves - It's hot as hell, show it on the weather, and add a few flavor events across the map to show off the fact it's hot as balls. Let people roleplay the effects. Heavy wind storms - It doesn't rain often in Los Angeles Santos, and when it does, it pours. Wind is heavy, storms are rough, the sky is static, the storm is messy, shit gets hit, things fall over and it gets dangerous. Mudslides/rockslides - Areas of the County could have rock/mud slides that block off the road, it could be as simple as a bunch of rocks that fall onto the side of the road and added by admins using props. And more to add if possible. Flooding isn't really possible and a lot of these probably wouldn't have much script support. But it could be as simple as a single NOAA facebrowswer account with a forum post that let's players know of weather events, and a couple admins with some spare time, and it could be pretty interesting. Server can use some spice occasionally. Commands to add: None Items to add: None How would your suggestion improve the server? Adding a little uncertainty and having events is a great way to spice up life on the server. It breaks up the monotony and gives players one more thing to react too. Additional information: Before you say it "It'll interrupt my roleplay!!" I will remind you people get shot in hurricanes too.
  3. Hi! Welcome to the FTP Events Mailing List. Majority of these events feature CARL KENDRICK. Carl is a multi instrument playing Artist and Award Winning DJ. By clicking "Follow" you will be automatically subscribed to future updates on this list To unsubscribe at any time, please click "Follow" again
  4. Various posters and flyers can be found around the city held by staples, tape and adhesive.
  5. Tune in on station 108 or 169 History PlaybackFM was the popular radio station you listened to in the 90's. Featuring nostalgic Rap and East-Coast Hip-Hop, PlaybackFM educated its listeners in the the Golden Age of Hip-Hop and introduced up and coming artists from across the states including Los Santos, featuring the likes of Mad Dogg, OG Loc and more. Although originating from the East Coast, PlaybackFM's popularity shot up in the West Coast, specifically Los Santos where it delved further into West Coast Hip Hop, featuring artists such as 2Pac, Dr. Dre and other founding fathers of Hip Hop. PlaybackFM eventually fell in popularity with the rise of popular radio stations such as Radio Los Santos, iFruit Radio and West Coast Classics. (( Actual PlaybackFM GTA San Andreas Wiki that this faction has been based on. We have made adjustments to the backstory to fit our needs )) Overview - Presenters - Shows - Competitions - Media - Advertising - Contact Us Overview After PlaybackFM's collapse in the early 2000's, two avid fans and close friends Isaac Freeman and Pierre Cloud, sought out to re-establish the radio station, and re-grow it's following. Moving from Liberty City to Los Santos, they duo worked tirelessly to fund the equipment for their home studio and acquire the necessary licenses to get the show on the road. With the launch of PlaybackFM, the duo will bring a comedic take to Los Santos' airwaves, rivalling current radio stations who only seem to run playlists on the air. PlaybackFM brings quality entertainment to Los Santos, be it on the radio, live events or competitions and raffles. You'll have no reason to listen to other stations when we're on air. Tune in on station 108 or 169! Presenters Pierre Cloud (( @DoctorJxy )) grew up in the projects of North Holland, Algonquin, Liberty City with his mother and sister in a low income household. During his teenage years he was employed at a local internet café, [email protected], part time whilst attending school in order to support his family. During this time, Pierre found himself constantly tuning into Playback FM hosted by Forth Right MC at the time. Not soon after, Pierre would then grow to form a friendship with Isaac Freeman who also worked part time at the internet café. Trying to escape the life of quick money and short-term goals, Pierre knew he wanted to expand his horizons and within those years his favourite childhood radio station turned defunct. From a few conversations with his friend Isaac he was convinced to move from his hometown in the east coast, where he journeyed west to San Andreas' Los Santos in pursuit of starting something big in the name of continuing Forth Right MC's legacy. Isaac Freeman (( @Leecho )) grew up orphaned in North Holland, Liberty City where he spent most of his time earning quick money and getting into trouble. He met Pierre Cloud at a local internet café where they both worked and vibed out to PlaybackFM, but soon after he left for London, England to escape troubles that were brewing in Liberty City. Five years later, Isaac flew to Los Santos, San Andreas after brewing an idea with Pierre to restart PlaybackFM after its fall and make it the best radio station in America. Owning a few bars in Las Venturas, Isaac has sold all properties and invested all his capital into making PlaybackFM grow. Shows TBA TBA
  6. > W E L C O M E < What Is Temple? An ambitious project that has been carefully crafted from scratch. We are a dance/nightclub converted from a warehouse, aiming to bring the underground sounds of electronic music to Los Santos. Temple is a place of solitude where you can come in from a rough week at work and just... Be yourself. Expressing uniqueness through the art of music, Temple welcomes you all to share this Radical Audio Visual Experience! * We offer event space rental for your events. Contact us for more information! C O N T A C T & I N F O R M A T I O N Visit Our Office | Book Your Event | Contact Us
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