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  1. DECKER-SIDE 23 The Wah Ching or Dub C are an infamous gang comprise with mostly, and but not exclusive, Chinese-Americans with sets all over San Andreas. This gang formed in San Fierro in the 1960s, as a way to make money from the gambling dens, drug sales, illegal fireworks selling and as a way to safe-guard and act as the muscle for the local tongs. The Dubs quickly outgrew these tongs and a conflict ensued - leaving San Fierro strongly in the tong's hands and sending Wah Ching down to San Andreas, where they split into different sets, often called sides, this is around the time they adopted and integrated into the gang culture of the area, adopting hand signs, their fashion, lingo, monikers and gang colors. In the late 90s, due to the gang being hit with a RICO and due to law enforcement pressure, many of the Wah Ching sides broke from the original hierarchy of the gang, leading for the organization to be much more independent from set-to-set. Still, all these sides claimed Dub C's and got along with each other without any trouble. Nowadays, Wah Ching has re-organized itself into doing /mostly/ organized crime, although certain sub-sets still act as other unorganized gangs would. The different sides are still split and each answer to their respective dai lo. In recent history, an Asian gang out of the north side of Koreatown, has decided to align itself under the Wah Ching. The gang, known as Decker-Side 213, had been a clique consisting of Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian youth hailing from Little Seoul, often guided by their dai lo's or big brothers, Bartholomew Chang and Lenny Kwan, but also by elusive figures in the Suey Sing Association such as David Wu, Sophie Wu, Ronald Ho and Kevin Heoi. This clique's history in their section was riddled with violence, mostly aimed towards the other gangs that called Koreatown their home, and with a great deal of crimes, such as home-breakins, car-jacks, drug dealing, arms trafficking and a myriad of robberies, be it aimed towards passerby's in the streets or towards stores and shops. In late 2022, following the arrest of Bartholomew Chang and Lenny Kwan, the gang went into disarray. Members hid low, fled the town or simply retired and gave up on a life of crime. This wave of gangsters laying low, skipping Los Santos or retiring didn't just happen to the clique under Chang and Kwan. Many if not all of the criminal-affiliated figures of the Suey Sing Association - the upper-echelon of this organization, with great connections across the city and even outside of the country - decided it was time to retire from a life-time of crime, opting to live the rest of their lives with the money they had gathered over their life. This left two hatchet-men around to guide the by now fledgling group, Julian Lang and Daniel Ma, as the oldest members left in the gang, and as the two highest in the hierarchy. Without key tong figures to guide them, many of the traditions that were once mandatory were now gone, further molding the group into something of it's own. Through their contacts and respect in the streets, the two got into long negotiations with a prestigious Wah Ching member, leading for them and those who follow them to be blessed into the gang. A new generation of Decker-Side gangsters came to be from the previous one's reign—unleashed from the traditional cultural expectations of their predecessors, a nominal third-in-command was chosen by the Dai Dai Lo and the Dai Lo to form the organization's leadership: Leilani Kwon as a Dà Jiě. Kwon's blessing into the gang came as one of the first decisive approaches to the entire operation. With the three at the head of the gang, what was once an organized crime outfit fell much closer to what a typical Mexican or African-American gang acted like, with elements of organized crime sprinkled across the organization, given the nominal trio's money-making and profit-oriented background. Decker-Side 23 has been establishing its foothold on the West Side of Los Santos under newfound leadership in recent years. Whilst the gang is one of the many facets of a century-long criminal enterprise, the Wah Ching, is considered one of the most prolific West Side street gangs along with Terror Town 13, W/S Longos 13, Crazy Riders 13, etc., and the only significant gang within the vast community of Little Seoul. By virtue, DS23 aligning itself with Wah Ching has seen it carry life-long conflict with various local segments of Asian Boyz, Sons of Samoa, and others. The gang's origins and its untraditional ways make it stand out as one of the most noteworthy subsets of Wah Ching within Southern San Andreas, and their rooted ties within a primarily Hispanic community have led it to adopt various cultural and lifestyle choices. Contrary to popular belief, Decker-Side 23's main motivator continues to be participating in various illicit money-making ventures. Its adoption of the color red within common street gang denominators and regalia (red clothing, rags, tagging of choice) is often misunderstood as pledged allegiance to Bloods or similar sets— in reality, red is symbolic of good fortune, luck, vitality, celebration, and prosperity in Chinese culture. The gang's rapid ascension to power has inhibited law enforcement intrusion within the community. The LSSD OSSB Operation Chinese New Year of 2023 aimed to be a joint intelligence-gathering effort of various local law enforcement entities to gather intelligence on the gang itself and its power structure. Despite the operation's intention, the gang's approach of putting its community first has seen all efforts be mostly unfruitful. The city at large has condemned the LSSD's actions within the community of Little Seoul and numerous litigation efforts were put forth against the Department and its Operation Safe Streets Bureau's corrupt conduct of profiling and police brutality, as well as its baseless and illegal addition of unaffiliated civilians to gang databases. Local authorities recognize Decker-Side 23 by its first, decade-old iteration of the original clique, Decker-Side 213, and name it a hybrid criminal syndicate. Penetrating the gang has traditionally been difficult for area law enforcement agencies because it is a tight-knit community that does not welcome unfamiliar faces. The Dubs have come to learn law enforcement's routine tactics to deter law enforcement and have since sought to re-form and absorb various local cliques to spread its reach. As such, Asians Kausin Mayhem (AKM), Decker VillainS (DVS), and Ginger Street Boys (GSB) comprise Decker-Side 23's presence on the streets. Nowadays, different divisions of labor control various facets of the established criminal enterprise, ranging from arms trafficking, narcotics distribution, international car theft/export rings, and several counterfeit operations. Its presence in the West Side as an organized street gang is one of its many facets, considering the Wah Ching is characterized as “an international criminal cartel” by the United States Department of Justice Criminal Division since 1988. OOC INFORMATION We portray an entirely fictional, but realistic Wah Ching set within the community of Little Seoul. Whilst most Wah Ching gang members are Chinese and Vietnamese, Decker Side recruits both Korean and Cambodian characters. Other Southeast Asian nationalities are open for recruitment on a case-by-case basis. Recruitment is fully done In Character, and we are committed to help prospective members with creating an accurate character if necessary. Aspiring characters shall be working-class youth in their teenage years (no older than 16-17) who reside in or around Little Seoul. We are an invite only faction—contact leadership to become involved. Reach out to princecane., miguh. and liquicity. for anything concept-related.
  2. Events following the life of Peyton "Feisty" Nguyen and her sojourn into criminal activity.
  3. michelle tran healing conscience The following thread follows the story of Michelle Hien Tran, as she come to terms with retiring from crime. I aim to showcase her struggles to adjust to a life in politics while running a nonprofit organization, Heart and Seoul Foundation for the betterment of Little Seoul. "I'd rather be in a room full of people who want to kill me than politicians. At least with criminals, I know what to expect." Huge thank you to the people who helped me shape the character up to this point.
  4. Koreatown (Korean: 코리아타운) is a neighborhood in Los Santos, San Andreas, centered near Palomino Avenue and Vespucci Blvd. Koreans began immigrating to the United States in the 1960s en masse. Many of these migrants opened businesses along Ginger and Decker Street, as well as sections of Palomino and Vespucci Avenue, also bordering the then unincorporated Little Tokyo district. These areas would later become the neighborhood of Little Seoul. Despite the name suggesting it is a traditional ethnic enclave, the community is multicultural and pluralistic. While the neighborhood's culture was historically oriented to the Korean immigrant population, Korean-Americans are creating stronger ties to the Latino community, as they make up the majority of its population - 51%. In recent years, a large influx of other Asian minorities have begun to settle in Little Seoul, creating a smaller northern enclave of Chinese and Hongkongese known as Kowloon Corner. On March 16, 1991, a Korean store owner, Soon Ja Du, shot and killed a 15-year-old Black customer, Latasha Harlins. Du accused Harlins of stealing orange juice, and after watching her put down the jug and turn to leave, shot her in the head. Some historians view Du's posting bail as the breaking point in tensions The 1992 unrest stimulated a new wave of political activism among Korean-Americans, but also split them into two camps. The liberals sought to unite with other minorities in Los Angeles to fight against racial oppression and scapegoating. The conservatives emphasized law and order and generally favored the economic and social policies of the Republican Party. The conservatives also tended to emphasize the political differences between Koreans and other minorities, specifically Blacks and Hispanics. Despite this divide within the Korean American community, the 1992 riots also inspired further efforts to build coalitions. The 1992 Koreatown Peace Rally was a record-setting demonstration with over 30,000 attendees representing intergenerational and interethnic solidarity. The devastation caused by the 1992 L.S. riots especially caused damage to Little Seoul. A week-long riot and constant looting ransacked Koreatown and destroyed much of it - up to 50 million USD worth of damage, primarily affecting Korean business owners. During the riots, roads between Koreatown and the more affluent neighborhood of Rockford Hills, provoking derision from local residents. Many believed they were being abandoned by the LSPD in order to protect the largely white suburban communities past the Del Perro Freeway. In a symbolic display of unity between the Korean and Chinese communities, Chinese locals banded together in volunteer groups - mostly unarmed - in order to fend off looters. The Suey Sing Association also raised funds for rebuilding efforts through lobbying in Hong Kong and stateside. The effects of the riots and looting, which displaced Korean Americans and destroyed their sources of income, combined with little aid having been given to those who suffered, are still being felt today as LA-based Koreans continue to struggle with poverty. Koreatown has largely recovered from the riots in terms of practical damage, however, the economic consequences still persist after over thirty years. While commercialization has been successfully, poverty and crime is rife, and tabloids note that the area is one of the most dangerous places in Los Santos. Families struggle under the poverty line while local disaffected youth turn to crime and anti-social behavior. The local Chinese and Korean criminal groups have, in the past, warred with each other. An influx of deaths in the area in 2022 can be attributed to the local gangs fighting over territory as well as internal conflict. Largely, however, the Koreatown community is largely protective of its own with a general suspicion of outsiders. The youth of Little Seoul have, in recent years, begun to adopt different cultural aesthetics, drawing inspiration from the Hispanic community in the area, along with the African-American community nearby. A disconnect has been noted by those studying the Koreatown area between elders and local youth, with the former growing to have less influence over their progeny over time - local young people tend to eschew traditional culture for mass media. This community attempts to emulate Los Angeles’ Koreatown and will largely feature community-based roleplay. This thread is a place for people of the community to showcase their day-to-day roleplay, or show off their faction specific roleplay should they see fit. There are no race/nationality restrictions in place, as the real life equivalent of Little Seoul is a melting pot of many different races and cultures and the server emulates the same type of community. All are welcome to post here if you so visit, live, or play in the area. You can post here whether you're legal, illegal, a grandma, or a visitor, there is no restrictions aslong as it's to do with Little Seoul. There are no CK auths given when posting in this thread and all characters are safe to come and go as they please. Permission to post on this thread must be given by the community figures of the area. You can join our discord here! https://discord.gg/A84YUN68Jx Any issues, please forum PM @tired! @miguelito @PrinceCane @yox @dynamite @slump Credit to @Jura for the photos! Decker-Side 23: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/84741-decker-side-23-%E8%8F%AF%E9%9D%92/ Koreatown Ties: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/80627-koreatown-ties-%EC%84%9C%EC%9A%B8/ WS Crazy Riders 13: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/73996-ws-crazy-riders-13/ Little Tokyo: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/43745-little-tokyo-%E5%B0%8F%E6%9D%B1%E4%BA%AC/ Ginger Street Boyz: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/84814-ginger-street-boyz
  5. Active participants of the Ginger Street Boys have a strong desire of portraying a realistic, homegrown Vietnamese and Chinese clique out of Little Seoul. The inspiration for this faction was drawn from quite a few Californian based street-gangs and was placed into one little project. This group is meant to be mildly structured and very money oriented. We are open to most character concepts and are willing to guide you in the right direction and support you in whatever route you wish to take for your character, so long as it falls in line with what we are trying to portray. The group is currently affiliated with Decker-Side 23. For any questions or concerns, contact: @Dustin Gao @remainlowkey
  6. This thread showcases the development of a third-generation Korean-American male in his young adulthood striving for a living, while he resides in Little Seoul.
  7. This thread follows the story of Ava Zhang.
  8. This story takes place in Little Seoul, following a kid by the name of Sonny Kim. Sonny Kim was born n raised in the heart of Little Seoul, having resided at a apartment building on Ginger Street. Sonny Kim's mother had passed away when Sonny was only three years old, Sonny till this day has no knowledge of why or what has happend to his mother. Sonny's mother was the strict parent while his father only was strict because of her. As sonny approached the age of sixteen, Sonny's father decided to let up on being strict and let Sonny go out and socialize with the community of Little Seoul so long as he attends school every day and keeps his grades up... THE REST WAS HISTORY..
  9. GINGER STREET WITH VESPUCCI BOULEVARD LITTLE SEOUL Description: Spacious and very bright apartment, with incredible views of the west side of Los Santos (you can see the sea from here) and perfectly located between Vespucci beach and Downtown. It is refurnished and refurbished and as you can see in the pictures (more to be added later) it has the main living area that includes the living room, kitchen and a small personal gym space. The master room is also very spacious and It has a large master bedroom with a huge walk-in closet and The bathroom is big enough for two people without disturbing each other. It includes communitarian Garage in the basement with access from the front door of the building. Ubication: Living Room: Views of the City: Master Bedroom: Bathroom: Community Garage: Starting: $350,000 Buyout: $445,000 Minimum bid: $10,000 OOC information
  10. The art of Zen is a profound practice that transcends traditional notions of artistry. It is an expression of being fully present in the moment, embracing the essence of simplicity, and cultivating a deep awareness of the interconnectedness of all things. In Zen, art is not confined to the creation of physical objects but extends to every aspect of life itself. It is found in the arrangement of a flower, the pouring of tea, the brushstroke on a canvas, or even the act of washing dishes. It is a way of infusing intention, mindfulness, and authenticity into every action, transforming the mundane into a sacred act. The art of Zen is characterized by a sense of harmony, balance, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of imperfection. It invites us to let go of preconceived notions, to release attachments to outcomes, and to surrender to the creative flow that arises naturally from within. Through the art of Zen, we learn to quiet the mind, to embrace silence, and to listen deeply to the whispers of our intuition. It is a practice that encourages us to strip away the layers of complexity, allowing the essence of our true selves to shine forth. In the art of Zen, there is no separation between the artist and the artwork. It is an expression of the interconnectedness of all beings, a reminder that we are merely vessels through which creativity flows. It invites us to surrender to the process, to trust in the unfolding of each moment, and to let go of the ego's desire for control. Ultimately, the art of Zen is a celebration of the present moment, a recognition of the inherent beauty and perfection that exists in every breath, every gesture, and every brushstroke of life. It invites us to cultivate a deep sense of appreciation, gratitude, and reverence for the interconnected tapestry of existence, as we dance harmoniously with the rhythm of the universe.
  11. Taking offers, no specific price listed; I'll sell to the first price that satisfies me; starting doesn't mean it'll be only sold at that price. If something close to it i.e 130-140 is offered I may also accept. This is a guideline for those who wish to put down a offer. Starting Price: $145,000 INTERIOR ((OOC))
  12. Kelvin Deng is a youth in Little-Seoul. This thread follows the development of a young, impressionable youth and his hustle for money and respect.
  13. Click here to view the property exterior & interior Starting bid: 450,000 Buy out: 700,000 increments of 10,000 when bidding ((OOC INFORMATION))
  14. This thread will follow the development of Daniel 'Toker' Ma, an active Dai Lo of the Decker-Side 23 gang.
  15. PREHISTORIC ERA (1970-2000) Palomino Avenue was once known to be a primarily Filipino-American dominated area, Satanas was a clique from Temple Street since the 1920s that went off solo in the 1970s. In 1972, a car club group started in the Los Santos area by some Filipino Americans who had formed a cultural bond where they were a minority. At first the club was exclusively for Filipinos. Other Filipinos came to socialize with this club. Satanas (STS or Ese Te Ese) is a predominantly Filipino American street gang with a minority of Hispanic, Korean American and even Caucasian members. The street gang started in the 70's as a Filipino click of the Temple Street 13 (TST) in Los Santos, San Andreas. The first ever Satanas set (broken off TST) to hit the streets of Los Santos was Menaces STS (MSTS/STSM). Many of the original STS members from East Beach had family ties in TST which led to Satanas often kicking back with Temple St members from both West and East side of town. Some TST flipped over to STS after they became a gang (most often youngens). The gang gained alot in numbers through the 80's during the wars with with Pinoy Real (PRG) Bahala Na Gang (East Beach BNG) and Crazys (CYS). In the late 90's, the gang's numbers started to drop heavly due to members being deported/jailed. This led to alot of the youngens and even riders dropping the Saints flag and moving on in life - as nobody wanted to be deported. In the early 2000s, Satanas experienced a dip in numbers, only the downest homeboys were still on the streets representing but they weren't banging as hard as back in the 80's. Satanas set all over Los Santos lost a lot of territory, they often got picked on by deeper and more active gangs without retaliating which led to a mass loss of the gang's reputation on the streets. Many small time Satanas sets all over Los Santos went inactive or dropped the Saints flag during this period. CIVIL WAR (2000-2014) The late 21st century was known to be the golden era of the Satanas , the small time sets scattered around Los Santos and well-known Satanas OG member, Ray Kanto, decided to gather all the small sets to create a very large gang which would be centralized around the areas of Koreatown and Mirror Park. There were two sets active, the E/S Krazy Mirror Park Satanas and the W/S Palomino Satanas Gang which was under the control of Ray Kanto, on the 9th of August, 2014, Ray Kanto and his homies were hanging around the areas of Mirror Park when a Black Chevy Impala drove up to them and shot Ray and his crew, which weakened the Satanas leadership, this resulted in the civil war between the E/S Krazy Mirror Park Satanas and the W/S Palomino Satanas. A lot of the senior members and original founders of the Satanas sets are either locked up or have been killed. The war between both Satanas sets was bloody, cousins up against cousins and brothers against brothers, the W/S Palomino Satanas Gang however went up on top during the war and the Krazy Mirror Park Satanas capitulated as a result of civil war and an unstable leadership, Palomino Satanas OG's Edgar Guzman, Roy Mercado, Louis Sok and Marlon Mercado set to rebuild the entire set from the ground up due to them losing much of their manpower and their resources during this time in history. MODERN SATANAS (2015-PRESENT) On the 8th of May, 2018, Satanas OGs Edgar Guzman, Roy Mercado, Louis Sok and Marlon Mercado were indicted on drug distribution charges, as of year 2020, the gang is no less than a small crew and it's members are composed of a mix of experienced gang members and young adolescents. Satanas members like to flaunt their set by wearing Saints related clothing and wearing the sports team called the Seattle Mariners' gear and wear. Francisco "Kapitan Pancho" Bartolome, a long time member of the set took the reigns when most of the leadership within the W/S Palomino Satanas Gang were arrested, Marlon "Looney" Mercado's charges were dropped and the duo reunited and set to rebuild what was once lost. Most tags and graffitis done by the set are seen around the areas of Palomino Avenue and Little Seoul. NOTABLE EVENTS (2021-2022) The Little Seoul Incident came to be when drug dealers under the set were dealing around the Little Seoul LTD, the locals who were living in Koreatown did not want the gang set operating in said territory and as a result, brawls occured between the Satanas Gang set and the Little Seoul Tigers, it escelated when a local named Isiah "Grim" Umali, took out a firearm and pointed it towards the locals, as a result he was shot and killed. It is said to believe that, Shotcaller Marlon "Looney" Mercado opted for peace between the communities of Palomino Avenue and Little Seoul, an alliance and a ceasefire was called after the incident and the drug dealers were ordered to move to a different spot to create their own market. One of the notable crimes, Louis Gamez was sleeping inside his house down in Mirror Park when gang set member Mateo Ibarra followed him all the way to his house and waited until he was inside. Ibarra then went inside and shot Gamez three times in the head. Palomino Set member Iker "Trouble" Barajas, who is yet to be identified was behind the killing of Gregory Contreras, long time Gang Detective in the Los Santos Sheriff's Department. It is believed that Trouble attempted to rob three off-duty cops and they returned fire in self-defense, resulting in the death of Contreras. Another notable event would be the death of Marlon "Looney" Mercado, who was shot and killed by an unknown assailant in the streets of Palomino Avenue. He was shot five times in the head. On September 12, 2021, a LSPD SWAT-team responded to gunshots being fired at the Little Seoul LTD. Upon arrival, the SWAT-team opened fire at Satanasero affiliates who were involved in a shootout. The SWAT-team was ambushed from behind however, by Jacob Gamboa, Francisco Bartolome, and Vincente Saez. They successfully killed 3 LSPD SWAT officers, before attempting to escape in a vehicle. They were later caught and arrested. The San Andreas District Attorney's Office demanded life imprisonment without parole for all three Satanasero members, on account of three times capital murder. With the help of an exceptional lawyer, Omar Ortiz, Gamboa and Bartolome managed to prove themselves ''innocent'' at court, while all blame was thrown at Vincente Saez, who in turn got locked up for life. After the SWAT incident, the W/S Palomino Satanas Gang decided to lay low due the heat of law enforcement. Not long after, nearly all gang activities ceased when prominent members of Satanas Gang moved out of Los Santos. A year followed with no sign of the Satanas to be found, until a sudden resurgence took place during the month of December in 2022. The Satanasero resurfaced in their home turf of Palomino Avenue, and their gang activities continued once more. The group carried on with a more careful approach this time around however, avoiding large shootouts with law enforcement as was done during the 2021 incidents. The new Satanasero also rebranded themselves as just the W/S Satanas Gang to officially split off from the older and extinct Palomino Gang and to avoid affiliation and previous heat. (Credits to @Sqreix, @.Oni, and @vaininsanity for the thread and history)
  16. LSSD: Operation Safe Streets and Operation Long Reach - Necessary Measures Or Targeting Minorities? Written by Gabriel Stone - 4th March 2023 Operation Safe Streets Above: Photos that surfaced on Facebrowser following Operation Safe Streets' actions. Credit to Jenny Z Tattoos on Facebrowser. On the evening of the 25th of February, Operation Safe Streets Bureau moved into the area of Little Seoul. Reportedly this initiative was led by Sgt. Sarah Bubsy. Pictures began to emerge across facebrowser, photos of detainments being carried out by the LSSD in the area. Residents claim that anyone asian on the streets in the area were targeted for allegedly unusual reasons such as "Walking too slow" or "Holding a beer", some were reportedly pressured and/or detained for filming the proceedings. Residents also claim they had their photos taken up against walls and searched. Intertwined with these reports are claims of racist language being used by the LSSD during searches such as "Ch**ky" and "Jackie Chan" towards youths and adults alike. Residents reached out to Los Santos Insider to investigate and since the 26th of February we've been on the ground in Little Seoul to investigate the claims personally and to delve into the facts surrounding the actions of the LSSD. Unfortunately we've been unable to get a response from the LSSD or the District Attorney Harper Meyer regarding Operation Safe Streets, though the DAO did inform us that their own investigations were still ongoing and that they could not speak to us until that had concluded. I was able to interview some of the community in Little Seoul the day following the incident for some insight as to what happened. "They had f*****g kids n' elders up against the wall, like they're some sort of fuckin terrorists, y'know? One of the deputies, yeuh? He was callin' this li'l kid, his name is Duggy, they were callin' him 'ch***y' n 'Jackie Chan' n racist s**t like that. How f****d up do you gotta be, yeuh? As a grown ass man to be harassin' a lil kid like that?" When asked if he had captured these events on video, he responded "Oh, yeuh, one lady that was recordin' all these ILLEGAL pat-downs? She got ARRESTED, too. A woman in her fifties! N' they had her on a headlock, like she's the f*****g unabomber!" I asked who this woman was and another male responded "Sophie Wu, she leads the local Suey Sing. Sweetest lady you'll ever f*****g meet." he also added "They detained me for walking slow, too. Whut kinda law is that?" I asked on what grounds Mrs. Wu was arrested and one man said "They said she was disturbin' a crime scene, y'know what the crime scene was? A guy drinkin a f*****g beer!" Another young male interjected regarding another incident that had occurred days before in the community "I got a picture of a bunch of cops who used a tazer on this kid a few days back, just over there. He was just riding a BMX, didn't have anything on him." Another added "Yo, that was straight up racial profiling n s**t, mane. S**t was crazy." A lady present brought up the recently opened community center "It's seriously f****d up. Like, we're trying to make things better and s**t with the community centre and then all this?" The talk of the community center sparked new conversation "They don't like how we're all together as one, as a community" one man said, while another added "I think they see that the community's organized, y'know? We're not fighting each other, we're doing business, we're helpin' each other out, we're showin' love, y'know?" "One of the deputies even told me this is about ASIANS around K Town." Said one individual, while another added "This what the big man sees as a threat, y'know? How dare we, as Asians, get together wit Latinos?" and yet another man said "N' they fear what we can do together — you don't see them publicly humiliating people like this in Vespucci or Vinewood, Hawick - any of those rich areas." During the following days I spent time on the streets of Little Seoul observing the interactions between the LSSD and the community. On the 27th of February I came across a shirtless man being detained with his friends nearby frustrated and trying to reason with deputies. I approached after the LSSD dispersed to ask what had happened "They just jumped out, this man here he gets quite afraid of large crowds, he ran from LTD to here, they tazed him, stripped off his shirt and took pictures without any sorta consent.'' This adds to multiple reports of local individuals being photographed for defining marks and tattoos after being detained. The angry individual went back to his friend group and did end up fighting briefly with another before being pulled apart and calmed down by friends. Interview With Sophie Wu Above: Video captured on a phone of the arrest. I set off to find Sophie Wu, a figure that the community was clearly fond of that had been arrested during Operation Safe Streets. After locating Mrs. Wu I was able to interview her regarding the events of the 25th of February. Mrs. Wu: Mm, it was terrible. I was thrown into jail! Me! A fifty-year-old housewife. Stone: Oh so you were actually arrested? Not just detained? How long did they put you away for? Mrs. Wu: I was, they charged me with obstruction and disturbing the peace. I was in jail for a day or so. Sent me straight to the big slammer too. Stone: So in your own words... what happened that night that resulted in your arrest? Mrs. Wu: OK, OK. This'll be a lot so take notes... Mrs. Wu: It was like any other day in Little Seoul y'know? We had plans to have a community gathering of sorts. I saw cop cars stopping and watching as I set up. So I thought something was off n’ went to go investigate. I turn the corner n’ see maybe seven cars? Crowds of sheriffs. N’ next minute all my nephews are lined up along the wall, they weren't doing anything but talking. These cops started giving petty excuses to search them y'know? "Oh, you looked at me funny? Detained." So I flip out my phone to record it n then a few cops turned on me. I was taking photos of their cars n' they accused me of jaywalking. Took my photo too and my ID. They moved me to where I couldn't record them, far away. Anyway So after that happened n’ everyone calmed down, the cops had left n' everyone was enjoying the party. I see another nephew walking back to the party n' next minute? He's swarmed, five cars. All he had was a beer in his hand n’ the cops jumped out, accusing him of committing some terrible crime. I pulled out my phone again to record n' they again turn on me, telling me to move. This time I stood my ground, it was my right to record such corruption. So they start getting a little aggressive, trying to move me. I say no n’ then suddenly I'm in cuffs for 'obstructing a crime scene'' They say. I asked what crime scene? N’ no answer. Anyway they lead me to a car n’ search me. I had a little knife on me because what woman doesn't? This city is dangerous. They tried to make out I was some sort of danger. Then I'm hauled off to the station, my photo is taken n' I'm sent straight to jail— My charges have been dismissed. So essentially? They falsely imprisoned me. Stone: I see...were you allowed to keep your footage and photos? Mrs. Wu: I shouted to the kids to start recording just in case. Their footage was sent to my lawyers. Mrs. Wu: The people around here have been victimized by the LSSD. They've been portrayed as dangerous people, harassed. Women, teenagers, men of all ages. It's racism at this point. They say they're gang members for simply being proud of the area they live. They threw every petty law at them to detain them, it's not right. The real criminals walk around getting away with things. Stone: Would you say this is a problem that has been going on long before the incident the other night? Mrs. Wu: I would, yes. Mrs. Wu: What they're doing is destroying lives. My arrest? My reputation is ruined, my hopes of stepping onto the senate have been destroyed. Mrs. Wu: They've demolished what little locals have. People are scared to go on the street in fear of being harassed by the LSSD. Stone: Would you say this damaging the sense of community? This comes not long after the opening of the new community center. Mrs. Wu: It is. There is no community at the moment because nobody will step outside. People fear being with friends or family. God forbid they have tattoos. It's over for them, their life will be ruined. Stone: I've seen anger, too. Anger that transfers back into the community. I saw one man go from being detained by the LSSD for a search to fighting on the street with a younger man. They were pulled apart by their friends. Would you say this anger transfers back into the community? A domino effect. Mrs. Wu: It does. People are angry, they're on edge. It's causing damage to our community. Stone: Thank you, Sophie... the local community seems very fond of you. Mrs. Wu: No thank you for hearing me out. They're like my family, I'll do what I can to protect them. Even if it means going to jail for recording! Mrs. Wu released a public statement. The area code 213 holds significance to the individuals of Little Seoul and community members have been seen wearing pins and shirts declaring "Stop Asian Hate" at news conferences and community gatherings. The LSSD claimed in court, in the case of Ms. Leilani Kwon, who was arrested at her place of business on the 18th of February, that she had been documented associating with known gang members and has tattoos bearing the numbers 213 associated with the Deckerside 213 gang. It appears this association with Deckerside 213 has carried over to the rest of the community, resulting in photos being taken of individuals and according to Mrs. Wu, the profiling of anyone sporting a tattoo being considered a gang member. A press conference took place recently at the Hall of Justice where members of the community, unhappy with the actions of the LSSD, arrived wearing 'Stop Asian Hate' pins and demanded answers that were not provided at the time. Following the event, I was invited to a community barbecue due to happen on the 3rd of March (the following evening) at 8PM. Operation Long Reach Above: A video reel of the events of the 3rd of March 2023 ((All plates are blurred on cars)) Yesterday on the 3rd of March, LSSD's involvement in the area of Little Seoul escalated with the introduction of a new initiative called Operation Long Reach. I arrived on scene thirty minutes early and observed the community barbecue being set up. Mrs. Wu and her husband Mr. Wu were present, as well as Sen Tsujihara who opened the Asian Community Centre in Little Seoul with an almost identical cookout event on the 9th of February. Attendees were already nervous after recent events but the event continued as normal. Only a small number of individuals were initially in attendance before the official start of the event. At around 7:40PM an LSSD helicopter appeared over the roof of the community center and observed the gathering before disappearing again. An LSSD cruiser parked in a nearby gas station and observed the event for a while. After the event's official start, members of the community and visitors started to filter in, including Republican Senator Rossi who had attended the original opening of the Community Centre on the 9th of February. A cruiser was spotted driving by the community center containing four deputies, it spun about and went back the other way. Shortly after this, the helicopter returned and hovered over the proceedings. A long convoy of armored vehicles, cruisers and LSSD coaches arrived some time after. Snipers were spotted heading up to high points during this time while LSSD's forces assembled for briefing in the parking lot behind the Weazel News HQ in Little Seoul. The LSSD, during their briefing, organized three squads. One would move directly towards the parking lot to hold the line and observe, two would hold off by the store to the north of the lot while three was ordered to head south down Palomino before cutting up north if squad one needed help. The community members in attendance were angry but stood together to prove they were not a threat, returning to their celebrations. Some felt that the LSSD were trying to provoke a violent response by being armed. Many had batons ready and hands on their holsters while at least two snipers and two spotters were seen aiming their guns down at the crowds from early on. The continued peaceful celebration was overlooked by the large wall of deputies, some of which moved up to 'take' the balcony and block it off. Other groups were seen on the overpass pulling over individuals on the highway in large groups. Early on in this operation, media were alerted to 'protests' taking place in the Little Seoul area. Some community members tried to reason with the LSSD or offer them peace offerings of food, others stood with their hands up asking them not to shoot. Nearby deputies were heard speaking after over an hour of the LSSD standing watching the community event. Some discussed wanting Senator Rossi to leave, while another said "In hindsight, Deputies? This was probably some inaccurate intelligence." Another man was caught saying "We should either leave or move up, L-T" Other comments captured before the final approach were as follows "We need that permit..." "They got it." "They have a permit apparently." at this point shots were heard and the LSSD was quick to declare 'Shots!' The shots themselves were somewhere behind the community center, distant. Journalists, including myself, rushed behind the building but found no shooter, no bodies and no blood. However the shots heard were used to move in for the final approach, the megaphone nearby announced "This is Lieutenant Thomas Geisler with the Los Santos Sheriff's Department. We're deeming this a public safety hazard due to the shots fired in the area. It's time to go home for the safety of yourselves and our deputies." and shortly after another announcement "This is Lieutenant Geisler with the Los Santos Sheriff's Department. Please remove yourselves from the balcony and go home" At this point I was surrounded on the bench I had been using to film and yelled at to move. I moved but was recognized by some of the LSSD present. One deputy could be overheard saying that he was happy the community had "bent over" instead of "trying anything too bad", others were seen collecting food and 'Stop Asian Hate' shirts left behind as community members retreated into the building and were dispersed from their event. With the operation over, the LSSD returned to the parking lot of Weazel News HQ to debrief where they were presented with pins to congratulate them on a successful operation. Many presented their chests to receive their pins with pride, while others appeared to be in low spirits, even ashamed. It appeared that, from a distance, opinions of the operation within the LSSD were varied. I was able to speak to Lieutenant Ray Mulligan who was helpful in allowing media to remain active on the scene during the operation. I presented some questions to him immediately following debriefing while LSSD left the scene. He was also able to show me the pins presented to deputies following the operation. Stone: Can I ask a bit about the shiny uh, coins or pins I just saw handed out? Curious. Awards for a successful operation? Mulligan: Oh, these? It's a department tradition, we usually hand these out after every operation. Stone: Quite an impressive coin. Mulligan: It's not an award, like I said, it's a tradition within the department. Well, in every law enforcement agency actually. Stone: I see. Did that conclude operation long reach? Or is it ongoing? Mulligan: That's all for today. Stone: Am I allowed to ask who's heading this? Was it Bubsy? Mulligan: No, myself, Lieutenant Geisler and Sergeant Aleman. Stone: Geisler? hm. Okay... I'm at least familiar with Geisler. And what was the overall intention of today's operation? Mulligan: We received reports of a potential civil unrest, so we mobilized three station platoons to curb violence and protect the local shops and businesses from looters. You know how these things go. But the main objective was to contain, isolate, and hold key locations. Stone: I see... I overheard word of bad intelligence. Do you think the reports were incorrect, having arrived? Mulligan: I wouldn't call it bad, our intelligence is as serious as a heart attack, the protest was overall unlawful. That's all I can say. Stone: And what protest was that? Mulligan: That n' the fact that there were people shooting— Anti-Asian hate protest. Stone: I see. Mulligan: Is that it, Stone? I gotta head back to the station. Stone: Do you have any comments on the actions of a few nights prior in which multiple arrests were made and an elderly woman was arrested? Mulligan: If I recall right, the elderly woman was consorting with known criminals and documented gang members. I don't know much about the operation itself since it was initiated by Operation Safe Streets. Stone: I see. Is long reach a new and separate initiative then? Mulligan: Not really, it's just the name of the operation and department's mobilization in response. Stone: I see. And last of all, was Senator Rossi's presence at the community barbecue a hinderance to the operation? Mulligan: Not at all. Stone: I see...before you depart, anything more to say to the people of Little Seoul regarding these operations? Mulligan: Well, when I say this, I speak for my department as well, we're not anti-Asian or anything of such. Gangs and organized crime groups are deeply rooted within their community, we'll do our best to work hand-in-hand with the local populace to protect and root out the gangs that plague the Little Seoul area. Stone: I see, and you've had meetings with the Little Seoul community, I assume? To work hand-in-hand with- [I was interrupted] Mulligan: I can't speak on that, I lead a tactical bureau, not a community outreach team. Sae Jin: You mentioned charges against one of the event organizers, unrelated to the event itself, a female. I overheard this while you were speaking with them. Is that correct or did I mis-hear? Mulligan: I honestly do not recall, ma'am. Initiatives and operations within the Little Seoul area appear to be ongoing. Anger and alienation within the community seems to only be growing and while the community did comply peacefully with the LSSD's orders on this occasion, anger is building with every operation. Today, on the 4th of of March, the LSSD posted on Facebrowser that they had arrived on scene to "ensure the peace was preserved" and that people were "kept safe for the 'Stop Asian Hate' protest within incorporated Little Seoul" which to some may seem like a drastic reframing of the real events that occurred. Some have spoken up about the events of the previous night on Facebrowser as well. Does the LSSD pose the risk of creating the very monster they claim to be combatting, or are these necessary measures in tackling gang violence? Los Santos Insider will continue to follow developments as they emerge and do its best to present all evidence available. ((I suffered significant texture loss at times during the incident, please ignore any pink hair or default faces)) Website: https://gtaw.link/atomic If you like our articles, now you can support our writers directly via donations. (Donations will not receive any personal favours or bias in articles. They only serve to further support our writers) Gabriel Stone - 010043224
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