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  1. DECKER-SIDE 23 The Wah Ching or Dub C are an infamous gang comprised of mostly, but not exclusive, Chinese-Americans with sets all over San Andreas. This gang was formed in San Fierro in the 1960s, as a way to make money from the gambling dens, drug sales, and illegal fireworks selling, and as a way to safeguard and act as the muscle for the local tongs. The Dubs quickly outgrew these Tongs and a conflict ensued - leaving San Fierro strongly in the Tong's hands and sending Wah Ching down to San Andreas, where they split into different sets, often called sides, this is around the time they adopted and integrated into the gang culture of the area, adopting hand signs, their fashion, lingo, monikers and gang colors. In the late 90s, due to the gang being hit with a RICO and due to law enforcement pressure, many of the Wah Ching sides broke from the original hierarchy of the gang, leading the organization to be much more independent from set to set. Still, all these sides claimed Dub C's and got along with each other without any trouble. Nowadays, Wah Ching has reorganized itself into doing /mostly/ organized crime, although certain sub-sets still act as other unorganized gangs would. The different sides are still split and each answer to their respective dai lo. In recent history, an Asian gang out of the north side of Koreatown has decided to align itself under the Wah Ching. The gang, known as Decker-Side 213, had been a clique consisting of Chinese and Vietnamese youth hailing from Little Seoul, often guided by their dai lo's or big brothers, Bartholomew Chang and Lenny Kwan, but also by elusive figures in the Suey Sing Association such as David Wu, Sophie Wu, Ronald Ho, and Kevin Heoi. This clique's history in their section was riddled with violence, mostly aimed towards the other gangs that called Koreatown their home, and with many crimes, such as home break-ins, car-jacks, drug dealing, arms trafficking, and a myriad of robberies, be it aimed towards passerby's in the streets or towards stores and shops. In late 2022, following the arrest of Bartholomew Chang and Lenny Kwan, the gang went into disarray. Members hid low, fled the town, or simply retired and gave up on a life of crime. This wave of gangsters laying low, skipping Los Santos, or retiring didn't just happen to the clique under Chang and Kwan. Many if not all of the criminal-affiliated figures of the Suey Sing Association - the upper-echelon of this organization, with great connections across the city and even outside of the country - decided it was time to retire from a lifetime of crime, opting to live the rest of their lives with the money they had gathered over their life. This left two hatchet men around to guide the by-now fledgling group, Julian Lang and Daniel Ma, as the oldest members left in the gang, and as the two highest in the hierarchy. Without key tong figures to guide them, many of the once mandatory traditions were now gone, further molding the group into something of its own. Through their contacts and respect in the streets, the two got into long negotiations with a prestigious Wah Ching member, leading them and those who follow them to be blessed into the gang. A new generation of Decker-Side gangsters came to be from the previous one's reign—unleashed from the traditional cultural expectations of their predecessors, a nominal third-in-command was chosen by the Dai Dai Lo and the Dai Lo to form the organization's leadership: Leilani Kwon as a Dà Jiě. Kwon's blessing into the gang came as one of the first decisive approaches to the entire operation. With the three at the head of the gang, what was once an organized crime outfit fell much closer to what a typical Mexican or African-American gang acted like, with elements of organized crime sprinkled across the organization, given the nominal trio's money-making and profit-oriented background. Decker-Side 23 has been establishing its foothold on the West Side of Los Santos under newfound leadership in recent years. Whilst the gang is one of the many facets of a century-long criminal enterprise, the Wah Ching, is considered one of the most prolific West Side street gangs along with Terror Town 13, W/S Longos 13, Crazy Riders 13, etc., and the only significant gang within the vast community of Little Seoul. By virtue, DS23 aligning itself with Wah Ching has seen it carry life-long conflict with various local segments of Asian Boyz, Sons of Samoa, and others. The gang's origins and its untraditional ways make it stand out as one of the most noteworthy subsets of Wah Ching within Southern San Andreas, and their rooted ties within a primarily Hispanic community have led it to adopt various cultural and lifestyle choices. Contrary to popular belief, Decker-Side 23's main motivator continues to be participating in various illicit money-making ventures. Its adoption of the color red within common street gang denominators and regalia (red clothing, rags, tagging of choice) is often misunderstood as pledged allegiance to Bloods or similar sets— in reality, red is symbolic of good fortune, luck, vitality, celebration, and prosperity in Chinese culture. The gang's rapid ascension to power has inhibited law enforcement intrusion within the community. The LSSD OSSB Operation Chinese New Year of 2023 aimed to be a joint intelligence-gathering effort of various local law enforcement entities to gather intelligence on the gang itself and its power structure. Despite the operation's intention, the gang's approach of putting its community first has seen all efforts be mostly unfruitful. The city at large has condemned the LSSD's actions within the community of Little Seoul and numerous litigation efforts were put forth against the Department and its Operation Safe Streets Bureau's corrupt conduct of profiling and police brutality, as well as its baseless and illegal addition of unaffiliated civilians to gang databases. Local authorities recognize Decker-Side 23 by its first, decade-old iteration of the original clique, Decker-Side 213, and name it a hybrid criminal syndicate. Penetrating the gang has traditionally been difficult for area law enforcement agencies because it is a tight-knit community that does not welcome unfamiliar faces. The Dubs have come to learn law enforcement's routine tactics to deter law enforcement and have since sought to re-form and absorb various local cliques to spread its reach. As such, Chinos Chasin Paper (CCP), Villains Ca$hin Out (VCO), and Ginger Street Boys (GSB) comprise Decker-Side 23's presence on the streets. Nowadays, different divisions of labor control various facets of the established criminal enterprise, ranging from arms trafficking, narcotics distribution, international car theft/export rings, and several counterfeit operations. Its presence in the West Side as an organized street gang is one of its many facets, considering the Wah Ching is characterized as “an international criminal cartel” by the United States Department of Justice Criminal Division since 1988. OOC INFORMATION Decker-Side (DS-23) portrays a fictional Wah Ching set within the community of Little Seoul. Recruitment is fully done In Character, and we are committed to helping prospective members with creating an accurate character if necessary. We are an invite-only faction—contact leadership to show interest in becoming involved. Aspiring characters should be working-class youth in their teenage years (no older than 16) who reside in or around Little Seoul of Chinese or Vietnamese descent, though we accept other Southeast Asian ethnicities (Filipino, Cambodian, etc.) on a case-by-case basis. An understanding of West LS gang portrayal & long-term character development is promoted. Expecting to be spoonfed will lead to a short tenure. Reach out to princecane., miguh. and liquicity. for anything concept-related.
  2. V.C.O (Villains Cashn Out, Viets Crushn Opps, etc.), formerly known as C.N.O (Crash N Out) seeks to portray a fledgling tag banging crew of Vietnamese & Chinese descent residing mainly in and around Little Seoul, LS. The crew started off with four locals trying to make a name for themselves following the incarceration and release of Jason 'Felon' Luong. The crew mainly commits acts of petty crimes together with the eventual goal of building reputation to the point of gaining recognition from the local D-Side Wah Ching. For any desires to be involved, joining, or any concerns? Hit up @Cipher
  3. Active participants of the Ginger Street Boys have a strong desire of portraying a realistic, homegrown Vietnamese and Chinese clique out of Little Seoul. The inspiration for this faction was drawn from quite a few Californian based street-gangs and was placed into one little project. This group is meant to be mildly structured and very money oriented. We are open to most character concepts and are willing to guide you in the right direction and support you in whatever route you wish to take for your character, so long as it falls in line with what we are trying to portray. The group is currently affiliated with Decker-Side 23. For any questions or concerns, contact: @Dustin Gao @remainlowkey
  4. Jax


    🏘️ For Sale: Charming Apartment in K-Town! This apartment provides the ideal balance of convenience and style. It has contemporary accents throughout and is light and airy with a pleasant environment that makes for comfortable living. Situated in the center of K-town, this is your chance to get a bit of urban character. Avoid missing out! Make an appointment to see it now! Living room: Bathroom: Bedroom: Access to balcony, the only balcony in the building ✅ OOC information section: Mapping is done in the building, so it's 1 to 1. Windows are placed at the same spot how it is on the exterior. Balcony smart TP In the bedroom there's a nicely mapped in safe, with container placed there, so you can access it. The mapping price and the property value: Video if anyone wants to watch it, and the property is unlocked for anyone to RP viewing it.
  5. This thread showcases the development of a third-generation Korean-American male in his young adulthood striving for a living, while he resides in Little Seoul.
  6. "As long as niggas is feelin it, a nigga like me can hustle it"
  7. Events following the life of Peyton "Feisty" Nguyen and her sojourn into criminal activity.
  8. Today I bring to you a cozy apartment on the southern end of Little Seoul, along the Palomino Avenue. Interior Photos: ((OOC Info:)) "For multi-interior apartments the pricing is as follows: (3 x market price) + furniture price after 2 weeks." Starting Bid: $420,000 Buyout: $527,083 (Or Best Offer) Please understand the buyer reserves the right to accept or deny any offer made; and also reserves the right to remove their property from sale entirely. Make sure that once your offer is made, you have the means/funds to accomplish the stated amount.
  9. In the center of Little Seoul, K-Town Digital is the go to electronics store, offering a wide variety of vital tech products, like high-definition TVs, gaming desktops, precise mouse, dependable laptops, and stylish phone cases. Every digital demand is met by K-Town Digital. It stands out due to its dedication to cost, which makes sure that high-end technology is affordable. K-Town Digital is a virtual shopper's paradise where cutting-edge technology meet affordable shopping because to its convenient location and affordable costs. Visit K-Town Digital today to upgrade your digital lifestyle without breaking the bank! Location:
  10. Koreatown (Korean: 코리아타운) is a neighborhood in Los Santos, San Andreas, centered near Palomino Avenue and Vespucci Blvd. Koreans began immigrating to the United States in the 1960s en masse. Many of these migrants opened businesses along Ginger and Decker Street, as well as sections of Palomino and Vespucci Avenue, also bordering the then unincorporated Little Tokyo district. These areas would later become the neighborhood of Little Seoul. Despite the name suggesting it is a traditional ethnic enclave, the community is multicultural and pluralistic. While the neighborhood's culture was historically oriented to the Korean immigrant population, Korean-Americans are creating stronger ties to the Latino community, as they make up the majority of its population - 51%. In recent years, a large influx of other Asian minorities have begun to settle in Little Seoul, creating a smaller northern enclave of Chinese and Hongkongese known as Kowloon Corner. On March 16, 1991, a Korean store owner, Soon Ja Du, shot and killed a 15-year-old Black customer, Latasha Harlins. Du accused Harlins of stealing orange juice, and after watching her put down the jug and turn to leave, shot her in the head. Some historians view Du's posting bail as the breaking point in tensions The 1992 unrest stimulated a new wave of political activism among Korean-Americans, but also split them into two camps. The liberals sought to unite with other minorities in Los Angeles to fight against racial oppression and scapegoating. The conservatives emphasized law and order and generally favored the economic and social policies of the Republican Party. The conservatives also tended to emphasize the political differences between Koreans and other minorities, specifically Blacks and Hispanics. Despite this divide within the Korean American community, the 1992 riots also inspired further efforts to build coalitions. The 1992 Koreatown Peace Rally was a record-setting demonstration with over 30,000 attendees representing intergenerational and interethnic solidarity. The devastation caused by the 1992 L.S. riots especially caused damage to Little Seoul. A week-long riot and constant looting ransacked Koreatown and destroyed much of it - up to 50 million USD worth of damage, primarily affecting Korean business owners. During the riots, roads between Koreatown and the more affluent neighborhood of Rockford Hills, provoking derision from local residents. Many believed they were being abandoned by the LSPD in order to protect the largely white suburban communities past the Del Perro Freeway. In a symbolic display of unity between the Korean and Chinese communities, Chinese locals banded together in volunteer groups - mostly unarmed - in order to fend off looters. The Suey Sing Association also raised funds for rebuilding efforts through lobbying in Hong Kong and stateside. The effects of the riots and looting, which displaced Korean Americans and destroyed their sources of income, combined with little aid having been given to those who suffered, are still being felt today as LA-based Koreans continue to struggle with poverty. Koreatown has largely recovered from the riots in terms of practical damage, however, the economic consequences still persist after over thirty years. While commercialization has been successfully, poverty and crime is rife, and tabloids note that the area is one of the most dangerous places in Los Santos. Families struggle under the poverty line while local disaffected youth turn to crime and anti-social behavior. The local Chinese and Korean criminal groups have, in the past, warred with each other. An influx of deaths in the area in 2022 can be attributed to the local gangs fighting over territory as well as internal conflict. Largely, however, the Koreatown community is largely protective of its own with a general suspicion of outsiders. The youth of Little Seoul have, in recent years, begun to adopt different cultural aesthetics, drawing inspiration from the Hispanic community in the area, along with the African-American community nearby. A disconnect has been noted by those studying the Koreatown area between elders and local youth, with the former growing to have less influence over their progeny over time - local young people tend to eschew traditional culture for mass media. This community attempts to emulate Los Angeles’ Koreatown and will largely feature community-based roleplay. This thread is a place for people of the community to showcase their day-to-day roleplay, or show off their faction specific roleplay should they see fit. There are no race/nationality restrictions in place, as the real life equivalent of Little Seoul is a melting pot of many different races and cultures and the server emulates the same type of community. All are welcome to post here if you so visit, live, or play in the area. You can post here whether you're legal, illegal, a grandma, or a visitor, there is no restrictions aslong as it's to do with Little Seoul. There are no CK auths given when posting in this thread and all characters are safe to come and go as they please. Permission to post on this thread must be given by the community figures of the area. You can join our discord here! https://discord.gg/A84YUN68Jx Any issues, please forum PM @tired! @miguelito @PrinceCane @yox @dynamite @slump Credit to @Jura for the photos! Decker-Side 23: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/84741-decker-side-23-%E8%8F%AF%E9%9D%92/ Little Tokyo: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/43745-little-tokyo-%E5%B0%8F%E6%9D%B1%E4%BA%AC/
  11. Looking to sell this beautiful fully furnished apartment in Little Seoul, right across the street is the Little Seoul LTD! Price set at 350.000$ or the highest offer, if multiple people are interested. Perfect for a single person, couple or turn the gym room into another bedroom for your roommate! Entry door - Goes right into the kitchen Kitchen - Big enough to actually cook, and with all the equipment you'd need! Living room - Just past the kitchen, big comfy leather couch with a smart TV on the wall, easy to bring whatever for guests from the kitchen! Small hall - the 2 other rooms are here, along with the bathroom at the end, basic equipment like the washing machine and dryer Bedroom - Double bed, a desk with a computer (I'll leave it all here for you :D) along with a little couch for a pet! Home workout room - Can always be turned into the second bedroom or an office! Bathroom - Bath for long, warm or romantic with a view to the outside! Shower also in the corner on the right. (The window has blinds to close) (( OOC informations!! ))
  12. michelle tran healing conscience The following thread follows the story of Michelle Hien Tran, as she come to terms with retiring from crime. I aim to showcase her struggles to adjust to a life in politics while running a nonprofit organization, Heart and Seoul Foundation for the betterment of Little Seoul. "I'd rather be in a room full of people who want to kill me than politicians. At least with criminals, I know what to expect." Huge thank you to the people who helped me shape the character up to this point.
  13. This thread follows the story of Ava Zhang.
  14. This story takes place in Little Seoul, following a kid by the name of Sonny Kim. Sonny Kim was born n raised in the heart of Little Seoul, having resided at a apartment building on Ginger Street. Sonny Kim's mother had passed away when Sonny was only three years old, Sonny till this day has no knowledge of why or what has happend to his mother. Sonny's mother was the strict parent while his father only was strict because of her. As sonny approached the age of sixteen, Sonny's father decided to let up on being strict and let Sonny go out and socialize with the community of Little Seoul so long as he attends school every day and keeps his grades up... THE REST WAS HISTORY..
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