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Found 21 results

  1. 도약과 그물이 나타납니다 This thread will document the development and lifestyle of Lucas Hyeonu
  2. MARA SALVATRUCHA MARA SALVATRUCHA HISTORY Mara Salvatrucha, known throughout Los Santos as the West Side (W/S) Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS-13) is a predominantly Central American street gang formed in Los Santos, San Andreas during the late 1970's. The criminal gang was formed in the now-gentrified Little Seoul neighbourhood of Westside Los Santos. Criminal groups of Central American refugees were first documented by the Los Santos police in 1982. The criminal gang grew from the undocumented Central American population throughout the 1980s, and by 1988, had became an established gang in t
  3. "Life goes on, it doesn't ever wait. So keep up with the business and don't be late Open your eyes, this aint no fuckin game. Cause at some point? Everybody goes away.." Overview: Josue Zelaya Josue Zelaya was born in Santa Ana, El Salvador on August 26, 1983 as the middle child of Eduardo and Maria Zelaya's four children. The Zelaya family were working class and inhabited the poorest neighborhoods of Santa Ana. The Zelayas grew up and lived during the especially violent years of the Salvadoran Civil War, during which Santa Ana was directly impacted. M
  4. Seoul Boyz 213 청소년 (SBZ) are a predominantley East-Asian set operating in Little Seoul, Palomino Ave. The group initially began as a congregation of teenage residents from Little Seoul, banding together to protect themselves from the opposing Hispanic and African-American street gangs in the surrounding areas. But they eventually grew into a loosely organized gang that contributed to a large amount of the rising crime rate in the Little Seoul area, calling themselves the "Seoul Boyz" in reference to the area of Little Seoul in which they reside. They can be identified by the area code "213"
  5. SOLD. Yogarishima Gym. Located in Little Seoul, on the corner of Calais Ave and Vespucci Blvd. Exterior. Interior. Top floor. Changing room. Shower room. Bottom floor. (( OOC info )) (( )) (( It has the custom item script )) Starting bid is: 350k Minimal bid increase: 10k Buyout: 500k SOLD
  6. Interior: https://imgur.com/a/wzVu6n5 Starting: $100,000 Buyout: $120,000 Base Value: $120,000
  7. Selling a cozy apartment in a complex. Located in Little Seoul (ooc info) Starting bid: 135k Buy out: 300k
  8. A nice luxury and comfortable apartment in Little Seoul. The asking price is: $215,000. Higher offers will be taken. (()) Pictures of the property below:
  9. Her family lived in poverty in the urban and rural regions of Honduras and still do, carrying on centuries of a simple lives as farmers and impoverished manual laborers within slums. In the United States, her family remains impoverished as they live in urban slums of major cities in Southern San Andreas, Southern Texas and Southern Florida. Those who are not living within the urban slums of major cities live in small farming towns with a high density of Latino immigrants and Latino Americans. Plenty of people within her family suffer from mental illness, hard drug addiction and alcoholism, whi
  10. The video shows what the property looks like from the inside and outside and what it contains. The property is located in Little Seoul. Market Price: $120.000. Furniture worth: $140.000. Starting bid: $350.000. Buyout price: $450.000. Bidding ends: 05-13-2020 Please place your offers down below if interested.
  11. The thread will follow Derrick Munguia a/k/a Largo, a W/S Mara Salvatrucha gang member, and an active gang banger.
  12. This topic is following the development of Kevin Ayestas, a kid in Little Seoul.
  13. Totally Wireless Internet Cafe Contact through email or - Property is located in Little Seoul. ((Property comes with /bmanager, /createitem)) Price - $140'000 (negotiable) Pictures (Pictures were taken during rainy weather hence the wet surfaces)
  14. Michael Son Michael Son (born Son Min-chul; January 26, 2002) is an 18-year-old Korean-American orphaned teenager. He was aged-out of the American foster care system, resulting in his descent into poverty and consequent homelessness. Michael Son was left in the care of a foster home at the age of six after his mother was deported to South Korea following a case of migrant smuggling. Michael does not have any family, or any that he knows of at this point in time, living in Los Santos. He is commonly seen around the Little Seoul and Vespucci areas looking to make a living.
  15. Current Jackpot: $100,000 Brought to you by All About Lottery 888 Each ticket costs $200 and includes the player's choice of one (1) number from 1 to 888. Half of each ticket's costs go towards the Jackpot, beginning at $40,000. The Jackpot is drawn every four days. In the event of no selected numbers being drawn, the Jackpot carries onto the next drawing. In the event of multiple winners with the same number, the Jackpot is split evenly between the winners. Lottery 8
  16. nateX

    Johnny Lau

    Johnny Lau is a young 25-year-old Asian male, born and raised in Los Santos. His ancestors moved to Los Santos from Hong Kong, China in the late 1940's after the relations between USA and China started to improve as a result of their alliance during WW2. They successfully located themselves in the outskirts of Little Seoul where the next couple of generations of the Lau family kept on living in. Since an early age, Johnny's passion for music has been showing itself in his everyday life, everything from sitting in his room and writing rap lyrics to relaxing with his friends la
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