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  1. For all I know, many scenarios in which the game mechanic is (ab)used already fall under the powergaming rule; Such as ripping 2 taps mid-driving or generally shooting from a vehicle without any emote due to the absence of actual drive-by animations like those in GTA San Andreas and lacking sync of RAGE MP.
  2. Username: 21B Comment: Career politician seems to be an aspiring path to go for these days. Make as much lobby cash as you can and then lean back watching the world burn whilst receiving retirement pay paid by the taxpayer after your term is over.
  3. Devs work voluntarily / unpaid on a basis in which they pick up the projects and ideas they like to work on rather than a set agenda. Closing suggestions and new ideas for the sake of bug fixes will not change a thing if none of the devs are willing to pick up on fixing those bugs to begin with.
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