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  1. @Fenris @Giga @george? Your work on search warrants made PD very happy, thanks for stepping up to the call, and keep being the amazing admins you all are.
  2. Genuinely same. Wouldn't even know where to begin some days and weeks without @Wuhtah. Treasure to this team, and my own sanity. Make sure to take breaks guys and as encapsulating and important as this can feel, this is all a game and a hobby and is here for our entertainment. Enjoy it while you can but focus on real life too. And it can be hard to take that break for sure like others have said, but just don't isolate yourself and make it feel like you have to go through this all alone. You don't! A problem shared is a problem halved and we all have friends here who we talk to regularly, it's important to talk!
  3. Thank you for everything, man.
  4. Adv

    Player Reports Section

    Hey, i'll give a quick timeline of events July: **Player combat logs** July: **Player gets reported** July: **Player gets permbanned for another report** September: **Player gets unbanned on a final warning** September: **Report gets answered (admin handling wasnt able to handle, so I handled), they'd been unbanned and i spoke to the player and added it to their record, but theyve already promised to be on their best behaviour. I'm not going to ban them for something that was committed after the second chance has been given - on this occasion. That's not a precedent i'll set for future final warnings - if it was something that was done AFTER the unban they'd be banned already. I should have clarified that more!
  5. Thanks for everything, Pillsbury. Congrats everyone!
  6. I'm a Development Manager, recently started building a team and software for a property management company!
  7. Congrats to those promoted, and welcome to the team new supports 🙂
  8. Adv

    Adios :)

    Enjoyed chatting with you too, man. Take care, and my DMs are always open for a chat.
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