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  1. I think it comes with time and experience, in all honesty. You find ways to keep yourself busy, and immersed as you continue to roleplay - especially in lengthy discussions, I personally find that I like to throw an emote here or there, and i'd rather visualise my response through actions rather than just responding in text - Depending on the situation. RP can be fairly fast-flowing, so its finding the right medium between both and having an interaction in the conversation or actions that are going on at the time. My characters are very different people, and part of my
  2. Greetings Friends, Wow, it has been the most eventful week in our church calendar to date! This week both Pastor Scott and I have met with various members of the community, engaging in social events, and recognising the presence of God in this place. God is MOVING the people of Los Santos, and we stand with him, knowing that he will bless us as we step forward in faith. It is my pleasure that we can announce, as of Sunday, that the Paleto Bay Church will be reopen, continuing our weekly sessions of worship and praise. We invite each and every one of you alon
  3. First started RPing on a Garry's Mod Community called BB Roleplay. It was a gamemode called RP08 which.. tells you how many years ago that was! I was recommended by some real-life friends who bought me Garry's Mod and the Orange Box as a birthday present. I soon got hooked to RP, spending a lot of time on Garry's Mod and getting into Serious HL2RP/Terminator RP before a couple of friends introduced me to a low-level SAMP Server, filled with their friends. I got a taste for that style of RP there, and upon returning from an 8 year hiatus back in September, thought i'd come check out
  4. Although not an Aussie, Home & Away is ridiculously popular over here in the UK too ( as well as Neighbours ) I grew up watching this while we ate dinner, as it was my Mum's favourite. I'd recognise Alf's face anywhere!
  5. "The Blaine County Christian Community, Pastor's Greg and Scott both look forward to continuing to enable the mission of the Catholic Community here in Los Santos, and stand behind them in their work in faith in this place. Thank you for our chat so far, we really look forward to working with you and the local government to help this project ring true across the city!" -- Pastor Greg
  6. Adv


    Slightly obsessed 🙂 Pretty good game, great feedback from everyone i've played it with so far. Nothing quite like fighting the bosses, coming back and setting up camp. We have like a 10 person village going now, its great fun!
  7. Pastor Greg's first visit to the Twin Tower's Correctional Facilty. That all who believe in HIM, Shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16.
  8. Grounded in faith, Uplifted in Worship, Reaching out in Love. About Us Welcome to the page of the Blaine County Christian Community. This community was founded by a group of Christian's passionate for the progression of Christ's Kingdom throughout San Andreas. Our aim is to spread God's love, his teachings through the Bible, and his redemption served to us through Jesus Christ. Amen. Location Paleto Bay We are based from St Bridgid's Baptist Church in Paleto Bay. The Church doors are always open, a
  9. We face the same issue as a trucking firm. We can't fit the big rigs through a car wash. This weekend we already have a planned car wash event for our staff (bit of Passive RP to keep things going) but it would be really good if there was a way we could show our results afterwards!
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