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  1. With the recently published NieR Replicant (ver.1.22474487139) remake, I believe the series definitely deserves a spot on here to discuss about. Personally, I came across Yoko Taro's works through NieR Automata back in 2017 by accident seeing as the game was trending on Steam and seemed interesting to give it a shot. I got the game with basically zero expectations, nor any research on what the game is actually about back then. And I can definitely say that I did not regret that decision (other than the shit PC port...patch soonTM). The game is an absolute masterpiece, a rollercoaster of e
  2. 05/MAY/2021 - What was that about?
  3. Mission maybe possible
  4. Mod menu or botting. Not going to make GTAO a virtual job with the grind, nor feed take2 shark cards.
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