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  1. Stop with the toxicity on the thread. This goes to both sides. It is extremely immature. Continued toxicity will lead to harsh punishments.
  2. love seeing charleston revived, only had good IC interactions with yall, keep it up boys 💯
  3. Stop with the toxic and unwanted comments. If you have an issue with the faction, speak to a member of IFM. Warnings will be issued if this continues.
  4. My character is a cop and I have had many interactions with the homeless, who I believe were all from the Mission Row area. I enjoy the unique type of roleplay and I enjoy interacting with them. However, since it’s something that not many people do, it’s something more and more people want to explore. People don’t end up portraying a homeless character properly and it ends up becoming unintentionally or intentionally trollish. I don’t got much to say, people have already said everything I would already say.
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