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  1. This is my personal opinion, and I don't speak for anybody else in-regards to the current faction system that's being used here on LS. Unofficial factions shouldn't be walled behind an application process, this should be open for all illegal role-players regardless of their admin records (outside of IFM mandated bans) or past run-ins on the server. I'm a firm believer that people can change, and I've seen some great factions built in the past from people who've had some shitty administrative records. Official factions are the only portion of the creating a faction guideline that should be walled behind an application. At the end of the day, this is a video game and people are here to enjoy the niche environment which is high quality text roleplay. TLDR: Remove the red tape for creating unofficial factions.
  2. Name: dcdadon Comment: ey panda what u smokin on? u must be high as a kite, this DA sucks.
  3. Name: dcdadon Comment: Ay if the feds are reading this u need to investigate icy doll I heard she was involved wit this.
  4. Big +1 on this. This will do nothing but generate quality roleplay for a large portion of the community.
  5. Ey foo, Andre Diamonds & Jordan Chambers.
  6. Mental health is a delicate and serious subject however I wouldn't consider someone making the decision to CK their character by self-inflicting pain on to themselves as disgusting roleplay. Sure, nobody wants to see that shit done in a public setting. Members of this community have the right to roleplay their character as they want. If you're going about this way of killing your character, just do that shit in private. Nobody wants to see screenshots or posts of you self-inflicting pain on to your character.
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