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  2. I've pushed this for a discussion 🙂
  3. Hi, I have read through this topic and understood your concerns and feedback, I'll provide you an insight to how we as moderators conduct ourselves, handle situations, what we look for and so on. When it comes to deleting photos on Facebrowser we tend to follow the guidelines that are outlined in the Facebrowser Rules, whilst I understand they are vague, I do also believe strongly that it should make sense. Photos that generally get deleted (generally) are anything including genital photos, that includes it being slipped into a photo "without us noticing" or topless photos, outright nudes, IRL spam bots, IRL photos (profile related), OOC bashing, OOC mixing, gore (including the usage of blood in the wrong way, anything you'd find on like... liveleak/gore websites etc), and lewd images; varying from sex related videos/memes. You'll ask why? Why are we being restrictive on an IC website for a game? Well, whilst I understand that, I also have to respect the server rules being under rule 9 and 19, I personally try to look at it objectively rather than subjectively, however, in some cases we have to be subjective to the matter. We have to in a way moderate what underage people are being exposed to and that in itself is incredibly hard. We get spammed by many players regularly averaging about 25 reports a day on the website and unfortunately due to the website's structure we're unable to find out WHY the report was submitted - thus, we have to look for ourselves. Sometimes the photos can be extremely obvious, as I mentioned, Spam bots, Phishing accounts, OOC Bashing/Mixing or outright nudes. That and we get reports on accounts and without it being extremely obvious we are left to our own devices. (Which is why QD is quite handy as you can include why you're reporting). Discretion is used, I won't lie it is, but I will say that I'll notify the team and explain what I've gathered from this thread and hopefully you guys don't feel so restricted using the website. As aforementioned, I am revising the rules, so hopefully they will be more explained so that guidance can be followed. Lastly, whilst I appreciate sometimes random ass photos can be deleted it usually is what it's containing, what the meme entails for example, if it's a shadow of someone engaging in sex or other activties, patiences is the key. Allow me the time to impose these new ideas and rules and hopefully you'll see a change in the coming weeks. I say weeks because it gives players times to be open with what they want to post. Touching on the idea of it being an IC business with IC jobs, unfortunately, that has been denied several times by Management, I did push for it as it could have been great, however, it will remain for the time being an OOC responsibility. With that being said, I will quickly touch on posts; When you're going to post about FB Mod team you're directly addressing the admins handling it OOC as it's not an IC business. I appreciate the topic and I hear you all, thank you for the feedback and we'll work towards making it better for you all.
  4. Will revise them with the team and let you know.
  5. is it the mark from k;dm?

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