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  1. people piss you off some you say you love those you call a friend walking through a crowd then you look around see there's no one left we live and then we die as one
  2. and gin made of tears the bitter pill i swallow the scars souvenir that tattoo, your last bruise this Impossible Year
  3. keeps getting worse i stg I'm all ice inside baby Let's fix that addiction You're sick I've got the remedy So save the speech Leave all your sorrow at the door The dead don't need it anymore I told you
  4. Was pure fun, good luck with your future characters!
  5. i wish i could happy for all the things that i have always took them for granted and it makes me sad i wish i could be better and i wish i gave it my all but we don’t always get what we want these times are rough let me go to a better place and some better souls just let me go drowning in my tears, where's my ship to float
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