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  1. Rest easy brother 🙏🏽🤍

  2. PM has locked this temporarily.
  3. Private bids are not allowed. All bids must remain public.
  4. it’ll remain an OOC role due to no players being able to join the role because of the information exposed to admins. it’ll remain an OOC role, however, since everyone’s voiced their opinions things will change. I’ll post changes later this week.
  5. I can bring it up again… lord, I can only imagine how much hate these characters would receive…. 🥲
  6. Sure. I can review what’s been deleted and point out to other mods what’s acceptable should that fix the error. From looking at our deleted channel none of which applies just yet — if you look over my message again you’ll see players victimising themselves by deleting their own post to dig at members.
  7. Because we had a 5 page topic of everyone wanting to keep guns so, we listened, we let people post pictures of their guns… Moderators are put in such negative light when in reality we only delete what we feel is necessary and some players have gone as far as posting a photo themselves, deleting their own photo and feeling a need to insult the mods for… simply doing nothing. I always thought of having FB mods as an IC business but it wasn’t approved on several occasions and I stopped trying. I’m content, so are Management, with this being an OOC rule. Sexual content should I need to clarify falls under modding genitals onto your character and posting it, the need to try void the rules and slip it in at any means, posting IRL memes involving male and female genitals, posting gore also, I’ve only seen a handful of gore photos deleted. Mind you rule 19 covers more than just the odd genital photo, it varies to as I mentioned memes involving ejaculation, self-pleasure and trying to be mindful of the minors playing on this server and utilising this site.
  8. first Bjork was here first too? honey. was first also groz too Frezemis too. Nightmare Night was also here Adv tries to be cool too Loma with the clutch hipsxn based LilManiac never left cheeezy hi 👋
  9. Donated. Wishing you all the absolute best.
  10. I've pushed this for a discussion 🙂
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