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  1. The same reason GTA doesn't use real brand names.
  2. All jokes aside, I'm confident you know what I mean.
  3. To be honest, there's literally anything anywhere if you look for it hard enough. Not that I think that these discussions are very productive, they more often than not just devolve into different parties trying to convince each other how much they know about a subject. And why they should have a deciding voice as an authority figure in whether someone can or can't do something.
  4. That’s what I was saying. You’ll always find outliers, and while there are plenty of people they aren’t the standard. That’s the thing though, you can keep presenting instances of young business owners and use that as an argument as to why you should be allowed to do so as well. And in this game everyone is unique and part of the very few who would have a business like that.
  5. In terms of new businesses I’m of the opinion that less restriction is far more preferable. As for the issue relating to the age of ones character, why make it so complicated? I don’t think added bureaucracy would help, and in fact believe it will have significant unexpected consequences. Consequences that could ultimately hurt a lot of people. It’s also an incredibly subjective issue. Because there are plenty of people who run and own businesses in their twenties. What it really comes down to is what a person is portraying IMO. If your character is 22 and has a good reason as to why
  6. How would you translate that into the game though?
  7. Well yeah, but they stand out like a sore thumb. I’m surprised they don’t get spectated more often. I weren’t talking about that.
  8. I’ve never been in the report section for a robbery 👀
  9. https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/29996-varrio-rancho-13/?tab=comments#comment-254463
  10. This is pretty much how I’ve kept my gun so long. I don’t use it unless I really need it. And every time I do grab it I do a simple risk calculation to determine if it’s worth doing or not. Don’t ride out with something you can’t afford to loose.
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