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  1. Username: Mayhem Comment: The contract was cancelled months before the shooting. G6 had no business at that address.
  2. It’s a good concept. I’d just start out and experiment with different ways to portray your fights until you develop something that really works.
  3. Which is it? Opinions range in all directions and everyone has their references from where they stand in the community. But I’m genuinely curious if there’s anyone out there who wants and can provide evidence to mythbust the fact that firearms are shorted, where and why.
  4. Not opening 15 threads and just keeping your mouth shut won’t either. It’d be a different world if administrators publicly revisited the rules and worked with people in the community to find something that works. Or already let us know “hey this is something we’re working on”. But nah, instead IF we get anything at all it’s the occasional 15 second mention in a private admin meeting and a sudden change out of nowhere only to be forgotten for the next 45 days. 👍🏻
  5. It’s interesting you’d call it “bad roleplay”. I think it goes against the spirit of the server to roleplay some kind of edgy schitzoid stuck in the movie cliche throbs of cop PTSD because “Davis bad” or pretending to be some jarhead fighting in the streets of Fallujah. Yes shootings happened, yes you get in trouble if you fuck things up. But few things in the server recognize the frequency of shootings. The law and lawmakers don’t, command doesn’t, our infrastructure doesn’t either. Hell, if you go to psychological services you’d be put on leave. The conclusion of these scenes aren’t revered as something where lives were lost. The media doesn’t much care and beyond a few complaints here and there it’s very ignorable. I’m also not in the market for back-to-back shoot-cry-shoot cookie cutter CNR roleplay. I’ll dismiss it, and I’ll continue to dismiss it because that’s how the system works in the spirit of our mission and the server itself. And I’ll also continue to dismiss it because that’s the standard that’s been set in this game for years. There’s a difference between voiding roleplay and simply nullifying its value beyond the “it’s part of the game” and valueing meaningful interactions and development over that of a screeching NoPixel Roblox troll that just shot 30 people with aimbot. A DMEC blogpost has no impact on that, nor do 911 calls. The rule preventing you from going back on duty has nothing to do with that either. If it was widely valued and roleplayed I’d expect to see far more roleplay from the faction itself. Since I don’t see fundamental changes or recognition in that regard, and since I don’t see symptoms or lines to the medical offices because of psychological trauma I see no reason to suddenly stop.
  6. eTaylor

    SAMP LSRP Players

  7. Sure you can. The high death ratio isn’t something that’s roleplayed. It’s consciously ignored by everyone. You don’t go to a coffee shop on your break talking about the 30 people who died on your shift. You just had a few stops and a few scenes here and there, maybe you elude to the chaos in the jungle but other than that it’s non existent. And why would you want it any other way? We’re all roleplaying in different ways at different depths, most of us take the game with a grain of salt. We accept that the deaths we see most frequently are part of this being a video game. We try to tell a story based in a real world setting as opposed to the crazy crack cocaine realm we have. I think that’s what sets us apart. You can go two ways, embrace the GTA matrix and turn into NGRP or anchor yourself trying the opposite.
  8. I’m yet to meet someone who roleplay every single death in either PD or SD. But I suppose in general it’s dependent on who you ask. I personally don’t really value PKs, and as far as the dead go I never roleplay it as the character but just “an officer” or “a suspect” and so forth. I’m not going to roleplay a buddy dying over and over again
  9. You’re right, but there’s always a case to be made for gamification. That said our system is fairly dystopian and broken much like the rest of Los Angeles and California. And as far as speed goes; can we even speed it up? I mean, I’m pretty sure judges don’t sit around going “argh I need I wait 6 days to answer this case for realism!” and PD/SD don’t let complaints sit for longer than they have to. Our system of bureaucracy is carried by a limited amount of players who dot the globe spending their free time. For the majority this isn’t a full time job so we can’t expect to have full office hour time tables on responses. Even internally most things take 48-72 hours to go through administration. Considering this is a game with infinite time potential that isn’t that long.
  10. There’d be more support for the SAHP than for the FIB 🗿
  11. I can’t think of a single iteration, past or present, of the FBI/FIB (or SIB) that didn’t end in pseudo political super drama resulting in community bans or irreparable relationship damage. Or that didn’t just die out after x weeks because nobody cares enough to put in the slug to cement a new organization
  12. Why’d you even wanna take a phone, all the ones I’ve robbed have had either passcodes on them making them useless for scams and pawnshops or it’s just some raunchy stuff in messages that make me want to find the owner and shoot them after the fact
  13. Which would again ignore the fact that the underlying issue is (imo) IFM’s management principals and the fact that nothing on this server is IC, that whether “legal” or “illegal” at a certain level everything is predetermined by players and their OOC relationships. That includes the aggressive carving of available markets essentially grid locking everything. And the fact that nothing new is ever attempted out of fear it’ll fail or upset people. People are constantly maintaining their status quo. One of the most obvious indicators is that things only change around here after people leave/get banned/turn to something else entirely. The “problems” brought up in this thread are literally just a symptom.
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