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  1. High Risk Manhunt Credits to Camille Laurent (Queen) & Alexa Murphy (Fabulous) for the screenshots.
  2. This will bring a lot of roleplay with vehicle maintenance. Excellent idea!
  3. I am a high ranking member of the Metropolitan Division within the LSPD, one of the leading heads in the division. I was incredibly disappointed to see such a good leader's ambitions get put down. You were taking the faction into the right direction by pushing realism changes and toughening up quality standards. We were actively trying to push a level of realism and fairness under your leadership within our Metropolitan Division which comprises of K-9, A Platoon and SWAT. We also tried our best to push such changes throughout other avenues in the faction. You did an excellent job and were an incredible leader.
  4. "The Metropolitan Division is responsible for the suppression of serious threats to the public, ranging from the response to riot incidents, the provision of Tactical Support Platoons for active-shooter scenarios and housing the Los Santos Police Department's D Platoon, H Platoon & K-9 Platoon" (( This thread is meant to showcase screenshots of roleplay scenarios of the Metropolitan Division and its officers. All showcased scenarios happened in-game and therefore it happens that some names or details could be left out as it could violate LSPD's internal policy. This thread is entirely Out-Of-Character and is not meant as an In-Character information source. ))
  5. Did you draw those yourself?
  6. Casic


    LOOL the first bit of rp I did was on Habbo. Gang roleplay and Mafia Roleplay was lit. World War II RP was the best tho, lemme not lie lmao. I remember being a Grove Street Leader under the main leader when I was like 10 LMAO.
  7. I'm a Trainee in the Designers team. May be able to help, pm me what you need and we'll see.
  8. Casic

    Casic's Graphics

    Just a few of my creations I wanted to showcase and get opinions on.
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