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Found 8 results

  1. "The Metropolitan Division is responsible for the suppression of serious threats to the public, ranging from the response to riot incidents, the provision of Tactical Support Platoons for active-shooter scenarios and housing the Los Santos Police Department's D Platoon, H Platoon & K-9 Platoon" (( This thread is meant to showcase screenshots of roleplay scenarios of the Metropolitan Division and its officers. All showcased scenarios happened in-game and therefore it happens that some names or details could be left out as it could violate LSPD's internal policy. This thread is entirely Out-Of-Character and is not meant as an In-Character information source. ))
  2. Helm

    The Jawbreaker

    This thread will be used to occasionally post development and / or screenshots pertaining to Roland "Jaws" Marshall.
  3. I've been seeing SWAT (a team majority made up of a good amount of females, thats for another topic) responding to the littlest things in big swat trucks with people dangling off the sides and shit. It's to the point I don't see normal uniformed PD officers or rarely see them. Is this a normal thing in Cali? Do SWAT patrol in their big trucks with dudes off the sides and shit regularly? It seems that they do street patrols in these things and from someone that lives in the NA I've never seen SWAT rolling around the way they do IG. Is this what Cali is like IRL? I've never been.
  4. Short description: Re-introduce the ability to rappel out of a helicopter as a passenger. Detailed description: On GTMP, the Los Santos Fire Department, and most likely the Police Department also, had the ability to rappel out of a helicopter while it was hovering. I never got the chance to experience this myself in GTMP, but I know it's a feature of the game already in both GTA Online and SinglePlayer. So with a little bit of effort it could probably be transferred over to RageMP - if Rage 0.3's notorious desync isn't an issue. Rappelling would be one thing. But what about hoisting back into the helicopter? If it would be possible to type /hoist and be pulled back into the helicopter, with a patient or other important person, this would complete the process. But I'm not sure how possible this would be - so lets focus on rappelling down first? Commands to add: /rappel /hoist Items to add: Rope/line object - this is already in /roadblock How would your suggestion improve the server? It would be a highly useful script to add back into the server, as ourselves in the Fire Department carry out Air Rescue several times a month, usually from Mount Chiliad or the Pacific Ocean - but we often have to non-RPishly jump out from heights, and often awkwardly teleport which requires an admin and ruins the immersion. For Police Department, it allows them to deploy SWAT ontop of buildings for breaching and hostage rescue situation. If placed correctly by the pilot, it could be used to rappel onto building ledges. It should be available to anyone who operates an aircraft - whether it be Fire Department, Police, Energy Companies, Security/Private Military, Adventure Businesses (Like LS Adventures) or just someone who's quite wealthy (and possibly a criminal) who wants to have plenty of fun. A group of criminals rappelling down to rob a bank? Or is that too GTA Online? Up to you! #YearOfIllegalRP Additional information: I know things like this aren't a priority at the moment, but nothing ever is if it doesn't get suggested. There will always be a backlog of suggestions and development that is bigger than any Dev team could clear. As Devs have said before, may as well suggest it and then it can be worked on the future. Especially before I forget the suggestion again! ? Discuss below. Below is the only image I've found when rappelling was available to the LSFD in GTMP:
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