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  1. If you don’t think this way you’re part of the problem.
  2. Remember when we used to play this game for fun? Whatever happened to that?
  3. Contender classic, it can go faster than a 150 MPH although it become unsteerable well before that.
  4. Truth is, the game was rigged from the start.
  5. Yes ban and neuter crime, I’m sure that’ll pave the road to a fantastic server.
  6. The garage is not sold separately.
  7. 702 Hawick Avenue Gallery Price: $388.878
  8. One of the most aesthetically pleasing groups out there, also didn’t shoot my dog 10/10.
  9. I can’t think of a worse thing to do on this server besides trying to CK someone who knows they have a CK app on them. Good luck proving anything too.
  10. There wouldn’t, it’s a freight line. Except if people want to ride the “train” to Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores they’ll have to put a passenger train on the line. Hence the comparison.
  11. The “subway passenger train” isn’t a subway passenger train in-game. Not unless you mod a new one in. The “subway” were referencing is really a LRT line, with LRT trains. If you put the LRT train on the freight line it’ll look weird, out of place and probably isn’t possible to begin with. Instead it’d make more sense to have a LRT and passenger line on the freight line as separate trains. Like how GTA SA had Brown Streak.
  12. If they wanted to they could add passenger trains and stations
  13. Only if the drivers are Lenny and Marcel, and they don’t stop for anything. And I mean anything…
  14. You know, we could go back to the zany days of GTA RP that we endeared so much when we were kids without giving up on realism. I wish we’d just ease the gas on “real world” realism and just enjoy the GTA universe’s take on life. All this hyper-realism has done is divide the community even further. It’s more weaponized than anything, and who really cares about it anyway? I used to remember there being a very fine balance back in the day that kept things fun, somewhere we just took it too far.
  15. Excuse you, this is America 🇺🇸
  16. Swap the NOOSE building with Mission Row. Problem solved.
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