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  1. You missed my point. It's the way they conduct themselves in certain places that is bothering and genuinely frustrating to deal with at times. If you head somewhere that's clearly out of your comfort zone, don't act in a way as if you were hanging around your hood. Doing so automatically causes uncalled for issues that oftentimes aren't even realistic at all. Your behavior changes depending on the place you're at and the people around you and I feel as though this is something that, although not exclusive to illegal roleplayers only, a lot of them fail at doing when they visit somewhere that isn't where they typically hang out at. What you're mentioning in regards to the nametags is simply me describing, from my point of view, how a lot of illegal roleplayers come across these days from an OOC standpoint. It's got nothing to do with how I roleplay around them. Taking nametags IC would be one of the most basic forms of metagaming.
  2. Yes. Line them up against a wall and it's easy as breathing to point out who's an illegal character and who isn't. No digging is needed either as it's usually the illegal roleplayers who set themselves up by writing unnecessary, extensive lines about how their character's tattoos associate themselves to a certain organization even though my perfectly legal character has absolutely no clue about the criminal underworld and what goes on in it because he steers away from it so he could never know the true meaning behind them, how they garb themselves without any regard or consideration for the area they're frequenting, their names which most often lack originality and are as plain as a canvas before a painter's touch, and so on. It's become a stereotype on the server at this point. The worst part about it is, you see it everywhere. Surely players shouldn't be restricted about wherever they go around the map, neither should they have to roleplay in a way that has to please others in order for them to exist, but please keep in mind the area you're roleplaying in as well as how you approach other characters who are clearly from a different world than yours. It is very immersion-breaking to see a bunch of 13-14 year old teens pulling up to a boutique in Rockford Hills and act like thugs who own the place in front of people who are deep-pocketed, street-smart and usually above-average intelligence. Don't be so open about your association with illegal activities and maybe people will be more receptive to your character and the huge gap that there currently exists on the server between the legal and illegal sides of roleplay can be reduced.
  3. You can adjust the fans to spin at a certain speed when your GPU reaches a certain temperature. My 3080 rarely reaches over 70C but when it does, the fan speed is set to 80%. Otherwise it's set to 60-70%. They also don't spin if the temps are below 50C because it's just pointless. That helps preserving my GPU and maintaining it in a good state.
  4. Install MSI Afterburner and turn the power limit option down. I personally have mine set to 60%. As well, you can also adjust the fan speed here. This affects your GPU's temperature. Play around with these two options and see what works best. As for your CPU, open your BIOS menu while booting up your computer (Just spam click DEL while it's booting) and adjust the fan speeds. Obviously, the higher the better, but keep in mind setting them very high may cause a lot of disturbing noise. Also, check if your CPU isn't auto-overclocking. Some CPU's come with this option turned on by default. This is usually safe, but if your temperatures are higher than normal, you should turn it off. Additionally, you should try cleaning the dust and dirt in your fans. Avoid using vacuums. They can cause a lot of damage. Airflow is important too. If you have poor cable management, you should find a way to tidy the cables up inside your computer. If you can't do this by yourself, look for a technician. Something to keep in mind is your case fans as well. I don't know which ones you have, but if you have, let's say, a 80mm fan in the front of your case and a 120mm in the back, this can lead to overheating issues because it creates dead air and negative pressure.
  5. Another thread that got derailed because people can't keep themselves from throwing jabs at others. I give it less than 24 hours before a staff member locks it.
  6. Create the need to move to another fishing spot if one is overly populated. This is an issue that fishers come across daily. If a fishing spot has too many people on it trying to catch the same fish, they usually try to find another less populated one to increase their odds of catching fish. I, as someone who does go fishing occasionally as a hobby, have had to do this before. So, perhaps change the way the script works, so the more people are gathered (and fishing via the script, not just loitering around) in a single fishing spot, the odds of them catching fish decrease. I don't know how exactly the script works in terms of timing, but for the sake of this suggestion, let's assume there's by default a 100% chance of catching fish within 5 minutes. With the changes I'm proposing, it would look something like this: If 1 person is fishing on a fishing spot, there's a 100% chance to catch fish within 5 minutes. If 2 people are fishing on the same fishing spot, there's now a 50% chance split between the two of them to catch fish within 5 minutes. If 3 people are fishing on the same fishing spot, there's now a 33% chance split between the three of them to catch fish within 5 minutes. ... Alternatively, extend the time it takes to catch fish, but keep the odds the same, so it would look like this: If 1 person is fishing on a fishing spot, there's a 100% chance of catching fish within 5 minutes. If 2 people are fishing on the same fishing spot, there's now a 100% chance of catching fish for both of them within 8 minutes. If 3 people are fishing on the same fishing spot, there's now a 100% chance of catching fish for the three of them within 10 minutes. ... I believe this eliminates the balance issues that you pointed out because people will feel inclined to seek other fishing opportunities elsewhere if a certain fishing spot is occupied by too many people, thus creating fishing roleplay all over the state. This is the best of both worlds, in my opinion.
  7. interesting roleplay with you lot so far. i'm that black guy who lives at the apartment complex your group frequently hangs out at, and i honestly can't wait to see how their relationship will unfold.
  8. The game runs just fine for me with QuantV + PRSA ENB (max settings) + a bunch of other mods from Baboon's thread, but then again I'm on a 3080, a Ryzen 7 5800X & 32GB RAM. The biggest FPS drops I experience are from my very own graphics mods. I'd say remove misplaced objects but keep the vegetation improvements in.
  9. How do you feel about the frequency of car theft? Ridiculously high. Speaking from personal experience, there was a point in time where one of my old character's vehicle was stolen or broken into six times in total in just less than a week. It came to a point where certain law enforcement officers who responded to the alarm asked "Again?" after a couple of times. It happened mostly when my vehicle was parked outside an apartment complex in Downtown Vinewood, which is supposed to be a medium to upper class neighborhood where criminal activity shouldn't happen as often. My character attempted different parking options after the first few times, including parking far away from home in more secluded spots where their vehicle wouldn't be so out in the open, but it still didn't work. Out of all those times, only one was successful, but after searching around for about half an hour, my character and their friends, with the help of the police, found the vehicle parked on a sidewalk in Sandy Shores. How do you feel about IFM offering alternative routes instead of relying on the script? I think it's a good idea. There are so many ways of breaking into a vehicle but as it stands, most people simply use lockpicks because it's by far the easiest option with the lockpicking/hotwiring minigames. I'm in support of the whole concept of the script, but I feel like it should either be made harder, or take longer to be done. I believe the high distribution of lockpicks doesn't help this matter either, but I can't provide valuable insight on that end since I'm not quite into the subject. The only downside I see to this is requiring admin supervision which can be painful to wait for at times and adds more red tape to roleplay, but if it ensures quality, I'm all in for it. How do you feel about the current quality of car theft? Speaking from personal experience again, out of all those six times I previously mentioned, only one required admin intervention. After looking into it, the admin in question said the overall quality of the theft roleplay was good, but the player still needed to get used to how the script works which made things hard for them. If the roleplay is good, I have absolutely no issue with roleplaying my car being gone. Anything that makes my character uncomfortable is challenging and fun to roleplay. However, another time out of those six, a player attempted to break into my character's vehicle which was parked outside a clothing store on a widely populated road while there was a funeral (which was more of a celebration between friends and family in accordance to a certain character's IC culture) on the rooftop of said clothing store, so this is kinda meh. This is pretty unrealistic, in my opinion. No one in their right mind would do it in such a public area, so I'm kinda 50/50 here. I believe there are players out there who roleplay them accordingly, but there are also plenty of them who are only in it solely for the items and vehicle scrapping rather than the roleplay itself. Have you ever seen information markers left at cars/buildings regarding metal having been stolen? Never.
  10. Kinda going to feel bad for leaving my FIFA 21 FUT team behind: But I guess a fresh start is coming in FIFA 22. I'm choosing Premier League for FUT as usual. I'm slowly getting into Pro Clubs with a couple of friends I've been playing with so I'm going to grind it this year.
  11. Black Mirror Outer Banks Virgin River Elite Who Killed Sara? Grand Army You On My Block When They See Us Hard to pick a favorite one, but these are all shows I've watched either recently or in the past and loved a lot.
  12. Buyout. I'd like to check out the place first though.
  13. Username: ConcernedCitizen Comment: These law enforcement officers need to do some research and get their facts straight. The death penalty does not increase community safety. This has been proved thousands of times. The murder rate in non-death penalty states is consistently lower than the rate in states with the death penalty, and the gap just keeps growing. Not just that, but leeching off the taxpayers' money? Seriously? The average cost of death penalty trials cost almost 50% more than both trials with life without parole and life with the possibility of parole. This is factual. The death penalty is nothing but an expensive and anachronistic practice from a less civilized time. Invest in public safety, abolish the death penalty.
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