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  1. Most robberies just go to show the players behind the characters executing the robbery have an extremely P2W mentality to the point they pressure the victims into roleplaying inhumanly fast so they can have their way and escape as soon as possible to avoid getting caught by the police. Most scenes take a turn where it's more important for the robbers to succeed and get the victim's items than it is to interact with them to tell a story. It makes you feel like you're playing everything but on a roleplay server and it's saddening to say the least. Unfortunately I do not believe to be
  2. Honestly, I think the biggest issue with nightclubs is how people portray their characters in them. It's like nobody has ever been to one IRL.
  3. This is already possible. Press F4.
  4. I like the new clothing menu. It feels modern and you can go through options much faster with the slider rather than constantly pressing the arrow keys. Clothing IDs also save when you select a different outfit which is extremely helpful. One thing I'd suggest is to rename clothes categories and split them into subcategories. So, for example, for tops and bottoms, it would look something like this: Tops (previously known as shirts): T-shirts Sweatshirts (includes pullovers, hoodies, fleeces, etc.) Polos (includes cardigans, etc.) Dre
  5. @kilerbite @[email protected]@MomoIsHerecongratz to all of you folks, well deserved. congratz to everyone else too.
  6. I have gamer and non-gamer friends. The gamer ones do know. In fact, they were the ones who introduced me to the roleplay scene all the way back in 2013, but they don't play anymore. I often try to have them play on GTAW, but they have been less and less interested in text-based roleplay ever since voice-based roleplay became widely popular. My non-gamer friends are aware that I play games regularly, but they have absolutely no clue GTAW is one of them. They would simply not understand the concept behind roleplaying, and how typing back and forth can be fun. I don't blame them. My
  7. I honestly had a blast roleplaying this. Thanks for making it as great as it was!
  8. Extend this to being able to stream Youtube links to furniture (particularly TVs). This was a really cool feature on a previous server I played at and I'd love to see it here too. Only allow this on interior furniture though, not exterior.
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