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  1. Hey everyone, Due to a rising issue that has been brought up by the rest of the community regarding people with disabilities being denied from roleplaying and enjoying in factions they are wishing to join, Legal Faction Management has decided to implement the following policy changes in order to facilitate the ability for people with audio/visual impairments and other disabilities that affect their ability to join factions with mandatory microphone/audio communication (e.g. PD/SD). These changes were implemented to increase inclusivity within the affected factions and come into pla
  2. Hello. I will be starting this message with a warning to everyone. No direct bashing at anyone will be allowed. I suggest everyone to think twice about what they are going to post on this topic. As we all know how this is going to turn out, a topic where supporters and non-supporters of past leadership will bash each other, so I highly suggest everyone not to. Legal Faction Management leadership have decided to change the current LSPD leadership due to many reasons. The current leadership has proven itself borderline impossible to work with and denied any sort of co-operation with
  3. When it comes to legal factions everything related to funds is handled IC. Budget requests are being submitted by factions to the government each quarter with their request for the upcoming quarter. Like Kean posted, it's also being debated IC and can be lowered and raised based on the faction needs from an IC standpoint. 90 percent of the budget, if not more, goes for paychecks. All legal gov factions combined got hundreds of players in them combined. The big difference between legal factions to the rest of the community is that those factions are being paid by their f
  4. ((Will be online in about 2 hours to those who want to call me / see the house ICly )) Offer noted, please leave a phone number so we could reach eachother.
  5. 4SALE Selling a beautiful 2 stories corner lot house in mirror park. Big lot with a very big back and front yards. Big driveway. The house has a beautiful green lawn all around it that's always been treated with care. Exterior Picture: Additional Exterior picture: Interior picture: Additional Interor pictures: Contact info: P.H 7789 Market Price: 375,000 Buyout: 1,125,000
  6. McDonald’s once made bubblegum-flavored broccoli
  7. Sharvit

    [SOLD] Rebla GTS

    Sold, locked and archived.
  8. Sold, locked and archived.
  9. Bases on that, locked and archived.
  10. Sold. locked and archived.
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