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  1. I've been in your shoes before sadly and I still get it from time to time, especially when there are a lot of police cars in the area I drive through. The way I managed to prevent it from happening /constantly/ was to put a clean install of GTAV and RageMP on a SSD (NVME in my case) which drastically improved it. I now run my game with mods and it runs pretty smooth (unless I am next to a lot of police cars).
  2. LSFD has separated recruitment and career paths for people interested only in EMS roleplay. The EMS division is being run by people with real-life experience (aka real-life EMTs and paramedics) and really focuses on high-quality EMS RP and developing its manuals actively.
  3. (1) As a faction member, have you really went through the guides and handbooks? They were mostly renewed completely since the current chief took over with people spending months of their lives to do so. (2) Something which is completely not true. The LSFD is probably one of the only factions that care about its member's opinions and almost never pushes a change without discussing it with the members first. I don't know what attitude you have been given, but you should have raised it up to the faction leadership or supervisors if you had any issues. As member of the faction for two years you should know that people dont have to do fire if they dont want to. There is a different career path for EMS only.
  4. I am very sorry but this is something that will not happen.
  5. @St3fan[NL] We can do that. Instead of limiting the request function to when there is only one coroner on duty we can make it that people can always request it regardless of the amount of coroners on duty.
  6. Also, you got a complaint? Send a faction complaint to LFM, public topics are not the place for one. Locked.
  7. Seeing so many replies with such ignorance and 0 information to back it up always gives me a good laugh. The protocol in SFM is (and saying so as the one who created this faction and every one of its manuals) that a propery owner will get at least 3 notices to file an inspection request and once a request is up the property will never be shut down until the inspection will be concluded. SFM came up with unique and creative ideas to help property owners to have their license issued. For example, going to one of the replies in this topic, if the person is not a donator and cannot add more props to his interior due to reaching a limit, marshals offer to add those objects out of their own pocket / faction bank expenses. And no, there are no "4 members" in the faction. Some of the replies are simply not objective, some by people who got their place closed cause they simply ignored every notice and some by players who got faction banned for their "good" behavior. You can't let someone to keep shitting on warnings each time they receive one and not enforce the law you have been created to enforce. I'm sorry but if someone ignores 3 warnings the closure is on him. You have a question? The SFM discord is open for everyone to join and ask for a visitor group where you can speak with marshals, ask questions and understand the faction further.
  8. Well, no, tasers won't be given to the general public and that's not really will be open for discussion unless Nervous says otherwise. What we will end up with is people driving around in full black clothes on a sportsbike robbing people with a taser with one simple silent shot, and this is a work load we are not going to bring upon the staff team. I am not sure when it comes to guards as there is no viable way atm to implement it and I assume it will take some decent work from the dev team to do so. This will be brought up for discussion with Nervous. Until a decision is made, locking this topic.
  9. Hey everyone, Due to a rising issue that has been brought up by the rest of the community regarding people with disabilities being denied from roleplaying and enjoying in factions they are wishing to join, Legal Faction Management has decided to implement the following policy changes in order to facilitate the ability for people with audio/visual impairments and other disabilities that affect their ability to join factions with mandatory microphone/audio communication (e.g. PD/SD). These changes were implemented to increase inclusivity within the affected factions and come into place immediately. No-mic permissions will be directly handled by Legal Faction Management moving forward. While there's no particular format for this as we understand that everyone has different circumstances and ways to communicate, we encourage you to request no-mic permissions in a way that makes you comfortable. These can be made directly to both @Shanksand @cxn, who will discuss your individual circumstances with you and following it will allow/deny your request to join said factions. After permission will be granted you will be able to apply for said factions and attempt to join them through their recruitment process just like everyone else. Legal Faction Management promises full anonymity for those who applied and won't reveal their reasons to anyone outside of LFM. Moving forward, people with no-mic permissions will be able to patrol, get promoted, and join sub-divisions, with likely restrictions being in regards to patrolling with a partner or avoiding voice-heavy sub-divisions. Legal factions will be instructed to alter their recruitment process in order to allow people with disabilities a fair recruitment process (e.g voice interviews being done on chat, altering formats to include said permission from LFM in it, etc). LFM is wholely committed to inclusivity and we believe that everyone has the right to enjoy everything that our server has to offer, regardless of disability. We hope this change of policy helps achieve that goal, if there are any further questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us. Kind regards, Legal Faction Management
  10. Hello. I will be starting this message with a warning to everyone. No direct bashing at anyone will be allowed. I suggest everyone to think twice about what they are going to post on this topic. As we all know how this is going to turn out, a topic where supporters and non-supporters of past leadership will bash each other, so I highly suggest everyone not to. Legal Faction Management leadership have decided to change the current LSPD leadership due to many reasons. The current leadership has proven itself borderline impossible to work with and denied any sort of co-operation with LFM. Complaining that LFM did not support the faction is basically being a hypocrite. LFM members supported this faction above and beyond, spending all of their free time, till early morning times, to deal with every issue that raised up from and about the faction - all of this while getting zero support and respect back from the leadership. A change was due to be done for a long time and was always delayed in order to give plenty of more chances to the leadership to correct itself. I can keep going, showing proofs, pictures, or whatever but I won't lower myself to the level of this topic that really has no intention. A reason was asked and a reason was given. I wish Roozles the best of luck with whatever he does and hopefully, he'll understand that this is a game and that no action is a personal one. Roozles was absolutely not removed as a consequence of his push for realism or his changes. Legal Faction Management is still committed to progressing many of the changes that Roozles' had begun and will work with the new chief to see those realised.
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