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  • Los Santos Golf Club's Brooks Koepka wins 2019 PGA Championship

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  1. This thread will follow Ethan Liberman's story, an American-Irish-Jewish Orthodox Jew serving in the Los Santos Police Department.
  2. ShawnM


    this thread will show the development of police officer III aaron nixon. enjoy
  4. This thread follows the development, interactions, and life of Carlos Medina.
  5. The story of Angelica Vazquez, police officer of the Los Santos Police Department.
  6. OOC INFO This thread is meant to portray the lives of two gang officers assigned to South Central's Gang Enforcement Detail and their engagement with the community. Our intention is to portray realistic gang officers, drawing inspiration from the LAPD's Gang Enforcement Detail. In doing so, we try to provide the illegal community with good quality roleplay that's enjoyable for everyone, by upholding the current standards within LSPD's Gang Enforcement Detail. All current members of this screenshot thread and LSPD's Gang Enforcement Detail that we interact with, have the ultimate
  7. Björk


    "The Metropolitan Division is responsible for the suppression of serious threats to the public, ranging from the response to riot incidents, the provision of Tactical Support Platoons for active-shooter scenarios and housing the Los Santos Police Department's K-9 Platoon and Special Weapons And Tactics Platoon." (( This thread is meant to showcase screenshots of roleplay scenarios of the Metropolitan Division and its officers. All showcased scenarios happened in-game and therefore it happens that some names or details could be left out as it could violate LSPD's internal policy. This thr
  8. This thread follows the development of Taylor Nyka in her day to day life and career within the Los Santos Police Department.
  9. PREVIOUS CHARACTER: James Peña - Police Officer II - Gang Enforcement Detail CURRENT CHARACTER: Mateo Alvarez - Police Officer III - Detective Trainee This thread follows the character development and life of Mateo Alvarez. A police officer III who's currently a detective trainee. * Disclaimer: Other characters of mine in the future will be posted here, as well, but for now, it's Mateo.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm Big_Smokes and together with Roozles, I am one of the faction leaders of the Los Santos Police Department. We started working on this project a long time ago (We've been together as a team for over a year now) and always look for avenues to improve on our faction's core values, the interaction amongst our faction's members and our faction's interaction with the public in game. As we are at the very top of the organisation we see things from a very different perspective than most. For that reason I always feel like it is important to stay in touch wit
  11. After the CK of my main character, Antoine Vallois, a new one will arise and this thread will follow his journey in the ranks of the Los Santos Police Department and his life around it.
  12. Foreword / Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction (obviously), but an accurate background for the early part of my character's career. My original plan was to divide this into three parts, all of which would cover a specific portion of Joaquin Perez's time spent in the Patrol Division of the LSPD. Recently, I have formed the opinion that I either will not be able to complete this project (much as I would like to, the time required is just not available to me right now) or completing the project will take significantly longer than I originally anticipated. With either being the
  13. This thread follows the development of Dylan Ochoa, a relatively new officer. LSPD Personnel File #32540 PERSONAL INFORMATION NAME: Dylan Ochoa AGE: 26 PLACE OF BIRTH: Mount Zonah Hospital, Rockford Hills HEIGHT: 5'9" WEIGHT: 175 lbs HAIR COLOR: Black EYE COLOR: Dark Brown MARITAL STATUS: ████████ EDUCATION Graduated from Los Santos High School in 2013, attaining a GED diploma WORK HISTORY 2019 - Present - Los Santos Police Department Officer 2013 - 2018 — Prison Guard — Bolingbroke Penitentiary (( More TBA, possibly ))
  14. Bullied at a young age, Perry Higgins always asked himself if he made the right choice the moment he applied for the police department. Nerd, Goof, Dexter, Greedy, Chubby Checker, Motherfucker and Son of a b*tch. From the age of fourteen, Junior heard these names without respite. Break times were the worst for Junior. During the break times, he often hid in the toilets of the school to avoid the bullying If there was anything Junior ever wanted desperately, it'd be to fit in like the other kids did. ''To fit in.'' At the age of 21, during the quali
  15. I'll be posting anything interesting that occurs in my time on ride-alongs on one of my characters here. Faces and numberplates will be blurred out to discourage metagame! First Pursuit https://streamable.com/e0hdk2 Stop after Stop...
  16. Full Name: Samantha Eilidh McGillKnown As: Sam, SammyPlace of Birth: Bohan, Liberty CityCurrent Residence: Mirror Park, Los Santos Height: 5" 5' Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Blonde Nationality: Scottish / American Loves/ Likes: Apollo, Motorbikes, Running, Cycling, Hiking, Music, Family Dislikes: Laziness, Gang Crime, Lying, Animal Cruelty Fears: Spiders, Losing someone close. Family: Mother: Mhairi McGill - Nurse - Currently back home in LC Father: Robert McGill - Detective, Narcotics Division, LCPD - Killed on duty when she was five Brother
  17. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. I'm going to share alot of LSPD & SASD signatures these are free to use and credits go to whoever made them. none were made by me LSPD: LSCS:
  20. Tseard

    Street Justice

    Leon Emmerich This thread showcases the life of an LSPD Detective with the Robbery-Homicide Division.
  21. . . Left: Recently retired Chief of Police Stanley Morrison. Right: The new Chief of Police, Charles Hughes, shown during his tenure as a Captain. Chief Resigns, New Chief Inducted - August 29th, 2019 On the evening of the 27th Chief of Police Stanley Morrison officially announced that he would be resigning from his position leading the Los Santos Police Department, effective immediately. Chief Morrison has spent the last two years leading the department and is known to have helped the Los Santos Police Department improve and grow during his tenure as its leader. Chief Morri
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