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  1. Complaining to your senator will not change anything. The CCW regulations became tight following after Nervous' decision to... make them strict and tight to obtain. Just like what Jeroen pointed out. I'll post the picture here. Let's start by being nice please, thanks.
  2. 1. The protests will not and probably will never bring any changes. They are completely pointless. Sometimes, you will demand an IC change when such change needs to be approved OOCly by higher ups (LFM, IFM, Management, etc). 2. Like we saw last year and this year, it will only escalate into shooting and what not.
  3. If you are a trucker and need a personal protection, PF is enough for you in all honesty as it can be stored in vehicle's glove compartment which is considered as secure container.
  4. 100 players means 1-2 cops to respond to calls, easy to rob with no consequences. In SAMP RP servers, robbery was "banned" until X amount of cops were online. The moment problem here is the fact that Bospy more or less said that Illegal faction members can freely rob at any time, anywhere. This more or less disregards the new robbery rules completely. Either that or there was a miscommunication or Bospy did not explain properly.
  5. You forgot La Mesa Police Station. Make sure to include that in, buddy. 🙂
  6. You tested it on pre-nerf days... It's 2.6.13 now, your vids show... 2.4.10. The Torrence has been nerfed on FEB 2021. Try test it right now on test and let me know. You will notice the differences. best to talk through forum PM, we are derailing the thread.
  7. Let me re-word it better. It had bad handling when it had top speed of 140MPH+ Now, its handling is excellent with the top speed if 121MPH (which occasionally climbs up to 130).
  8. I do not mind quality and proper street racing roleplay. Sadly, most do not roleplay. Most characteristics you can see from street racers are; - Claiming they had texture loss / nothing loaded for them after crashing into a wall at 100MPH+ in city. - Just not roleplaying car crashes at all, especially during police pursuits. - /vp and /vg to reset damages - someone was caught for that and got ajail only. - They exist almost purely for police pursuits. If not for police pursuits, then to cause havoc to other players by crashing into them and NOT roleplaying those crashes. SAPR would like a word on this. Yes, you may say fill a player report and/or /report them in-game but that's very difficult to do so if; - Admins are busy or unavailable to handle such in-game reports. - You don't know their name nor ID. PD's Interceptors (aka Police Torrence) used to be a reliable anti-racing traffic police unit, able to catch up even the top tier racing cars you could see on the streets. It could top 140MPH+ speed without any issue (at the cost of terrible handling). As of result, racers were actually afraid of those units and usually be "defeated" by them. That is until the modding team/development team (idk who, I forgot) nerfed them after community's complaints. While Police Interceptors are still better than most basic police cars (has higher acceleration and handling), they are no longer capable to stop top tier cars in straight roads. Furthermore, PD (and I imagine SD too) stopped pursuing those top tier cars because it simply isn't worth it as we would rather provide traffic roleplay than turn GTA:W into GTA:O Need for Speed because someone was bored and attracted police attention over nothing. I'm not asking for buffs. I'm asking that there needs to be strict rules over unrealistic street racing roleplay. They have no place in GTA:W unless it is done properly and with roleplay. As in, not self-voiding car crashes by themselves because you see that a LOT. Ever since Strobe created a realistic Speed Radar system, we caught so many players speeding 100MPH+ in CITY. There is no fear at all. It's unrealistic to drive 100MPH+ in city for no reason. There's no racing in LA so I would like to suggest that there should be rules in place for street racers. At least make it restricted in city but allowed on highways/county as they are more.... safe. For the most part. EDIT: I believe Nervous is aware of this problem, he implemented evading clauses. For example, if you evade once? Your car gets impounded for 7 days. Evaded again (second offence)? 14 days. This is good but not a solution to the entire problem. Penal code needs to be revamped, particularly on traffic laws and evasion - they are very relaxed.
  9. Likely inspired from SAMP's LSRP donor system. You had to pay for walkstyles back there. What I don't understand is why Dogs are not part of the donor packages like cat. 15$ is overpriced for single item per month.
  10. A minor (16 years old btw) did the following things in 3 mins; - Opened fire at a group at Forum Drive with a military rifle. Alone. - Entered his personal vehicle Premier (how he bought it and with what money is unknown). - Police shot at him once during pursuit. The minor kept driving and handled the vehicle with no issue whatsoever. - Gunned down and killed 4 cops with his military rifle, 100% accuracy. - Got into the vehicle, fled, barricaded himself in an apartment before surrendering. - Was discovered he was hooked up on 4 different drugs. A RQPM was sent, obviously. Do not ban minors. Ban poor-RPers who portray minors really poorly. Unfortunately, the majority of minor players roleplay very very poorly. Someone suggested that (M) characters should have disadvantages by script such as the inability to drive a car perfectly fine (with random losing control), 50% increase to recoil and 50% decrease on maximum health points. This does sound RPG and such but... In GTAW, you got minors who behave like adults and RP resisting and fleeing whilst already being pinned down by 2+ cops.
  11. Good luck to LSRP. Although I really don't see anything real new to GTAW. It's in Los Santos and its county. GTAW already has that. Has similar scripts - I assume. GTAW has that. It has some features GTAW don't have, that's true. But they are only... 6 features? Compared to GTAW's, idk, 100 features? Competition is gonna be good. Looking forward to how it goes but I see no reason to leave GTAW over a new server that has no confirmed average playerbase and the script looks barebones judging by their snippets whilst showing new features.
  12. Lots of players driving like there's no tomorrow, often crashing with someone/something and self-voiding. PD Traffic doing their best to punish such drivers but there's so many of them that it becomes a challenge. I do not believe vehicles should get handling/speed revamp but I do think there should be, you know, some rules regarding the traffic rules. It's crazy to see racers racing through the city without giving a regard to their character's lift. Perhaps speed cameras would help, issuing automatic speeding tickets if it's 10MPH above the limit or something.
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