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  1. Small cozy apartment right in front of Vespucci Beach! 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a small balcony. Starting bid: $150,000 Buyout: $300,000 Bid increase: $5,000
  2. Selling this cozy, tastefully furnished yet colorful 2 bedroom, 1 bath flat with direct views over the pier and the beautiful Vespucci beach. Starting bid: $270,000 Buyout: $600,000 Auction will close 24 hours after last bid. Pictures below: OOC info:
  3. Barry Clayton development and story thread.
  4. SELLING A SPACIOUS ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT ON TUG STREET, VESPUCCI! Spacious and modern one bedroom apartment on Tug Street up for sale. Comes with a fully equiped kitchen, a spacious living room/dining area and a dreamy bedroom & bathroom. Linked by a hall and two doors, the latter two present you with a gorgeous view of the the towering buildings of downtown Los Santos and the marina. Down below, you can find the attached photographs of the apartment. Starting bid: $280,000 Buyout: $420,000 Bid Increments: $5,000 (( OOC Information ))
  5. yesman


    Vespucci, Bay City Avenue 2266A - Floor 1, Room 2 All photos taken from inside and outside the property are put within the album link below: ((Click the image to proceed to the album)). Starting Bid: $200,000 Bid Increase: $10,000 Buyout: $325,000 ((OOC INFORMATION)):
  6. Full Name: Duane Rogers Current Age: 21 Ethnicity: White American Duane is the son of the notorious inbred white supremacist Harry Rogers and mother Jenny Smith. Her father was known in the countryside of San Andreas as a dangerous druggie. Duane was only six years old when his father died from a meth overdose. He spent his younger years playing in the desert with his sister Georgia Rogers and studying the hunters techniques for when they grow up. At around the age of eight Duane was introduced to a new father figure which was his mother’s new boyfriend, John “Johnny” Brown. Growing up with Johnny was different to when he was with his dad, Johnny was less biased and racist against other races. Even though Johnny was like that Duane still followed his deceased father’s beliefs that the whites were the one true race and all the rest were horrible people. At the age of ten Duane’s new father figure Johnny had organized a trip to Los Santos to see the big city, unfortunately this is where Duane’s feelings towards black people would pay. Upon arriving they bought a motel room on the eastside of Los Santos, from there Duane would sneak out the motel room with his sister Georgia while their parents were sleeping. They snuck out into the night of Los Santos filled with junkies, gang bangers, and other dangerous people of that sort. While walking around they stumbled into a black gang’s territory known as the East Side Slausons. After moving into there they spotted one of the gang members and Georgia yelled “Look at that n*gger!”. The Slauson then turned around to see the two kids and reached to his waistband for his gun, Georgia ran but Duane fled too late and got shot in the back while running. Medics and police soon arrived after an anonymous caller told the police about the situation they witnessed while walking by. Duane was now in the hospital on life support as the bullet had hit and went into his upper back area near his cervical spine. In order to pay for Duane’s hospital bills and support Jenny had to take up a job as a cashier. After a week Johnny left Jenny and she was left depressed and her will to keep going on started slowly fading. Unfortunately even the job couldn’t pay for all the bills she had to pay and was eventually sued for their trailer in the countryside. They were now homeless and Duane had just gotten out of the hospital and physical therapy. By then a year had passed and they were surviving off donations and trash cans. When Duane was thirteen he was exposed to the white crime world of Los Santos when he and the rest of his family relocated near Dog Town. He soon cliqued with the local tagging groups and skatepunk scenes in the area and was known as “Country Boy”. He made friends with the kids around there and one day was invited to go with them to smash open some gumball machines and steal its cash. naturally as a young boy wanting to fit in he accepted and went with them on the mission. They hit up the first spot near the beach’s tattoo shop then hit up two more at the Cluckin’ Bell. The mission went successfully and Duane decided to start saying that he was from Dog Town. Shenanigans like that had kept going on until Duane turned sixteen and had finally got enough money to rent an apartment for his family and buy a small pistol. With the pistol he guarded his mother and sister from the dangers of the night. Soon enough his sister, Georgia who was seventeen at the time had decided to hang out with him and join up in the crime life. They soon planned more activities to engage in such as muggings or pickpocketing. Soon they decided to do something bigger and had planned to rob a gas station in China Town with two other Dog Town boys. They prepped for it and had bought masks and glasses and everything to hide their identity. When the day came they rode in a four seater sedan to the gas station and walked in brandishing their guns and demanding money. The Chinese man at the register refused to give them the money and thats when Duane shot one of his liquor bottles, the gun shot could be heard around the area and soon police came after them the Chinese man finally gave up the money. Georgia went and grabbed the car and drove it around back as the other two and Duane went through the back door and to the car. They sped off but unfortunately for them someone had taken a picture of their license plate and had reported it. They had made around four thousand dollars from the heist and were living quite lavishly to the area’s standards. Sadly their high life ended quickly as the police had arrived at Duane’s apartment and demanded him and his sister for questioning about the robbery. Their mother wept and cried as they took them away. The two didn’t say a word about what happened in the gas station and were put in jail for the night since they were both minors and it was both their first offence. The next day they got a taxi home and unlocked the door to see the horrific scene of their mother dead on the floor with an open pill bottle. They arranged a funeral for her up in the countryside where they came from where the Dog Town locals and distant relatives showed up. After the funeral they had talked to each other and decided to move back up to the countryside and settle down for a little bit. They moved there and into a trailer where they spent around three years working normal jobs, making talk with the locals, and just “chilling” out. After a while the pair had decided they have had enough of the boring lifestyle and decided to move back to Vespucci and get back into crime.
  7. For SALE: Beautifully renovated apartment in the landmark that is the classic number 5402 in Magellan Avenue, with a privileged position overlooking the beach and Del Perro Pier. The property features an open-plan kitchen and a spacious lounge space flooded in natural sunlight. The spaces have been preserved in a more minimalist style to deliver a sense of amplitude, making it perfect for small cocktail parties, gatherings and events. The property features one bedroom and one bathroom but has enormous possibilities to redistribute the large space available to accomodate a growing family with potential for several more rooms. Picture Gallery: Property Info (OOC): Starting bid: $275.000 Buyout: $600.000
  8. Vespucci is a residential, commercial, and recreational beachfront neighborhood of the City of Los Santos, San Andreas. This urban region of coastal Los Santos County is known locally as the Westside. Vespucci is known for its canals, beach, and Ocean Front Walk, a two-and-a-half-mile (4.0 km) pedestrian promenade that features performers, fortune-tellers, artists, and vendors. Vespucci Beach, which receives millions of visitors a year, has been labeled "a cultural hub known for its eccentricities" and a "global tourist destination." It includes the promenade that runs parallel to the beach (also the "Ocean Front Walk" or just "the boardwalk"), Muscle Beach, and the Vespucci Beach Recreation Center with handball courts, paddle tennis courts, a Skate Dancing plaza, and numerous beach volleyball courts. It also includes a bike trail and many businesses on the Ocean Front Walk. Roaming Vespucci Beach's rows of boutique shops and artisanal brunch spots, it's inconceivable that the neighborhood once belonged to low-income suburbia, where mom-and-pop shops thrived, and meals served à la food cart. Locals knew this area as "Dogtown", the focal point of West Coast skate culture that would inspire media representation for decades. Vespucci Beach is home to a wide variety of social groups, locals, renters, gangs, and others. This thread's purpose is to showcase the roleplay that occurs within the Vespucci Beach area. Feel free to join the Dogtown Community discord at the following link: https://discord.gg/NjFt8ae
  9. Who are we? Vespucci Skate and Surf utilities, is a retail store located on the Vespucci Beachfront near the skate park and a stone's throw away from the water.Here at Vespucci Skate and Surf we deal in the retail sale of products related to skating, surfing and BMXing, having been started by a Vespucci local and aavid surfer and BMXer with a need to give back to the community. We strive to support the local community and offer helpful advice and support to our customers. Should you be so unlucky that your products break, we also have a small repair stuff in the back, and we should have you back out there in no time. Ask in the store about repair our repair services. So come on down to the beach, and let’s see if we can’t help you find what you are looking for. What do we sell? - Surfboards and related articles - Skateboards and related articles - BMX and other after market bike parts - Different brands of streetwear - Wetsuits and dry suits - Repairs services in our own repair shop - Swimming and Surfing lessons by Ray and Blaine - Special/Custom order skateboard decks by 7SA Where can you find us? We're the last store in the blue building. More than enough parking spot. Try out your new gear nearby. How can you contact us? Should you need it, you can reach us here. Facebrower Click me! Phone 170-582-16 Email [email protected] (Forum PM) Physical store Palomino Ave, Vespucci Beach *Licensed 7SA reseller.
  10. Recently renovated holiday apartment is now for SALE! Wake up to the soothing canals of Vespucci. Just a minute away from the Vespucci Beach. Huge parking lot and marina - pull up with a car or boat. It's compact, cosy and perfect place to settle in just as the summer arrives! -- SOLD
  11. Mateo Banderas • Mateo Banderas was born in Los Santos and he was raised around gang violence, all his uncles, everyone he knew was in prison. Mateo had a bad childhood since his father went to prison when he was 10, and a lot of his uncles got locked up, for gang related crimes. Mateo was looking up to to be like his father until he was 10, and momma died at young age, so she was never in his life, Mateo was living with his uncle until he was 14, but now his uncle is serving a 25-year prison sentence for first-degree murder. Mateo's parents didn't leave much for him, most of the money was spent on buying drugs and booze. Mateo started selling small quantities of drugs now and then, working under one of the guys from his neighborhood. Mateo dropped school when his uncle got locked up, he was 15, he started making cash from being on the street, trying to always make cash even if it comes with troubles. Mateo spends most of his time outside, he doesn't really know what it means to love and have a family because he was raised between gang members, he always woke up on banging on the table into his family house, with a bunch of people dealing drugs and passing cash for his father. Due to his father being in the world dealing drugs while he was young he knows how to respect older people around the street and when to keep his mouth shut. Why Trigger? One day, Mateo was selling marijuana and coke when suddenly some random people pulled up with their guns at one of the gang members, Mateo made a run towards the backdoor and grabbed a handgun off the table. Young local kids watching through the windows witnessed Mateo shooting wildly and blindly at the individuals, not hitting a single person but causing a big gap between him and the random. After that day the local kids around the hood started calling Mateo "Trigger". Name: Mateo Banderas Date of Birth: 10/17/2002 Current age: 18 Y/O. Birthplace: Los Santos Known as: TRIGGER Residence: Vespucci Beach, Los Santos Tattoos: His body would be blasted in Vespucci 13's gang related tattoos. He would have a "Trigger" tattoo visible on his neck that stands out. Family: Unknown [Mother] [Status: Unknown] Anthony Banderas [Father] [Status: Alive, Jailed] Loves: Respect - Loyalty - Honesty - Smoking. Fears: Losing someone close. Dislikes: Laziness - Lying. Scammer, This character uses online scams in order to make their money. You may have seen those "turn $40 into $400" posts on social media. That's this type of character, trying to catch those vulnerable enough to fall for their scams. They're interested in getting credit card information and buying what they need with the stolen credit cards. Crash Dummy, A send-off kid, usually reckless and wild. This is a person that you could send off to do anything and everything that you wanted, no matter how dangerous it can turn. It's evident that this person is fueled by adrenaline, and they like it so they do whatever they can to keep themselves riled up. Crash dummies are more than likely going to end up dead or prison at a young age and are one of those types of people you wouldn't wanna always hang with because of the danger level. Robber, This character steals things. He's breaking into homes or robbing others at gunpoint. You can recruit others to help you with your schemes, or do these missions solo. The items are probably sold online, or to others in the neighborhood. All Talk, This character has a very loud mouth. This character is talking the talk, and may or may not be able to walk the walk. This character probably utilizes social media to the fullest, going on Instagram Live, posting pictures on Facebook, etc. They want to be seen and wanna talk their shit to any and everybody. Pictures of LSPD/LSSD archive:
  12. [4SALE] 2240 Ocean Front Walk - Floor 3, Room 1 Hello! I'm selling a recently furnished apartment located at Vespucci beach. The apartment has a BEAUTIFUL view over the beach and ocean, and is located in a populated area with many various stores- restaurants and bars around the residence. If you'd like to see the apartment in person, feel free to contact me at: [email protected] (( Forum PM )) Pictures of the interior: https://imgur.com/a/y6bWkHj Starting price: $225.000 Buyout: $310.000 Increments: $5.000 Current bid: $225.000 (( OOC section: )) (( Market price: $120.000 )) (( Furniture worth: $55.009 ))
  13. (This thread will follow the story of a Mexican teenager Alejandro Cejudo)
  14. This thread will showcase the life and development of Shawn Fraser growing up in West Los Santos
  15. Beach Apartment located in Vespucci Beach. Market Price : 140,000 Furniture Price: 143,000 Starting Bid: 450,000 Buyout: 563,000 Exterior: Interior:
  16. Book of outside the property and inside - https://imgur.com/a/FSEdq6E Contact via email ((Forum PM)) for more info about price Feel free to mail your offers for a weekly/monthly rent The house includes - 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, garage with exerecise machines, basement with Jacuzzi, big kitchen & living room
  17. This thread will follow the life of Irish-American teenager Wade Kelly
  18. Public Enemy No. 1 (abbreviated as PENI), also known as PENI Death Squad (or PDS) Public Enemy No.1 is a west side Los Santos prison/street gang. The history of the gang dates back to the early eighties, emerging from the hard rock scene in Vespucci Beach. PENI is a criminal skinhead element within the Vespucci Beach area that are known as foot soldiers for the Aryan Brotherhood (The Brand) within the state’s penitentiary system, as well as the streets. PENI primarily recruits from “latchkey kids,” a child who returns to an empty home after school, or a child who is often left at home with no supervision, because their parents are away at work. Who are left to their own devices. Above: PENI Skins personal group photo The origins of PENI lie at the margins of South San Andreas youth culture. By the mid-1980s skinhead gangs were forming across the region, all influenced by hardcore punk rock. PENI was a small number of youths living in Vespucci, active in the punk scene, adopted the name PENI, after British punk rock band, Rudimentary PENI. The formation of this gang came from the youths' shared interest in the music. Soon enough, the phrase “PENI” was being tagged on various spots across Los Santos County. PENI’s goal was relatively simple, to develop a reputation on the street, and provide white youths with defense from other gangs encroaching on the Vespucci area. At the same time PENI was forming, there were various other political skinhead movements forming in the Los Santos area. However, PENI typically avoided the political aspects, focusing on street orientation. The gang was never involved in the political aspects of skinhead culture, though, they were welcomed by their political counterparts. Despite the lack of political activism, the gang was centered around explicit racism with a belief in white supremacy. Despite encouragement from other skinhead groups, PENI remained largely focused on local issues, eg. conflict with other local punk and street gangs, petty theft, and drug distribution. During the late 1980s, various members of the gang were facing charges and getting arrested for various crimes, to include: drug charges, burglary, and robbery. Once incarcerated, PENI members began creating a relationship with the Aryan Brotherhood, the most powerful white prison gang in the United States, who display racial pride with the use of shamrocks, swastikas and “Aryan battle warriors.” As The Brand was removed from the mainline, they expanded their inmate workforce by aligning PENI underneath the white umbrella; as The Brand saw PENI as useful due to their mutual interest in white supremacy, and using them as middlemen to continue running their criminal enterprise within and outside the prison system’s walls. PENI’s street origins prevent them from being classified as a prison gang by SADCR, thus minimizing the level of confinement available to prison officials. PENI’s connections to The Brand have helped them strengthen their own gang leadership. Learning from The Brand and modeling their gang after theirs, thus making them more organized and effective. This led to PENI’s development into a hybrid gang, operating under the auspices of The Brand on both the yards of the state penitentiary system and the streets of Los Santos. While traditional skinheads have often held an anti-drug stance, PENI is completely opposite. Members have been known to use methamphetamine and heroin. This leads to the gang’s crimes being violent in nature due to the introduction of hard drugs. PENI’s involvement in the drug trade only expanded after developing ties with The Brand. The use and small-scale distribution of meth that characterized the gang’s early formation had gradually developed into a central role in the methamphetamine trade. The involvement in the meth trade also allowed PENI to branch out to further clientele to include motorcycle gangs. Above: Members of PENI during a meth crazed house party. In modern history, PENI continues to have a close relationship with The Brand. Allegedly being a part of a large pipeline throughout the state. The modern day gang stays close to their roots, however they continue to focus on money as motive, engaging in armed robberies, extortion, drug dealing, arms trafficking, murder for hire, and credit card scams. The gang has been involved in various conflicts throughout the last year, primarily with Jamestown Mafia and Gravedwellers Motorcycle Club. (GDMC) The conflict with GDMC was spurred due to the allegations from members of PENI that the MC refused to pay protection money for their members in the state prison system. Due to growing tensions and disputes from sharing such a close proximity to another, coupled with the lack of protection being paid, The Brand ordered PENI to take action. This resulted in a months long, city wide conflict with GDMC. This left various members of the MC dead and members of PENI incarcerated. PENI has been known to “annex” smaller white and punk gangs and bring them into the fold. “White Boyz 88,” a now defunct El Burro Heights-based white supremacist gang fell victim to this in mid-2019. PENI dismantled the gang and forced members into their own organization, only solidifying their position as a powerhouse for The Brand. The Hawick “Satanic Skins” fell under the purview of PENI quickly after. Females are an integral part of PENI, passing messages between members and running the gang’s credit fraud operations while members of the hybrid gang are incarcerated. These members are colloquially known as “Skynbirds,” usually a member’s significant other. It is unknown who “calls the shots” for the gang, as high ranking members (Shot Callers), Francis Kilgore (Inmate #89474) and Harold Hudson (Inmate #03148) are imprisoned at Bolingbroke State Penitentiary with life sentences. Authorities have noticed a resurgence in the hybrid prison-street gang in the last few months near the Vespucci Beach area and within Twin Towers Correctional Facility. This faction intends to realistically portray the prison-street gang, Public Enemy No.1. While the gang is racist in nature, OOC racism will not be tolerated in this faction. Portrayal is our priority, only second to roleplay quality. Members of this faction are expected to act within the purview of the server’s rules. Play your character realistically and you won’t have any issues. Please reference this guide to brush up the cultures surrounding the faction: (credits to @Bospy) For any questions, comments, or concerns, please PM @mother_superior Credit for the artwork goes to @Netsrac
  19. Above: Brock during a stint in Bolingbroke State Penitentiary. Kyle “Lucky” Brock is a 27-year-old Vespucci native recently released on parole from the San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He’s known to have contact with various white gangs in and surrounding Vespucci Beach, mainly the white street gang known as Public Enemy No.1(PEN1, Peeneye) and to an extent, The Aryan Brotherhood. Since being released on parole, authorities assume Brock is inactive in the gang scene. After a high profile arrest, Kyle, along with his business partners, Edgar Boon and Weston Stigers, were sent to Twin Towers Correctional Facility for eight months awaiting trial. During this time in TTCF, Kyle continued to operated under the auspices of his gang, Public Enemy No.1; Kyle continued to program on the mainline, getting involved in various race riots and altercations. Soon enough, the trio was given their court papers, only to find out that the State was dropping all charges against them. The three were then promptly released from TTCF. Brock was able to return to his home, Vespucci Beach; where's lived his whole life. He continues to program while off the mainline, getting back into the swing of things and adjusting back to his place as a menace to society.
  20. An amazing, renovated standalone apartment with an amazing view right on the beach! Base Value: 55,000$ Renovation Cost: 60,000$ Starting Bid: 105,000$ Min. Increment: 10,000$ Current Bid: 150,000$ Buyout: 225,000$ Amazing location - located right on the beach by the mask shop and the clothing store on the street. Parking - not a problem, lots of parking under the building itself. Renovated - recently, very spacious and luxurious. Photos in the link - ACCESS
  21. Looking to trade my beautiful three-floored house for a residential property within Los Santos our the outskirts in the county, looking for a price that is equal and of good terms.The first two floors are currently renovated, the third is however left. There are alot of places to plant a balcony in, residing by the Vespucci Beach - the atmosphere is really charming. The property is not for sale but for trades only, offers which deem good enough will be entertained by me. If you want a viewing of the interior - please Call or SMS me at (8081). As the owner, I have the right to deny any offer and close the trade. Thank you. Or you can contact me on my email: [email protected] (Discord: The Devil Wolfgang#0001 or Forum PM).
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