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Found 16 results

  1. Волковская Братва Volkovskaya Bratva (Волковская Братва) is known to be an assembly of people, predominantly of Russian descent centered within the streets of Los Santos. The group is rumored to have originated from the "bottom of the barrel", with its members all deriving from the lower socioeconomic statuses. All of them follow the hive-minded collectivism mentality inspired by leftist political beliefs. This ideology of herding together and becoming one entity is something that's instilled in these people's minds. It was born from the constant failure of society to meet the needs of its own subjects in combination with the constant pressure of having to uphold a certain standard that society itself has demanded. Over time, and through a great deal of oppression, they were brought together and became one pack of wolves. The survival of the pack alongside its leader ensures the survival of all. "Starting their life in the city's slumbs without receiving assistance from anyone. When people were warm in their houses and being well fed, this pack of wolves, separated at the time, were out on the streets hustling in order to find a crumb of bread. And therefore, when they rebelled against everything they felt oppressed them, they believed they did no wrong. For they are nothing but a product of the world they live in." - Pitirim Sorokin, 1906 The group is known not to follow a specific structure in their hierarchy, however, the people in the group that hold power are known as Authority (Avtoritet), these people are the ones that carry the responsibility and burden of leading the group to a successful outcome and looking out for the best interest of each person included. Furthermore, the Authorities of the group are known to be the ones holding the steering wheel, as well as the ones dominating all the decision-making processes. OOC Information: We are looking for players who want to portray a true image of Eastern European organized crime and develop their characters properly and in a realistic manner. People who are eager to learn this type of roleplay/culture are welcome. We welcome all roleplayers as long as they are serious and eager to learn. The in-character ranking system is a slow-paced political game, no player should seek to climb the ranks rapidly. They should take the time to develop and enjoy the experience. The OOC ranking system is based on a very generalized structure. The true ranking system is only to be found in-character. The OOC high command team does not reflect the in-character hierarchy. Players who have proven themselves capable of being responsible and trustworthy are handpicked. The majority of the faction's characters are Russian, however all characters originating from post-USSR disassembly countries are welcome. We are roleplaying first and second generation Russian-Americans and we seek to avoid portraying the "broken english heavy accent Russian" stereotype. First generation Russian immigrants will majorly only be allowed to specific players who have been given approval by the High Command. Your character's wealth is always to be portrayed realistically, we will not tolerate players roleplaying a weak financial situation and showing up in sports cars & expensive/luxurious dressing. This is restricted only to people who have progressed a lot in their character development and have obtained their wealth through their roleplay.
  2. Magellan Organized Crime Group The Magellan Organized Crime Group is a clandestine criminal syndicate that has established a vice-like grip on the underground economy of Los Santos. Operating in the shadows, the organization is renowned for its proficiency in various illegal activities, including underground banking, clean-up crews, and drug trafficking. Notoriously elusive, the true identity of the organization's enigmatic leader remains shrouded in mystery. Foundation and Expansion Magellan's roots can be traced back to the turbulent days of the Martorano Crime Family. The organization's enigmatic leader, referred to as "The Spider," is rumored to be the nephew of a powerful Martorano underboss. Surviving multiple brutal wars during the height of the Martoranos, The Spider emerged unscathed and founded the Magellan Organized Crime Group. Since its inception, the group has diversified its operations, with a stronghold in the legal world of Los Santos. Inferno Investment Group and Nightlife Monopoly Magellan's financial prowess is exemplified through its creation of the Inferno Investment Group. Specializing in investments primarily within the nightlife industry, Inferno has monopolized a myriad of nightclubs and bars that serve as money laundering fronts for the organization. The crown jewel of this empire is the Versuz Nightclub, nestled in Vespucci, which also houses the company's headquarters. Inferno Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of Inferno Investment Group, operates and manages the nightclubs. Boasting a vast network of DJs and a high-profile clientele, the entertainment arm ensures a constant flow of funds into Magellan's coffers. The Spider: King of Shadows, Architect of Order At the epicenter of the Magellan Organized Crime Group, an enigmatic figure, known only as "The Spider," orchestrated the intricate dance of power and influence that defined the organization's existence. A master strategist and architect of order, The Spider was the undisputed Maestro of Shadows, ensuring the organization ran like a well-oiled machine even as he maintained a vice-like grip on its direction. Masterful Stratagem and Architect of Order The Spider's strategic brilliance formed the bedrock upon which Magellan thrived. Operating with a foresight reminiscent of a grand chess master, he orchestrated every move to safeguard the organization's interests and expand its reach. The Boss's ability to think several steps ahead in the ever-evolving game of organized crime in Los Santos established him as a formidable force within the city's shadows. His role as the Architect of Order extended beyond the realm of street-level enforcement. The Boss formulated overarching strategies that seamlessly blended criminal endeavors with the legitimate enterprises managed under the Inferno Investment Group. This dual-pronged approach allowed Magellan to cloak its illicit activities in the guise of legitimate business operations, creating a complex web that confounded law enforcement and rival organizations. Focused Leadership and the Inferno Empire While Magellan's underbelly thrived in the shadows, The Spider strategically focused his attention on Inferno Investment Group and its myriad legal ventures. As the CEO of Inferno, he oversaw a sprawling empire that monopolized the nightlife industry, infiltrating the city's legitimate economy with establishments that served as both fronts for money laundering and thriving entertainment hubs. The Spider's involvement in legal ventures went beyond mere financial gains. He leveraged Inferno to establish influential connections within the city's elite, cultivating relationships that provided the organization with additional layers of protection. The integration of criminal and legitimate enterprises under The Spider's astute leadership solidified Magellan's status as a force that operated on multiple fronts with unparalleled finesse. Maintaining an Iron Fist Despite his focus on legitimate endeavors, The Spider maintained an iron fist within the organization. His directives were clear, and disobedience was met with swift and severe consequences. The Spider's enigmatic presence instilled a sense of both awe and fear among Magellan's members, ensuring unwavering loyalty and a commitment to the organization's cause. The Spider's methodical approach to leadership was not marked by ostentation; instead, it reflected a quiet authority that permeated every decision made within Magellan. His directives, conveyed through trusted intermediaries like The Scorpion and The Lawyer, were executed with precision, leaving no room for deviation from the organization's overarching vision. The Spider's Legacy As The Spider continued to steer the Magellan ship through the turbulent waters of organized crime, his legacy grew in stature. The organization's resilience, adaptability, and continued dominance in the criminal underworld became a testament to The Spider's masterful leadership. His dual role as the architect of order and the head of a legitimate empire created a dynamic that set Magellan apart from its rivals. The The Spider's vision ensured that Magellan remained a maestro orchestrating a symphony of operations, seamlessly blending the clandestine with the legitimate. The organization, under his enigmatic leadership, stood as an indomitable force that thrived in the shadows of Los Santos, leaving an enduring mark on the city's complex tapestry of crime and power. The Scorpion: Enforcer of Order, Sentinel of Shadows In the intricate hierarchy of the Magellan Organized Crime Group, the role of enforcing discipline and maintaining control over the sprawling labyrinth of operations fell to a figure known only as "The Scorpion." Second in command and a ruthless enforcer, The Scorpion's nickname echoed his methodical and lethal approach to keeping the streets of Los Santos firmly under the grip of Magellan's influence. Ruthless Enforcement and Street Control The Scorpion was an enigma, a shadowy figure whose presence on the streets struck fear into the hearts of both subordinates and rivals. His reputation for brutality was legendary, earning him the nickname that perfectly captured his style – swift, deadly, and unrelenting. The Scorpion's primary responsibility was to ensure that Magellan's orders were executed without question, and that the organization's interests remained untarnished on the streets. Operating as the right hand to the elusive boss, The Scorpion meticulously orchestrated the intricate dance of criminal operations. He enforced discipline within the organization's ranks, swiftly dealing with any dissent or betrayal. The Scorpion's ruthlessness was not limited to internal matters; he extended his control over the various crews that operated under Magellan, ensuring their loyalty through fear and unwavering obedience. Daily Operations and Collaboration with The Lawyer The Scorpion's domain extended beyond the streets; he worked in close collaboration with The Lawyer on a daily basis. This partnership formed a dynamic duo that blended the ruthless enforcement of street operations with the strategic precision required to navigate legal and legitimate fronts. On one hand, The Scorpion ensured that Magellan's directives were implemented with absolute precision. His ability to command respect and instill fear allowed him to maintain an iron grip on the various crews and lieutenants, making certain that no deviations from the organization's path were tolerated. On the other hand, The Scorpion's collaboration with The Lawyer created a symbiotic relationship that fortified Magellan's position. The Lawyer's legal acumen and The Scorpion's street-level enforcement meshed seamlessly, forming a formidable alliance that allowed Magellan to adapt and thrive in the face of external threats. The Lawyer: Magellan's Strategic Maestro and Chief of Staff Within the clandestine corridors of the Magellan Organized Crime Group, a figure known simply as "The Lawyer" emerged as a linchpin in both the organization's legal affairs and its overarching strategy. With a nickname that conveyed his dual role as a legal advisor and strategic Maestro, The Lawyer seamlessly navigated the treacherous intersection of criminal enterprise and legitimate business, adding a layer of sophistication to Magellan's operations. Legal Acumen and Strategic Brilliance The Lawyer's legal background was impeccable, earning him a reputation as a legal eagle in Los Santos. His expertise extended far beyond the conventional understanding of law, delving into the intricacies of criminal defense, financial regulations, and corporate law. This multifaceted skill set made The Lawyer an invaluable asset to Magellan. As the organization's legal advisor, he meticulously ensured that Magellan operated within the shadows of the law, exploiting loopholes and staying one step ahead of law enforcement. His strategic brilliance, akin to a game of chess played in the dark alleys of Los Santos, allowed Magellan to outmaneuver rivals and anticipate potential threats. The Lawyer's insights were not confined to legal matters; he extended his influence into the organization's broader strategies, contributing to its resilience and adaptability. Chief of Staff for Inferno Investment Group Beyond his legal role, The Lawyer assumed the position of Chief of Staff for the Inferno Investment Group. In this capacity, he functioned as the right-hand man to the CEO, managing the day-to-day affairs of the legitimate front that masked Magellan's criminal empire. His responsibilities encompassed coordinating business operations, handling personnel matters, and ensuring that the Inferno Investment Group served as an impenetrable shield for Magellan's illicit activities. Under The Lawyer's meticulous oversight, the Inferno Investment Group thrived, portraying an image of corporate success and stability. This façade not only provided cover for money laundering operations but also allowed Magellan to extend its influence into legitimate businesses, creating a complex web that blurred the lines between criminal enterprise and lawful operations. Lieutenant "D": The Cleaner, Magellan's Silent Guardian In the intricate hierarchy of the Magellan Organized Crime Group, Lieutenant "D" stood as the silent guardian, leading the enigmatic clean-up crew that operated in the shadows. Nicknamed "D" for his discretion and dedication to swiftly resolving the aftermath of the organization's activities, he emerged as a linchpin in ensuring Magellan's operations left no trace. Specialized in Clean-Up Operations Lieutenant "D" was not a name uttered lightly within the organization; it was spoken in hushed tones, a nod to the specialist who handled the aftermath of Magellan's ventures. His role as the leader of the clean-up crew meant that "D" was tasked with erasing any evidence, tidying up loose ends, and ensuring that the organization's activities remained shrouded in secrecy. The clean-up crew, operating under "D's" command, became an essential element in Magellan's operational strategy. They were the unseen force that intervened before events could spiral out of control, neutralizing potential threats and eradicating traces of the organization's presence on the streets. Swift Intervention and Damage Control "D" operated with a keen understanding of the delicate balance between chaos and order. His primary responsibility was to intervene swiftly, ensuring that any complications arising from Magellan's activities were nipped in the bud. Whether it was a crime scene, a compromised operation, or an unexpected threat, "D" and his crew were on standby, ready to restore order and protect the organization's interests. Lieutenant "Chav": The Drug Trade Maestro, Magellan's Street Sentinel In the intricate hierarchy of the Magellan Organized Crime Group, Lieutenant "Chav" emerged as the linchpin leading a street crew with a singular focus on drug trade and trafficking. Nicknamed "Chav" for his street-savvy approach, he became the orchestrator of Magellan's presence on the streets, weaving a web of narcotics operations that both fueled the organization's coffers and solidified its influence. Drug Trade and Trafficking Maestro Lieutenant "Chav" was a maestro in the realm of narcotics, his street crew specializing in the cultivation, distribution, and trafficking of illicit substances. Magellan's presence on the streets was synonymous with "Chav's" operations, and his nickname became a whispered byword for the organization's dominance in the drug trade. Under "Chav's" leadership, the street crew evolved into a well-organized network that seamlessly moved narcotics through the city's veins. Whether it was smuggling operations, distribution networks, or controlling key points in the drug trade, "Chav" ensured that Magellan's foothold in the lucrative narcotics industry remained unchallenged. Street Presence and Influence "Chav's" crew extended Magellan's influence beyond the shadows and into the very fabric of Los Santos' streets. They operated in plain sight, strategically positioning themselves in key territories to control drug distribution. The streets buzzed with whispers of "Chav's" crew, their reputation for ruthlessness and efficiency preceding them. The crew's presence on the streets served as a constant reminder of Magellan's reach. "Chav" strategically cultivated relationships with street-level operators, ensuring that Magellan's interests were protected at every level. The narcotics trade, under his watchful eye, became a source of both revenue and influence, further solidifying Magellan's status in the city's criminal hierarchy. Coordination with Other Lieutenants "Chav" operated in tandem with other lieutenants, ensuring that the drug trade seamlessly integrated with the broader spectrum of Magellan's operations. His collaboration with Lieutenant "D," the leader of the clean-up crew, was particularly crucial. Together, they orchestrated operations that not only generated substantial revenue for Magellan but also remained discreet and free of complications. In the intricate dance of organized crime, "Chav" became a key player in Magellan's symphony, his operations harmonizing with the clean-up crew's interventions to maintain a delicate balance on the streets. The collaboration between lieutenants ensured that Magellan's presence remained a force to be reckoned with, both in the shadows and on the streets. Lieutenant "Bobby Gatts" The Shadow Operator, Magellan's Logistics Maestro In the intricate web of the Magellan Organized Crime Group, Lieutenant Bobby Gatts carved a niche as the shadow operator, presiding over a trucker depot that served as the nerve center for the organization's logistics. His enigmatic presence and the web of schemes he orchestrated, both legitimate and illegal, added a layer of complexity to Magellan's operations, making him a pivotal figure within the criminal syndicate. The Trucking Maestro Nicknamed Bobby Gatts for his elusive nature and mastery in handling logistics, this lieutenant operated largely in the shadows. The trucker depot under his control served as the hub for managing Magellan's transportation needs, ranging from legitimate contracts with larger companies to facilitating the swift movement of illicit goods. Under "Bobby Gatts's" watchful eye, the trucker depot became a linchpin in Magellan's operations. It not only handled the distribution of narcotics, ensuring a seamless flow across the city, but also played a crucial role in the organization's legitimate contracts, providing a convenient cover for their more clandestine activities. The Oil & Fuel Scams Rumors whispered through the criminal underworld about "Bobby Gatts's" involvement in intricate oil and fuel scams. Allegedly orchestrated at the behest of the Spider, these schemes allowed Magellan to exploit gaps in the market, funneling funds into the organization's coffers while maintaining a facade of legitimacy. The trucker depot served as a strategic asset in these scams, providing a cover for transporting and distributing the pilfered oil and fuel. Bobby Gatts logistical prowess ensured that these operations ran smoothly, evading the prying eyes of law enforcement and rival factions alike. Vehicle-Theft Ring In addition to his involvement in oil and fuel scams, "Bobby Gatts" was rumored to preside over a vehicle-theft ring. Tasked by the Boss to expand Magellan's influence into the lucrative world of stolen vehicles, he orchestrated a network of operatives adept at discreetly acquiring and redistributing high-value automobiles. The trucker depot, with its legitimate facade, played a crucial role in facilitating the movement of stolen vehicles. "Bobby Gatts's" influence extended to forging connections with chop shops and other criminal enterprises involved in the illicit vehicle trade. His ability to seamlessly integrate these operations into Magellan's broader strategy showcased the lieutenant's adaptability and resourcefulness. The Maestro: The Silent Architect of Magellan's Network Amidst the reorganization and resurgence of the Magellan Organized Crime Group, one figure emerged as a key player both within the criminal underworld and the legitimate business front. The Maestro, a shadowy figure with a reputation for discretion and strategic prowess, held a high-ranked position within the Inferno Investment Group, the legal façade of Magellan's empire. However, his influence extended far beyond the boardroom. The Streets' Maestro Known colloquially as "The Maestro," wielded influence on the gritty streets of Los Santos. Operating with a keen understanding of the city's pulse, he orchestrated clandestine dealings, brokered alliances, and ensured that Magellan's interests were not only protected but expanded. His reputation as a methodical and shrewd operator earned him respect and fear among both allies and rivals. The Maestro's role was not limited to enforcing Magellan's will; he was instrumental in setting up new connections and partnerships. His ability to navigate the complex dynamics of the criminal underworld made him a linchpin in the organization's resurgence. Rumors circulated that his skills went beyond mere street smarts — he possessed an uncanny ability to foresee and preempt potential threats to Magellan's operations. Inferno Investment Group's Strategist Within the Inferno Investment Group, the Maestro held a position of influence that went beyond his official title. As a key executive, he played a vital role in managing the financial aspects of Magellan's legitimate businesses. His strategic mind ensured that the organization's funds flowed seamlessly between the legal and illegal realms, creating a complex financial tapestry that confounded investigators and competitors alike. Street Operations Magellan's street operations are divided among various figures, each with a specific focus. "Chav" leads a street crew deeply entrenched in the drug trade, working closely with the clean-up crew to eliminate threats. Operating in the shadows is the mysterious "Gatts," overseeing a trucker depot crucial for transporting illicit funds discreetly. Another notorious crew within Magellan is the Orchardville Avenue crew, a lethal group responsible for eliminating obstacles and ensuring the organization's dominance. Rumors swirl around the crew's involvement in a string of unsolved murders across Los Santos, allegedly orchestrated by the upper echelon of Magellan. Influence in the Legal World Magellan has successfully infiltrated the legal world of Los Santos, establishing connections with judges, lawyers, and corrupt police representatives. These ties enable the organization to manipulate the legal system, ensuring that their illicit operations remain under the radar. Members of Magellan are known figures within the city's rich social elite, walking among the affluent like kings. Legacy and Ongoing Dominance The Magellan Organized Crime Group continues to wield its influence in the dark corners of Los Santos, maintaining a vice-like grip on the city's illicit activities. With its intricate network of operations, formidable leadership, and a web of connections in both the criminal underworld and the legal realm, Magellan stands as an indomitable force, perpetuating a legacy of secrecy, power, and control. Corruption Within the Law Enforcement and Judicial System The tentacles of the Magellan Organized Crime Group reach deep into the heart of the Los Santos law enforcement agencies, where a network of corrupt police representatives ensures the syndicate's operations remain shielded from the prying eyes of justice. This clandestine alliance is a cornerstone of Magellan's longevity, allowing the criminal empire to operate with an almost impenetrable level of impunity. Corrupt Police Representatives Inside the police force, Magellan has carefully cultivated relationships with key individuals, ensuring that the organization is always one step ahead of any potential threat. These corrupt police representatives leak sensitive information about ongoing investigations, planned raids, or impending takedowns to Magellan, allowing the criminal enterprise to reposition its assets and cover its tracks before law enforcement can strike. One notable figure within this web of corruption is a high-ranking officer with the code name "Blackshield." Known for his discreet dealings and ability to manipulate internal affairs, Blackshield has become an invaluable asset to Magellan. His position grants him access to classified information, which he readily shares with the organization in exchange for substantial financial incentives and promises of protection. Insider Information on Raids and Takedowns Magellan's alliance with corrupt police representatives ensures that they are well-informed about any imminent law enforcement actions. Through a series of covert channels, information about planned raids or takedowns is discreetly communicated to the organization. This forewarning allows Magellan to disperse its assets, relocate illicit goods, and fortify key locations, leaving law enforcement empty-handed and frustrated. Connections with Judges and Top Lawyers The organization's influence extends beyond the police force and into the judicial system. Magellan has strategically aligned itself with judges and top lawyers who are willing to turn a blind eye to the group's illegal activities. These legal professionals, enticed by lucrative financial incentives or intimidated into compliance, ensure that any legal repercussions faced by Magellan's members are minimized or altogether dismissed. Among the judicial contacts is a respected judge, known within Magellan as "The Gavel." This judge, with a reputation for swift and fair justice, discreetly assists the organization by influencing court decisions and ensuring that legal proceedings work in Magellan's favor. Additionally, the criminal syndicate retains the services of some of the city's most brilliant and morally flexible lawyers who can navigate the legal system adeptly. Ongoing Stranglehold on the Legal System With corrupt police representatives, judges, and lawyers in its pocket, Magellan maintains a stranglehold on the city's legal system. This symbiotic relationship between the criminal underworld and those sworn to uphold the law ensures that the organization can continue its illicit activities with minimal interference. As Magellan's criminal empire expands, so does its influence within the law enforcement and judicial apparatus of Los Santos. The alliance of corrupt individuals within these institutions acts as an impenetrable shield, safeguarding the organization's interests and perpetuating an era of darkness in the city. The Magellan Organized Crime Group, with its web of connections and corrupt alliances, remains a formidable force, virtually untouchable within the labyrinth of Los Santos' legal and law enforcement landscape. Magellan's Criminal Empire: A Nexus of Services and Secrecy in Los Santos Beyond its notorious schemes in oil and gasoline fraud and car theft, the Magellan Organized Crime Group has seamlessly expanded its operations to offer a range of services to various criminal enterprises within Los Santos. Operating under the discreet guidance of their mysterious leader, considered the "Consigliere of Crime" in the city, Magellan provides essential resources that elevate it to a central role in the underworld.
  3. This thread will portray the life and times of The Joplin Society, a highly secretive organization comprising of corrupt lawyers and legal workers within San Andreas public life, who often practice in the Greg E. Joplin courthouse. Identifying themselves with golden Saint Michael signet rings, the organization has roots in Masonic fraternities in lower Germany, as well as the Detroit Partnership. It was formed as a loose collective of corrupt lawyers by Frank R. Buntz, a criminal defense attorney and 33rd Degree Mason in the halls of the Greg E. Joplin courthouse, and later grew to comprise several other likeminded individuals with two goals in mind - money, and absolute sociopolitical dominance over the state of San Andreas. The Joplin Society has no territorial claims, and no identifiable structure aside from who is a Ringbearer, and who isn't. It navigates the San Andreas underworld silently and with extreme subtlety, lending its services to anyone willing to ask. This is their story...
  4. This thread follows the life and exploits of Joseph Gazzaro. Sit back and enjoy the show.
  5. Greetings everyone, in the following guideline gonna be couple examples and ideas on how illegal scene should be executed. Some of the stuff gonna be basic back-bone of the development and faction hierarchy, ends of the day its pretty much the same structure in every faction, it's just different style, polices and standards. It's up to a faction to push strict standards forward, but the idealism behind the character-development in illegal scene is usually the same. Also loads of thing's will be straight forward here, thing's that people watered down and stopped talking about out in the open, so I'll keep everything straight forward and explain how things truly are and how they work, I been around the RP scene since 2007 and I've experienced it all. Both IC and OOC political stuff and dramas that came with it, it's just some stuff you must prepare yourself for because it's inevitable to dodge, it'll happen sooner or later. This guide also gonna go through the interaction with law enforcement and other factions, the street-politics. Character Development Faction Development Motorcycle Club Organized Crime Gang/Hood mentality Law Enforcement involvement Drug scene Distribution Gun scene Dog fights Prostitution ring Burglary & Heists Counterfeit & Fraud Car Theft Ring Counterfeit Business fronts Character Development - Understanding the streets! 1. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IMPORTANCE - Usually the way things work, people go through the "faction forum" and look up for a faction to role-play with. There is usually huge amount of factions to pick from, motorcycle clubs, organized crimes, local street gangs and people choose one of the factions and begin to look up a name to fit that factions ethical standards. People often go through the factions media, look at its reputation and role-play scene to see if its a nice fit. That's why lots of post all these screen shots, it's to inspire new people and showcase our development, it's something that role-players are extremely proud of, because that's the only way to showcase your perspective and angles to the public. So when you done with the finding yourself a nest to start off in, you should do some research. Let's say you picked motorcycle club, that's where you could google bunch of MC related articles, crime reports, news articles or even go on YouTube and check some videos out. It's a great way to collect some inspiration and build that mindset on the MC scene, and my personal note...do not pick all the inspiration from TV series, often people watch Sons of Anarchy or some show and wanna role-play in that manner, it's completely understandable...but it's just not true, because reality works differently and you must always think ahead of your actions and you never wanna sound cringe, because people on RP scene pick up on those things quickly, my advice? Be original, because that's how good development and talent gets recognized. So you picked a motorcycle club, done some research. Now you need to enter the grinding-stage. I call it the grinding stage because you spent couple weeks+ developing your character. Only because you are hanging around the faction doesn't mean you are a member, it takes time for the faction to trust you. Because you are the one that picked it, they didn't ask you to join them. So it's up to you to prove your loyalty and passion to them. It's very important you understand that, because no one wants somebody that got "Bad-ass" mentality day 1. I understand that you wanna role-play like a bad ass individual, we all seen these bad ass characters on tv series or bad ass people off news reports and public records, but you need to remember. Those people weren't always bad-ass, they all started off as normal citizens and slowly got their mindset opened up to the illegal side of things, because you must understand that a lot of this stuff is political and way of life. You have people working long hours and make shit pay, while bunch of businesses are ran by rich individuals who are paying scraps to people. People live often from paycheck to paycheck and they get on a little side hustle. And that´s pretty much how you could do it over here, instead of pretending to be illegal individual day one, you could take your time to develop and sink into the scene, learning the ropes so to speak. It's probably one of the best experiences in factions, they baby-steps. Learning how they operate, listen to the factions stories and different angles on certain activities, because it all focuses on your trust. Because the tougher factions recruitment process is, the higher the standards are. When faction has its hands open to anyone, where they /initiate/ people extremely quickly, standards of that faction are terrible, because they are all about quantity and not quality. Having biggest numbers isn't always the best thing, it's about having good people around you and it's about educating people and ensure they follow the proper structure and development phase. That's why most factions have multiple guides and ideas lined up on their "discord" servers, telling people what they are expecting from you and how they'd want you to evolve your character. If factions sees the bad-ass mentality since the first few days, they'll just close their doors on you. You have to grind it out and suck it up, that's how they test how reliable you are and if your serious individual or just here for the "action" stuff. It's often a problem in gang factions, where people join a gang because of its large amount of shootouts, but it's not always about that, there's a lot more to it then just joining a gang and assuming it's just constant shootout, it's deep development from with in. My advice, start fresh, educate yourself, begin to understand the street-politics, have the hustle mentality and ensure that you value a dollar. Illegal scene is to make money, and that's what you should focus on. Chasing that paper, that's the only true value in the illegal scene, it's to make good money and knowing how and where. You got so many options here it's not even funny, you just have to use what's given to you. GTA World possesses loads of players and businesses, pawn shops and what-not, you can use those places for your advantage in the illegal scene. Instead of having the mentality of "Oh, it's just some business, it's just some thing" instead use what's provided to you, what's active. It's what keeps the flow going and circulation of servers social-life going. That's how the gears move around here, everyone helps each other, just in a different style and way. Use what's offered, don't be a selfish prick, because bad attitudes are quickly noticed and being an individual who is all over action stuff only, it'll label you as trash very quickly and one thing you must understand, bad news travel fast. Be humble, take your time learning things, explore and educate yourself on illegal scene, don't be a smart ass or day 1 gangster just because you played Mafia games or something, it's never gonna cut it. FOLLOW THE MONEY: As I mentioned before, you must have cash-mindset. Value the dollar, don't just throw it around left and right, value it. When you respect the dollar value, you'll be more realistic in terms of character development. I know it's a game and its easy to make it, but don't act like it. Only because most people get free-checks from mechanical job, doesn't mean you should have that laid-back attitude, talk about cash, have the mindset to earn extra bucks ,have a side-hustle, gamble and what-not. Understanding money value is extremely important, that's where you'll be respecting it when you'll start dealing drugs, firearms and other illegal goods. It's not that easy, even when it looks like it. You'll have law watching your every move and everyone out there wants piece of that action. That's why you need to respect the money, cash is king and people use that as a huge motivator to be part of illegal activities, it's quick cash for half days work or even less, but high cash rewards come in with consequences and risks, so you must learn how to remain on the balance and learn how to play the "game". You act too tough, you might get clipped. If you wanna act big, let your money speak for yourself, your reputation. Don't assume people gonna know you, just because your in some organization, not everyone is involved business-wise with your crew, and you don't know who the other guy is. Money talks, reputation is build on the money. And those who got mind for the business, they fly high and get recognized quickly. But when you got that negative wanna-be-tough-guy attitudes, that just puts you onto the small-time scale and acting like a clown ends up spreading the bad news about you a lot quicker. Bad news travel fast. Remember that little rule, because every stupid act you make will reflect upon your development and faction you are with. 2. FACTION'S DEVELOPMENT PHASES - MOTORCYCLE CLUB 101 - Each faction got its own style of development, the grinding stage. Let's say you joined up a motorcycle club. MC (motorcycle club) possesses couple stages, they got a thing called "HANGAROUND". That's the very first stage of joining their club, you basically just hang around their joints, most of the time its some sort of a business, mainly some bar/pub. So you'll show up there, hang out time to time, grab few beers, have few chats with some members and over time they might line your character and how cool you became as a regular guy around the bar and give you some sponsor stuff, they could offer you hoodie, t-shirt, stickers and what-not. They can even offer you that on the first day, buying support gear is nothing special, people been doing that for years, you can just go online and find motorcycle clubs support-gear and buy it. But getting support gear shows your interest into the club and that's the baby step you could take to help you with the "I wanna be recognized and so they club would notice my interest". After being a hangaround/supporter and hanging out for couple weeks, one of the patched members that took a liking in you may push your name forward during their weekly meetings (church). Church is a basically a weekly meeting for the club where they go through the current and next weeks stuff, it's basically a weekly report and during church's, that's where people get initiated, promoted and what-not. So after a patched-member vouches for you, you'll be issued a prospect status. You'll get a vest with a prospective patches. And that's where your initiation begins, that's where you'll have to grind and take orders from the club members. It's how they'll test your loyalty and how capable you are to become an asset in the motorcycle club. Don't be surprised if you'll be doing some crappy tasks, view it like military. Even soldiers had to clean toilets with brushes, here...you might have to do some chores, clean bikes and whatever. Even crap-jobs like that shows that your character cares and has no problems to help out, because clubs are like family, it's brotherhood and everyone chips in and helps out. Because that's the adult mindsets, you can't be lazy in life, you look at things as they are and there is no shame in doing crap jobs. No one is taking your manhood away if someone told your character to go clean bikes or toilets, you know? It's grinding-phase, everyone gets tossed into the shit and mud to see how you'd react and take the heat, the pressure, the shame. If you can contain it or not, it's baby-steps of testing your mindset, because down the line...when you'll be involved into illegal scene, they'll be able to determine how tough that brain of yours is. Everything starts in the baby-steps. Things that you can do if members/club isn't online: Development is key, that's where the value of the RP comes in. When there's slow down you can work on your bike, you can role-play ordering parts online and picking them up from the post office, take them to your place and work on your bike. Some people even apply for a storage-unit and use that as their little workshop for the bike. You can google bunch of motorcycle parts and learn how to replace them so you'd be able to explain these actions in detail over /me's and /do's. Down the line you'll probably meet other "hangarounds" and you guys could just become friends and do bike repairs together or any other stuff, that's how you'd build a bond with another and have something to do when clubs not on. You have to understand, motorcycle club or any other faction out there, isn't supposed to present you with 24/7 role-play. Nobody gets a handout, you are out here role-playing. Then just do it, go with the flow. Don't assume stuff or pre-prepare things, just develop things and take every stuff into the detail. Trust me, factions take quick notice when members only hop-on when some "insiders/patched" individuals are on and the word gets by very quickly and you'd just be looked upon as this selfish-individual who expects things on a golden plate, no one likes a player that's feeding off someone else when you could do things yourself, that's what true meaning of RP is. You go with the flow, you act like a real human being. Even if you'll end up saying something stupid, let it be. Nobody is perfect and in my experience, being unique and having "FLAWS" ic-ly is the best way to get recognized, because faction notices that you are role-playing mistakes and learning from them, you aren't 100 percent mister perfect, nobody like it. That's some robotic mind-set and play-to-win attitude. In the illegal scene, no one is perfect, you can only learn and adapt there. Your in the illegal scene, so remember that...actions have consequences, drama brings problems, problems bring heat. You must know how to read between the lines in order to survive it. You can repair your bike, go to the club bar or a club, have a side hustle. For all I care, you can even break into the properties and steal stuff and bring the stolen goods to the pawn shops to make a quick buck. There's multiple things you can do, take a ride around the town, maybe find some female to be your girl-friend or whatever, make some friends on a social level so you have most things to do and your development is "busy". What I mean by busy, when you are realistic and made few connections, you'll often be busy with social-aspect of things. Factions like motorcycle clubs, mobs and what-not, it's not always "ILLEGAL ACTIVITY" 24/7, all of these illegal individual in the real world got families and life, they aren't stuck in that thing 24/7, it's a thing amongst them-self, a brotherhood a secret society so to speak. They aren't savages, they simply see life from a different perspective and they aren't afraid to act out of the laws-bounds to earn couple bucks on the side. Because world is corrupt and dirty, rich people getting richer, poor people getting poorer. These fundamental things must be taken into the consideration. - Organized Crime 101- OC (organized crime) is probably one of the delicate role-play scenes, this is where most people view this as grown-ups scene. People in OC's are often extremely experienced players and provided the community with huge amount of RP. OC's usually set up bunch of business fronts, businesses that help the servers social-civilian scene and OC's are notorious in the distribution stuff. Firearms, substances, counterfeit goods...you name it, OC's are usually involved with everything, extortions, unions, anything to skim cash off the top. Multiple OC's are ran in a similar way, just with a different mindset, standards and strictness. But the base of OC development is similar in all of them. People that get involved into OC are usually individuals who came across an "organized crime" guy. This isn't a faction where you show up to their "spot" and expect to get recognized, things are a lot more delicate. It's easier to find gang members, motorcycle club members...because it's self explanatory, gangs usually operate in some block, motorcycle clubs got their club houses and bars that they got to and it's labeled with the clubs involvement, so it's a lot easier to find those spots, but organized crime? This is one of those situations where, you know a guy who knows a guy. Even if your one of those that "meta-games" the businesses ran by the organization and gonna wanna hang out there,...they'll just give you a cold shoulder every time. So the way in is to start off as a resident. You see, most of the organized crimes have a deep ethical background, Russian, Irish, Italian and what-not and they'll be residents them-self in those areas. If you are looking for Russians, you'll probably find most of them in Hove Beach and around Broker, if you are looking for Italians, they'll probably be in Little Italy or Alderney (aka New Jersey), if you are looking for Chinese Triads, they'll probably be around Chinatown, and so on. It's all about the ethics and the area...and to get recognized by either of the groups you wish to join, you must become a resident, a local individual. You don't have to try to become teachers pet 24/7 and try to link up with it, you can just be a local guy that got a blue collar job and what-not and you stop by the OC's joints time to time, you could get into some gambling scene, little side poker thing, maybe some diamonds and what-not, some side-hustle. Because most of the guys in OC all got a side hustle and are hungry for money, that's where OC's take a huge interest into the guy, it's a individual that isn't afraid to earn couple bucks and dodge tax payments. That's what side-hustle is most of the time, it's a good way to earn couple bucks and not pay "the man" his tax dollars. And as you build your reputation as this local guy doing certain something, OC may take notice and you'll end up hanging out with one of the "Associates" of that organized crime and you'll be doing some basic-small time stuff and progress as you go. Everything begins in baby steps, you'll be tested, you'll be doing boring tasks, you'll be educated and the further you go and the more active you are and most importantly, the more of a unique character you bring over, the further you'll go. Trust me, nobody wants to see "Mafia 1, 2, 3", Scarface, The Sopranos, Eastern Promises rip offs...its cringe and terrible, I know that these shows and games brought huge inspiration to you, and it's completely fine, because some of the stuff in those games/shows do make sense, some don't as its just a show/game, and in those shows/game things happen quickly. One hour you are playing as a nobody, next hour your a made-guy, but in RP server. Every day, every-step matters. Nothing gets fast-tracked, fast-tracked hierarchy means terrible standards, terrible standards equals garbage leadership, garbage leadership equals trash RP & waste of time. I know it sounds harsh, but it's the truth. You wanna be part of a faction that focuses on the character development, reputation of that character a safe factions to be part of, one that got strict hierarchy, internal politics even. You can do life stuff, get yourself an apartment, have a job as a front...it's a smart play because it'll pay off in the long run. Organized Crime stuff is usually hidden behind curtains, that's the whole point of it. Doing huge things but under the level. You should get a blue-collar job, some employment and remain as a "civilian" on the laws and public eyes, but in reality...you are in some serious business. OC remain under the radar because the law enforcement evolved over the last years, this isn't 60's where criminals get away with stuff...world adapted and being a criminal means being extremely careful and cover up the angles, use the system against itself. It's not what you know, its what you can prove. You can't act like a mob guy around the streets, it'll just cringe the hell out of things, you are just some dude that knows another group of dudes and you maybe meet up here and there. Most OC's also have their own business fronts, where they sign each other in so the tax-track would be on point. In OC you wanna have that mindset, where you ensure that you IC-ly got taxes paid off, ensure that you don't buy the things you wouldn't be afford with the blue-collar income. You wanna spend more, you must be employed in certain position to match the checks. You can't buy yourself a Bentley by being a bartender at a local bar, you know? You wanna get a Bentley, you need to have clean cash income from a real cash-making business, being manager of a club that bringing huge profits and what-not. You must ensure your street-status, the incomes, the cash value on governmental standards match. If you start buying expensive cars while having no legal job and no cash-tracks, it's gonna be easy for cops to assume that you are a illegal individual. It only takes that one detective to dig into little paperwork trail. You need to cover up your tracks and act smart. Additional input onto the OC affiliation: You see, it's not an unusual thing for certain people who been hearing and watching criminal activity happening in their backyards, you see it everywhere now-days. Either on your local news or even in tv series of movies and these /inspirations/ push some people who are tired of their 9-17 jobs to get involved with illegal activity to earn couple extra grand. There is a certain process that people go through, you can't just show up to some establishment and expect to get mobbed up or something. Everything starts off with the baby-steps and over the period of time you get noticed and introduced. Because image is everything, the attitude of yours and how you handle yourself and most important, who you are hanging out with. Because like anything else, it plays a huge human factor. Sadly, this isn't the 60s-90s where everyone wanted to get involved and certain organizations would just picking people up left and right, today its more distant and things are hidden. So even a regular mob guy is just a normal individual, the thing that he got going on is between him and people he is with, but over time these connected men get familiar with locals who got that spark and fire in them and they end up doing some basic tasks or even getting involved through multiple businesses that these ground breaking organizations own. Little chatter here over a cigarette, little chatter there outside the club and over the period of time your character becomes noticed, how you carry yourself and how well you do these certain tasks. Because its a quick notice onto somebody that got crocodile blood. Like any faction we present couple businesses that operate as fronts and money laundry for us and these spots are key entrances for some people, where they keep their civilian-face on and over period of time might start seeing a thing or two, and people get judged based on their hard work at that establishment, grinding long hours and putting bunch of effort in...that shows that thrive for the money. Talking about having debts, girlfriend that demand money and such...just everyday stuff. For all I care, you can even have a chatter about your side hustle to earn extra bucks and at some point somebody gonna see that blood thrust in you and you might get involved with some small time illegal scene. It's to test out your capabilities of keeping your mouth shut and slowly educate you on the ways of OC. I know everyone wants to be a top G since day 1, but you have to put in the hours and effort, it becomes evidence for us to invest into you and educate you into modern crime wave. Every faction possesses these factors, but it just depends on the quality and standards and how badly you wish to belong. HOOD MENTALITY/GANG ROLEPLAY -Gang roleplay 101- Gang scene always been one of the largest role-plays on RP community, often people assume that...only reason why people do gang-scene is over the shootouts. Some of it maybe true, but it's not the point. Gang's end up in constant shootouts due to the rival beefs and turf wars. Gangs are heavily focused on money making, and their primary cash flow is through drug business. Gangs are notorious in the drug scene because they often roll around certain neighborhood, neighborhood that builds its own reputation on distribution. That's why you got so many people who swing by the neighborhoods to get some drugs or guns that may have bodies on them. Every organized crime always tries to get a decent gang under its wraps, because when you got a good gang that's organized and focuses on money, they can easily distribute the drugs. But gangs aren't just corner boys, there's a lot more to it, there's an entire network if its properly set up, with the chain of command going through the roof. A decent gang structure is to take care of all the ranking spots. You need to have someone that's a smart businessman, someone with a clean record and has clean name for the business licenses and such, then you got someone who is all over the streets and controls the distribution and sales. Gang business isn't just bang-bang, it's a deep hierarchy with a large pyramid. Where top dogs are untouchable and unheard off. Nearly every gang out there got top-tier levels, top tier levels where dudes hang out at record studios or other large events, mainly hip hop related stuff due to the hood mentality. And this is where you could promote bunch of different role-plays, by having a large expanded possibility. You got the grinders in the hood, the beginners. And as they'd progress and build reputation, they could do different tasks and obtain different skills. You as a faction leadership should educate people. It's to ensure you got a self-evolving and independent structure. That's why you keep yourself in distance, while you educate the truth worth individuals to /ACT/ as leaders. If you wanna keep making that paper and remain off radar, be an adviser type on top. Don't be all about rumble-tumble shootouts, because it's just bad for business and you'll get extremely tired of it. You as a leader should focus on distribution, network and market. Without that mentality, you'll be over-ran and destroyed. When you are a beginner, someone that just decided to join the gang. You gonna be required to start off from a young age, Liberty City happen to have a high school that presents you with the awesome development capability. You can start off as a small time and end up pushing some drugs in school and simply experience the day to day bases of hood related individual. And as you'd progress with your sales and be educate on the drug scene, you'll be able to age up when times right and take on different roles. And it all depends if you wish to be a hustler or a hitter. It's no secret, most guys get pushed into the hitter thing. It doesn't mean its "DM" mentality, often gangs got couple rivals and that circle of war keeps going around, where singular gang may have 2-3 attacks on its block by those 2-3 different gangs. So that's why you got individuals who often step into the defense-role and get their minds set up as a hitter for the block. You need to view this as a strategical offense, you need defense around your block in order to let the other gangs know that you ain't weak. Soon as you show the down-fall of weakness, it'll be the end of your money making. When you'll keep getting wiped and you'll be getting frustrated by losing the money, drugs and clients. Trust me, people won't go to a block that's always hot, you need to know how to play the game. As the top-dog, its your job to have good network connection and reach out to your plugs or links with high connections to help you in the war. Often organized crimes with huge ties can crush these beefs, because they got way more resources then some street gang, and war on street isn't good for anyone. And that's another thing I wanna bring up, admire and respect the street-hierarchy and politics. It's not about YOU and your FACTION, you must take all the factions into consideration. Work with them, use them for your own advantage, because when you make this...selfish-attitude where no one in this server matters expect the faction your with, that's where you have failed and brought boring role-play. In the illegal scene, you need to have the network mindsets and street-politics, don't over-step...because you'll get on shit-list very quickly. And you'll be stuck battling wars with other organizations/gangs and also have to worry about cops, all because you couldn't swallow your pride once a while and go with the flow. Sometimes, we need to learn how to shut our mouth and respect the streets. It's how we do it. I understand no one wants to have their manhood taken away, but it's how it is sometimes. You just need to let someone walk over you, but it's to benefit you in the future. Because down the line, you can build your crew and be ready to expand. Maybe reach out to the "Organized-crimes" rivals and seek other allies. It can be so much fun by playing the strategic part, possibilities are endless. It's not only about corners, shootouts and drugs. There's a lot more to it. It's like an onion effect, just when you thought things were at the top...it just keeps on opening other layers. Thing that you can do when you're part of a gang: - Drug sales Selling drugs is one of the most important things in the drug scene, that's how you keep the illegal scales tipped over and providing the community with illegal and filthy scene. - Going to high school It's a nice spot to help you sell some substances, make some connections or have a low-level beefs with other classmates. Overall it's a great experience. - Become a scout on BMX around the bock Being scout is one of the important positions, you are out there roaming around block and letting other homies know about rivals that are on their way or informing on rivals spray-tagging your hood. I recommend you to get a Nokia 3310 (burner phone) and the guy that's in the gang to get one as well, so when you /sms Joe 5th Street, ops! He'd get the message on text instead of taking out smart-phone /phone and losing time, with nokia 3310, you just get the SMS on the text-box, so its a lot easier and quicker. - Defender of the block Being on defense is important, it's how you show your power and protect your money makers and people. Have some pride and honor in it, you can have a car rolling around the block that got guns in there and it's ready to pop off. You notice rivals car? Chase it away, lit it up and dip out. You got a solid roof top that got a clear vision on the block? Get on it with a pistol or whatever, someone tries to roll up, the block got an upper hand now, guy that got the high ground and flanks the ops. - Play some games You can also promote basic role-play, playing some poker, dices and what-not, some alleyway joints. It's just nice for atmosphere around the block to see people doing different activities. - Pull out a boombox It's always nice to see boombox's around the gang hoods with some trap or hip hop music playing, it brings so much life and immersion to the whole neighborhood. - Spawn your car(s) Even if you are role-playing 14, but got some cars. You don't have to IC-ly own them, you can just spawn them so the block feels alive. Plus when someone tries to shoot you guys up, you got quick cover. Having cars spawned is great immersion for the neighborhood, it makes feel real and active. It's that little illusion of joyful RP that brings loads of fun. Even something that simple, plays its part in hood scene. - Dead soldiers Talk about the people that died, the history of the block. Never forget them, set out some memorials for those who been character-killed. It's good to remember those who pulled their weight. History of the block always matters and brings bunch of awesome stories and rival provocations, it's how life works. Role-play is all about going with the flow and being realistic. - Animals around the block Those who got donator status could spawn their cats or dogs. Even if you don't like cats, but you still get the cat-in donator perks, spawn it. You don't have to RP owning it, you can just spawn a stray-cat and select "WANDER AROUND" and let the cat roam around the area. Even something this simple makes the block RP look alive and awesome. And if couple people who got donator status will do it, it'll make the neighborhood look sick. Same with dogs, if you don't wanna RP owning the dog, but it'll just be some local stray-dog, you can just spawn some random breed and let him roam around freely. Also, when cops come with their dog (K-9), realistically. The K-9 dog gonna be focused on other dog, and that means...the police dog is less focused on his drug-sniffing duties and he gets confused. It's a proven fact and the dog-pet/stray can play a decent part to help you fight fire with fire. - Car culture Those who are at the age and love lowriders or any car modifications, you could have a little car club in the block, where your pimped out rides would be lined up, having some party around it. Talk about the rims and expensive parts that you've installed. It's all part of the game and lively hood, the street cred and admiration. - Graffiti Tagging up isn't just some random thing, often its the streets-story telling and reputation build. Often gang members leave tags on walls after shooting up a block, or crossing over the current gangs tag to let them know, they pushing in. Graffiti thing can become real political for the streets, often...graffiti's are viewed as the "Letters of the Streets" and only handful of gang players can read between the lines and know what's up. But otherwise yes, you may also tag random shit around the hood for the sakes of it. Law Enforcement Involvement You must understand that, sooner or later the law enforcement will be involved in your life. This is something you cannot dodge forever, at some point in time...police gonna be extremely lucky and be introduced into your life, doesn't necessary mean it'll be "YOUR" fault, but it could be someone else's and that's where the chain-reaction begins. You see, cops are here to enforce the law, they aren't going around randomly meta-gaming or whatever. Lots of illegal RP'ers assume that cops are MGers and RP-gate-keepers, but in reality...police role-players are just doing their job, because when you are viewing this from PD's perspective, lots of the criminal acts are extremely stupid and sloppy. Idea is to remain off cops radar, not bringing in any un-necessary heat. Lots of people tend to provoke cops, talk shit, be involved in criminal acts and simply making it TOO EASY. Cops don't just interact with random people, they always need a reason to do that and if you see high amount of cop patrols in your area? That just means your faction been messing up too much and brought a lot of heat and that's gonna attract cops, it's really simple. The more crimes that happen in certain area, the more cops gonna be there. And they'll go visit that area every day if not hourly if it's slow day, it has nothing to do with "Yea, it's because my faction is active" none of it really matter. Either its active or not, they are there because they can and because it´s their job, to patrol around the neighborhoods, specially ones that are involved with drug dealing and shootings, kind of the whole point. Applying little pressure and showing the cops activity in the certain neighborhood. Lots of people got bad attitude towards the PD, if you ask me...before anyone opens their mouth and attempts to bad mouth it, call it MG'ers and what-not, join the PD on alternative account and see it for yourself, trust me...you'll be surprised how often people make clumsy criminal acts and assume cops MG'ed. You need to understand that cop rpers aren't above you OOC-ly or anything, they are players just as you. Cops develop, progress, join different divisions to play more important role in the department, no one out here is violating policies. If you wish to be a good criminal role-player, take a swing at the Penal Codes, some old court-cases, read through the cases and what-not. There is nothing wrong with it, because IC-ly its public record and OOC-ly it's a good way to adapt your criminal mindset. There is nothing wrong doing research on some arrests and how to dodge them, it's what loads of criminals do, they learn from others mistakes. You can even get yourself a lawyer, listen to the lawyers advices and know how to play the "game". Because criminals who do not know how to play the political-street-game, they don't last long. But there is nothing wrong with that, having a criminal career with terrible knowledge is common in the criminal world, but if you gonna be always caught and checked by cops because you been on radar too much, you must remember that...you made that happen by yourself, every actions has a reaction. Also, little heads-up. If some LCPD cop/detective got corruption rights, don't be surprised. It's extremely rare as PD approves one of the best cop-roleplayers to have this perk, as its extremely rare due to people...sadly, complaining too much. Loads of players have this weird attitude, where they expect cops to be 100 percent boy-scouts, but in reality...Liberty City aka New York, it's a dirty city and even cops can be dirty, where they set up their own markets and are involved with organized crimes and gangs them-self to earn extra dollar. Even if cops end up putting gun to your head, taking you into dark spots to have a little chat with you, don't be surprised that it might happen. Or even end up putting a bullet in you with a gun that they picked up while ago off the streets. You must understand that, at some point...fire will be fought with fire and you can't be dramatic about it, when you go out of lines, somebody worse will step in. I'm not saying this is gonna be a common thing as its heavily monitored by the FM and PD leadership, but don't be surprised if you encounter cops like that, your in the illegal scene...you must understand the nature of it, its all filthy and dirty and that's part of the reality and development, so don't be surprised if one day, you gonna be treated like complete trash by cops who got a lot of power, because world isn't fair and you need to take that into consideration. Development and growth in the society should matter and simply going with the flow. Drug game - Dealer & Distro Drug dealer mentality 101: Drug game - It's probably one of the main fundamental pillars of the criminal scene. You need to understand the drug game to be able to progress. Factions gonna start off the newly recruited members with small quantity of substances and see how they'll do. As you progress by selling the given products, they'll keep giving you higher amount and with the drug scene you can build extremely powerful reputation. When I'm doing drug dealer scene, I always wanna cover couple angles. I get myself a burner phone (Nokia 3310) for example, and I pass it out to my clients, regulars. You can even have a smart-phone that's used for illegal activity, but remember...if you ever get pinched by cops and they end up taking your phone, they could find a way to break into it and read the messages and it'll expose your entire little network that you build. So if I were you, I'd keep that phone with connects, plugs and entire network of yours stashed in the crib and have it when you are "working". It's a smart and careful play, because like I said before...police aren't stupid, they'll use what's offered to conclude investigations, because cops work is to keep following the trails, picking up clues and build cases. If you been busted with amount that could be considered as "Major Trafficking" , cops won't give up. They'll dig deeper, see where you live, file warrants with evidences to raid your property and you gonna end up losing more, that's why you should cover tracks and maybe have a system of your own, where you'd rent a property where you'd live in and have another spot as a stash joint, lots of factions have these type of "safe-house" properties, spots that are off the record for safe-keeping. You simply have to cover that angel, otherwise you place everyone at risk. And your action will pull out a heavy consequence, even a character-kill. You need to be a team-player and be creative when you dealing substances. Only because faction gave you drugs to move, doesn't mean you shouldn't have sense of responsibility. Those who execute this RP correctly, flying real smart and careful, they end up pushed further in the faction. Valuable asset, so to speak. Don't just look at drugs as "drugs", look at it more of...."goods". Supplying the demand, you have something that somebody needs and you are just there to make extra bucks. That's why you shouldn't walk around with a big-ego energy, unless you wanna get detected by cops quickly. Have a nickname or something, so no one would know your name when you are dealing. When I'm doing drug scene, I spend most of the time inside clubs or bars, offering people drugs. This is where you can learn another handful skill, fast-talk aka bullshitting. If you see someone at the club, they way they dressed, all cool and got swagger. You could yap with them about day-to-day stuff, about the clubs life style and what-not, some basic conversation and get into the guys friendly side and later you could offer him some stuff, get him to trust you, make him feel like he is solid and cool, it's gonna be hard for some people to back away from the compliments. If you happen to have a girlfriend, you could use her to help you sell the drugs quickly. Even in a RP community, when female character interact with the males, male character gonna be lean with them and that's where the female can be a good asset to get the guy to buy the stuff. With that said, any creative realistic aspect can be a huge benefit for you to get a guy in your pocket. You could even go into the toilets of these bars/clubs and do /cim ** There would be written phone number with Marijuana leaf with the marker on the toilets door - #######**. It's completely fine and realistic, because when you go to clubs/bars, you often see these numbers written on the wall and they are burner phones for the drug dealers. People who party and drink they love to crank up the party and when the alcohol isn't enough, they need something harder. It's from personal experience as well as I work as a bouncer, it's how it is. Most drug sales happen in clubs, as its filled with multiple people and when they are entering the drunk-world, they gonna go with the flow. In the game its similar, but you just need to know how to play it out right and be a good sales-man. It's one of those things you can learn during the drug dealing stages. If your part of a gang and happen to be in the neighborhood and someone drives to you to get some stuff off you, you should be smart how you go by the business. You shouldn't carry the stuff on you, if you got another homie with you, you can use him. Let's say there is three of you. You could have different roles to play, one of you is the runner, dealer and stasher. Runners job is to take cash, pass it over to the stasher and collect the stuff from the stasher and run back to the buyer and pass it over. Runner = Middle guy. If your a dealer, your job is to talk to the guy that arrived to you, offer him the product and such, become his little friend and what-not and let "Runner" know how much of the stuff you need after passing him the cash. Runner rushes towards the stasher afterwards. Stasher is a guy that sits somewhere around the block, could be inside a the complex, house or a car somewhere in the alley or something. Runner ensures he won't be detected where he going, take some fake-routes to avoid detection, arrives to the stasher and passes him the money and asks for the XX amount of substance. Stasher passes him the stuff and runner rushes back to the buyer and passes him the stuff. And that circulation continues, it's a smart way to avoid getting pinched with the stuff on you, it's one of the ideas you can use for your benefit, otherwise...you can come up with other unique ways of doing creative and fun drug sale RP. You can research bunch of different codes names for drugs, the amounts....like, eightball stands for 3.5 grams, O stands for an ounce which is about 28 grams. Mixing little dialog with street-context so its tougher for regular people to understand and for cops to get. Giving your drugs some names that only you and your faction would know and people who buy it off you, changing names up. It's to ensure you guys don't get picked by cops, maybe a possible wire. Always circulating things around to stay off the radar and making it tougher, because you NEVER know who might be listening. Even when it feels "safe" to speak, have that thought back of your head and assume that someone might be listening, it's good paranoid-mentality to have. DISTRIBUTION As I mentioned in the drug scene, distribution is extremely important to the illegal scene. Distribution/Smuggling should be taken into consideration if you'll be a distributor. Distributor or Distro role-play is extremely fun, but you must understand how things work. You should consider getting a trucking depo as a front, appeal for a business somewhere in port or industrial zone with warehouses, some sort of import/export business. Get couple vans or trucks and hire civilians to work there. It's highly important to have civilians inside to help the business remain under the radar, far as everyone else is knowns...it's just some trucker doing his runs, but you could use this legal-trucking front for your advantage and set up a network for smuggling. Most of the time, when your a distributor (major leagues), your connections will most likely possess businesses as well, different fronts. Bars, clubs, auto shops and what-ever. That's where you could have the truck loaded with illegal goods (weapons, counterfeit stuff, drugs) and you'd simply drive over to that "connections" business. You'd wear the truckers issued uniform, grab some crates out and deliver to his business. It's smart and under the radar, and with the dozens of truckers driving around...its a perfect blend and cover. You could also just do distribution through a mechanical shop. Getting yourself a flat-bed truck, place some shit-box car on top of it and deliver the shit-box car to the location. You should load the shit-box car with illegal goods, because...far as everyone else knows, it's just some guy doing vehicle-delivery for a client. And you could even deliver the shit-box to the guys front door or his garage. There are multiple ways to get creative around distribution scene, you just need to use the legal script-features and blend yourself in. How will anyone know there are guns inside the shit-box or inside some truck? Cops or rivals will only be aware of it, if someone from your crew talked, or if cops been monitoring your activity closely. And that only happens when you exposed yourself to the law and became their target. My personal advice: Don't act out to the point, where you'll be publicly known of being involved with organized crime. It's just not smart...those who know, KNOW. Keep the secret society/underworld thing under the radar. Gun dealer - Responsibility & Smuggling -Gun Runner 101- When you'll be involved with firearm sales, you should view things like goods, just like the drugs. You are on that, supplying the demand thing. You'll most likely start off with couple weapons, small time stuff. Maybe Tec9's, pistols, things in that nature and it'll be up to you to find yourself buyers, capable buyers as well. You must understand one important thing, everyone wants a gun. And its easy to sell it to any individual, but you must take responsibility into consideration, some people possess this stupid "DM" mentality, where they need a quick gun, their RP is off point, they urgently need a pistol or whatever. These people in my book are bad individuals, because they end up causing huge amount of stupidity with the guns, it's hard to detect these people sometimes, but if you do...you should consider not dealing them stuff, because it'll bring nothing but problems. So you should have sense of responsibility and value peoples RP and how they handle them-self and not just "I need a gun", you know? Read between the lines and choose proper players who are valuable RP'ers and not random people who show little care in RP and just wanna be trigger-happy. As a gun dealer you can also become real political, you can look at the city map and grid out the sectors, like...gangs for example. Gangs are factions that often are ready to buy the batches off your hands, it's simple nature. Gangs are always in war to protect their businesses to continue their dope sales, if gang can't defend itself and push their enemies away, they gonna lose money and street cred and when they do that, other organization will turn their backs on them. As you'll progress with your gun-running scene, you'll obtain more firearms for your supplier, and even heavier weaponry. And the low-base bond that you build with the gang or buyer, you can offer him something bigger. It's how it works, you evolve the partnership with the individual you worked with and push something more serious and the hierarchy of the gun flow grows. And as you progress in the certain organization yourself, you can educate the people under you on how to do things to ensure there are no mistakes and everyone makes money in a smart way. If you gonna be moving large firearms and quantities, you should get creative. Get involve with a business as a front, import / export or something, or a garage. Let's say you got a mechanical depo or your organization is involved with one, you could put money together and get yourself a FLAT-BED truck. You could buy some crappy cheap car and store the firearms and even drugs inside it, place the cheap-crap car onto the flatbed and deliver it to the "client", far as the law and everyone else knows...it's just some mechanical moving a car from A to B. That's the thing, nobody knows what's up and you are flying under the radar. Same with the import/export or even trucking depo. You got trucks, vans...it's just a guy doing his basic run, that's why its smart to get involved with businesses as fronts to remain under undetected radar. It's not what you know, it's what you can prove. DOG FIGHTS To make things clear, I'm a dog person myself. I had a dog and I love dogs, this doesn't mean I'm here to promote hate for the hounds. It's part of the game, the illegal criminal activity. And dog fights one of those dirty-filthy things that happen on the streets. And while ago I clocked it with the staff and they said it's completely fine to do dog-fight role-play, as long as its done in a secret place and people who are invited to the illegal dog-fight betting agree to this scene. Often people who go with it are top tier RPers who go with the flow and when they are offered to be part of the dog-fights, they roll through it. So basically this gonna require you to get couple things going. You should find a spot for the dog fighting, it can be outside the city, in a basement of some complex or inside interior. You should map out some fences where dogs gonna be inside, have some blackboard where the "bookie" gonna keep track of bets. And most importantly, you'll have to have a dog script-wisely. You and the other individual should spawn the dogs and do the bets. Let's say you and another homie got dogs, you could host the dog-fights yourself and change breeds aka changing dogs. OR you can also let your connections know that, they can bring their own dogs. So let's talk about how the function would work. We'll be using the good old /coinflip. There will be total of 3 ROUNDS. How do I know I won the round? Each individual that controls the dog/spawned the dog. Will do /coinflip 3 TIMES. Let's say INDIVIDUAL A flipped the /coinflip and got 2 HEADS and 1 TAILS. INDIVIDUAL B flipped the /coinflip and got 1 HEADS and 2 TAILS. That means INDIVIDUAL A won that ROUND. And they role-play resetting the round, patting their dogs, giving the dog something to drink and the next round begins. And it's the same, both individual spawn the /coinflip in 3x in row and one with highest "HEADS" moves to the next round. If both got DRAW either of the rounds, then its a draw. There is no repeat. That's why there's 3 ROUNDS because someone will win out of 3. PROSTITUTION RING Prostitution is one of the filthy businesses of the society, its the urges, needs and status for some role-players. We all know the stories, the e-sex and all that. I get it, we all do...but role-play is role-play and girmey filthy scene is part of it. There are bunch of people who role-play as local whores to earn quick cash. People often do that to grind money for XX month and name-change, it's no secret. It been done for years. If you wish to become representative aka "PIMP" type, you should know how to speak to these whore-roleplaying players. Be real about it, tell them that you got a business proposal where you both could benefit, where you'd help the girl have clientele and even reach out to strip clubs and get the girl hired to dance and get fucked in the backdoors. It's a filthy business what can I say, but it is what it is. You as a "representative" can also tell the girl that, she can tell her clients about some drugs, coke and what-not and she could be your eyes and ears on the streets and help you get clients without risk. Client is filthy and dirty as it is, he got girl that's taking care of his needs and he is dirty enough to get the party going and get some dope, it's how the dirty business works, filthy-filth finds its shit-pile. That's the nature of the grimey underworld scene. With girls on corners its also about the territory, territory means political effect. So if you got a girl working on a wrong turf and corner, you might have problems. And if you don't cough up bills to that local gang or organization, there could be a conflict. So you...as a girls representantive/pimp. Should cover these ends otherwise, girl could get beaten up, stabbed or killed and it'd be your fault and you just lost cash-maker to the streets. Be smart, be strategic. You can also set up an escorts service, it's even better if you got a club and you have couple girls inside dressed real nicely. These girls would approach an individual and ask them to buy them a drink, the guy buys a super expensive drink and girl would lead him upstairs. Where she could lap dance for him and even fuck him. Bartender downstairs would be the middle guy who would collect the bills or even the manager. But that's a theme for a "Gentlemen's club" not a strip-joint, it's a place where girls approach a guy and if their wallets thick enough, they get invited into backroom. Another thing can be shuttle-escort service. Where you can have a business, like a front....dating site. But in reality, it'd be escort service. You'd have people reach out to through the site (forum PM's after you made a article with girl pictures) and set up time and date for the meet, then you'd drive the girl to the guy. He'd pay you and you'd drop the girl off and pick her off later. It's good to recommend the clients to go to hotels/motels to remain under the level. You could also run a massage parlor, it's often a thing happening in Chinatown/Asian. Where girls would pretend to be professional in massages, but with the right price...there would be a happy ending or even more. It's filthy business , it's how the world works. Burglary & Heists Burglaries are one of the fun things to do, it's basic criminal 101 role-play. You should get your mindset ready for real adrenaline rush. Get yourself a skimask from the mask store, some dark clothes, swing by a hardware store for a crowbar and some other tools. Even if these tools won't actually work script-wise (wire-cutters and such) take them, role-play storing it into your duffle-bag, because when you gonna be inside a property, these tools gonna be handy. And if you don't possess certain "ITEM" on you, you can't just role-play having it. GTA World taken the liberty to stack up hardware store and other businesses with bunch of items that go into your inventory. So let's say you broke into a house and there's some chained up door and you need wire/chair cutters, or a crowbar...but you don't have those items script-wise. The admin that's spectating you during the /breakin ,he'll deny you access because you lack the necessary tools and you didn't come prepared and that's on you. Realistic burglary to-do-list: - Tools Visit hardware store, get necessary tools. Crowbars, wire cutters and other items that can be handy with your burglary, so you can easily break into things. - Outfit Wear a balaclava, wear something that'd be light-weight. Some dark sports clothes, hoodie, gloves. Play the part, wear the part. - /breakin Yes, it may take some time for administrators to respond to you, but that's the little down-side of great risk and achievement. When admin responded to your breakin, he or she gonna ask you why you picked this place and such, it's simple question and you are just there to break in to make some possible cash profit if goods inside will pay off. - Inside the establishment Try to be sneaky, if you gonna be too aggressive and loud, the "neighbors aka admin" will contact the cops. So you should be careful, use the apartment for your advantage. If nobody is home and alarm didn't go off, you got unlimited time. Turn music on, maybe TV. Have it a bit loud, but not too loud IC-ly. Go through drawers, closets, suitcases, check under the bed and mattresses. Check the fridge, freezer. Check out the fireplaces, inside of them, inspect the ventliation systems and the vent-covers. Check the toilets, the spot where water fills up, check the carpets, move them a side and inspect for the floor boards, some floor boards may have been moved around and could be a stash point. You need to be detailed and fair in the /me's, and admin will tell you if you found something, because people who store stuff in their houses use /stashinfo and they give information where the item is stashed/hidden. So when someone breaks in, its in a safe place where burglar wouldn't find easily. So you need to think outside the box, it can be in a easy place or hard. Its always a 50-50 thing. -HEISTS- You can use the regular burglary as the training-stage. You break into some properties, either you alone or you and your partner(s) and learn and adapt in that immersion, but later...you guys can set up a heist-crew. Where you'd have to investigate certain places, take down pictures maybe, draw a blue-print. Take care of some arsenal, outfits and what-not, role-play every detail. Don't rush it, have a pre-planning role-play, maybe get some property and map it into a safe-house joint so it fits the immersion. Sort out a plan, assign yourself with different roles, have a stolen car as a get-away and engage the business. Have a time-frame of 60 seconds to break into it, if you managed to obtain security-card IC-ly from a worker, then use it. You can scope the place for couple days or weeks even. Let's say there's a diamond store, it's active and got staff. You can walk in there to check the stuff and act like a curious client. At the same time you just look around the layout of the place and can draw the blue-print plan on the paint. Mark where's the exit, staff room, cameras and where diamonds are lined up. After that you can also keep distance and see where the staff members go, as they may have keys and ID cards. You could see where they'd go, maybe they'd go to through home, maybe to a club. Then you could get your partner to get these people into the bathroom or something, you could beat them up and steal their ID's or get them out carefully and kidnap them. But it's risky due to the crowd, so you'd have to drug the individual and pretend to be carrying them out as they had to many drinks /requestcarry. Otherwise, just wait for them to go to their crib and break inside it and steal their card. You could kidnap the player and break into the place day after as that staff member is gone and nobody gonna know why, but you got the guys access and can carefully sneak in. Can also beat the truth out of the individual, the alarm codes and such. Its effort, yes...but if you go inside with silence and get out scout free, you need to put in work and be creative with the scouting, otherwise...you can go loud, get armed up have a basic plan, rob & run, but it'll be risk because cops gonna respond quickly and you gonna be in the cross-roads with your life. Either you die by cops hands or get lucky and get away. You should consider stealing someone's car, because even cars without registration could be tracked back. VIN numbers, it's smarter to have someone steal a sedan to make the get-away. It's the smart play. COUNTERFEIT & FRAUD Counterfeit designer brands: Counterfeit clothing and goods: Counterfeit goods been an issue for decades now, multiple factories in Asia been creating certain clothing brands and pumping up their prices. Certain goods sales-men would even have a lower value of the real thing. People usually pay the expensive price for the "brands-name", that luxury life style of owning an expensive piece of clothing, bags. The market-demand for looking "rich" was an no-brainer for the organized crimes to establish certain side manufacturing. You got a Gucci bag that's are worth from 500$ to 30.000$ (bags for your glasses, purses, luggage, duffle bags), and not everyone possesses that kind of money to spend on a bag, but people still wanna look rich, purchasing things they don't need to impress the people they don't like (Fight club quota)...and its true, in modern society people wanna impress one another and most of the time you'd be valued depending on your wardrobe, the characteristics of the individual and his worth. Multiple Organized Crimes got behind this kind of business because its one of the "Supplying the Demand" circumstances, people with shitty budget will wanna purchase knock off brand that looks like a real thing and lot of times the OC's would even sell a crappy knock off of "Gucci" that costed them 5$ for 500$ or couple grand. People often don't notice certain stitching and design flaws, if it got a gucci logo and it looks like real thing once they google it, they'll be convinced. Con-artists been at it for decades, bullshitting people in purchasing trash for the same value, either its sun-glasses, clothing line, bags or even jewelry. Skimmers: Multiple thieves got devices that are simply attached onto certain places, ATM's, pumps...they even manage to slip their skimmer devices onto shops card receivers. The skimmer device is a pretty simple explanation. The device collects peoples card numbers and PIN. Once the device collected peoples information...skimmer gets picked up by the thieve and he uploads the information onto his computer and counterfeits credit cards. For that, you are required to have cards with chips in them and be able to repurpose those cards with the newly given card-number and pin. Many cases, certain hackers are involved to program these type of programs for thievery. In a singular day these devices could steal over 200 peoples information and when each individual has over 2.000$ sitting in his bank account, the thieves are pretty much well set when they purchase certain items through online and have it shipped to a faulty address that gets quickly replaced or they simply sell the card a week later to certain individual. Counterfeit cards are pretty handy in the organized crime world, they get to use someone else's money and fly under the radar without ever using their own personal cards. It got its own perks, but these cards can be tracked down by the banks and authorities, most of the time individual that's using these devices, has something covering his face to avoid the cameras. CAR THEFT RING There are bunch of awesome role-plays that can come out of the car theft ring. Sure, it may feel like...its simple enough, you go out there and steal a ride, but there's a lot more to it. You can basically have a career in car-ring. You can be real creative and use what's already offered to you. I'm gonna break down an "underground-dealership" idea, which is pretty unique and awesome for connected people to experience, discuss the car theft benefits and everything around car scene, including racing. Everything on rubber wheels gonna be discussed here and blend in, because its all the same vehicle world. -Underground Dealership: For couple years now, I've created this system that allowed /connected/ individuals to purchase cars for half-price of what it´s worth in the dealership. Basically, you could seduce the organizations that you work along-side with this perk. You'd send a guy or crew out on streets and have them take pictures of certain cars. In RP communities, when you spot a certain car in certain neighborhood...it'll most likely be there tomorrow. So...let's say, you got couple pictures of a BMW, Mercedes Benz...Let's say you got 3 type of BMW's, different marks, different colors, rims and such...you'd give these images to your allies and he'd end up returning to you with one picture. Let's say, out of 3 cars...silver, black and red, he picked a red one with certain rims on it. So now that's where you send the crew back on streets and have them steal that car. I know it may be tricky with the car-owner activity and what-not, but that's the risk and down-side of achievement, we need to suffer here and there or get back to the "connected" individual with bad news that, we can't get the red one...but we can get the silver or black. None-less, the crew would steal the vehicle and bring to the garage. So now you got a red BMW e46 with BBS rims...what now? For the realism sakes, visit the junk-yard, the car crushers. A lot of junk yards sell people the destroyed vehicle, before it hits the crusher. No matter the condition of the /vehicle/, it'll always have paperwork with it, with legal VIN number and such. So, for the realism sakes you'd role-play purchasing a damaged/windowless/engine-less body-frame of that BMW e46. Now, you simply deliver that car-frame to the garage and you pull out the VIN numbers from it. There are certain places you need to look for the VIN number, on the dashboard driver side, sometimes on the passenger side. On the drivers doorway, in the engine bay, usually somewhere above the engine bay and sometimes they got vin number plates on the frames under the car. But having a garage with car lift and such, it makes it extremely easy to pop them out. A lot of the VIN-number plates are stitched with these aerospace bolts, similar bolts you'd see stitched on the airplanes sheet-metal or even in car racing, an easy way to stitch things up with durable bolts. You'd need to roleplay popping them up, easiest and realistic way to do is...its by simply drilling them out with a thin-drill and then you'd just use the aerospace bolt-drill and nail it back in. Basically works like nail-gun expect it drills them inside...and that's how you'd replace the VIN number plates. You can visit a DMV for RP sakes and collect the licenses-plates for the car that you bought from the junk-yard, the body-frame and such...since people "restore" cars these days, nobody would bother asking you any follow up questions. For the realism sakes you could also role-play requesting vehicle color-change as well. In reality you'd need to notify DMV's regarding vehicle color change so it'd be matched up. And they don't really go into full detail what's the specific car-paint color it is, you got multiple types, metallic, matte, paint that possess crystal diamonds...not real diamonds, but it's that nice effect that paint gets. And after those steps, you now own a red BMW e46 legally. That's the way how it's done in reality, but now you need to get an actual car. Since it may take couple days to "role-play" around the vehicle and get these scenes complete...the vehicle will probably be despawned day after or even on the same day by a player when vehicle would just be sitting there in the garage. So now, you simply visit a dealership and purchase that car...you repaint it, add the specific rims that the car originally had on the picture. And you sell that connected-individual the car for half price of what it's worth in the dealership. Let's say the car costs 12.000$, you sell it for 6.000$. Here's the question "Hey, but won't we be losing money by buying cars for full price and selling them for half?" Yes, at that moment it may feel like it...but serious players that are "connected", they'll understand why its cheap...because your next business gonna be pricy. Let's say, you also sell firearms or drugs to this individual. So now, you can pump the prices up. Let's say...he was buying an AK-47 from you for 2.000$ each...now, he'll pay 2.500$ for it. You can of course boost prices up to 3.000$-4.000$ for it. And idea is to "pay-off" the debt for that missing half. So if you think about it, getting those 6.000$ back won't be a problem. So in a way, it's kind of like a credit-card...a system that allows both sides to experience realistic organized crime scene and believe me, people will get behind it. I've done for numerous years on SA:MP, and people enjoyed it...and I always got my money back. It may not be day 1 cash-guarantee, but over time you'd get the money back...end of the day, you just pushed your own and our factions reputation to the top. Something this simple and creative can be a huge plus for everybody. Chop Shop: Chop shop is a pretty valuable gig. Thieves usually do follow ups on certain "Needing parts" sites, multiple facebook groups and car-part websites that are always demanding certain car parts that are too expensive to purchase through the manufacturer and with that "Supply-the-Demand" thing, thieves steal cars that would pay off a decent toll. Single headlight alone is worth over 100$, 2x100$=200$. 200 bucks for some headlights, reinforcement bar can go up to 50-100$, if its stock rims that's solid 200$ per rim. Fenders are around 200-300$ , depending on the vehicle and its demand...prices are pretty flexible. Bumpers can be up to 400-500$, hoods about the same. Mechanical stuff such as "master break cylinder", the main pump for the breaks is worth 400$, if its a decent engine...it can be up-to 2.000$ / 5.000$. Alternator can be around 200$, starters are usually 150$-500$, depending on the vehicle. Seats could go for 400$. That's basically the golden part about the chop shop business, there will be always car accidents and people will always need a mechanic and in order for mechanic to complete his task, he seeks cheaper prices on car-part websites in order to save himself time from rebuilding certain items. A lot of times shops would simply buy a used transmission for 500-800$, put it into the vehicle in couple days time and ask the client to pay up 2.000$ for transmission replacement, same goes with everything else...a lot of times, they'd just clean up certain parts that work. They'd use a grinder and attach the metal-brushings or even sand-paper rolls and give it a nice look. Multiple mechanical shops or chop-shops, they got sand-blaster machines...and they just toss certain parts with bit of rust or mold on it and give it a brand new look. And once certain parts been extracted from the vehicle(s), they simply get the car delivered to a local junk yard...well, whatever is left of it. It's good to rip out the vin-numbers and have a backstory that the vehicle was used as a "donator-car". Donator car means...you got this car for cheap and you used certain parts out of it to get together another vehicle. By the realistic standards, nobody really does these deep follow-ups. Frankly, if the vehicle been stolen...its gone. Business fronts As I mentioned above, it's a smart play to have a business. It benefits your faction from a realistic stand point of view, and it also brings awesome role-play to the community. It's not secret, most businesses are ran by factions, as they keeping those places active. It's the spots that are active due to the possible recruitment phase for some people, so certain businesses got big activity. But having a front pays off, its organized and smart. Let's say you wanna be into smuggling scene, so you should look into businesses that would match that level, let's say...trucking depo or import/export. You could apply for a business, get couple vans/trucks going, hire civilians to work as normal staff, maybe even hire manager to operate the business for you. Trust me, the more civilian staff you have in the business the better, you blend it all in so the business looks like a solid operating front. If you start having only criminals there, it'll be extremely obvious for the cops and they'll start focusing on your place a lot more often and maybe on one unlucky day, they'll follow one of the vehicles and have you completely surrounded and busted, and you lose a lot of valuable goods. So it's better to be smart and treat business a clean business. You can also benefit from a business by placing some illegal money into it, not extremely much, but enough to match the businesses revenue. This would promote a money-laundry RP and you can even get some members to become accountants for you or just hire one. So you are now pumping bunch of other role-play possibilities. Every business has its benefit to the public, the bigger the business the bigger the laundry machine, so to speak. Businesses is also a vital thing for the community, it's what keeps players busy and entertained, and it keeps decent cash flow into the business too, money that can be used to help the faction during difficult times, having money put a side to purchase more businesses, properties and such. It's how it works, you use what you got to make the best of it. If you gonna run a nightclub, and it's an extremely nice one. You should get some drug dealers inside, make some side profits and what-not, control who sells the stuff in your business, because clubs always brought dealers in and problematic things. If you catch someone dealing inside your club, you can get your people to tell the guy to leave, but if he continues. You could shake him down for profit or reach out to his people with a number, because they are now operating on a wrong turf, and that's one of the steps onto the illegal political scene. You can also get a limo and have it parked outside to attract people over, the cooler you make it, the more people gonna visit you. Can even create a "VIP" sector inside with extremely nice mappings in there where people would pay decent amount to get inside and could even have a limo-ride home without a cost, create some sort of a VIP Membership card where they'd get a free limo-shuttle to the club. There are a lot of unique things you can do with a club and other businesses, you just need to get creative and know how to chase that money. Unique and realistic stuff sells and always will, people love it. You can create a security firm as a front as well, it's usually organized crimes with deep ties that do that. They got couple guys who apply for weapon licenses, carrying concealed firearm arm licenses and guard cards. And these individuals create some security firm and it's an excellent cover. So when important figure in the organization maybe under attack or something, you got group of individuals who are legal to wipe out whoever tries to kill the VIP, it's the nature of the security company, you use what's offered to you, and like I said before...you use the system for your advantage. Smart activity and blend in acts will keep you out of jail and keep you operating on completely different level. It's not a MUST, but it's an option that gives you a upper hand on things. If organized crime wants to be powerful, they should focus on covering bunch of angles and actually feel powerful. Only because in real world the OC is powerful and you portray it, doesn't mean people will value you the same way, IRL those organized crimes are involved with multiple things and possess deep hierarchy, you can do the same if you willing to give a damn.
  6. Hawaii had Gangs since the early 1960s. In more recent years, independent Japanese gangs were tied to some properties in Kahala on Oahu, near Waikiki. Genshiro Kawamoto owned several buildings, villas and mansions in Kahala. He's been questioned in his home country Japan and then later in the United States for tax evasion during the early 00s. Different sources confirm that Mr. Kawamoto's circle is involved in various embezzlement and money laundering schemes all over the world. Kahala is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Hawaii. Kawamoto and his so called "friends" owned almost 30 properties in this area, that were used in a money laundering scheme to clean more than $15 million dollars every single year between 1990 and 2015, said the FBI. In early 2023 the FBI and the IRS cracked down on Japanese organized crime in Hawaii, arresting nine men connected to an extortion scheme in Honolulu. Evidence suggest that the scheme to extort Japanese nationals in Hawaii was connected to the money laundering scheme mentioned earlier. In early April, five of the nine suspects were sentenced to federal time for extortion and usury under the RICO statute. The remaining four, among them the mastermind behind the planning of the extortion scheme were acquitted. Little Okinawa The Japanese neighborhood of Vespucci Beach or as the locals call it "Little Okinawa" is a true gem of West Los Santos. The historic area is home to a sizable Japanese American population and is known for the trendy shops and restaurants centered on the beachwalk. During World War II, the community was disrupted and lives were uprooted because of the Japanese American internment, one of the darkest chapters in American history. A large number of them resettled in Little Okinawa as they reintegrated into society. Today Little Okinawa is only the shadow of it's old self, once neighborhood today just four boutiques but still a beauty. Little Okinawa is represented not only by its Japanese American postwar settlers and their descendants, but by a diverse set of Asians and other ethnicities and backgrounds. Take a stroll through the neighborhood and shop kitschy boutiques, nosh on delicious multicultural fare and more. If you are looking for authentic Japanese food visit the Shingle Fish restaurant. The "Little Okinawa" movement is based out of this small neighborhood as well. They've come into existence with one goal, to get the City of Los Santos to recognize the area locals call "Little Okinawa" as an official district of Los Santos.
  7. Back in its prime, The Velentzas Crime Family was one of the most prominent and dangerous Greek-American organized crime groups operating in Queens, New York. Tracing its roots back to the post-World War II era, characterized by an influx of Greek immigrants, the origins of this syndicate can be attributed to the Kourakos clan—a lineage hailing from Maniot-Greek origins and led by Peter Kourakos. Yet, it was under the adept leadership of Spyredon "Spiros" Velentzas that the mob experienced a real ascent to prominence during the latter part of the 1980s. Boasting a membership that exceeded thirty individuals at its peak, The Velentzas Crime Family flourished by methodically establishing and controlling illegal gambling operations, spanning from games of dice to horse-racing parlors. Their prosperity was further bolstered by cultivating a tightly-knit rapport with select members of The Lucchese Crime Family—an alliance that furnished protection in return for a share of the gains. The trajectory of this mob group took a dramatic turn on June 20, 1992, when two pivotal figures within its hierarchy, in tandem with the leader of the organization, found themselves ensnared by a set of racketeering charges. Velentzas, confronted with an extensive array of charges including murder, loan sharking, gambling, and tax fraud, was found guilty and sentenced to a lengthy twenty-year term of imprisonment. Subsequently, as additional evidence implicated him in the homicide of Sarecho "Sammy the Arab" Nalo came to light, he was sentenced to life in prison, forcing Fotios Dimopoulos to have no choice but to assume the crown and restore control. Fotios Dimopoulos struggled as a leader, finding it challenging to maintain an iron grip over the gambling operations controlled by the Greek-Americans under the Velentzas regime. Capitalizing on this vulnerability, the Albanian-American Rudaj gang seized the opportunity and decided to extort him. Backed up by The Gambino Crime Family, the Rudaj faction orchestrated an assault on Fotios' associate, Antonis Balampanis, who oversaw a gambling establishment dubbed "Soccer Fever". This move was strategically aimed at wresting control of the gambling enterprises spanning Brooklyn, Queens—their home turf—and New Jersey. The attack was met with resistance from the Greek mafia. Left with no alternatives, they opted to escalate matters into a full-blown conflict with the Albanians with the intent to claim their territory back. This war endured for several weeks, culminating in the death of Dimopoulos, killed by a fatal bullet to his head. The aftermath saw a substantial portion of the organization incarcerated or met with a similarly tragic fate. Amidst the turbulence, the remaining core members had no other choice but to leave the state. Robert Stathakis, the young nephew of a prominent Greek-American mobster closely connected to Spyredon Velentzas, spearheaded the move and, alongside a couple of his close friends, established a small foothold in the city of Los Santos. The Albanian threat was ultimately quelled by the intervention of federal authorities. A sweeping investigation was launched, resulting in the prosecution and conviction of Alex Rudaj and his goons on federal racketeering charges in 2004. Even though this marked the downfall of the Albanian dominance, Stathakis decided not to return to his home city. With that said, the lifeline that sustained the crew financially in the new city stemmed from the establishment of an ouzo distillery and, later on, from opening The Apollo Pub, an establishment that not only served as the group's hangout, but also as a legal front and money maker. Since then, Stathakis has adeptly regrouped and solidified its footing. A number of stable business affiliations has been meticulously achieved with both legal enterprises and organized crime groups. This strategic development has fostered an era of recalibration, enabling the Greek-American crew to establish itself and even flourish.
  8. https://www.state.sa.us/sci/pdf/afro.pdf Judiciary of San Andreas ORGANIZED CRIME IN SAN ANDREAS ANNUAL REPORT TO THE SAN ANDREAS STATE GOVERNMENT 2023 DOWNTOWN LOS SANTOS CRIME // ALL GAS NO BRAKES The term “organized crime” often conjures up thoughts of infamous syndicates, such as the Sicilian Mafia and the Sinaloa Cartel. However, most overlook the rising prominence of smaller organized crime groups, such as ALL GAS NO BRAKES. Due in part to their unassuming size, these groups have not been given the attention they deserve from law enforcement, which has led to their proliferation across the Los Santos High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA). A relative newcomer to the Los Santos criminal underworld, ALL GAS NO BRAKES is known to have been formed in the 2010s as a freelance network of drug traffickers. Back then, the group lacked any discernible structure, with each member operating as an equal to the other. It was relatively small-sized, numbering under a dozen members, and recruitment was carried out on a strict invite-only basis. Its membership comprised hustlers from all across the city, many of whom were gang-affiliated. Due to its small size, the group struggled to assert itself in the overcrowded criminal underworld until it eventually took a foothold in the Mission Row area of Downtown Los Santos. From thereon, the group began organizing itself as a syndicate and recruited local youths to flood the streets with narcotics. Today, ALL GAS NO BRAKES can be loosely defined as an Organized Crime Group (OCG), a Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO), a ring, a syndicate, or an enterprise. Its role in the Los Santos criminal underworld is not fully understood, but it has entrenched itself in Downtown Los Santos, specifically the 2105 Vespucci Boulevard and 6458 Power Street apartment blocks in Mission Row. Here, the Organization has been known to recruit local youths to peddle drugs in the surrounding area. It is known to be involved in both wholesale- and retail-level drug distribution with alleged connections to other OCGs in other parts of the city. At first glance, ALL GAS NO BRAKES could be mistaken for a traditional street gang — not too dissimilar to those found in the nearby South Los Santos district — however, the Organization sets itself apart by being highly organized and focused solely on the pursuit of money. While the lower echelons of the Organization are populated by younger residents with no apparent prior gang affiliation, the upper echelons are purportedly occupied by current and former gang members from across the city. It is understood that these individuals have brought an air of gang culture to the Organization, with some members overtly representing their affiliation through tattoos, hand signs, and graffiti. As is typical of most OCGs, ALL GAS NO BRAKES seeks to operate discreetly but has been known to use violence to defend itself and expand its territory. While it is mostly active in drugs trafficking, the Organization is also known to be involved in a variety of other criminal activities for financial gain, such as firearms trafficking, fraud, armed robbery, theft, and extortion. Presence Despite its imposing skyline which features many prominent landmarks, Downtown Los Santos hides a troubled underbelly. Since the 1950s, the district has undergone a significant economic decline. In contrast to its many large businesses, banks and high streets, many Downtown residents now live below the poverty line and have turned to a lucrative life of crime to make ends meet, often working for criminal enterprises, such as ALL GAS NO BRAKES. In 2022, the district crime rate was more than six times the citywide rate and triple that of other Los Santos districts and it often tops rankings as the most dangerous neighborhood in Los Santos. Two apartment blocks within Mission Row — 2105 Vespucci Boulevard and 6458 Power Street — are the epicenter for a large percentage of the crime reported in this district, with high levels of violence, drug use and prostitution. Prior to the arrival of ALL GAS NO BRAKES at the beginning of the decade, the area was prowled by various independent drug dealers; it is understood that many of these dealers were consolidated into ALL GAS NO BRAKES upon its arrival. Mission Row is known for housing one of the largest stable populations of homeless people in the United States. This area has been afflicted by drug use for many decades and ALL GAS NO BRAKES is one group known to be fuelling the problem with a steady stream of narcotics. Due to its opportunistic nature, this Organization is highly likely to relocate or expand into new territories in future. With a lack of adequate scrutiny and persecution from law enforcement, ALL GAS NO BRAKES will continue to proliferate, leaving in its wake terrorized communities, widespread drug use, broken families and rampant violence.
  9. Одесская группа The Odessa Gruppa The Odessa Gruppa is a known cooperative of primarily Russians and Ukrainians, but assumed to have members from many other post-soviet states. The group is believed to have originated from the desperate immigrants of the 70's, with it's main source of members being people of low economic standing. They're attempt to keep generally more neutral and money-oriented compared to other's similar to them, but by no means do they not retaliate and retaliate strong. -Anyone interested in joining can feel free to do so here https://discord.gg/mNU37P75dp History Out of Character Info - We plan on roleplaying realistically down to the last fault and expect anyone interested to follow with that. - We are welcoming to anyone interested in joining or have questions, you may contact @Anatoliy and @FFrenzy03 or you're able to join us here https://discord.gg/7dSmKj3j - The faction is mainly Russian ICly but invites any character who is part of a post-soviet country. - We will be taking OOC activity as importance, so any reports on you, kicks, bans, etc. Will be handled accordingly. - Aside from faction realism, we would like to see character realism and development as well. - This is a group that will start out as a some-what small group and expand and develop through time and IC events. - The faction is all people of Post-Soviet past however it is preferred that you use a second/third generation character rather than a first, however this is not reinforced. -Your character's wealth is always to be portrayed realistically, we will not tolerate players roleplaying a weak financial situation and showing up in sports cars & expensive/luxurious dressing. This is restricted only to people who have progressed a lot in their character development and have obtained their wealth through their roleplay. - The ranking system one very in-character oriented more than of OOC ranks.
  10. "I do not advise anyone to take this path and these dangerous methods to come to the United States. It's real suicide; migrants are left to their own devices. In some countries, people are killed for nothing and the smugglers are real sadists, rapists. All the women are raped. Let no one in Somalia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Egypt, Sierra Leone and Nigeria give money to their child to try this adventure. In 2016, the so-called "African Route" was reinforced. It all stemmed from Brazil's openness to African immigrants. It is easy for young people to get a visa to Brazil from where migrants then embark on a journey by foot, dugout or bus, 11 thousand kilometers and 11 South and Central American countries to get to the U.S.-Mexico border. They face a journey fraught with danger due to the presence of armed gangs, drug traffickers and exploiters for whom human life is worthless. To get to what they see as the Eldorado, they must cross the Amazon rainforest, the border with Colombia and countries in Central America. A journey that can take months; Once at the U.S. border, migrants try to sneak across. Few make it and, those few, are often arrested. Volunteer associations that support migrants help them connect with parants and friends living in the United States or with churches and religious groups that help them with their asylum claims. " Speaks Mamunga Afa Diallo one of the managers of Tabernacle African Caribbean Refugee. Few are color who manage to enter the country lawfully. Most migrants apply for illicit services and facilitate the human trafficking route. It is mainly young migrants from "black Africa" who rely totally in the hands of these evil traffickers. Driven by civil wars, extreme poverty and the "American dream," these people pay the traffickers dearly for their "services." One estimate of the value of risky travel is 25,000USD per person. Usually, the desperate migrants are crammed into containers of cargo ships that leave mainly from Nigeria. It is a long journey, at a minimum surreal, these poor people are forced to stay weeks inside containers and not all of them make it out alive. The ships' favorite destination most of the time is Brazil, thanks in part to the networks of organizations dedicated to human trafficking and the great corruption in the country, the ships loaded with immigrants manage to arrive at their destination without any problems. The migrants will pass each time into the hands of different organizations that always run the same traffic. The most common trafficking is the Mexican one. Illegals are driven by traffickers from Brazil to Mexico, passing through most countries in South America. Often alternating endless walks with a few small buses. Once they arrive in the city of Colima, they are crammed back into other ships, freighters or fishing boats that will take them to the coast of the United States. And the "American Dream" will thus be shattered by harsh reality. Those who have not been able to pay for their journey will have to pay back in one way or another to the African traffickers, who often have branching gangs in the territory where the illegal immigrants will go to reside. And that is how these poor desperate people will fall inside the circle of crime. Undocumented and without a dwelling to be able to pay their tormentors, they will be forced to commit crimes such as drug dealing, robbery, theft, swindling, prostitution, or they will be used as laborers for heavy labor, obviously without a contract of any kind. Most will fall into the clutches of this criminal network, as their safety and also that of relatives residing in Africa is at stake. This phenomenon is also present in the state of Los Santos. in the area adjacent to the Strawbarry Avenue station there is a small community of Africans, mainly Somalis. Under the bridge in front of the station is a homeless encampment, which is also home to many illegal immigrants who have lost their dreams and fallen into street life, consisting of; drugs, violence and social marginalization. The station in particular is a place that has become quite dangerous in recent times. Fights, stabbings, robberies and drug dealing are the order of the day. But behind this malaise is a better organized criminal network, which by exploiting these poor people forced by necessity to delinquency, profits immensely. Little is known about who is behind this criminal organization since there is an omertà dictated by the terror of bloody consequences for those who get out of line.
  11. This thread will follow the development of Demian Ulyashin I'm a soldier, a premature war child. I'm a soldier, mother, heal my wounds. I'm a soldier, a soldier of a country forgotten by God. I'm a hero, tell me, from which novel.
  12. The Bamboo Union, Homeland Origins, 1950's-1960's. The Bamboo Union was formed in the 1950s by (mainland Chinese) children who wanted to protect themselves from threats by Hoklo children. The first members lived in the Bamboo Forest Road in Jung Ho City, Taipei County, of New Taipei City. Its first members were made up of mainland Chinese teens who joined together to secure a place in Taiwan after 1949. The mainland Chinese were regarded as an unwelcome minority that was rejected by Hoklo citizens following the end of the Chinese Civil War when the Nationalist Kuomintang (KMT) government led by Chiang Kai-shek fled to Taiwan. Although the NRC (National Republic of China) continued to hold claims on mainland China after 1949, the mainland was controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, and Taiwan was controlled by the KMT. The Bamboo Union criminal gang started with street-fighting to gain recognition in society. By the late 1960s, the aspirations of the Bamboo Union membership shifted from street-fighting to profiteering. The gang began making a name for itself through the extortion business taking from places such as shops, factories, and even certain government facilities, but the gang's treasury overflowed when thousands of well-paid American global leaders flocked to Taipei while on R&R from the Vietnam War. Chinese nightclub owners welcomed Bamboo Union members to their premises to banish rival gangs of ethnic Taiwanese trying to carve out a share of the lucrative trade in gambling, prostitution, and drugs. By this stage, the Bamboo Union was fast developing into a triad. Aiding the Kuomintang & Chen Chi-Li's Passing, Taiwan, 1980's-2007. By the time the 1980's struck, political chaos was starting to wreck through the streets of Taiwan, at the time members of the Bamboo Union were carrying out hits on certain political figures throughout the region, the most notable hits were done on Lin Yi-hsiung (a prominent opposition figure), Chen Wen-chen (a statistics professor at Carnegie Mellon University), Henry Liu (an opposition journalist) and Tung Kei-sen (an inmate at a prison), people were intimidated by the actions of the triad, even when their leader Chen Chi-Li ('King Duck') was convicted and tried for the murders of Henry Liu, he was still operating and running the triad from deep within the justice system. Eventually as time went by, things began to settle in Taiwan with the Kuomintang reaching political dominance because of Chen's aide, which had made him somewhat of a loved and hated figure amongst the eyes of the general public, around this time the Chung family had started to make more notoriety internally, even gaining them the respect of the current leader Chen, they were diehard nationalist thugs that pushed the families ideals to the best of their abilities, they were even directly involved in the pact with the "Iron Blood Patriots" which had resulted in the family gaining more overseas trade in things such as narcotics. They had remained loyal for many years to Chen Chi-Li, however by the time 2007 came, he had passed away of terminal cancer, amongst 10,000 attendee's (many being general members of the public, certain political figures, other shady crooks), which had left the Chung family somewhat disheartened, however not totally defeated, because for their loyalty to the triad, they were plenty of newly found opportunities as a reward for their hard work and skills. Expanding into the States, Taiwan & America, 2007-2021. The Chung's had further pushed the ideals of a functioning Triad, making sure that the trade from Taiwan functioned properly, Kai Chung (the head of the family) had at this stage proposed the idea of setting up their family in the United States with ambitions of staking out more power for their triad, wherein the family were given a reasonable amount of NTD (New Taiwan Dollar) to immigrate into the United States. Around this time, everything was prepared, but Kai had unfortunately passed away a week before actually gaining a valid visa to enter America, driven and determined, both of his sons have taken on his little legacy, preparing for what America has to offer. OOC Clause
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