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Found 12 results

  1. This thread will serve as Harold Lino development thread, I'll be posting day-to-day activities of my character so enjoy the show!
  2. This will showcase the development of John Bellanti, an Italian-American 35-year-old male, connected with the small-time Alberici Crime Family from New York. ( Picture taken: Early 2000's. ) (( The character thread/story will be updated once in a while due to events that's been taking place In-Character )) Short background story about J.B: John Bellanti is an Italian-American 35-year old from Bronx, New York City. He grew up in Little Italy with his mother and father under the mob's heydeys. John was heavily inspired by the mob in his t
  3. [Vincent Bernardini, 2018.] Vincent Bernardini, moved to New Jersey at the age of 3, after his family was granted a Visa for the US. His dad was an accountant and his mother a kindergarten teacher. Vincent was a gifted kid, his school grades were always high, and just at a young age everyone expected from him to be a successful businessman. All started going south after Vincent's dad passed away on the day of his high school graduation, Vincent had to leave his dream of pursuing a Bachelors degree, and get any kind of job just to help out the family. He started doing any job a y
  4. Clinton Avenue in North Vinewood is home to a large Italian-American community and as a result, is home to prime breeding grounds for the American mafia with direct ties to the Conti Crime Family. As a result of the large number of Italian-American households in the area, it has and continues to provide the Conti Crime Family with a very strong pool of individuals to look at for recruitment. From struggling fathers, college students, and local kids who can easily be groomed for a life of crime. The North Vinewood Gang is a group of locals who have grown up and experienc
  5. I'll showcase Jason Masalis' day-to-day activity and development here. Thank you for watching!
  6. "With risks, success follows." 와 함께위험, 성공을따른다 . This thread will unfold Kang Dong-hyuk's life and development. Name: Kang Dong-hyuk Nicknames/Aliases: KD, Ponytail, Dong Dong Age: 27 [December 03, 1994] Likes: Grapefruit Soju, K-pop, money, guns, and cocaine. Dislikes: Japanese, Chinese, disrespectful individuals, and laziness. Hobbies: Drinking Soju, cooking Korean cuisine, visiting a shooting range. Kang Dong-hyuk, an early twenties South Korean who migrated to
  7. This thread will serve as Jeremy Sagona development thread, from his early-phase stage up until his final-phase stage.
  8. Levon Gasparyan (Born January 22nd, 1995) is a 25 year old criminal figure of Armenian heritage. Born in Los Santos, San Andreas; Levon has spent his entire life living in the neighborhood of Morningwood, Los Santos. The community, Widely referred to as Los Santos’ Little Armenia, is home to a modern age organized criminal enterprise known as Armenian Power or West Side Armenian Power Gang (W/S AP Gang). Levon, known by associates as “L” has been associated with the gang since his youth, having been drawn to the criminal lifestyle by his brother, Armenian Power lieutenant Vardan Gasparyan.
  9. (Pictured: Emilo Manicci, shortly after his arrival into Los Santos, San Andreas) Emilio "Goliath" Manicci Personal Information & Defining Characteristics Birthname: Emilio "Leo" Manicci Place of Birth: Vice City, Florida Date of Birth: January 18th (25 years of age) Height: 6 feet, 4 inches Weight: 240 pounds Eye Color: Hazel Light Blue Hair Color: Black Occupation: Unknown / N/A Status: Unknown / N/A Relatives: Dominic Manicci (Father / DECEASED) Christina Manicci (Mother / UNKNOWN) Aniello
  10. Name: Duqvakha Varayev Born: 27/AUG/1989 Origin: Verkhnyaya Balkariya (Верхняя Балкария), Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Russia The village of Verkhnyaya Balkariya, red outlining shows Duq's elderly home Duqvakha better known as ’Duq’ was born on the 27th of August, 1989 in the mountain villege of Verkhnyaya Balkariya, Kabardino-Balkaria, Southern Russian Caucasus. Duq’s father was in the army of Ichkeria, whilst his mother was there to take care of the household. Times were rough as the Soviet Union only collapsed two years after Duq was born.
  11. Harvey Uritsky's mugshot in Las Venturas after getting charged with tax evasion and fraud.
  12. Brunetti is a known name in the community of Chamberlain Hills from West Forum Drive to East Forum Drive the Brunetti's has been there for ages as a part of the hard working class taking the jobs no one else wanted. The Brunetti family has always done it their way, staying out of trouble, keeping the police on their good side so to speak. The youngest member of the Brunetti's is Raymond he is the black sheep of the family. In an age of only nine years old Raymond was suspended from Davis elementary school when he came home with the note his father, Frank Brunetti Junior beat him so hard no one
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