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  1. Little bit of messing around with such descriptions. This is an old one. As for the discussion itself, I don't care about people doing it, these descriptions make me laugh so all good.
  2. Or uhm.. If the lights are the issue.. Maybe like, turn the lights off for most people on scene. I don't know how this turns into a less cop presence thing.
  3. Most of these servers started too late making a server fitted for Gtav. Meaning gtaw has a huge advantage of being around for years on. This server is comfortable for most people, it's familiar now and most of us got their rp going. Whereas with new once you've got to start from the bottom again. I do believe if a known server like Lsrp launches people will head over, check it out, feel the atmosphere. But they most likely will return to the people they've known on gtaw and their already, ready to go chars on gtaw where they put a lot of time in. It will bring GTAW competition, this is good for the community as it means they constantly and probably more frequently need to improve. I'm not concerned, been with gtaw since the launch and have seen the server improve beyond imagination. They've come a long way, from having only 100 players at peak to 7-800. From incredible desync where you could shoot someone with 3 clips and they still didn't take damage to actual being able to hit someone with one shot. So all this to me, is just more promise of a better gtaw.
  4. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, I'm saying there are people who prefer 911 calls over pursuits. As you portrayed it it seems like all people do is pursuit pursuit pursuit. Which is not true at all. So I'm saying what I know, I've been roleplaying a LEO since 2017, I've also done illegal roleplay for about 8 months. It all comes down to preference, some people are here to play cops and robbers (both sides again) and some people genuinely prefer the more roleplay side of things.
  5. I think it's a two way street tho', Like Why would you drive off for a busted headlight and then as a cop, why would you chase someone and endanger the public for a mere busted head light? is it worth it? Risk vs. Reward counts for both sides. I highly doubt you see every little thing that goes on, there are people who prefer dealing with a 911 call over pursuits. Specially since 9/10 pursuits end up in an admin scene because roleplay wise its one big fucking disappointment, (again goes both ways on this).
  6. I agree to both, this would provide great opportunity for businesses like; Who are amazing at what they do as a group, their RP and so forth. Seen them at first hand and were amazing with the rebuild of the SAPR Academy. And extra housing is definitely needed, specially in south central.
  7. As @Koko said we're working on a new form of Academy that focuses on the fundamentals of being a park ranger. Meaning their specialty, their parks, the animals, the vegetation and so forth. We are slowly working towards changing the path and mentality from the faction and hopefully it will turn out to be a positive thing. A name change is just a name, it doesn't per say change the core of the faction. However, suggestions have been made before about changing the name, which essentially is up to LFM. All ideas are obviously welcome!
  8. CONTRABAND SEARCH MOUNTAIN MMA Arranging self defense classes for Rangers to take POLICE CHIEF INAUGERATION PURSUIT AFTERMATH HORIZON DEVELOPMENT Meeting contractors for the rebuild of the Academy Center CAMPING WITH ISSUES ON THE ROUTE WITH K9 RACE EVENT
  9. So I'm just here to debunk this statement really. I understand that when you don't like a certain thing you won't go look at their page. But to state false things, is kinda a lowblow really. The moment pillsbury posted the form.. he also posted it on the faction thread, for everyone to see;
  10. Looking for a construction company to dig out a basement for a facility! Sms/call 562333 for more information
  11. Looking for a Photographer to capture those memorable moments at an Event on the 4th of December (4H +/-) Call/text 562333 for more info!
  13. Internal Accident Psychological/Physical Evaluation Internal Training Calls! Calls! Calls! Roll Call
  14. This makes me wonder tho', thieves usually scope out houses right? I'd think they'd be checking if there is an alarm present too. Which are usually located close to the entrance anyway. I've never been to such scene's or broke into a home myself ig. That's just something that wonders through my mind.
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