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  1. (( https://youtu.be/a0DbzUe-r4Q ))
  2. Have an idea or project you would like us to be part of? Contact us!
  3. Rating (Optional) : ★★★★★ Username : TW Comment : Best bookstore, friendly staff and awesome selection
  4. TI designs is based on delivering high quality content just for you. We offer variety of services such as photographers, business design (brochures, flyers, logos, business cards, editing of current images that you like but they've faded away etc.) and restoring older images. Our team is always at service to you, so feel free to contact us on phone number 2410 or our e-mail : [email protected] ((forum pm)) TI designs reserve right to adapt their prices based on the workload, trade offer or any other circumstances which may influence the price. Pricing : Logo (HD) : 35000$ - Logo (non HD) : 25000$ Flyer : 8000$ Editing/restoring your image : 15000$ Business cards : 10.000$ - Two faced : 12.000$ Package all in one (fyler, business card, logo, social media profile picture) : 55.000$ Photographer call : 20.000$ Posibility of creating pre-print files for your business : T-shirt, hoddie, mug, keychain.
  5. Thanks to all of our customers, who once again bought all the beer before it was released to the public. Without you, we wouldn't have a purpose, rest in piece George, knowing that you will not be forgotten.
  6. Not saying it's bad. The thing I wanted to point out is whatever job you're doing you're getting 4k per hour.
  7. I meant about local gov for example in Sandy, some smaller things like taxi stands etc. Would be fun to go to gov and apply for taxi stand
  8. - Too many gangs, with more or less same cops vs robbers rp. - Too much lesbians with guns driving super cars, living in 3m mansion being 21 yrs old. - Too many "I'm famous fuck me" type of people who are part of some "jet set". - Too many God damn bikers, county became bikers paradise, ok you love bikes, go ride 'em without being in a gang. - Cops who are mightier thanGod, writing speed tickets without having a radar. - Business owners in which there is 0 rp, and business owners where in order to get a job, you must make better cv than in rl. - Bar, 24/7, fast food and taxi company all offering 4k per hour. - Players who drive 100mph, hit you, say in /b lagg, and just vp, vget. - No government rp with responsibility to resolve some ic stuff.
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