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  1. I believe 1.1's advantages outweighs its disadvantages, the bugs and issues can always be fixed along the way!
  2. It's officially been a year since we've gathered to establish the faction. Many thanks to everybody who helped the project sprout into what it is, you know who you are.
  3. Gall


    All fun and games until I pick Jaeyun...
  4. I read through this thread and stumbled upon this one reply to the thread, which seems to be a key argument throughout the topic. I do agree it's ridiculous for people to cruise all the way out of town hoping to catch a lick, especially gangbangers. It's a very poor and distasteful attempt and is just overall a bad experience for everybody. Gangbangers should remain within their territory and rob people within their zone. But to say that it's OK for people to start scouting an entire town in a full vehicle, armed up, and pressing anyone that's not recognized is absurd.
  5. Gall


    Played this game for a while, can't seem to let go since I'm kicking ass all the time. Anybody play this game?
  6. Merry Christmas, I'm happy you're satisfied with the staff team's behavior.
  7. I'm not sure where you're coming from, I believe the purpose of the thread here was to create awareness rather than "ruin" a good thing. There's nothing wrong with striving for the betterment of roleplay, that's what we do here as a community.
  8. Hahah, good to see you're still keeping tabs on me and stalking me ever since I stole your girl from high school and drove off to prom in my Mustang GT, you couldn't let go. It's all good, I can't imagine how you must feel ever since. So anyway what have you been up to, are you still on that pathetic roleplaying game? Sad to see how you made more progress in a roleplay game than your real life. Lolololol. I've divorced Sarah but finally reunited, you can say three times the charm hahah. I recently got promoted and got a +50k annual bonus. Feels good to make more money idling in my office and c
  9. Banned for being the same old kid. So you're going by "Свето" now nerd? Haha whats up douche bag, it's Gall from Highschool. Remember me? Me and the guys used to give you a hard time in school. Sorry you were just an easy target lol. I can see not much has changed. Remember Sarah the girl you had a crush on? Yeah we're married now. I make over 200k a year and drive a mustang GT. I guess some things never change huh loser? Nice catching up lol. Pathetic..
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