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  1. the only thing ruining your experience is your expectation. this is a GTA platform used by thousands from across the world, all with varying goals and backgrounds. when GTA is a game built on the foundation of crime and the different approaches to crime are virtually endless (an rp server), violence is inevitable. thats why you see it and why it's prevalent. your expectations of how people are supposed to play the game are not the reality. the sooner you learn to deal with that or move on to something more up your alley, the sooner you'll actually start enjoying yourself again.
  2. being hard makes me hard. its a rush ill never feel irl because im a big fat pussy. ask a real question m8
  3. throw some flames coming outta the wheel wells and ur good to go
  4. my 2017 focus st. 😉 bought brand new, just paid it off this month! caught a few speeding tickets w this thing. it's always a fun drive lol. got it wrapped in metallic graphite. tinted windows, painted the wheels, mbrp exhaust. ill be looking to stage 3 tune it soon.
  5. The game is awesome. Most people brush it off because of the graphics, but the game play is worth it. Like you said, best survival game out there. It's a sandbox with endless possibilities, mods, settings. They're in the middle of developing AI to include roaming survivors, animals, farming etc. The last update they dropped added a massive city. It's good, and it's very challenging. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRzTLPNWIjE Above is just a video of me killing a group who tried to steal from a friend.
  7. Starting bid is way too high. I'll offer $250,000.
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