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  1. This thread will serve as Harold Lino development thread, I'll be posting day-to-day activities of my character so enjoy the show!
  2. Anthony Trupiano first captured in FBI surveillance photos Anthony Trupiano spotted enter a meet with reported organized figure entering a bar in Philadelphia Paul Migliaccio Anthony Trupiano exiting a Philadelphia court room after his case headed to mistrial, Anthony was facing gamb
  3. This will showcase the development of John Bellanti, an Italian-American 35-year-old male, connected with the small-time Alberici Crime Family from New York. ( Picture taken: Early 2000's. ) (( The character thread/story will be updated once in a while due to events that's been taking place In-Character )) Short background story about J.B: John Bellanti is an Italian-American 35-year old from Bronx, New York City. He grew up in Little Italy with his mother and father under the mob's heydeys. John was heavily inspired by the mob in his t
  4. (The content seen below and throughout is not to be taken into in character aknowledgement and conversation. It is solely a thread to provide context as well as media that depicts the development of James Provenzano's character). James (Jimmy) Provenzano Jr. (born September 10th, 1995) is an inducted member of the Martorano crime family. He was arrested and charged with racketeering on April 18. Personal life Born in San Diego, James was raised in a household that preserved its native culture despite the fact that both his parents (Maria & James Sr.
  5. Development thread of Victor & Ray Magana. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, the Magana siblings, otherwise known as "The Twins", are long-standing associates of the Bonanno crime family and in particular soldier Mark Grisante. They first caught his eye following the success of a daring robbery, that involved his son-in-law Gregory Tracero. Since then, they have continued to gain the trust of mafia figures — that include Anthony Valeri — with their knowhow around robbery and illegal gambling, among other activities. While the siblings' appearances are mirror reflections
  6. This thread will follow the development of Russell Gagliano and his relation with The Martorano Crime Family. Russell Gagliano in The Bronx, New York, 2019.
  7. Frank Palma - The 90's Francesco Delvecchio (Snr) and his wife Marzia Delvecchio (formerly Palazzo) moved to Alta, Los Santos in 1988 from Firenze (Florence) Italy. They had a significant amount of family already established in the US, and the move was made on the premise of the American dream and opportunities available to them and their offspring. Within the first year of moving into their tiny Alta apartment, a son was born, and they named him Frank. The years to follow were financially hard yet happy and surrounded by cousins and distant kin. Francesco found w
  8. This thread will be used to showcase the development of Paul Galica, a 24-year-old college graduate.
  9. This thread will follow the developments of Peter Moro.
  10. Paul Longo is a soldier in the Colombo crime family (NYC) though operates in Los Santos, under capo regime Dominic Montemarano. His operations span out of Sabella's social club (Mirror Park) and his rackets primarily focus on murder-for-hire, armed robbery and loan-sharking. Paul Longo was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to an underworld associated father and a stay-at-home mother. He was described as a relatively mediocre student but with a talent for sports, in particular ice hockey. Although it served him well in the hockey ring, Longo's overaggressive attitude and haste
  11. Vincent Paglia was born in 1999 and used to live his entire life with his mother. He moved to Los Santos to live with his uncle Daniel Bechara and attempt to pursue his career in soccer. His main goal on moving to his uncle's house is to avoid following the steps of his dead father, Joseph Paglia a known mob assosciate that was killed in the early 00's in a violent hit. Despite coming to Los Santos full of good intentions it will be hard for Vincent to balance his own life with the luxurious and dangerous lifestyle of his uncle, also a known mob associate under the Martorano Crime Family.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp5JCrSXkJY&list=PLCGcelpRfnj6NvkwlP1SD15Dlu6N-MvIj&index=3 Name: Angel Marsini D.O.B: 12/09/1998 P.O.B: New York City, NY Angel Marsini, born in New York City, was a hired assailant in various crimes involving multiple organizations, including that of the Colombo Crime Family, as well as a small faction of Armenian-based terrorists. His current location is unknown, due to cut ties with said Colombo Family due to internal affairs. His criminal activity spanned from vandalism to first-degree murder, with several years of
  13. James Granillo is a Los Santos based Captain or caporegime in the Conti crime family sometimes dubbed the Los Santos crime family. Granillo moved to LS at the young age of twenty to continue his personal success in the food and hospitality sector. Prior to his arrival, he worked in Newark for his uncle's delicatessen. This initial work provided Granillo prolonged exposure to the mafia who frequently visited to collect their weekly extortion fee from his uncle. Like every mob fairy tale, Granillo admired their valuable jewelry and flashy cars. He ultimately moved to LS with the money
  14. John "Tuna" Capra is a late thirties LS based mobster, primarily serving as a made man/soldier in The Conti Crime Family. It is rumored Capra arrived in Los Santos with ambitions to continue his semi-successful sales career. However, his lust for money seems to have taken a turn for the worse after introduction to Gerald Marchetti, at the time, a leading solider in The Conti Crime Family. The introduction seems to have occurred due to Capra's ownership of Zampa's Quality Meats & Deli, once owned by long-term associate of The Los Santos Crime Family, Paul "The Butcher" Zampa. It
  15. C.S. Lewis speaks for many Christian moralists when he calls pride “the essential vice, the utmost evil.” He asserts that pride “is the complete anti-God state of mind.” Proverbs 16:18 says, “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:5 says, "Everyone who is arrogant in heart is an abomination to the Lord; be assured, he will not go unpunished." "WHERE THERE IS NO TEMPTATION, THERE IS NO GLORY."
  16. INTRODUCTION Hello. This guide is meant for people who want to realistically portray a modern-day Italian-American mobster. This guide is still a work in progress and receives updates over time. The final form of it is meant to cover all aspects of LCN roleplay and to be the main lighthouse for those who are new to this RP and those who need extra guidance. Chapter 1: Creating a Character Name: Selecting a correct name is essential. How do you know what names are correct and which ones aren't? First of all, you want to have an American first name and an Ital
  17. This thread is for my development of Thomas Barone, a 24 year old guy making a living in a city of part time jobs. Thomas Barone, 24 years old. Almost as good as winning the lottery, Thomas Barone was born into a wealthy family that had grandparents from Italy and now located in Vespucci Beach. His father, Charles Barone, was a succesful broker at a firm located on Morningwood Boulevard. It was forced onto Thomas that his future would follow in his fathers footsteps into the corporate world. But throughout his teenage years he felt an urge to break
  18. Carmine 'The Weasel' Gallo (Carmine Gallo being surveyed in Burton, Los Santos) Carmine 'The Weasel' Gallo is a made man, or soldier, in the Los Santos based faction of the American Mafia known as the Conti Crime Family. Dealing primarily in drug and arms trafficking, his other crimes include fraud, theft, money laundering, and murder for hire. Among his predominant traits are his wisecracking and weasel-like laugh thus earning him the moniker 'The Weasel'. Carmine Gallo was born September 4, 1983 in Little Italy, Algonquin, Liberty City to parents Samuel 'Sammy' G
  19. This thread will follow the character development of Gabriel Messina in The Conti Crime Family.
  20. Nicholas James Trisano (born October 17, 1982) is an American mafia soldier in the Conti crime family. He is a member of North Vinewood’s Clinton Avenue Crew. Trisano has a hand in gambling operations, the sex industry, and leads a burglary ring out the Dirty Duke Social Club. Nicholas Trisano was born and raised in East Hook, Broker, Liberty City to an underworld bookmaker and a housekeeper. He was described as a bright student with a talent for mathematics but reportedly struggled with concentration issues and mouthiness in class. Nicholas had a Sunday job mowing Gerald Marchetti
  21. MARCO “VINEWOOD” CARUSO Marco upon release from his third degree burglary stint at TTCF, picture taken at twenty-seven years old. Marco Caruso was an ambitious LS based associate in The Conti Crime Family. It seems a life of crime was never Caruso's main ambition; he graduated with a bachelors in business administration from the University of Liberty City. Caruso was promised a new career, interning in a successful financial advisory firm which prompted his move to Los Santos. However, the firm was quickly shut down due to fraudulent claims; Caruso was left jobless in
  22. (Agresta's Mugshot from an Assault and Battery Charge in Early 2020) Joseph Agresta is rumoured to be associated with the Los Santos based criminal syndicate, The Conti Crime Family. Much like the organization itself, Agresta’s criminal endeavours originated in the area of Downtown Vinewood, and more specifically, his network is headquartered through his business, The Vinewood Boxing Club. It is believed that the boxing club serves as a money laundering hotbed for Joseph’s criminal proceeds, which include, but are not limited to, counterfeiting, drug trafficking, firearms trafficki
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