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  1. Angelo Sisca Jr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Angelo Sisca Jr. (born April 11, 1970) is a high-ranking member of the Martorano crime family. He is a labor racketeer and operates as a union official for ILWU Local 66. Sisca is a former Colombo soldier who operated under then caporegime Dominic Montemarano. Sisca merged ties with Philip Martorano in 2021 and established the Martorano crime family. According to Savona's testimony, Sisca served as Martorano's underboss prior to his imprisonment in 2021. Following his release, his standing within the family remains unknown. Background Sisca was born in Sheepshead Bay, South Brooklyn, New York. His father, Angelo Sisca Sr., was an inducted Persico enforcer during the Second Colombo War and was indicted for murder in 1995. He dropped out of college as he was considered a slow learner and academically underdeveloped. In his teens, Sisca was a competing, up-and-coming boxer but repeatedly broke his nose, suffering breathing problems which forced him to quit. He has been a heavy breather eversince. Sisca instead worked at the Meat Hook, a butcher's shop in Brooklyn and was a loose associate of Joseph Amato Sr. Sisca has a tacky sense of fashion that includes pinstriped pants and oversized, open blouse shirts as well as shaded sunglasses that help hide his lazy eye. In 2017, the Black Hand Forum described him as "nothing more than a puffed up, pompous thug who cares more about looks than anything else."[1] Labor racketeering Connections in the Colombo family enrolled him as an union representative in the International Longshoremen's Association (ILA) at Local 1814. Sisca regularly looted shipments and fenced them accordingly, supplying appliances and electronics to local shops for a lowered price. He became involved with the Montemarano-Amato crew under Joseph Amato Sr. in the 1990s, and based his operations out of Sheepshead Bay alongside long-time friend Louis Sabella. In 1997, Sisca had an altercation with union delegate Peter Fransella who had joked and made comments about Sisca's amblyopia. In response, Sisca and Sabella severely beat Fransella and inflicted permanent damage to his eyes. From thereon out, Sisca began wearing his signature sunglasses in an effort to hide his lazy eye from public sight, even at night. Sisca resigned from Local 1814 following an increased law enforcement interest in and around the terminals. He was also tipped off about a supposed informant within the local. Instead, Sisca focused on and expanded other activities such as loansharking and continued union-aligned extortion and fencing through middle men. In May 1998, Fransella’s body was discovered in the Apollo Club’s parking lot in East Flushing, Queens, allegedly slain over his suspected cooperation with law enforcement. Colombo crime family Los Santos faction Sisca was then recruited by Dominic Montemarano, a long-time Colombo captain, to relocate to the West Coast in the late 1990s. Montemarano’s desire was to semi-retire but kept interests in the movie industry, pornography, and gambling. A minor faction within Montemarano’s Bayside crew were transferred to East Los Santos, San Andreas. Sisca, together with Paul Longo, began operating out of his brother-in-law’s social club, Sabella’s, near Mirror Park. Sisca resumed his usual activities such as loansharking, labor racketeering, theft and fencing. Induction Sisca’s prominent role in establishing a Colombo base on the West Coast earned him Montemarano’s blessing. Gang Land News' mafia writer Jerry Capeci published a list of names who were inducted into the Colombo crime family on Christmas Eve, 2007, which included Sisca and Longo.[2] Sabella was not included in the list. Sisca was reportedly involved in the murder of George Kruger, an associate turned alcoholic who was gunned down on Mirror Park Boulevard and East Mirror Drive in 2013.[3] It is alleged Sisca’s ceremony was conducted by Montemarano as a stand-in for the administration. Martorano crime family In light of an increased Cosa Nostra presence in San Andreas, a Philadelphia-Colombo partnership was established in an effort to protect and align the Mafia’s financial interests. Together with Philip Martorano, a Philadelphia captain, Sisca coordinated labor racketeering efforts in the construction and longshoreman unions. He was eventually elected president of Local 66, a chapter of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. Following Montemarano’s passing, a merge was proposed between the satellite crews. A half-retired Colombo caporegime, Carmine Lupo, coordinated the merge in accordance with demands from the Philadelphia family and Colombo family. Underboss Sisca served as Martorano’s consigliere, or third-in-command, but grew increasingly frustrated with the Martorano underboss, Nathaniel Agro, over his supposed incompetence. Sisca regarded Agro as a “clueless ape,” and wiretaps indicated Agro was commonly referred to as the Ape by Martorano soldiers in East LS. A prominent reason for his distaste was due to Agro’s desire to eliminate Paul Longo, then a Martorano captain, because Longo had accepted a plea deal without approval. Sisca’s boundless greediness may also have been the cause of his desire to ascend the hierarchy. He continued to advise Martorano to dispose of Agro, as did other senior members of the family, and Sisca later succeeded as underboss following Agro’s disappearance. Sisca was then met with racketeering charges following the testimony of Ernest Savona—a Martorano soldier and turncoat—who had provided details about Martorano’s inner workings. Savona’s testimony officially placed Sisca as the underboss in the LS Cosa Nostra. Sisca was indicted for first degree murder and racketeering charges, but the case was eventually dropped due to a lack of evidence. Savona’s testimony was discarded on account of his alcohol problems. Sisca’s name has never been explicitly mentioned in any recordings. However, he is regularly referred to as the “man with the lazy eye.” He continued his spell as underboss and boasted a tight grip on the longshoreman industry. Together with Robert Bonfiglio, a soldier and bodyguard for Sisca, he empowered Local 66 and delivered lucrative positions to the union and the docks to Martorano insiders and allegedly shipped stolen vehicles to Europe. Prison A run-in with his wife, Julia Sabella, led to his first incarceration. Sisca had accused Terry Winters, a dog walker in service to the Sisca family, of having an affair with his wife. Contrary to Sisca’s cool-tempered nature, he became enraged and beat Winters to a near cripple alongside Martorano soldier Frank Palma. He was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to two years in prison. In prison, Sisca boasted, “I beat him so bad he couldn’t walk or talk right anymore.” He was placed in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility and rubbed shoulders with members of the Aryan Brotherhood and other white prison gangs who were supposedly paid protection money for Sisca’s safety by downtown captain Joseph Calarco. In 2022, Sisca was released. His position within the Martorano family remains unknown. References 1. ^ Black Hand Forum (needs citation) 2. ^ Capeci, Jerry (January 11, 2016). "Colombo's West Coast Connection". Gangland News. 3. ^ Feldmann, Henry (September 23, 2013). "Mob alcoholic's last drink". Los Santos Times.
  2. This thread will serve as Harold Lino development thread, I'll be posting day-to-day activities of my character so enjoy the show!
  3. Paul Longo is a soldier in the Colombo crime family (NYC) though operates in Los Santos, under capo regime Dominic Montemarano. His operations span out of Sabella's social club (Mirror Park) and his rackets primarily focus on murder-for-hire, armed robbery and loan-sharking. Paul Longo was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to an underworld associated father and a stay-at-home mother. He was described as a relatively mediocre student but with a talent for sports, in particular ice hockey. Although it served him well in the hockey ring, Longo's overaggressive attitude and haste to solving issues with his fists led to an early high school exit and no college scholarship to the dismay of his mother. Longo had a job as an errand boy for local grocery owned by friend of his father and mafia inductee, Thomas Capelli. Under Capelli, Paul would begin regularly selling stolen cigarettes and liquor to his high school friends. It was here he would catch the attention of two integral players in his career of organized crime, Dominic Montemarano and Angelo Sisca. After the internal Colombo war, Montemarano proved to be on the winning side as a loyalist to Carmine Persico. It was here he would form his own crew in Los Angeles, taking Longo and Sisca across to the West Coast. It was in Los Angeles that Longo would receive his first criminal conviction for first degree assault. On the eve of the new millennia, Longo, Irishman Lenoard Collins and Colombo associates Louis Sabella and Robert Mazzari, were arrested by police for assaulting a local African-American drug dealer in Mirror Park. Collins, Mazzari and Sabella were sentenced to a year as no weapons were found on their persons, unlike Longo who was found in possession of a bat leading to three years incarceration. It is unsure as to when Longo received his knighthood in the Colombo organization. However, mafia experts believe it to be around the time of his release. And ever since his leave from prison, the Montemarano crew have flown under the radar, dabbling in low level criminal activities to avoid attention of federal agents. However, recent increases in organized crime in the West Coast, in particular the growth of a satellite crew from the Philadelphia crime family has seen Longo's resurgence. On January 22nd, Longo's long time mentor and capo, Dominic Montemarano, passed away due to a foreign flu. During his last few years, Montemarano had semi-retired in the Vinewood Hills leaving the day-to-day operations for both Longo and Sisca. Unbeknownst to Montemarano, the duo had been in long term discussions with Carroll Street through influential ex-Colombo captain, Carmine Lupo, regarding a merger between Philip Martorano's Philadelphia satellite crew. The demands from Carroll Street were straight forward: one of either Longo or Sisca must be on the panel of the newly formed borgata and 15% of all illicit earnings be returned to New York's hands. Sisca was brought forward to Martorano as his new consiglierie with Longo now taking role of capo regime in the newly formed family's Downtown crew. Unfortunately for Longo, these plans were put on halt after the murder of Anthony Limone, an associate of Longo's, slain for his disrespect of inducted Colombo member, Ernest Savona. Both Savona and Longo were arrested for the shooting alongside the clean up crew, Ronald Ganisa and Robert Bonfiglio. The latter three were offered an unrefusable plea by the District Attorney's LS office - Conspiracy of Second Degree Murder and six months incarcerastion with Savona choosing to stand trial, citing a lack of evidence. The news story of the trios' plea deal spiraled out of control with popular Los Santos News Network (LSNN) journalist, Victoria Miller, airing the story on primetime television. However, unknown to the newly formed crime family on the West Coast, Longo developed devious sexual relations with Miller and used her to damage the reputation of the DA's office claiming discrimination toward the Italian-American community. Miller revealed her undoubtable loyalty to Longo, feinting on television to avoid reading a statement to the article by the DA's office. As a result of Miller's media storm, on the 3rd January a march of over 30 stormed the courts demanding the release of Ernest Savona, orchestrated by the puppeteers behind the scenes, Longo and Sisca. (Thank you to the @The Dirty Dukefor your help with the formatting and layout. After a six month hiatus from the game, Paul Longo will be my new character going forward. This story will share personal character development, as well as screenshots from the The Philadelphia Connection faction thread.)
  4. This thread aims to follow Jacob Barbieri, age Twenty-Eight.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp5JCrSXkJY&list=PLCGcelpRfnj6NvkwlP1SD15Dlu6N-MvIj&index=3 Name: Angel Marsini D.O.B: 12/09/1998 P.O.B: New York City, NY Angel Marsini, born in New York City, was a hired assailant in various crimes involving multiple organizations, including that of the Colombo Crime Family, as well as a small faction of Armenian-based terrorists. His current location is unknown, due to cut ties with said Colombo Family due to internal affairs. His criminal activity spanned from vandalism to first-degree murder, with several years of prison time under his belt. Angel was born in Brooklyn, New York to both a loving father and mother, although later on the skeletons in their closets would be revealed to their son. Angel was a roughneck child, who loved to work and be active. He was on various sports teams from his middle school years to his high school years, earning multiple awards and titles as of it. But with the good, came the bad, as Angel was more or less a “kingpin” in school, in which he involved himself in the contribution of Cannabis, or more vaguely known to people as Marijuana or “Weed”, as well as the contraband of it as well, within school walls. On multiple occasions did Angel get caught in the act, but he cared little, as he was also moving it outside of school as well. His supplier was a member of the Colombo Crime Family, although this business wasn’t of the Colombo Family’s, as this unknown member was using this as a side-business to stack cash for other situations. Angel would receive 35% of whatever he had gotten from selling, giving the 65% to this stranger. During the latter years of his High School career, both his mother and father would have overdosed on Methamphetamine, due to years of usage whilst caring for Angel. After eventually graduating from High-School, Angel was losing stock in this Marijuana business, in which his supplier was already planning for, as later on, he would be introduced to the art and trade of racketeering. Angel at the age of 20, took charge, alongside other members of the Colombo Family, of a small faction of the ILA Union. A few months later though, various members of the family were arrested and charged on various crimes, but the latter of them being charged in Labor-Racketeering. Angel however wasn’t caught, as the day this bust had happened, Angel was upstate on a “mission” from the Colombo Family, in which he was to apprehend files from a buyer of unknown origin, or atleast to Angel. It was revealed soon that this unknown group was a small group of Armenian terrorists, which acquired files from a larger organization that has ties with La Cosa Nostra. After Retrieving these said files, Angel would return to Brooklyn, hearing news beforehand of the bust, in which he would pack his things and leave New York City, heading towards Los Santos, in which he would stay to lie low for some time, hearing of other members of the Colombo family in Angelo Sisca Jr. and Paul Longo were already there, each with their own operations as well. As for Angel, this meant starting from scratch, but nothing he hasn’t done beforehand. As of now, no one knows of Angel’s whereabouts, although more than likely, he is heading directly to Los Santos to lay low, but for now, it is unknown.
  6. Jackie Artese From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Giacomo John Artese (known as Jackie) (born March 16, 1981) is believed to be a member of the Colombo crime family. He is a self-proclaimed tycoon within the pornographic industry, engineered through his "Jackie Candy" on and off-screen persona. This same blue collar celebrity status has reportedly created a rift between Artese and esteemed figures within the Colombo crime family, possibly motivating Jackie's relocation to Los Santos. Early life Giacomo John Artese was born on March 16, 1981 in a small house on Forest Parkway in the borough of Queens, New York City. A stone's throw from Ozone Park, Artese and his neighborhood friends would frequently socialize with the borough's growing Gambino family presence. Despite being born to relatively financially stable, unassuming parents, Artese began to associate with known New York underworld figures in his native borough at a young age. Artese and his fiancé at the time, Vivian Serino, welcomed their son Michael Artese in 2001. A year later, Vivian Serino died due to bowel complications. To make ends meet, Artese would premier in Queens' hottest dive bars as "male talent" whilst simeltaneously scheming with Gambino affiliates. Pornography After a stint partnering with young Gambino associates from Queens, Jackie would eventually strike up a consistent street working relationship with Colombo crime family soldier Joseph Cattaneo. Through Joseph Cattaneo, Jackie would go on to meet Rudy DeFeo, a Colombo crime family soldier and one of New York's leading men within the adult entertainment industry. Artese was groomed into the industry and adopted the alias "Jackie Candy". The charismatic and boisterous Jackie began to build a reputation among his Colombo friends and inevitably started to dip into organized crime. Artese was rumored to heavily involve himself in Brooklyn's illegal pornogrophy scene in the early 2000s. It is believed the adult entertainment industry's popularity boon as well as the widespread increase in camera and video streaming availability severely damaged the demand for illegal pornographic content. Miami, Florida Artese relocated to Miami, Florida and began investing in legitimate adult studios, even producing a string of low budget movies himself from 2006-2009. Jackie's rise to pornographic stardom was met with distaste by Caporegime Patrick Alifante who deemed Artese's growing blue collar celebritiy as "unethical". Artese's involvement in drug distribrution whilst maintaining a growing public persona, all while affiliating with the Colombo crime family eventually lead to what could have been an attempt on Artese's life. However, Colombo heavyweight Dominic Montemarano, a Caporegime, put an arm around Jackie and steered him away from the naysayers that lingered behind him. The pair struck up a fruitful partnership, and Jackie was the student. In 2010, he was arrested following an altercation with Miami-based freelance adult film director Thomas Quinn. The assault charges in the Quinn case were subsequently dropped, however Artese was convicted on a petty larceny claim and spent 7 months in prison. Jackie Artese welcomed two daughters in the early-mid 2010's, Chloe and Priscilla Artese. The two children are to separate mothers who are prominent figures within the adult entertainment industry. Montemarano Ties In the early-2010s, Artese was introduced to Colombo heavyweight Dominic Montemarano. Montemarano was a caporegime in charge of a skeleton crew on the West Coast which rose to greater prominence in the 2010. Montemarano’s growing influence over the Vinewood pornography industry attracted Artese to a partnership. However, Montemarano’s death in January 2021 resulted in a decline of business. Artese has since resumed ties with Angelo Sisca—a former Colombo soldier under Montemarano—in a bid to rekindle a hold of the industry. Credits go to @The Dirty Duke & @Apa.
  7. This thread will follow the development of Joseph DiScala
  8. Andreas Cavalli, 2021 Mugshot (Dated) Andreas Giuseppe Cavalli 25/02/1992 | Brooklyn, NYC. Born on the 25th of February 1992 in Bath Beach, Brooklyn, NYC, Andreas "Pepe" Cavalli was raised right on the Bonanno crime family's strip; Bath Avenue. His father Giuseppe Cavalli was a second-generation Italian-American immigrant high-school janitor who worked partly as a mule for the Genovese crime family's 116th Street Crew in East Harlem, NYC. Andreas' mother died in child birth and so he was raised primarily by his father, and partially by his grandparents from 2004-2008. Andreas grew up slowly losing respect for his father year by year, he would see his father being spoken to and treated like a dog; something Andreas vowed to never let happen to himself. Andreas was extremely bright, at the age of 18 achieving a score of 118 on an IQ test, he exceeded throughout his academic career and graduated with a BS in Business from NYU Stern in the 93rd percentile. When Andreas was 12 years old, his father's home was invaded and Andreas watched his father being brutally beaten by thugs in his own home. Shortly after this Andreas moved into his grandparents house with his older sister Amelia, where he spent the majority of his time out of school with the Bath Avenue Crew selling cigarettes and fireworks for the mobbed up associates. Due to his whit and street intelligence, along with his charismatic and suave persona; Andreas was a catch not only with the ladies, however respected heavily by his male peers. In the 11th grade Andreas had four kids who attended his school and lived locally selling cigarettes for him, both in and outside of school. In 2004 Andreas' big sister Amelia was raped by a local street-kid, believed to be out of spite for Andreas. Two days later Andreas murdered the boy in provoked self-defence after he slashed Andreas from eyebrow to cheek when confronted. Andreas beat the boy down, shattering both his cheekbones and jaw before using the boys knife to stab him in the eye, the boy died instantly. Andreas was arrested on scene however acquitted of the charges two months later as it was proven to be in self-defence. Word of Andeas' murder caught attention from significant members of the Bonanno crime family and sub-sequentially Andreas was bought under the wing of a made-man, Harold Vernetti who harnessed Andreas' talent and capabilities. In 2008 Andreas began to attend NYU Stern, one of the world's most prestigious business schools and graduated with a 3.8 GPA. After graduation Andreas went into business with Adam Picci, a Bonanno associate, the duo ran a jewellery store on Bath Avenue under made-man Harold Vernetti. The duo went on to organise over 200 jewellery heists from the years of 2008-2015, generating just below $1.5m in personal revenue. Andreas married Fenaya Deville in 2015 and the duo had a baby girl a year later, pregnancy and childbirth proved to be extremely mentally tolling on a 19 year old Fenaya, who began to develop severe depression. Two years later in 2018 their baby died in a house fire after Andreas had left a cigarette lit in an ashtray under a curtain, Andreas had stepped out to the store whilst his big sister, unaware of the babies presence, managed to escape the burning house. Following the death of his baby Andreas' was charged with involuntary manslaughter however was found not guilty after a 9 month trial, he spent the majority of this trial in a psychiatric hospital after attempting suicide. Straight after his discharge from the hospital on the 9th of November 2019 he moved to San Antonio, Texas and began working as a bench jeweller in a strip mall, spending the majority of his remaining funds on a small house on the outskirts of the city. He continued to suffer from mental health issues and eventually quit his job, his life began to deteriorate and he saw himself becoming trapped in a vicious depression. After an old friend of his found Andreas after searching for six months, Andreas' mental health started to improve and at the end of 2021 moved to Los Santos, San Andreas where he got a job on Clinton Ave at Rothstein's Jewellery where he remains to this day. Andreas started boxing when he was 6 years old, his father Giuseppe was an amateur boxer and in his heyday quite renowned in New York. At the age of 16 Andreas was competing in junior amateur tournaments and was predominantly undefeated throughout his entire amateur career until the age of 18, when he gave up boxing in light of his newfound association with the Bonanno crime family and his admittance into NYU Stern. Despite giving up his aspirations as a professional boxer, he never stopped boxing as a sport; and continued to train up until 2019 following his admittance to a psychiatric hospital. Following his arrival to Los Santos, Andreas visited numerous gyms where he found his boxing style and skill was almost undefeatable by the fighters inhabiting Los Santos. The prospect of success as a professional fighter in the state sparked a new aspiration for Andreas, however it was unfounded and instead he began managing fighters under the MMA team CHI 1 (which he founded in late 2021) such-as; Beau Moxley and Eliseo Salvatore, two renowned professional and undefeated fighters in Los Santos. If you've read this far, thank you 🙂 There'll be more additions and screenshots below.
  9. George Fratto gambling his business money away "> George is young Italian-American man in his early 20’s. His family used to run a small Liqiour brewery a few years ago. After George’s father's passing away, he was forced to take the lead of the business. After two years of George leading the family business, the brewery stopped functioning due to a lack of funds, which was caused by George’s addiction to gambling. Visiting casinos and betting websites is George’s everyday routine, because of that, he hasn’t achieved anything in life.
  10. Nate Inserra (left) & Vinny Galarino (right) in their sophomore year at a frat party.
  11. IC Timeline 15/08/2021 - UPPERCUT 02/08/2021 - RUMORS 05/04/2021 - GREED 12/03/2021 - GTA
  12. James Granillo is a Los Santos based Captain or caporegime in the Conti crime family sometimes dubbed the Los Santos crime family. Granillo moved to LS at the young age of twenty to continue his personal success in the food and hospitality sector. Prior to his arrival, he worked in Newark for his uncle's delicatessen. This initial work provided Granillo prolonged exposure to the mafia who frequently visited to collect their weekly extortion fee from his uncle. Like every mob fairy tale, Granillo admired their valuable jewelry and flashy cars. He ultimately moved to LS with the money he had saved; his uncle's delicatessen had been running low on profits, and he was asked to leave, like many others before him, Granillo wanted to start a new life. Upon his arrival he became acquainted with mob associate Julius Leone who introduced him around the city. This friendship with Leone led to Granillo's introduction to mafia star Daniel Santoro, a soldier in the Conti crime family. Granillo impressed Santoro and was offered a job at the notorious Rothstein's Jewelry. David Pillini, one of Santoro's high profile associates was instrumental in structuring Granillo's descent into the criminal underworld. From being a mail-man for high-tier drug transactions to large firearms deals with one of his illicit associates. Pillini later took on Granillo as his personal driver, chauffeuring him around the city. Pillini further showed the ins and outs of mob life to Granillo, later assisting him under his wing until his disappearance a few months after. Santoro further exposed Granillo to innumerable underground dealings from drug trafficking to pimping. It is widely perceived that Granillo had taken over the notorious escort service once run by Nicholas Trisano - Vinewood Escorts. However, as the age old saying goes in that history repeats itself, Granillo had recently undertaken management of Al Dente's pizza parlor where he based a fraction of his operations. Granillo owned The Crooked Lounge, the building behind his underworld cognomen. East Vinewood, more specifically York Street was where Granillo spent most of his time, furthering his sphere of power under the late caporegime, Daniel Santoro. Al Dente's having left his grasp, he based the majority of his operations from the comfort of his bar. Granillo was instrumental in conducting considerable criminal tasks of his own, garnering the respect of his peers. With the return of Pillini, James' friend and mentor, the duo had come to be what they formerly were. On the night of August 27th, 2020, James Granillo and David Pillini, along with other associates, were inaugurated into the crime family as official members or soldiers. James served under caporegime, Daniel Santoro. On the day of January 23rd, 2021, James Granillo was made caporegime with David Pillini, Michael Farina and Peter Moro as his soldiers, or made-men. Later in the year, with the death of Peter Moro, came the induction of several new members, most notably Julian Mancini, Marco Mancini and Adam Costa all of whom joined the ranks of Granillo's crew. This thread follows James Granillo's story and end.
  13. This thread will showcase the development of various characters.
  14. The thread will follow Michael's development. Michael is a young Italian-American in his mid 20's and he was born in Los Santos. His father died when he was in early teens, his mother was sick and she could not work. So, as every good kid, he started working to survive with his mother. She would tear up every time he'd bring money home. He felt happy to be able to help his mother, two years later, his mom passed away and he was left alone. He felt very sad for the few weeks but he could not change the fact that they died. He's living alone and he is working different types of jobs to earn money. Michael Calabrese in 2019, three days before his birthday:
  15. Frank Palma - The 90's Francesco Delvecchio (Snr) and his wife Marzia Delvecchio (formerly Palazzo) moved to Alta, Los Santos in 1988 from Firenze (Florence) Italy. They had a significant amount of family already established in the US, and the move was made on the premise of the American dream and opportunities available to them and their offspring. Within the first year of moving into their tiny Alta apartment, a son was born, and they named him Frank. The years to follow were financially hard yet happy and surrounded by cousins and distant kin. Francesco found work on the city docks and Marzia at a textile factory in La Mesa allowing them to procure a small two bedroom apartment. The family would welcome two more sons to their tiny apartment in proceeding decade; Marco and then Giovanni. Nicole Savino - The 90's Antonio “Tony” Savino and his wife Isabella “Bella” Savino both grew up in Newark, New Jersey and it was destined that they were to be together. First generation to be born in America from large Neapolitan families who knew each other very well and both fathers working closely alongside each other for many years. Tony, was for the most part a hard working man. He promised the world to Bella and he did for a time attempt to keep it but the calls of business rang true and one year into their marriage Tony was sent to prison for extortion for five years with a heavily pregnant Bella having to fend for herself. One month into the sentence, Nicole was born and for the most part was a happy child. Her mother taking work in a local store, Nikki spent the majority of her early years without much input from her father except from the odd visitation. Five years passed quickly and within three months of returning home, Tony Savino and his wife announced they were expecting their second child. Joseph “Joey” Savino was born nine months later. Frank Palma - The 00's Frank's high school years were troubled yet relatively innocent. He was a delinquent when it came to his studies, but generally a cheeky, happy-go-lucky kid until his mid teens. Before long Frank was skipping school, and tried to spend as little time at home as possible. In 2006 Frank's father was laid off from his work for a second time, forcing not just financial strain on the household, but a man who had grown cynical and prone to drink and aggression. One day when Frank tried to give his mother cash gained from selling cigarettes at school - a fight broke out between Frank and his drink fuelled father leaving the teenager black and blue, an incident which saw Frank leave the family home. In the following years Frank stopped attending school altogether, any small time hustling becoming his primary source of income and ultimately survival. Couch skipping between friends and family was becoming a strain and it was at Christmas meal in 2008 with his family, what his Uncle Luca approached him. Luca was the uncle they all doted on, he moved to New York a long time prior, when Frank himself was just a baby. Luca was what they called a wise guy, and was never short of a few bucks. Luca assured Frank's mother that he would be better off in New York, that he would keep him close and look out for him. In the lead up to to 2010, young Frank was helping his uncle in his various rackets, however just how deep this operation went was unbeknownst to Frank. He was working the desk at his Uncle's card games, hanging up jackets and even parking their cars. He would go and run and get them food, pick up laundry and sometimes even pick up gifts for their wives and run errands for his uncle's associates. It was in this he met Antonio Savino, and soon after his daughter Nicole. Nicole Savino - The 00's Both Nikki and her younger brother had a pretty disruptive life leading into her teenage years. Their parents often argued to the point it became a daily occurrence and within a space of ten years, the Savino's had moved back and forth between Newark and Queens in New York City for her father's work twice. Nikki attended a local high school and for the most part kept her head down, however she was a headstrong woman with a fiery Italian temper and rumours of her father's business adventures often ended in fights. This ultimately found Nikki suspended a few times. Nikki showed a good head for numbers pretty early on and although school never really was for her, she was pushed by her father and did eventually graduate with reasonably good scores. She was offered an apprenticeship with a local accountant and associate of her fathers in Queens where she eventually met the young Frank Delvecchio.
  16. Roy Scala MUGSHOT TAKEN 04TH JULY 2021, ACCUSED OF FRAUD AND DRUG TRAFFICKING TYPE A Early Life Roy J. Scala was born in Philadelphia, PA on May 27, 1987 into a working-class Italian American family. Scala's family have lived in South Philadelphia for generations and this is where he also grew up. His father, Anthony Scala, provided for his family as a concrete mason worker. During the 1990s, Scala's father fell into gambling debts with the Philly Mob for several years. His father shielded his family from the financial troubles true cause, claiming that he was simply finding problems with better paying employment. Starting in 2000, at age 13, Scala attended meetings with counsellors and psychiatrists at the behest of his mother. This came after he complained about intrusive obsessions, anxiety and paranoia. Scala sought mental health care for a year until his father abruptly cancelled the proceedings. It's thought that Scala's father was harshly judgmental towards mental illness, going as far as claiming that it was a fabrication of society. His father also didn't want to be judged through supposedly having abnormalities in the family. Scala never received the treatment he needed, and resultantly by his late teens, had developed Paranoid Personality Disorder. Scala graduated from South Philadelphia High School in 2004. While attending high school, he earned three scholarships for universities in Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware. From 2005 - 2009, Scala attended the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. He completed a Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing. During his time in university, Scala took up bodybuilding while continuing his athletic career from high school. Scala was a member of the Jefferson Rams rowing and track & field teams from 2006 - 2009. His time as a student athlete saw him train and compete in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida. Scala's 2008 rowing competition in Sarasota, FL captivated him with Florida's state culture, society and weather. He was therefore motivated to attend the University of Miami from 2010 - 2012, where he earned a Master's Degree in Business Marketing West Coast involvement in La Cosa Nostra Scala moved to Los Santos, SA in 2013, a year after earning his Master's Degree in Miami. Leading up to the move, he had struggled with relevant employment while a childhood friend, Gregory Aparo, invited him to Los Santos. Aparo is suspected by Los Santos police of being associated with the Martorano crime family. Whether or not Scala also became involved isn't publicly known. In the meantime, Scala was working as a marketer in Miami's corporate world, but quickly came to dislike the work. Scala became aggressively greedy after arriving in Los Santos. Desperate to carve a living out for himself in an increasingly unequal and unstable economy, he used questionable people to reach this goal. In particular, Scala acquainted himself with reputed Martorano mobster Dominick Garfaci through Gregory Aparo. Under the watch of Garfaci, Scala orchestrated a betting scheme out of his leased-out Vespucci Mega Bets store. He is now accused of raking in $300,000 USD from the scheme, sometime around Mid-2021. Shortly after, he dropped the lease from Vespucci Mega Bets and used extra money to purchase a legitimate business. In 2021, he was recorded as being the proprietor of Oldie But Goodie, an electric appliance store in Vespucci.
  17. Anthony Trupiano first captured in FBI surveillance photos Anthony Trupiano spotted enter a meet with reported organized figure entering a bar in Philadelphia Paul Migliaccio Anthony Trupiano exiting a Philadelphia court room after his case headed to mistrial, Anthony was facing gambling and drug trafficking charges Trupiano has maintained a low profile in the years since
  18. Sami.

    John Santapaola

    “Any man who tries to be good all the time is bound to come to ruin among the great number who are not good. Hence a prince who wants to keep his authority must learn how not to be good, and use that knowledge, or refrain from using it, as necessity requires.” Niccolò Machiavelli - The Prince. Early Life. John Santapaola Jr. was born on the 19th of April 1981 in South Philadelphia Pennsylvania, making him 39 years of age. His Father, John Santapaola Sr. was an associate of the Philadelphia Crime Family (PCF), under Fat Andy Giordano, a buttoned member of the family. John saw a hard up-bringing, coming from a working class background, his father would spend the majority of his time in bars and clubs ran by the various members and associates of the PCF. John grew up around made-men and ruthless gangsters from all over the East Coast, this quickly taught John about the life and it's malignant nature. At the age of 13 John's mother died of a heart attack, quickly turning his father down a destructive and alcoholic path. John Sr. was a renowned hit-man and loan-shark in Philadelphia, he began beating John regularly, the infliction of which sparked interested in his father's associates, instigating both John's first success in deceit, and his first major interest in becoming a part of the life. One of his father's friends had asked him where he had obtained his injuries, from which he told him that it was done by a school bully, that child's father was proceeded to be beaten in front of his child. Unbeknown to all but John, that kid wasn't a bully, he in fact was being bullied by John. This interaction showed John the fear that can be inflicted simply by the way you carry yourself, the respect people show you, and whilst his father started to take a steep nose dive, John started to make his climb. At the age of 15 John was working in multiple mob-owned businesses, he trained in a boxing gym owned by his uncle who also owned a body shop where John learned how to work on vehicles, specifically chopping vehicles to gather their valuable resources. John showed promise in boxing, and he competed on an amateur level for years, a long side this he was brought into a crew, chopping the cars that his crew would boost around the city, eventually turning out to be a highly profitable venture for both John and his uncle, Larry Santapaola. Just as John's career started to take off, his father was arrested and indicted on multiple murder and racketeering charges. Now at the age of 18, John had to quickly adapt to being alone, he began working closer with his relatives, his uncle Paul who was a known drug trafficker in Philadelphia brought John under his wing, giving him small delivery jobs to keep him afloat. Before his arrest. Before John was arrested at the age of twenty four, he had been working for various people tied to the Philadelphia Crime Family, including numerous uncles and one notable associate of the family, Joseph Campo. John was still fighting on an amateur level, starting to gain some recognition around Philadelphia with a boxing record of 15-3, making his MMA debut at the age of 20 with a record of 9-2. John was involved in some loan-sharking skits, due to his size and aggressive nature, they mostly went down smoothly, however John was not phased by bloodshed, it was something that slowly became natural to him and the life he lead. John often found himself doing the jobs that people have nightmares about, cutting up bodies, leaving them unidentifiable. On the 23rd of July 2005, Larry Santapaola, John's uncle who had been running a small-time vehicle chopping operation in Philadelphia was arrested for multiple racketeering charges. Larry informed the police about multiple operations around the city, leading to the arrest of multiple associates of the Philadelphia Crime Family, John being one of them. On the 30th of October 2005, John Santapaola was arrested and indicted for extortion, drug trafficking and theft related charges. Greensburg state correctional institution. John spent fifteen years in state penitentiary before being released in early 2020. He spent the majority of his time in prison working out, reading, and writing. Finding himself heavily inspired by the works of Machiavelli, Robert Nozick, Thomas More, Albert Camus, and many more authors. His time in prison changed him, making friends with people who had lived a life that John dreamt of living, real gangsters with real stories. He quickly became friends with the prison librarian, a 65 year old wise-guy who had served as a solider in the Colombo Crime Family who quickly taught John a lot about the way of life, teaching him about honour and respect. Freedom and Los Santos. John was released from prison on the 3rd of January 2020, coming back to Philadelphia he noticed his connections had run short and his time had passed. After attempting multiple failed re-introductions into the life in Philadelphia, John quickly found word that an old friend of his, Joseph Campo had moved to Los Santos with an agenda, John quickly followed suit, moving to Los Santos, San Andreas. John's first project in Los Santos was reviving a local gym, where he currently still works as the director. John is currently a part of The Philadelphia Connection, a Vespucci based crew in Los Santos. “If you give me six sentences written by the most innocent of men, I will find something in them with which to hang them.” Armand Jean du Plessis Richelieu ( Character development screenshots will be posted below.)
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