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  1. A summary on the modern Philly operations and rumors about Los Santos branch-off. Dave Schratweiser - 21st October 2019 If there ever was a code of silence, an idea of honor and loyalty, it’s disappeared a generation or two ago. It was a phenomenon, the Cosa Nostra experience - but it has played itself out. You see guys breaking the oath, more & more arrests racking up each year, but even still, it’d be a mistake to ignore their presence in the modern day. It’s best put in the words of Capeci, ‘They're beleaguered, battered and bruised, but they are far from wiped out.’ The Philadelphia Crime Family can more or less be summed up in three words - bloodshed, respites and betrayal. Ever since Angelo Bruno’s days, it’s been a rough journey for whoever may be in the driving seat, from Testa all the way to Merlino himself. But over the other coast it seems that the families have faced a constant power struggle over the last few years. The influence of the Los Santos Crime Family has been like a pulse rate of an old man in his death-bed, you hear of them well established for a few months, and you see a bunch of indictments and prosecutions in the next. The fact that the current administration and hierarchy is deeply obscure, it remains unknown of who’s at the top, or even if there is anybody. This is why San Andreas has always been an even playground for mid-western, as well as east-coast families. The most notable case being of Dominic Montemarano , a Colombo captain relocating to Vinewood ever-after his release in 1990s along with his then-associates Angelo Sisca & Paul Longo. With the Philadelphian underworld historically riddled by informants, co-operators & high surveillance, decorated figures getting a chance to make good legitimate money with minor rackets on the side while the street-gangs of Los Santos outshadow their presence, they haven’t shied out on cashing in - making the Philadelphia mob no exception to this pattern of having a satellite crew. In the early 2010s, it was reported several alleged members with ties to the Philadelphia family were involved in Philadelphia's booming construction and home rehab industry that has recently spilled into San Andreas. In the past few months, Joseph Campo, a staunch figure with a notorious history has been seen frequenting Los Santos. It’s believed he’s backing Philip Martorano, another long-time inductee, in the process of getting a strong grip in the construction industry of the city. Upon relocating, Campo & Martorano were also seen at the Sabella’s multiple times, a small-time bar run by Louis Sabella, brother-in-law to Montemarano loyalist & inductee Angelo ‘Little Angie’ Sisca. Although the city of Saints has always been prevailed by street gangs, it wasn’t long until Campo’s associates started creating an influence, dabbling into several rackets much alike to their home roots ranging from union racketeering, loan-sharking & narcotics. Meanwhile, Campo & Martorano remain in the shadows, reportedly infiltrating legal industries - from landing legitimate State Contracts to having a tight grip in the MMA industry of the city. Crippling indictments rain on the Philadelphia Mafia, alleged Captain Joseph Campo faces a stern sentence. George Anastasia - 24 November 2020 The Philadelphia mob, much like a house of cards, has had its shaky foundation hit with a sledgehammer with over 15 members indicted on several charges. Joseph Campo in particular, already going through trials since September pleads guilty after being held for months. He’s a long time inductee, what most insiders would term, ‘a stand-up guy’. And as a result, we have him looking at 15 years in state prison. Decimated by turncoat witnesses, Joseph Campo allegedly spearheaded the Los Santos faction of the Philadelphia mob. After his final retrial last week, Campo pleaded guilty to several weapon charges. Sources say Campo turned down many offers to cooperate, adhering to which, he would’ve faced a significantly less sentence. Instead, the father of two chose to live by the code that has been broken countless times by no-one better than Philly guys. Over the decades, we have seen the code of silence being more and more ineffective. But Campo refusing to open-up on his dealings and associates is a display of how in a dying breed, there are still a few old-timers out there, living by their ‘rules’. This has led to questions on what the current state of the LS branch-off is. A week before Campo pled guilty, Phil Martorano, closely connected to Campo in Philadelphia's Los Santos cell was seen in Philadelphia. Sources reveal he liquidated his South Philly home and permanently moved to Los Santos with his wife and kids. The father of three is speculated to be the natural and the most successor to Campo, spearheading the Los Santos faction upwards of fifteen associates. In addition to this, we’ve seen multiple known inductees, Paul Migliaccio and Nathaniel Agro make frequent appearances in the city and be in Martorano’s circle as of late. After the convictions & Campo's arrest, naturally, these guys have gone quieter in their presence. These figures are more than likely sent to be backing Martorano in his new position. Both Longo and Sisca have been spotted at Sanetti’s ongoing construction site in many instances, a company with Martorano listed as an investor - sources showing close ties between the two crews. (Left to Right - Philip Martorano, Nathaniel Agro, Angelo Sisca & Paul Longo) Although the Philly Department's going back and forth with San Andreas to keep them in check, the city being predominant with street gangs and motorcycle clubs catching all the eyes, these guys enjoy the shadows it puts them in. They’re heavily legal, and they’ve channeled a lot of their energy towards businesses rather than the old and extreme ways, and so far, it’s seeming to work. Reports show alleged ties with the local teamsters, construction, the fighting business of the city, among many other things. But again? It works as far as these guys see money coming in. They start going out of business, I could see numerous fraud, extortion and sharking cases coming up in the coming decade too. At the end of the day, these guys are off their way with the administration’s blessing, so they are bound to keep their proxies and envelopes moving no matter what. Independence Day for the West Coast Mafia? Adam Campbell - 20 January 2021 The American Mafia’s heyday feels like a lifetime ago, and its old guard or ancients, are soon to be forgotten. Dominic Montemarano, a high-ranking Colombo goodfella, passed away in January 2021 due to complications from the COVID-19 virus. He was 82. Montemarano, or better known as Donnie Shacks, was a Cosa Nostra titan with a remarkable past. Jerry Capeci described him as a “colorful wiseguy and former football player, who worked as an actor and palled around with everyone, from mob boss Carmine “The Snake” Persico to Hollywood stars.” Shacks starred in a self-produced movie, Night at the Golden Eagle, in 2001. Shacks reigned over a motley crew of wiseguys in East LS following his move from the East Coast to the West Coast. Among them were Angelo Sisca Jr., Paul Longo, and Louis Sabella—all of them Amato loyalists who previously operated out of Sheepshead Bay. What will happen to the captain’s seat remains a mystery, however sources claim many of Montemarano’s circle have been holding mafia moot to decide the future of their Colombo West Coast faction. Philadelphia captain Philip Martorano and Colombo soldier Angelo Sisca Jr. have been spotted congregating outside Teamsters Local 3623’s office, and outside the Lucky Goose—a mob hangout in downtown LS—with Paul Longo. Insiders say that the half-retired Colombo captain, Carmine Lupo, has taken an airline subscription for his regular visits from LS—NY, even rubbing elbows with George Borgesi, a high-ranking mobster in the Philadelphia family, in South Philadelphia. All these leads make for an interesting path to follow. With heaps of indictments raining down on the upper echelon of Philadelphia, and Montemarano’s ship tragically sinking, one can speculate about the West Coast Mafia’s very own Declaration of Independence soon enough. Credits to @The Dirty Duke for the final article.
  2. Jackie Artese From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Giacomo John Artese (known as Jackie) (born March 16, 1981) is believed to be a member of the Colombo crime family. He is a self-proclaimed tycoon within the pornographic industry, engineered through his "Jackie Candy" on and off-screen persona. This same blue collar celebrity status has reportedly created a rift between Artese and esteemed figures within the Colombo crime family, possibly motivating Jackie's relocation to Los Santos. Early life Giacomo John Artese was born on March 16, 1981 in a small house on Forest Parkway in the borough of Queens, New York City. A stone's throw from Ozone Park, Artese and his neighborhood friends would frequently socialize with the borough's growing Gambino family presence. Despite being born to relatively financially stable, unassuming parents, Artese began to associate with known New York underworld figures in his native borough at a young age. Artese and his fiancé at the time, Vivian Serino, welcomed their son Michael Artese in 2001. A year later, Vivian Serino died due to bowel complications. To make ends meet, Artese would premier in Queens' hottest dive bars as "male talent" whilst simeltaneously scheming with Gambino affiliates. Pornography After a stint partnering with young Gambino associates from Queens, Jackie would eventually strike up a consistent street working relationship with Colombo crime family soldier Joseph Cattaneo. Through Joseph Cattaneo, Jackie would go on to meet Rudy DeFeo, a Colombo crime family soldier and one of New York's leading men within the adult entertainment industry. Artese was groomed into the industry and adopted the alias "Jackie Candy". The charismatic and boisterous Jackie began to build a reputation among his Colombo friends and inevitably started to dip into organized crime. Artese was rumored to heavily involve himself in Brooklyn's illegal pornogrophy scene in the early 2000s. It is believed the adult entertainment industry's popularity boon as well as the widespread increase in camera and video streaming availability severely damaged the demand for illegal pornographic content. Miami, Florida Artese relocated to Miami, Florida and began investing in legitimate adult studios, even producing a string of low budget movies himself from 2006-2009. Jackie's rise to pornographic stardom was met with distaste by Caporegime Patrick Alifante who deemed Artese's growing blue collar celebritiy as "unethical". Artese's involvement in drug distribrution whilst maintaining a growing public persona, all while affiliating with the Colombo crime family eventually lead to what could have been an attempt on Artese's life. However, Colombo heavyweight Dominic Montemarano, a Caporegime, put an arm around Jackie and steered him away from the naysayers that lingered behind him. The pair struck up a fruitful partnership, and Jackie was the student. In 2010, he was arrested following an altercation with Miami-based freelance adult film director Thomas Quinn. The assault charges in the Quinn case were subsequently dropped, however Artese was convicted on a petty larceny claim and spent 7 months in prison. Jackie Artese welcomed two daughters in the early-mid 2010's, Chloe and Priscilla Artese. The two children are to separate mothers who are prominent figures within the adult entertainment industry. Montemarano Ties In the early-2010s, Artese was introduced to Colombo heavyweight Dominic Montemarano. Montemarano was a caporegime in charge of a skeleton crew on the West Coast which rose to greater prominence in the 2010. Montemarano’s growing influence over the Vinewood pornography industry attracted Artese to a partnership. However, Montemarano’s death in January 2021 resulted in a decline of business. Artese has since resumed ties with Angelo Sisca—a former Colombo soldier under Montemarano—in a bid to rekindle a hold of the industry. Credits go to @The Dirty Duke & @Apa.
  3. This thread aims to follow Jacob Barbieri, age Twenty-Eight.
  4. George Fratto gambling his business money away "> George is young Italian-American man in his early 20’s. His family used to run a small Liqiour brewery a few years ago. After George’s father's passing away, he was forced to take the lead of the business. After two years of George leading the family business, the brewery stopped functioning due to a lack of funds, which was caused by George’s addiction to gambling. Visiting casinos and betting websites is George’s everyday routine, because of that, he hasn’t achieved anything in life.
  5. This thread will follow the development of Russell Gagliano and his relation with The Martorano Crime Family. Russell Gagliano From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In development. I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX
  6. Nate Inserra (left) & Vinny Galarino (right) in their sophomore year at a frat party.
  7. IC Timeline 15/08/2021 - UPPERCUT 02/08/2021 - RUMORS 05/04/2021 - GREED 12/03/2021 - GTA
  8. James Granillo is a Los Santos based Captain or caporegime in the Conti crime family sometimes dubbed the Los Santos crime family. Granillo moved to LS at the young age of twenty to continue his personal success in the food and hospitality sector. Prior to his arrival, he worked in Newark for his uncle's delicatessen. This initial work provided Granillo prolonged exposure to the mafia who frequently visited to collect their weekly extortion fee from his uncle. Like every mob fairy tale, Granillo admired their valuable jewelry and flashy cars. He ultimately moved to LS with the money he had saved; his uncle's delicatessen had been running low on profits, and he was asked to leave, like many others before him, Granillo wanted to start a new life. Upon his arrival he became acquainted with mob associate Julius Leone who introduced him around the city. This friendship with Leone led to Granillo's introduction to mafia star Daniel Santoro, a soldier in the Conti crime family. Granillo impressed Santoro and was offered a job at the notorious Rothstein's Jewelry. David Pillini, one of Santoro's high profile associates was instrumental in structuring Granillo's descent into the criminal underworld. From being a mail-man for high-tier drug transactions to large firearms deals with one of his illicit associates. Pillini later took on Granillo as his personal driver, chauffeuring him around the city. Pillini further showed the ins and outs of mob life to Granillo, later assisting him under his wing until his disappearance a few months after. Santoro further exposed Granillo to innumerable underground dealings from drug trafficking to pimping. It is widely perceived that Granillo had taken over the notorious escort service once run by Nicholas Trisano - Vinewood Escorts. However, as the age old saying goes in that history repeats itself, Granillo had recently undertaken management of Al Dente's pizza parlor where he based a fraction of his operations. Granillo owned The Crooked Lounge, the building behind his underworld cognomen. East Vinewood, more specifically York Street was where Granillo spent most of his time, furthering his sphere of power under the late caporegime, Daniel Santoro. Al Dente's having left his grasp, he based the majority of his operations from the comfort of his bar. Granillo was instrumental in conducting considerable criminal tasks of his own, garnering the respect of his peers. With the return of Pillini, James' friend and mentor, the duo had come to be what they formerly were. On the night of August 27th, 2020, James Granillo and David Pillini, along with other associates, were inaugurated into the crime family as official members or soldiers. James served under caporegime, Daniel Santoro. On the day of January 23rd, 2021, James Granillo was made caporegime with David Pillini, Michael Farina and Peter Moro as his soldiers, or made-men. Later in the year, with the death of Peter Moro, came the induction of several new members, most notably Julian Mancini, Marco Mancini and Adam Costa all of whom joined the ranks of Granillo's crew. This thread follows James Granillo's story and end.
  9. This thread will showcase the development of various characters.
  10. The thread will follow Michael's development. Michael is a young Italian-American in his mid 20's and he was born in Los Santos. His father died when he was in early teens, his mother was sick and she could not work. So, as every good kid, he started working to survive with his mother. She would tear up every time he'd bring money home. He felt happy to be able to help his mother, two years later, his mom passed away and he was left alone. He felt very sad for the few weeks but he could not change the fact that they died. He's living alone and he is working different types of jobs to earn money. Michael Calabrese in 2019, three days before his birthday:
  11. Angelo Sisca Jr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Angelo Sisca Jr. (born April 11, 1979) is a high-ranking member of the Martorano crime family. He is a labor racketeer and operates as a union official for ILWU Local 66. Sisca is a former Colombo soldier who operated under then caporegime Dominic Montemarano. Sisca merged ties with Philip Martorano in 2021 and established the Martorano crime family. According to Savona's testimony, Sisca serves as Martorano's underboss. Background Sisca was born in Sheepshead Bay, South Brooklyn, New York. His father, Angelo Sisca Sr., was an inducted Persico enforcer during the Second Colombo War and was indicted for murder in 1995. He dropped out of college as he was considered a slow learner and academically underdeveloped. In his teens, Sisca was a competing, up-and-coming boxer but repeatedly broke his nose, suffering breathing problems which forced him to quit. He has been a heavy breather eversince. Sisca instead worked at the Meat Hook, a butcher's shop in Brooklyn and was a loose associate of Joseph Amato Sr. Sisca has a tacky sense of fashion that includes pinstriped pants and oversized, open blouse shirts as well as shaded sunglasses that help hide his lazy eye. In 2017, the Black Hand Forum described him as "nothing more than a puffed up, pompous thug who cares more about looks than anything else."[1] Labor racketeering Connections in the Colombo family enrolled him as an union representative in the International Longshoremen's Association (ILA) at Local 1814. Sisca regularly looted shipments and fenced them accordingly, supplying appliances and electronics to local shops for a lowered price. He became involved with the Montemarano-Amato crew under Joseph Amato Sr. in the 1990s, and based his operations out of Sheepshead Bay. In 1997, Sisca had an altercation with union delegate Peter Fransella who had made comments about Sisca's lazy eye. He inflicted permanent damage to Fransella's right eye. Sisca began wearing shades in a bid to mask his lazy eye afterwards. When Sisca was tipped off about an increased law enforcement interest in Local 1814, he resigned and instead expanded on other activities such as loansharking and extortion. He continued using a middle man in Local 1814 to fence goods. Colombo crime family Los Santos faction Following his resignation at Local 1814, Sisca was recruited by Dominic Montemarano to relocate to the West Coast in the late 1990s. Montemarano's desire was to semi-retire but entered the movie industry, as well as pornography and gambling. Sisca joined Montemarano in East Los Santos alongside Paul Longo and began operating out of Sabella's, an East Los Santos-based bar and social club near Mirror Park. Sisca resumed his usual activities such as loansharking, labor racketeering, theft and fencing. Induction Sisca helped establish a Colombo base on the West Coast alongside Paul Longo. Gang Land News' mafia writer Jerry Capeci published a list of names who were inducted into the Colombo crime family on Christmas Eve, 2007, which included Sisca.[2] He was reportedly involved in the murder of George Kruger, an associate turned alcoholic who was gunned down on Mirror Park Boulevard and East Mirror Drive in 2013.[3] Martorano crime family In light of an increased Cosa Nostra presence in San Andreas, a Philadelphia-Colombo partnership was reached in an effort to increase the mafia’s underworld presence in the state. Philip Martorano, Sisca, and Longo coordinated a large hand in labor racketeering in the construction and longshoreman industry. Following Montemarano’s passing in January 2021, a merge was proposed between the satellite crews. Colombo captain Carmine Lupo coordinated the merge in accordance with both families’ demands. Sisca served as Martorano’s consigliere. Underboss Sisca became disgruntled with the Martorano underboss, Nathaniel Agro, and advised Martorano to dispose of Agro. He then succeeded Agro as underboss but was met with racketeering charges in April following Ernest Savona—a Martorano soldier and turncoat—who had given testimony regarding Sisca’s role in the LS Cosa Nostra. He spent several months in prison while on trial, but charges were eventually dropped due to a lack of evidence. References 1. ^ Black Hand Forum (needs citation) 2. ^ Capeci, Jerry (January 11, 2016). "Colombo's West Coast Connection". Gangland News. 3. ^ Feldmann, Henry (September 23, 2013). "Mob alcoholic's last drink". Los Santos Times.
  12. Frank Palma - The 90's Francesco Delvecchio (Snr) and his wife Marzia Delvecchio (formerly Palazzo) moved to Alta, Los Santos in 1988 from Firenze (Florence) Italy. They had a significant amount of family already established in the US, and the move was made on the premise of the American dream and opportunities available to them and their offspring. Within the first year of moving into their tiny Alta apartment, a son was born, and they named him Frank. The years to follow were financially hard yet happy and surrounded by cousins and distant kin. Francesco found work on the city docks and Marzia at a textile factory in La Mesa allowing them to procure a small two bedroom apartment. The family would welcome two more sons to their tiny apartment in proceeding decade; Marco and then Giovanni. Nicole Savino - The 90's Antonio “Tony” Savino and his wife Isabella “Bella” Savino both grew up in Newark, New Jersey and it was destined that they were to be together. First generation to be born in America from large Neapolitan families who knew each other very well and both fathers working closely alongside each other for many years. Tony, was for the most part a hard working man. He promised the world to Bella and he did for a time attempt to keep it but the calls of business rang true and one year into their marriage Tony was sent to prison for extortion for five years with a heavily pregnant Bella having to fend for herself. One month into the sentence, Nicole was born and for the most part was a happy child. Her mother taking work in a local store, Nikki spent the majority of her early years without much input from her father except from the odd visitation. Five years passed quickly and within three months of returning home, Tony Savino and his wife announced they were expecting their second child. Joseph “Joey” Savino was born nine months later. Frank Palma - The 00's Frank's high school years were troubled yet relatively innocent. He was a delinquent when it came to his studies, but generally a cheeky, happy-go-lucky kid until his mid teens. Before long Frank was skipping school, and tried to spend as little time at home as possible. In 2006 Frank's father was laid off from his work for a second time, forcing not just financial strain on the household, but a man who had grown cynical and prone to drink and aggression. One day when Frank tried to give his mother cash gained from selling cigarettes at school - a fight broke out between Frank and his drink fuelled father leaving the teenager black and blue, an incident which saw Frank leave the family home. In the following years Frank stopped attending school altogether, any small time hustling becoming his primary source of income and ultimately survival. Couch skipping between friends and family was becoming a strain and it was at Christmas meal in 2008 with his family, what his Uncle Luca approached him. Luca was the uncle they all doted on, he moved to New York a long time prior, when Frank himself was just a baby. Luca was what they called a wise guy, and was never short of a few bucks. Luca assured Frank's mother that he would be better off in New York, that he would keep him close and look out for him. In the lead up to to 2010, young Frank was helping his uncle in his various rackets, however just how deep this operation went was unbeknownst to Frank. He was working the desk at his Uncle's card games, hanging up jackets and even parking their cars. He would go and run and get them food, pick up laundry and sometimes even pick up gifts for their wives and run errands for his uncle's associates. It was in this he met Antonio Savino, and soon after his daughter Nicole. Nicole Savino - The 00's Both Nikki and her younger brother had a pretty disruptive life leading into her teenage years. Their parents often argued to the point it became a daily occurrence and within a space of ten years, the Savino's had moved back and forth between Newark and Queens in New York City for her father's work twice. Nikki attended a local high school and for the most part kept her head down, however she was a headstrong woman with a fiery Italian temper and rumours of her father's business adventures often ended in fights. This ultimately found Nikki suspended a few times. Nikki showed a good head for numbers pretty early on and although school never really was for her, she was pushed by her father and did eventually graduate with reasonably good scores. She was offered an apprenticeship with a local accountant and associate of her fathers in Queens where she eventually met the young Frank Delvecchio.
  13. Roy Scala MUGSHOT TAKEN 04TH JULY 2021, ACCUSED OF FRAUD AND DRUG TRAFFICKING TYPE A Early Life Roy J. Scala was born in Philadelphia, PA on May 27, 1987 into a working-class Italian American family. Scala's family have lived in South Philadelphia for generations and this is where he also grew up. His father, Anthony Scala, provided for his family as a concrete mason worker. During the 1990s, Scala's father fell into gambling debts with the Philly Mob for several years. His father shielded his family from the financial troubles true cause, claiming that he was simply finding problems with better paying employment. Starting in 2000, at age 13, Scala attended meetings with counsellors and psychiatrists at the behest of his mother. This came after he complained about intrusive obsessions, anxiety and paranoia. Scala sought mental health care for a year until his father abruptly cancelled the proceedings. It's thought that Scala's father was harshly judgmental towards mental illness, going as far as claiming that it was a fabrication of society. His father also didn't want to be judged through supposedly having abnormalities in the family. Scala never received the treatment he needed, and resultantly by his late teens, had developed Paranoid Personality Disorder. Scala graduated from South Philadelphia High School in 2004. While attending high school, he earned three scholarships for universities in Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware. From 2005 - 2009, Scala attended the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. He completed a Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing. During his time in university, Scala took up bodybuilding while continuing his athletic career from high school. Scala was a member of the Jefferson Rams rowing and track & field teams from 2006 - 2009. His time as a student athlete saw him train and compete in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida. Scala's 2008 rowing competition in Sarasota, FL captivated him with Florida's state culture, society and weather. He was therefore motivated to attend the University of Miami from 2010 - 2012, where he earned a Master's Degree in Business Marketing West Coast involvement in La Cosa Nostra Scala moved to Los Santos, SA in 2013, a year after earning his Master's Degree in Miami. Leading up to the move, he had struggled with relevant employment while a childhood friend, Gregory Aparo, invited him to Los Santos. Aparo is suspected by Los Santos police of being associated with the Martorano crime family. Whether or not Scala also became involved isn't publicly known. In the meantime, Scala was working as a marketer in Miami's corporate world, but quickly came to dislike the work. Scala became aggressively greedy after arriving in Los Santos. Desperate to carve a living out for himself in an increasingly unequal and unstable economy, he used questionable people to reach this goal. In particular, Scala acquainted himself with reputed Martorano mobster Dominick Garfaci through Gregory Aparo. Under the watch of Garfaci, Scala orchestrated a betting scheme out of his leased-out Vespucci Mega Bets store. He is now accused of raking in $300,000 USD from the scheme, sometime around Mid-2021. Shortly after, he dropped the lease from Vespucci Mega Bets and used extra money to purchase a legitimate business. In 2021, he was recorded as being the proprietor of Oldie But Goodie, an electric appliance store in Vespucci.
  14. Anthony Trupiano first captured in FBI surveillance photos Anthony Trupiano spotted enter a meet with reported organized figure entering a bar in Philadelphia Paul Migliaccio Anthony Trupiano exiting a Philadelphia court room after his case headed to mistrial, Anthony was facing gambling and drug trafficking charges Trupiano has maintained a low profile in the years since
  15. Paul Longo is a soldier in the Colombo crime family (NYC) though operates in Los Santos, under capo regime Dominic Montemarano. His operations span out of Sabella's social club (Mirror Park) and his rackets primarily focus on murder-for-hire, armed robbery and loan-sharking. Paul Longo was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to an underworld associated father and a stay-at-home mother. He was described as a relatively mediocre student but with a talent for sports, in particular ice hockey. Although it served him well in the hockey ring, Longo's overaggressive attitude and haste to solving issues with his fists led to an early high school exit and no college scholarship to the dismay of his mother. Longo had a job as an errand boy for local grocery owned by friend of his father and mafia inductee, Thomas Capelli. Under Capelli, Paul would begin regularly selling stolen cigarettes and liquor to his high school friends. It was here he would catch the attention of two integral players in his career of organized crime, Dominic Montemarano and Angelo Sisca. After the internal Colombo war, Montemarano proved to be on the winning side as a loyalist to Carmine Persico. It was here he would form his own crew in Los Angeles, taking Longo and Sisca across to the West Coast. It was in Los Angeles that Longo would receive his first criminal conviction for first degree assault. On the eve of the new millennia, Longo, Irishman Lenoard Collins and Colombo associates Louis Sabella and Robert Mazzari, were arrested by police for assaulting a local African-American drug dealer in Mirror Park. Collins, Mazzari and Sabella were sentenced to a year as no weapons were found on their persons, unlike Longo who was found in possession of a bat leading to three years incarceration. It is unsure as to when Longo received his knighthood in the Colombo organization. However, mafia experts believe it to be around the time of his release. And ever since his leave from prison, the Montemarano crew have flown under the radar, dabbling in low level criminal activities to avoid attention of federal agents. However, recent increases in organized crime in the West Coast, in particular the growth of a satellite crew from the Philadelphia crime family has seen Longo's resurgence. On January 22nd, Longo's long time mentor and capo, Dominic Montemarano, passed away due to a foreign flu. During his last few years, Montemarano had semi-retired in the Vinewood Hills leaving the day-to-day operations for both Longo and Sisca. Unbeknownst to Montemarano, the duo had been in long term discussions with Carroll Street through influential ex-Colombo captain, Carmine Lupo, regarding a merger between Philip Martorano's Philadelphia satellite crew. The demands from Carroll Street were straight forward: one of either Longo or Sisca must be on the panel of the newly formed borgata and 15% of all illicit earnings be returned to New York's hands. Sisca was brought forward to Martorano as his new consiglierie with Longo now taking role of capo regime in the newly formed family's Downtown crew. Unfortunately for Longo, these plans were put on halt after the murder of Anthony Limone, an associate of Longo's, slain for his disrespect of inducted Colombo member, Ernest Savona. Both Savona and Longo were arrested for the shooting alongside the clean up crew, Ronald Ganisa and Robert Bonfiglio. The latter three were offered an unrefusable plea by the District Attorney's LS office - Conspiracy of Second Degree Murder and six months incarcerastion with Savona choosing to stand trial, citing a lack of evidence. The news story of the trios' plea deal spiraled out of control with popular Los Santos News Network (LSNN) journalist, Victoria Miller, airing the story on primetime television. However, unknown to the newly formed crime family on the West Coast, Longo developed devious sexual relations with Miller and used her to damage the reputation of the DA's office claiming discrimination toward the Italian-American community. Miller revealed her undoubtable loyalty to Longo, feinting on television to avoid reading a statement to the article by the DA's office. As a result of Miller's media storm, on the 3rd January a march of over 30 stormed the courts demanding the release of Ernest Savona, orchestrated by the puppeteers behind the scenes, Longo and Sisca. (Thank you to the @The Dirty Dukefor your help with the formatting and layout. After a six month hiatus from the game, Paul Longo will be my new character going forward. This story will share personal character development, as well as screenshots from the The Philadelphia Connection faction thread.)
  16. Sami.

    John Santapaola

    “Any man who tries to be good all the time is bound to come to ruin among the great number who are not good. Hence a prince who wants to keep his authority must learn how not to be good, and use that knowledge, or refrain from using it, as necessity requires.” Niccolò Machiavelli - The Prince. Early Life. John Santapaola Jr. was born on the 19th of April 1981 in South Philadelphia Pennsylvania, making him 39 years of age. His Father, John Santapaola Sr. was an associate of the Philadelphia Crime Family (PCF), under Fat Andy Giordano, a buttoned member of the family. John saw a hard up-bringing, coming from a working class background, his father would spend the majority of his time in bars and clubs ran by the various members and associates of the PCF. John grew up around made-men and ruthless gangsters from all over the East Coast, this quickly taught John about the life and it's malignant nature. At the age of 13 John's mother died of a heart attack, quickly turning his father down a destructive and alcoholic path. John Sr. was a renowned hit-man and loan-shark in Philadelphia, he began beating John regularly, the infliction of which sparked interested in his father's associates, instigating both John's first success in deceit, and his first major interest in becoming a part of the life. One of his father's friends had asked him where he had obtained his injuries, from which he told him that it was done by a school bully, that child's father was proceeded to be beaten in front of his child. Unbeknown to all but John, that kid wasn't a bully, he in fact was being bullied by John. This interaction showed John the fear that can be inflicted simply by the way you carry yourself, the respect people show you, and whilst his father started to take a steep nose dive, John started to make his climb. At the age of 15 John was working in multiple mob-owned businesses, he trained in a boxing gym owned by his uncle who also owned a body shop where John learned how to work on vehicles, specifically chopping vehicles to gather their valuable resources. John showed promise in boxing, and he competed on an amateur level for years, a long side this he was brought into a crew, chopping the cars that his crew would boost around the city, eventually turning out to be a highly profitable venture for both John and his uncle, Larry Santapaola. Just as John's career started to take off, his father was arrested and indicted on multiple murder and racketeering charges. Now at the age of 18, John had to quickly adapt to being alone, he began working closer with his relatives, his uncle Paul who was a known drug trafficker in Philadelphia brought John under his wing, giving him small delivery jobs to keep him afloat. Before his arrest. Before John was arrested at the age of twenty four, he had been working for various people tied to the Philadelphia Crime Family, including numerous uncles and one notable associate of the family, Joseph Campo. John was still fighting on an amateur level, starting to gain some recognition around Philadelphia with a boxing record of 15-3, making his MMA debut at the age of 20 with a record of 9-2. John was involved in some loan-sharking skits, due to his size and aggressive nature, they mostly went down smoothly, however John was not phased by bloodshed, it was something that slowly became natural to him and the life he lead. John often found himself doing the jobs that people have nightmares about, cutting up bodies, leaving them unidentifiable. On the 23rd of July 2005, Larry Santapaola, John's uncle who had been running a small-time vehicle chopping operation in Philadelphia was arrested for multiple racketeering charges. Larry informed the police about multiple operations around the city, leading to the arrest of multiple associates of the Philadelphia Crime Family, John being one of them. On the 30th of October 2005, John Santapaola was arrested and indicted for extortion, drug trafficking and theft related charges. Greensburg state correctional institution. John spent fifteen years in state penitentiary before being released in early 2020. He spent the majority of his time in prison working out, reading, and writing. Finding himself heavily inspired by the works of Machiavelli, Robert Nozick, Thomas More, Albert Camus, and many more authors. His time in prison changed him, making friends with people who had lived a life that John dreamt of living, real gangsters with real stories. He quickly became friends with the prison librarian, a 65 year old wise-guy who had served as a solider in the Colombo Crime Family who quickly taught John a lot about the way of life, teaching him about honour and respect. Freedom and Los Santos. John was released from prison on the 3rd of January 2020, coming back to Philadelphia he noticed his connections had run short and his time had passed. After attempting multiple failed re-introductions into the life in Philadelphia, John quickly found word that an old friend of his, Joseph Campo had moved to Los Santos with an agenda, John quickly followed suit, moving to Los Santos, San Andreas. John's first project in Los Santos was reviving a local gym, where he currently still works as the director. John is currently a part of The Philadelphia Connection, a Vespucci based crew in Los Santos. “If you give me six sentences written by the most innocent of men, I will find something in them with which to hang them.” Armand Jean du Plessis Richelieu ( Character development screenshots will be posted below.)
  17. sleek

    Gabriel Messina

    This thread will follow the character development of Gabriel Messina in The Conti Crime Family.
  18. (The content seen below and throughout is not to be taken into in character aknowledgement and conversation. It is solely a thread to provide context as well as media that depicts the development of James Provenzano's character). James (Jimmy) Provenzano Jr. (born September 10th, 19950) is an inducted member of the Martorano crime family. He was arrested and charged with racketeering on April 18. Personal life Born in San Diego, James was raised in a household that preserved its native culture despite the fact that both his parents (Maria & James Sr. Provenzano) were second generation. James’ family celebrated the culture within San Diego’s Little Italy and held tightly to it, within everyday life and yearly events such as the Little Italy Festa held in October. James Sr. was a part of the Little Italy Neighborhood Association, an organisation that was responsible for maintaining low crime rates as well as looking after trash collection, special events, and community outreach. As well as this, his father ran a small salon business and his mother was an employee of said business. James Jr’s grandparents were popular among the farmers markets within Little Italy for their seafood. The Italian family and culture was very well embedded into James Jr’s upbringing, engulfed within the gentrified neighborhood. From a young age, James played soccer competitively, participating in the local soccer leagues hosted by the US Youth Soccer National League. An out-right box-to-box midfielder, James was scouted in his early teens and moved up to the Golden Valley League during his tenure through middle & high school. The future was bright for the young, talented athlete who was making waves within the community for his engine that he brought to the field; plenty of stamina to give alongside a killer eye for a deadly pass behind the defense. After the passing of James Jr’s father in 2006 he became a social recluse and opted to take care of his grieving mother. Provenzano Jr. began to resent Maria years on from Provenzano Sr.'s death which motivated him to leave his family home. Death of James Provenzano Sr. On a winter’s night in 2006, James Sr. Provenzano drowned unexpectedly at approximately 12:30 in the morning, swallowed up by the aggressive winter current on the Sweetwater channel whilst under the influence of alcohol. His body was recovered two weeks later after an investigation launched for the well-known James Sr. among his community. Mourning began within Little Italy, a minute’s silence was held among the mercato. The death of her husband left Maria severely devastated, and she struggled to recover. Los Santos early years James revisited soccer years after his father's passing. James reached out to previous coaches and teachers and requested letters of recommendation to ULSA so that he could enroll on a scholarship program. The University of San Andreas, Los Santos, accepted James Jr. Provenzano for a grad coach scholarship program. Thus, James moved into the campus of ULSA and pursued a career in traditional sports coaching, specifically in soccer. Two years into his studies, James became a product of the college culture that at the time surrounded ecstasy escapades and other class A drugs. James was caught dealing an eighth of cocaine to a neighboring student in their dorm hall. The mishap was caught on camera after suspicions had arisen due James’ lack of aptitude. After two years at ULSA, James dropped out. He began couch surfing shortly after his depature from ULSA, brushing shoulders with criminally minded individuals. Eager to maintain a champagne lifestyle with lemonade money, James worked casual labor jobs involving but not limited to: forklift driving, heavy machinery operation, construction, delivery driver etc. All whilst cliquing up with some of Los Santos' amateur underworld figures. At 22 years old James connected with a Chinese-American drug dealer named Kingsley Chiu and began couriering drugs into San Fierro for Kingsley’s crew, who had tight-knit relations with the Wo On Lok, or Water Room Gang, a notorious Triad. Feeling the heat, Kingsley Chiu slowed down operations, which inevitably left James out of pocket. The Martorano crime family Associate James Provenzano linked with Ralph Sciandra, a known affiliate of the Martorano crime family. The pair, alongside Frank Ida, formed a formidable partnership that began to make waves in Vinewood's show business. An ESPN contracted, pay-per-view, mixed martial arts event held at The Rockford Dome under Ralph Sciandra was a monumental success and inevitably catapulted the trio into Vinewood's circle of nightlife tycoons. This later encouraged James Provenzano to muscle his way into a business lease for the popular nightclub Tequi-La-La. James Provenzano and Frank Ida masterminded a complex credit card fraud scheme that takes in an estimated $40,000 per week. The scheme involves purchasing gas using fraudulant information, obtained and administered by Melody Hadley, Frank Ida's girlfriend. Becoming more and more integrated within the ranks of the Martorano crime family, James Provenzano began to commit and act as an acomplice on a series of murders. Ralph Nedra, a known associate of Nathaniel Agro was shot and killed in James Provenzano's home by Provenznao himself. Domenick Cessaro was murdered by Nathaniel Agro in Provenzano's vehicle and thereafter took part in the burial. Victoria Miller, LSNN reporter, was pronounced missing on March 16. Provenzano was an accomplice to Miller's murder. During the tensions within Vinewood between the Martorano crime family and a Eurasian organized crime group, Provenzano murdered two Armenian associates. Club Malibu, one of Los Santos' most renown nightclub was burnt down in an arson attack headed by James Provenzano, understandably in relation to the war in Vinewood between several illegal outfits. Made Man James Provenzano was inducted into the Martorano family per Ralph Sciandra's recommendation. Shortly after Provenzano's initiation, he was arrested and charged for racketeering and involvement in organized crime.
  19. 56th Duluoz Avenue 56th Duluoz Avenue.. The avenue? It consists of a few members.. five-six street guys, seven-eight hangarounds. These hangarounds? Nothing but wannabe's drinking outside a social club. Your occasional street guy.. you can tell the difference but hey.. you shouldn't. Nowadays? Guy's like them shouldn't have anybody raise an eyebrow. None a' them dress fancy, they all look like your average joe.. none of them are celebrity gangsters. Noteably, Bobby Fattore.. a old timer, street guy.. wannabe wiseguy. The street guys mostly consisted of Angelo Donato, Bobby Fattore, Ralph Margana.. Philly Pro. Most of these guys knew OF eachother but weren't real tightknit.. they stayed on the same avenue but that's about it. Bobby Fattore and Ralph Margana is the top two guys around that Avenue.. both of them are known throughout the neighborhood. Bobby Fattore? Freckles, he was an old timer. He's around fifty two.. Ralph? He's a young stocky kid, twenty nine or something along those lines. Both of them been close for ten years. Bobby? Bobby seen something in the guy, took him under his wings after a few years of knowing him. But, Bobby never vouched for the guy.. he wasn't a stupid guy.. he had to feel him out beforehand. Anyways, Bobby's life was good.. He was a hit guy and a racket guy.. a hybrid they called him. Rumour is around eight guys he's trunked. He doesn't boast about it.. he's smart, real smart. Eventually.. Bobby had a guy under his wing who turned informant.. that's why he always was cautious with Ralph. The guy apparently spilt a lot of things out. ROBERT FATTORE & CO. INFORMANT, FRANK BRUZANTI. 12/09/2011 - 19:03:20 Q. - You said you knew Bobby Fattore? A. - Bobby? Christ.. I knew him, good guy.. real street guy too.. So yeah, I knew him personally. Q. - Right, with that in account.. you knew also of any close family of his? A. - Family? Everybody from the fucking neighborhood was family. Q. - Did you know about any of his uhh -- "rackets?" A. - Right.. I forgot I fucking took this deal -- Yeah, Bobby used to run a few illegal gambling joints.. also? He participated in some arms dealing, nothing big time. Q. - Did you ever work with him on anything? Or.. did you ever know anybody who could have? A. - Right.. yeah, I did a bit of work for Bobby.. the usual, but they was one kid -- what's his name, Ralphie.. Ralphie Eyes. He wore some obnoxious fucking glasses.. he was real tough. Q. - Ralphie Eyes.. tell me more about him? He got a surname? A. - Ralphie Eyes.. yeah, Ralph Margana.. that's his name, I think anyways.. he was Bobby's Enforcer.. Bobby treats him like the son he never had.. he's real close with him. Q. - What else do you know about Ralph Margana? A. - You got that coffee for me yet? Anyways, Ralphie.. yeah you wanna know something? Ralphie is a man of honor.. one time? Ralphie beat the shit out of a guy for stepping on Bobby's shoes. You know why? it was outta respect for the man who raised him. Q - That's all I have for you Mister Bruzanti.. see your way out with Officer Sheperd over there. Bobby wasn't from these guys neighbourhoods.. he was from the East Coast.. real Bronx kid, was a tough kid too. He was around in the seventy-eighties era.. Just a little bit after Joe Gallo tried to whack a boss.. you can imagine shit was everywhere. Anyways, Bobby's father: Benjamin Fattore was an inducted guy in the Gambino's. Bobby got treated like a celebrities kid.. he'd go to the social clubs and would be allowed to play with the soda guns, nobody gave a fuck. He was a made guys son. ROBERT FATTORE. INFORMANT, CHARLIE PROVENZANO. 8/02/1994 - 12:08:47 Q - Robert Fattore, who is he? A. - Bobby Ear, right. Little Bobby from eighty third? He's the son of Benny Bumps an inducted guy from the family. Q. - Tell me more about him, was he ever involved with his father's activities? A. - Course he was, that's the new thing.. Bobby? He'd be the getaway driver if his fatha tried to mug a guy. Not literally, but they were real tight. You'd think they was brothers or something. Q. - Mr Provenzano.. I gotta ask, did Bobby ever kill somebody? A. - This wasn't in the deal, officer. It wasn't.. you better take that up with my lawyer. Q. - Very well, Mister. A. - Right. Q. - Give me a bit more about some of the activities these father and son got into. A. - Bobby was a tough kid, real tough.. but he was mostly a ball breaker, around seventeen? He hung around the social club and broke balls day, he'd sell some pistols off to the neighbourhood wannabe's just to keep his father happy. Q. - Is Bobby an inducted guy with the "Gambinos?" A. - No he ain't, he ain't far from it though.. his father and a few of his uncles proposed him but it never went far.. books was put off due to the whole ordeal back then. Q. - That's all my questions, Mr Provenzano. Thank you from your time, I'll show you to your lawyer now. ROBERT FATTORE & RALPHIE MARGANA. SURVELLIANCE CAMERA 08 - 14/06/2021 Bobby was the type of guys to remain in the shadows.. as he should. But it certainly didn't put the paranoia in him, the guy was a regular street guy. You didn't meet your monthly? Fuck it.. pay me. You hadda kick up to somebody else? I don't care, pay me. He was a hustler, he knew where his money was. Story is? Bobby Freckles walked into a bar with a .38 and killed a guy as he drank from the pint. It was the eighties.. he was a kid, got scolded for it -- but he was royalty.
  20. Bookmaking Operations in the 21st Century Scott Meisner • Los Santos Daily News • 29th April, 2021 Sports Betting is ingrained in U.S Culture The desire to bet on sports has a long history in the United States, dating back to 1665 when the first horse racetrack was built. This has historically been captured through the illegal sports betting market, with placed bets measuring around $150 billion last year (based on government-commissioned reports). The dynamic changed when the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in May 2018, allowing states to legally offer sports betting. Since then, 22 states and the District of Columbia have legalized athletic wagering, and we expect another 17 states will do so by 2023. How do the laws regarding legality look like in the State of San Andreas? The California Gambling Law, Regulations and Resource Book states that residents of California must be 21 years of age or older to part-take in online casinos, gambling lounges, or sportsbooks. It also states that at this time, it is illegal to start your own gambling business in this state (S.A. would be the same). With the rise of online gambling and legalization of sports betting spreading to more and more States, why is the regular street bookie still relevant? Until there is a betting shop on every street corner in the U.S, bookies will still be the go-to guys. Why is that so? •ACCESSIBILITY Working with a bookmaker, you have the ability to place down a bet immediately. A bookie offers benefits that an online casino generally wouldn't be able to offer. Got your hands on some insider information regarding a team, and you wanna change your bet in the last couple of minutes before the game start? You're free to do so. A bookmaker offers flexible betting hours, along with fast responses. •CREDIT Gambling will always be driven by the customer. The guy that has no money in his pocket is still gonna call the local bookmaker to bet, because he could bet with no money. Bookmakers offer flexible credit policies, suiting the gambler. Other Comments The whole concept of sports betting may be confusing for some however I recommend you to try it out and you'll get the hang of it. In my opinion, it's an underrated type of gambling roleplay which lags severely behind the regular types of gambling like poker or blackjack. People like to get hung up on the Mafia aspect of this, and would rather not risk their money. This is being done on a somewhat of a Mafia-connected character, however most bookies in the U.S have some connection to organized crime, whether that be for protection purposes or some other benefits. Credits to Anthony Scuopo of LS-RP for the thread layout idea.
  21. This thread will serve as Harold Lino development thread, I'll be posting day-to-day activities of my character so enjoy the show!
  22. Development thread of Victor & Ray Magana. Born and raised in Queens, New York City, the Magana siblings, otherwise known as "The Twins", are long-standing associates of the Bonanno crime family and in particular soldier Mark Grisante. They first caught his eye following the success of a daring robbery, that involved his son-in-law Gregory Tracero. Since then, they have continued to gain the trust of mafia figures — that include Anthony Valeri — with their knowhow around robbery and illegal gambling, among other activities. While the siblings' appearances are mirror reflections, their personalities are easily distinguishable; Victor, a college graduate in finance, is more calculated and level-headed, while Ray, a high school drop-out, is more rash and impulsive. In this regard, some would consider Ray to be the negative influence. Aside from their appearances, though, what the siblings also have in common is their willingness for violence and intimidation — a mentality much admired by their mob supervisor.
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