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  1. Couldn't do it without those around me. Everyone's smashing it.
  2. Please re-read my post, don't exactly know how you've come to that conclusion. You're embarrassing yourself. The lack of participating and / or relevant comments from you really shows a lack of understanding regarding the subject. I've been in Los Santos County Sheriff's Department for the entire month of January and I can count the amount of calls we've had regarding robberies on one hand, potentially three fingers.
  3. The people robbing you aren't the problem, you're the problem if you're continuously being targeted. If you think the solution is to further limit illegal roleplay when it's already restricted, please remove yourself from this conversation. I've been on the server (on and off) for two years and have only been robbed at gun point once and that was inside a property where I agreed for them to follow me into the apartment I was entering. Before anybody decides to come at me, I only roleplay a legal character currently so don't go whinging about me being biased.
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