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  1. Being around elitist illegal roleplayers did help. As long as you take away only the positive aspects.
  2. Right now "Heavy Role-play server" is an overstatement. It needs to punish more, warn less. People are almost always sorry they got caught not that they've made a mistake.
  3. I've lost around 20 fps as well in some scenarios, but I got room to spare. I like the update.
  4. Far from. One action or two per /me. Keep the books for the character story thread.
  5. RIP. Had some amazing roleplay there over the years. For the past year everyone was giggling how it's dead and etc including me, but now that it really is, it kinda shuts you up because it's just sad.
  6. Fair enough. Starting bid back at $600,000
  7. I could. Starting bid lowered.
  8. This executive means of transportation is up for the grabs. Maintenance just completed ((hence the 0.07 miles, ICly it's travelled two years)) onto it. Starting bid: $600,000 Bid increase: $20,000 Buyout: $790,000
  9. Property for sale: 3344 Magellan Avenue including the garage under it. Photo gallery: Buyout price: $170,000 as-is or $105,000 if I have to bring people and move out the furniture ((complete furniture wipe inside the house, not the garage. This can also be done by the buyer, though, for a full item refund)). ((Price breakdown: ))
  10. I'm willing to pay the asking price. 12154583 - Rob
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