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  1. Unfortunately lol. I mean it's not that easy in the Eastern Europe. I can't imagine the people roleplaying at the complete opposite timezone.
  2. That's what happens when the server time doesn't catch up to summer time. The gap widens even more. People won't stay up until 3-4AM just to get out to the clubs at the realistic time.
  3. - one of the unmarked black cabs, circa 2021 BLACK CABS - FastTravel Ltd. The Black Cabs company was founded early 2021 by a freelancer cab driver. The company works on a system similar to car-sharing, but also as a traditional cab company. The calls will be picked up by our drivers and once the customer is picked up, we'll input the address and let them know upfront what their ride will cost based on the distance to the destination point. We do not monopolise the so-far trademark livery. Officially registered "black cabbers" will be listed on ou
  4. Some old server in late 2007 called Italy Mafia RPG.
  5. Came here after 12+ years of LS-RP. Good decision.
  6. From my experience, I've seen that the players catalogued as rats aren't just civilians, but in general people who have no depth and development in their characters and just idle around some place socialising all day or doing shallow/trollish roleplay, fucking around, provoking the police, never regarding realism when it comes to money, whatever you can think of. Proper civilians will never be called rats and should be proud of themselves when doing it right.
  7. Still available for sale.
  8. -MCV-

    Ban IC Racism

    This, at best, otherwise IC is IC, keep it there.
  9. Selling a black Declasse Burrito with 3 miles, XM radio, best engine and transmission kits it could fit. Upon purchasing, I will buy you a free week of insurance. Enjoy less taxes on your first steps along the courier carreer. ASKING PRICE: $29,000, but it's negotiable. Treat this as the buyout price. CONTACT: Bobby - 68171843 ((OOC stats: ))
  10. Username: Bobby92 Comment: Hey, those Youga vans still in stock? I think I saw some a few days ago, but I had no money.
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