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  1. -1. CK appeals are already a thing. Now, providing the CK'd player with a copy of the CK application during their CK appeal? Absolutely.
  2. Exactly. +1 for a NPC'd train system. And for those saying it wouldn't work due to lag, just look at the new weapon system where we can attach weapons to players. Attaching a player to the train shouldn't be impossible. It's already coded into the base-game.
  3. A Night Out With The Boys Hostile Takeover
  4. I remember when we started this shit. Had no idea it would blow up to get as big as it did. We had a wild ride, regardless of what happened. MFFM. ❤️
  5. Ty bb ❤️ Looking forward to the RP between our groups
  6. WHO ARE THE SONS? Based out of Colorado, and controlling much of the Southwest and Rocky Mountain States, the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club boasts 30 chapters across the United States and five splinter clubs in Germany. Altogether, the SOSMC is between 200 - 500 members strong. Founded in the town of Niwot, Colorado in the 1960s, the Sons of Silence have been engaged in a long turf war with rivals like the Outlaws since the beginning. In 1999, a huge multi-state raid of Sons of Silence clubhouses in Kansas, Colorado and Arizona uncovered enough weapons to run a small army. Among the confiscated ordnance were dozens of machine guns, pipe bombs and even hand grenades. The club knows how to intimidate. The Sons of Silence's logo – an American eagle superimposed over the letter "A" – is similar to, and taken from, the Anheuser-Busch logo. Their motto, incorrectly translated into Latin in their colors, is "Until Death Separates Us". The Sons of Silence are designated an outlaw motorcycle gang by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), and at one point were considered one of the "big five" motorcycle gangs along with the Bandidos, Hells Angels, Outlaws and Pagans. Members have been implicated in numerous criminal activities, including murder, assault, drug trafficking, intimidation, extortion, prostitution operations, money laundering, weapons trafficking, and motorcycle and motorcycle parts theft. QUICK FACTS: Established: 1966 in Niwot, Colorado, United States Years active: 1966-present Territory: Midwestern and Southern United States, and Southern Germany Ethnicity: White Membership: 250-500 full-patch members Criminal activities: Drug trafficking, arms dealing, extortion, prostitution and money laundering Allies: Mongols MC, Highwaymen, Pagans MC, Warlocks and the Aryan Brotherhood Rivals: Bandidos, Hells Angels MC and Outlaws THE SONS IN SAN ANDREAS In September of 2020, a call was put out by the Sons of Silence mother-charter for those interested in aiding the club with starting a new charter on the West Coast, namely - San Andreas. At this time, San Andreas was like a modern day gold rush for the Outlaw Biker culture. New clubs came and went almost daily. Drugs, weapons, women - it poured out of San Andreas like a bustling river. The Sons of Silence wanted their fair share. After three longs weeks - 10 SONS from around the United States went Nomad and hit the open road, heading for San Andreas. Upon arriving, the Sons of Silence members set up shop in Los Santos and began looking for a place to call home. In October of 2020, the Sons of Silence finally formed their first West Coast charter - settling on the Blaine County area as their home. The founding members of the Sons of Silence: Blaine County charter were: President Arlow "Silky" Randall Vice President Jeffrey "Jeff" Halprin Secretary Roland "Moose" Brigman Treasurer Jasper "Birch" Burchell Sergeant at Arms Luka "Lucky" Holzer Brody "Lake" Lochlan Bjorn "Tyr" Eriksson Bruce "Muttons" Webber Josiah "JJ" Hexel Ray "Crow" Crawford With the new charter set up, the Sons of Silence began making connections with other clubs in the state. Their first goal; secure a pipeline for the distribution of weapons in the state of San Andreas. MEMBERSHIP & OOC INFO Joining the Sons of Silence is done entirely in-character. It doesn't matter if you're family OOCly - everyone who wants to join the Sons of Silence will have to start from the bottom. Not only is this fair to everyone involved - but it also produces a more cohesive story line for the faction and will be more rewarding for both the faction and you in the long run. Find us ICly and give us a reason to want to interact with you. Be forewarned, you'll probably be told to piss-off quite a few times - but just keep at it and show us what you got. If you're interested in joining the Sons of Silence, there are a few things to note: All characters must be White (icly) While female characters are unable to be "patched" members, we encourage female characters to still hang around and RP with the club. Our aim is to provide equal opportunities for RP to everyone involved, regardless of your character's sex. The Sons of Silence is less about running around, doing drugs and shooting our rivals - and more about the story and realistically portraying a brotherhood. Shootouts, drug/gun deals and so on will obviously happen as the story of the club progresses. However, it's not our main focus. We care about quality over quantity. We'd rather have a core group of 6 - 8 members that are reliable and have high-quality roleplay standards, than 20 members that are "meh". It's this reason that recruitment is done entirely IC, and that the hang around -> prospect > patched phase can easily take up to two months, depending on your roleplay quality. Before joining, you should do research on both the Outlaw Motorcycle Club scene, and the Sons of Silence. Below, we've gathered a bunch of helpful videos for those interested. Discord is a key factor when it comes to communication. We use Discord to stay up to date with eachother. It helps us connect and ensures our in-game activity remains up to GTA:W standards. If you are interested in joining the Sons of Silence, it's suggested (but not mandatory) that you join our Discord server. It helps us see your interest and determination in joining the faction from an OOC perspective. Discord: https://discord.gg/uMwpkc4sU8 It should also be noted that once you become a Prospect, faction leadership reserves the right to CK your character. All Prospects+ are required to file a CK agreement on our Discord server. For any questions or concerns, feel free to PM @Fergie on the forums. RESEARCH Below are a bunch of videos and links that we've compiled to aid both current and prospective members in their understanding of not only the Sons of Silence, but the Outlaw MC culture as a whole. LINKS: The Sons of Silence: Everything You Need To Know Sons Of Silence MC (Motorcycle Club) - One Percenter Bikers
  7. Honestly it just seems like overkill to add a whole new domain to remember. Just add the subdomain fld.gta.world and call it a day if it's that big of a deal. 🤷‍♂️
  8. I've re-encrypted the .rpf file as I normally do using Archivefix, so I doubt it's that. The mod is small - just a texture mod. A few MB at best. Also - SSD. The mod loads fine in Singleplayer using the mods folder via OpenIV. It just doesn't work and crashes with Rage using the mod launcher.
  9. Pretty sure the mod launcher is broken. Now the game crashes with a corrupt game data error whenever I try to inject the mods using this launcher. rip
  10. Yes. When you name change a character, you get a new record for the new character.
  11. it's $200,000 in assets that needs to be left on the source character. So any combination of money, vehicles and properties. So a quick example: If you have $300,000 in assets. Two properties at $100,000 each and two cars at $50,000 each - you can transfer either one property, or both vehicles. Now, if you're going to CK the source character - just name change and keep all the assets rather than transferring some of them.
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