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  1. You're wrong here. There are cars like Schlagen GT, which is lease only. And there are also similar high end cars.
  2. Probably one of the best update.
  3. Since my day 1 in GTAW, I believe that /bad locked behind paywall is very unfair to players who could not afford Gold / Platinum consistently per month but wishes to run a business. The solution should be, /bad unlocked for every players but non-donators are only be able to say like, use /bad X times per 7 days. Then it's only; theoretically 4 openings (1 hr each) per 7 days or 2 openings (2 hr each) per 7 days.
  4. While we're at this, can we have this sedan? https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/dundreary-admiral-classic-add-on
  5. Solid as always, good luck!
  6. Don't need my luck, have a blast with it!
  7. I support this idea. Especially the /contacts online part where I can easily navigate instead of scrolling all the way. My character do have lots of contacts so this makes life easier.
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