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  1. Fernando grew up in Alta Place mainly around the criminals and gangbangers of Most Hated 18th Street Gangsters, being exposed from a young age to a lot of crime. His dad immigrated to America at the age of 2 when he got older he started to become a drug dealer and Fernando saw multiple people coming to the house to buy drugs on a regular basis, becoming something normal to him. Until the age of 14 his mother was very focused on giving her son a better life than gang-banging and drug dealing but she didn't know that their life soon will change. As Fernando turned 15, his dad had a stroke, leaving him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. As his dad couldn't work anymore, his mom started to go under, as the bills kept stacking and a normal life grew further and further apart. Fernando started noticing a lot of changes in his house as some of the household items started disappearing. He decided to confront his mom about the issue as he walks into her room, he catches her injecting Heroin into her vein. From that day on Fernando realized that he is alone in this world and that he has to do whatever he can to support himself, starting to sell snacks at school and doing small drug deals after, starting to make some money and some connections. Fernando decided to start interacting with the 18th Street clique in his neighborhood, starting to get closer and closer to the gang with the intention of getting put on in order for him to grow his business to bigger scales. Alongside that he kept selling packs as he kept getting connects for better prices and better strains, stacking more and more money up. • Attributes: • Stoner ( smokes most of the day, at least twice every day. very nonchalant when high. Because of them being around weed a lot, they may sell a few bags here and re-up and smoke some more weed. ) • Trapstar ( focuses on the sale of illegal narcotics, probably knows someone who they can get drugs from for cheap, and distributes the drugs to smaller dealers or customers. ) • Robber ( breaking into homes or robbing others at gunpoint. You can recruit others to help you with your schemes, or do these missions solo. The items are probably sold online, or to others in the neighborhood or elsewhere. ) • Tattoo Artist ( this character knows how to do tattoos or is starting to learn how to do them, he/she could work in a shop, or work out of their home. They schedule appointments and find clients. This could lead them to eventually running their own tattoo business in the future. )
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