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  1. Greetings, We have all of the above options available. Kindly email us ((Forum PM me)) for more information, and to facilitate a meeting. Regards.
  2. I do not believe this is needed. If we do this, what's next? Segregate properties into Commercial, Residential - Houses, Apartments, Standalone units, etc.? The current system seems to be doing just fine! 🙂
  3. 💯 Post reports do go unanswered. I've personally reported twice to have some old images removed. No response and no action since months now. +1
  4. I'm sure they do get a pop-up or a notification when certain commands are used. But you know admins sometimes even take hours to respond to in-game /reports which are much higher in priority than these pop-ups/notifications. The admin-to-player ratio, especially at peak times, is so low, that it just isn't worth their time to tp to the scene and check every person using the said command(s). That's why they encourage people to report instead of taking a suo-motu cognizance on such cases. A mandatory comment will just create a track-record and make it easier to spot patterns of misuse!
  5. Right, but I've also seen PD/SD reviving people when there's no FD guys present to tend to the scene. That's why I suggested adding an exception for them while they're on-duty. If not 50 words, what would your recommendation be? (This comment is over 50 words so it isn't too much imho).
  6. 1. Admins don't handle reports on a suo-motu basis. They encourage us to report so they can begin investigating on a certain matter. This provision will just add another layer to make their investigation easier if a said person shows a pattern of (mis)using the said command(s) over and over again. 2. Admins often ask for some sort of evidence while handling in-game reports. Many people don't use parsers or shadowplay to furnish the said evidence. I can't even count the number of times I've made a report only for it to be trashed later because I didn't have chatlogs or shadowplay. Let's say you're driving unrealistically and you crash and die. Most people just use /fixrevive instead of roleplaying their injuries and later claim that it was due to a bug (IF they're questioned, that is). If they have to mandatorily add a comment that they died due to a bug, they can later be questioned what and where the said bug was. If the behavior is repeated, a pattern can be formulated for future investigation. 3. Mandating people to add a comment will create some sort of nudge-effect. That's all I'm aiming for here. This is just a simple psychological trick that has helped revive many countries' economies, this is just a game with a few hundred people online at a time. I'm sure it'll do wonders here in the long-run.
  7. Short description: Modify the /fixrevive and /helpup commands. Detailed description: Make it mandatory for people using those commands to insert a note/comment for let's say, a minimum of 50 words, to explain the circumstances leading to its usage. Commands to add: None; Just make it mandatory to insert a comment (Min 50 / Max 150 words?) whilst using the above-mentioned commands. Items to add: Not Applicable. How would your suggestion improve the server? Although these commands are very important to enjoy uninterrupted roleplay, and there are a lot of scenarios where they're genuinely needed (bugs, mis-click, etc.), what I've seen so far on my time here is that they're are mostly used for a script-death due to OOC tomfoolery, fights, unrealistic driving/racing, or whatever else that is NOT roleplay. I've seen people (mis)using these commands to a level that it is now immersion breaking. Requirement to add a comment every-time a person uses the said command(s) will lead to some sort of psychological pressure of getting caught misusing it because the logs leading up to the usage of such command can be re-visited. Additional information: * If possible, maybe add an option for LEOs / Medics who are on-duty to use /helpup command without having to explain the circumstances since they'd need to use it several times a day and it may become immersion breaking for them to type the same thing over and over again in the middle of their roleplay.
  8. That's the thing! We can't NPC some areas while blatantly ignoring the rest. I can also make an argument that its 2021 in one of the most advanced cities of the world, and large businesses would always be equipped with the most sophisticated surveillance equipment IRL, but since its a game with many limitations, we gotta find the right balance there. And why just the port, the Del Perro (or Santa Monica) Pier is also heavily populated IRL, many times more than the port for sure, but admins have previously stated that we can't NPC what doesn't exist. IG population is what we have to go with!
  9. I didn't even see people pulling up to my business IRL every other day to steal half a million worth cars with no fear of any cameras around. Ban that too, perhaps?
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