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  1. Hey there, we have one for sale. Please visit Zenith Autos tomorrow. We're open everyday.
  2. I've got one for sale. Brand new, 70 miles.
  3. ((You canuse the command /reloadprop and then use /pinfo to view the actual FP. Alternatively, you can access it via UCP)).
  4. Offering $970,000 on all vehicles. Only valid as a package deal. Additionally, offering buyout on elegy retro.
  5. Offering $610,000. Only valid as a package deal on all vehicles.
  6. Offering $130,000 for the three as a combined offer.
  7. Since Camper was the most lucrative among the entire set of vehicles, and my offer was valid as a packaged-deal, I'll have to withdraw from most of my other bids. I can still offer the starting bid on the two Radiuses and the Executioner. Let me know if that suits. Thank you.
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