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  1. Greetings, We have all of the above options available. Kindly email us ((Forum PM me)) for more information, and to facilitate a meeting. Regards.
  2. I do not believe this is needed. If we do this, what's next? Segregate properties into Commercial, Residential - Houses, Apartments, Standalone units, etc.? The current system seems to be doing just fine! 🙂
  3. 💯 Post reports do go unanswered. I've personally reported twice to have some old images removed. No response and no action since months now. +1
  4. That's the thing! We can't NPC some areas while blatantly ignoring the rest. I can also make an argument that its 2021 in one of the most advanced cities of the world, and large businesses would always be equipped with the most sophisticated surveillance equipment IRL, but since its a game with many limitations, we gotta find the right balance there. And why just the port, the Del Perro (or Santa Monica) Pier is also heavily populated IRL, many times more than the port for sure, but admins have previously stated that we can't NPC what doesn't exist. IG population is what we have to go with!
  5. I didn't even see people pulling up to my business IRL every other day to steal half a million worth cars with no fear of any cameras around. Ban that too, perhaps?
  6. We can make the exact argument for many other places that are more populated than the LS port (IRL and IG), so its a NO from me. -1.
  7. Hello! You can use /pentrance to select the spawn location of your character upon entering the property. Just go inside the property and be where you want the entrance point to be and use that command. It should fix the issue!
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