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  1. Why are you attacking somebody over their preferred roleplay style? Shagglehod is a great roleplayer, and they certainly don't only respond to action scenes. I catch them doing passive RP all the time, and going on "mundane" calls. You're making them (and everybody in a tactical division) out to be some villain who hates anything where you have to actually sit and roleplay. This just is not the case. Please stop spreading your ill-informed opinion. Lots of things influence how many cops show up on a traffic stop. It could be a slow night and people just want something to do, or there could be an IC reason for it (you match the description of a suspect, etc). I won't reply to your other claims since they've been addressed by others.
  2. He probably didn’t pull every unit, but we often times do get multiple cars for one car/person/etc depending how likely it is they run, shoot us, etc. IC safety precautions. So… you’re angry that 4 people were online and there wasn’t enough people to cover constant shootings, pursuits, 911s, etc? I also am angry about this, we should get more cops, especially in the later hours. im not sure what restrictions you mean? We don’t have staffing restrictions, aside from a lack of players at non-peak hours. It sounds like there was a scene debrief. This happens semi-regularly in PD (idk about SD). If a supervisor notices particularly bad/good behavior they’ll have a debrief on-scene to go over everything. Alternatively, it could’ve been a busy scene and the units were needed there for safety concerns. How would restricting our responses to calls help at all? This would make the problem worse. If you stop cops from showing up to shootings… the shootings happen more often. We can’t just not go after a high priority suspect, especially if they’re a danger to the IC public. And what do you mean Roleplay standards? We already have pretty good RP standards within PD, and we do passive RP a lot. You might not always see it, but we do engage in it. How does a VOIP limit help? We still Roleplay with people on scenes, and each other. You might get a “bad apple” every so often, and if you find some cop you think has no development and isn’t really RPing up to the server standard you can submit a report to their faction leadership. You can join PD and have no desire to do anything tactical. We have Community Engagement, Traffic, even Detective. Otherwise patrol is a good option. We have options for players who enjoy the tactical aspect and those who don’t.
  3. Regardless of law, these symbols are disgusting and have no place on the server.
  4. Why can't we just remove these symbols from the server all together? It's not going to destroy the "skinhead" roleplay, they've been using /ex forever, they can keep using it. Same thing for people who have custom tats, they use /ex and its fine.
  6. This next clip is graphic, shows a shootout, but pay attention to the camera zoom levels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZbtWN1skkQ
  7. the prices for facebrowser are extortionate
  8. why rule 0 ? why admin no equal punishment ? why admin ? admin be better with air fryer
  9. we should ban all europeans who cant/dont know how to rp
  10. if i see one more fucking british character im going to lose my mind
  11. Bauer

    Medical Guide

    so i can tourniquet someones neck right
  12. Imagine irl you call the cops cus some dumb teenager stole something from your store and him and his “gang” of (M) show up and blow your brains out.
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