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  1. Sold, please send your contact.
  2. Full Name: Daniel Pérez Password: tylerperez2020porvida
  3. The problem has been really consistent for the past couple months, what happens is: I open RAGE:MP, I try connecting to GTA:W. It goes from Establishing Connection > Validating Server Assets then RAGE:MP automatically closes. For the game to work, I have to reinstall RAGEMP and redownload server assets from 0. So even if I simply crash, I have to go through the entire process and it's really time-consuming. Does anybody know a fix? I'd really appreciate it. EDIT: If I try connecting to any other server, it works fine. If I load into another server then try connecting to GTA:W from inside the game, the game loads server resources then crashes on Finishing Handshake.
  4. Please leave me your contact.
  5. Please send me your contact via e-mail.
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