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  1. yesssssss 👏 wb to one of the best
  2. I agree. Everything has it's consequence. Cop RP is another can of worms though 👀 I've known many people irl who have had their phones stolen, some who have had them snatched right out of their hands by a kid who rode past on a bike. I've never known any cop to go so hard to try and bring justice over any stolen phone to the point of going on a high-speed chase after a robber, and certainly never heard of dozens of cops breaking down a door and storming into a property with weapons drawn over a stolen phone that's been tracked 😂 I think that's where the complaints about cop involvement come in.
  3. The crime rate in my city has been skyrocketing lately, everything from robberies and hate crimes to murder in the street - and everyone's got a cellphone 👀 I also don't think making planned robberies the norm accurately reflects RL but to be fair, most of the robbery RP I've witnessed in game has been planned in terms of going out prepared for it. Selecting random targets? That happens, as it does irl.
  4. Which isn't unrealistic, either 😂 My two cents though, we shouldn't be banning anything that would make for realistic RP. But I'm strongly against censorship 🤷‍♀️ The issue is really how we control potentially problematic RP. I think it was @L I C E that asked about crashing a plane into some houses. Yes, I think if the RP leads in that direction then you should be allowed to crash that plane - because it's not like it can't happen irl. The problem would only be if dozens of other players want to crash planes into houses, too. Arson RP is permitted on the server because it's realistic and in some cases, the RP leads in that direction, but it's done in a very controlled manner that requires admin involvement. This should be the standard for all RP across the server so long as it's realistic. The argument that we have to limit realistic RP for the sake of maintaining control on the server isn't a strong one, imo. Not when there are ways around it.
  5. ------------------------ A few years prior, shortly before Frank's death:
  6. Name : Ronald McDonald House Charities Description of the charity's activities : From their website: "We believe when families are together, they cope better. We believe no family should have to deal with their child’s medical crisis alone. The mission of RMHC is to create, find, and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children and their families." Why should we choose this charity? This charity is very close to my heart. The Ronald McDonald House put my family up for months when my baby niece was dying and needed life-saving treatment out of state. They provided everything from a place to stay with home-cooked meals for when we arrived home from a long day in the hospital, to mental health professionals onsite to help us survive that difficult time. They do this and more for millions of families across the world, and it's all thanks to donations. Charity website : Our Impact (rmhc.org) Charity contact email : [email protected]
  7. I don't have all the facts around that so I could be wrong, but sounds like poor portrayal to me - which highlights my point. Why was it allowed to happen? We need to push for higher standards in the quality of RP all across the server (and not just for underage characters). @Moonsong's suggestion was a good one that should be applied across the server to all characters. If a player is unable to properly portray a certain role, then that player should be restricted from playing the role. It's a RPQM issue.
  8. This. Having realistic youth programs like the ones that have been suggested can actually work because there are more than enough players who can properly portray teen characters. The problem is that there are just as many players (if not more) that can't. The problem is not with underage characters, it's with the players. This server is unique in a lot of ways and people expect a lot from it, but sadly the standards for RP on this server aren't as high as they should be. This is what we should all be making efforts to resolve rather than pushing to remove entire categories of RP.
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